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How To Generate 105 Blog Topics In One Hour [Case Study]

Are you struggling to come up with blog niche ideas? Look no further than the niche idea generator. In this article, we will show you how to use the niche generator to create a list of 105 blog topics in just 60 minutes. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, this simple trick will help you generate high-quality ideas that will attract and engage your audience. With the blog niche generator, you’ll be able to switch off your mind and let the ideas flow. Keep reading to learn how to become an automated content idea generator.

It could make you cry, right?

Trying to come up with good ideas for blog topics.

You’ve got the pressure of a deadline looming over you.

You’re scared to death of writing bad content. And, not one single idea you write feels like it’s any good.

It feels like you should just pack it all in and go back to working in a shop, right?

Take it from a professional blogger:

We’ve all been there.

But coming up with high quality ideas that will skyrocket your blog to success, and make your audience tell all of their friends about you, isn’t as hard as you think.

You just need to stop using your brain. What?

Yeah, you read that right. Your brain is your biggest enemy when it comes to creating blog topics.

So, in this article I’m going to show you how to become an automated content idea generator and create 105 blog topics in 60 minutes without ever having to think up an idea for yourself.

What You’ll Learn

  • How To Find Sexy Keyword Rich Content
  • What It Takes To Be An Unconscious Content Idea Generator
  • A Simple Trick To Leverage Social Media For Great Blog Posts
  • Free To Use Tools To Generate Ideas For You (So You Can Switch Off Your Mind)
  • Much, Much More…

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How To Generate 105 Blog Topics In One Hour [Case Study]

Where 99.9% Of Bloggers Go Wrong with Blog Topics

When you try to think of blog topics you fail. Because you start to think terrible thoughts like:

  • What if this idea sucks?
  • What if they don’t like it?
  • Does it really fit my brand?
  • Is it good enough for Google?

And almost every other negative thought you can think of. You second guess every idea you write down on paper and end up writing something you hope is going to be okay.

But when you take inspiration, and that a-ha moment, out of the equation generating post ideas becomes easy. In fact, it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Before I show you how to do this though, I want to impart one piece of super-secret insider knowledge to you. Ready?

Stop worrying if your ideas are good enough or original enough.

You will never know what your ideas are until you test them on your audience.

There is no original content on the internet.

Right now you’re reading a post about how to generate blog post ideas. I’m about the 9,000,000th blogger to do this.

But you know why that doesn’t matter?

“You are not the first person to be stuck for content ideas – not by a long shot.”

– ProBlogger

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Because I’ve never written this blog post, through my eyes, to you.

That makes it original enough in my book.

And, it doesn’t even matter if you understand your topic to begin with.

As Jawad shows you here, you can create content confidently in a Niche you have no idea about anyway.

That being said, let’s move on to the main information, shall we?

I’m going to be generating topics for the travel niche – as you can see here, I’m trying to get big in that niche – but you can do this for any niche.

I highly recommend that you follow along with me.

I want you to experience this just as I did, so follow each of these steps as I have and I can guarantee at least a year’s worth of content.

Let’s go…

Step #1: Get Ready To Take A Tonne Of Notes

Have something ready you can write a lot of notes and blog post ideas on.

I’d normally recommend a pen and paper for this, but for the sake of illustration to you today I’m going to use Evernote.

But as long as you’re getting your ideas down you can write them on your dog for all it really matters.

Just as a little side note – you’re going to see some results in the upcoming results that show tags like this:

Having results like this is totally fine for your idea generation. Because they can have multiple uses and be five or six topics in one, like:

  • 10 Personal Hygiene Myths That Might Ruin Your Trip To Italy
  • 20 Skydiving Myths That Might Ruin Your Adventure Holiday
  • 30 Thai Food Myths That You Shouldn’t Let Ruin Your Trip
  • 40 Solo Travel Myths You Need To Bust Before Leaving
  • 100 Bullshit Travel Myths That Will Continue To Ruin Your Vacation

See what I mean? Okay that being said, let me hit the timer and get this mother rolling.

Step #2: How To Find Sexy Keyword Rich Content

The first place you’re going to head is I picked this little tip up from the Groove blog, and it’s really effective.

You don’t need a login here. And, the keyword search volumes don’t matter here either. You’re looking for blog topics, not SEO results, they can come at a later date.

I’d recommend choosing the main keywords for your site, as well as keywords for topic you’d like to create. For example I’ve chosen:

  • Europe Travel
  • South America Travel
  • Travel Guides

Put them into the search bar and you’ll get sent across to a keywords page like this:

Spend time looking at the keywords – and their suggested extensions – and see what sort of topics you can come up with. Pay close attention to how they might fit into headlines, either as an exact match, or in a general sense.

Remember, you’re not trying to be perfect here, so just get whatever you can down onto the page.

Here’s what I manage to come up with from my three searches:

I’m pretty happy with 20 topics.

I think Nader and Stuart would be happy if any guest blogger came to them with 20 topics, eh?

There’s some shit in there but I can deal with that later. And, I’m only 10 minutes into the exercise:

As you’re following it – you’re probably reading the full step before you do it yourself – don’t spend too much time here.

Get everything you can from it, but when topics start to sound a little samey don’t be afraid to move onto the next section.

“The blank page must be conquered.” – Kevan Lee

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Step #3: A Simple Trick To Leverage Social Media For Great Blog Posts

Social Media is an incredible place to look for content ideas.

It’s where people talk, ask questions and share articles about your niche, making it simple pickings for blog ideas.

You can straight up steal headlines or ideas from people, find creative ways to answer questions, or see what ideas hit you as you’re looking around.

Either way be completely unreserved in what you write, don’t overthink it, just write.

Remember you’re switching your brain off. There’s no room for good or bad here.

Head over to Twitter and pick a really broad set of hashtags. I’ve chosen:

  • #travel
  • #travelapps
  • Travel

Searching without the hashtag makes a difference in twitter, so feel free to use both variations like I have.

Then, take a look down the list of what comes up:

Try and pay attention to individual tweets, don’t just look for pictures or articles, because there can be a lot of inspiration.

As you’ll see in a moment these tweets had a big influence on titles I came up with:

Bonus points if you can match them up at the other end. Again, spend a bit of time here, but there is so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming so just grab and go with the ideas that work for you.

Here’s what I managed to get on this section:

All of those took me around four minutes and gave me 12 new results.

I got into a flow here so it didn’t take too long. And, I think my ‘fresh’ content was limited because it was morning in the UK, which makes it dead of the night in the USA where a lot of content will be timed to.

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Step #4: Mine Your RSS Feeds For Golden Topic Ideas

RSS Feeds got a bad wrap over the last few years. They became unreliable sources of traffic.

And, they are. I don’t read most of what’s on mine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to access thousands of blog posts and get ideas from there.

For this step – and for the future – I’d recommend setting up a dedicated feed or folder, like I have for Travel Content on Feedly right here:

If you need to pause your timer to do this, go ahead. Just enter some of the URL’s of your competition, or authorities in your niche, and they’ll come up.

Otherwise, just look at the pre-created feeds and add them for yourself.

Either way, instead of looking at the feeds on a whole, go ahead and select each of them individually so you get a greater depth of content.

I managed to get another 13 blog topics from this.

A lot of them contain interchangeable information that could create another 15-20 off the back off them all, but for the sake of transparency I’ll keep it at that for now:

I’ve still got a solid amount of time left on the clock and I’m at 45 topics. Now we’re cooking with gas!

Step #5: Google Autocomplete Content Research

We’re going to spend less than two or three minutes, don’t worry.

What I want you to do is type your main site keyword into a Google Incognito Tab, like this:

All I want you to do after that is cycle through the alphabet after it, like this:

  • [Keyword] a
  • [Keyword] b
  • [Keyword] c

And just see if anything jumps out at you.

If I only managed to get these four results from this,

but you might have better luck:

I’ve not eaten too much of the clock though, and that’s 49 topics in total, so not to worry:

Step #6: Use A Nifty Content Idea Generator To Automate Ideas

HubSpot’s Topic Generator is a nice little source of ideas.

Simply fill in the boxes here with the nouns of what you want to write about and hit the big sexy button.

I’ve been a bit of a smart arse here by putting in these nouns:

  • Location
  • Place
  • Time

Because they’re words I’m likely to use in a headline.

You can take this approach too by take the types of words you’ll use and throwing them in there.

I did this four times to see what I could come up with, and after omitting the really crappy results that made no sense, I got this neat little list:

This took me a little bit more time than it will probably take you.

I played around with a few different keyword options in there before settling on my chosen three. But this is still an insane chunk of time left on the clock and we’re already at 61 blog topics.

Step #7: Use A Headline Hacks Article To Generate Topics Quickly

This is a sneaky way of getting a boat-load of topic ideas in a short space of time.

Find an article that suggest headlines for you – I created one here that I recommend you use, and I used for this article – and start jotting down all the headlines that come into your mind.

This is a time consuming step, but damn it, it’s worth it.

I was able to create 34 blog topics using this method and they’re all high quality headlines, too.

You could easily spin an extra 30-40 topics out of this step too if you had time:

That puts me at a sensational 95 blog topics in 45 minutes.

Even if you were to cherry pick the best of the best, that could still be one blog post a week for nearly a year.

Step #8: BuzzSumo Content Search

This step is pretty simple, but can be fruitful if you do it right.

Head over to BuzzSumo and don’t worry about having an account. I’ve done everything on the free version.

Take your main keywords from the first stage, and couple of links to blogs from your RSS feed and cycle through them in the BuzzSumo search engine:

It will just give you the top results from these sites, like this one here:

Just keep going through until you find a topic that grips you, write it down, and move on to the next one.

I managed to add another three to the list here:

Times getting tight now, so let’s attack the last stage on this marathon, eh?

Step #9: Quora And Reddit Questions

People search for content to answer their questions.

But, to create content that does that, you need to know what their questions are. So it pays to venture into this territory and look at what’s being asked.

You can use one, or both, of these. I’ve done both for this. Just head to a relevant topic, or sub reddit, and see what people are asking:

This gave me my final seven blog topics:

Bringing the total to 105 blog topics with just 46 seconds left on the clock:

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Over To You…

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely exhausted after that. How are you doing?

From here what I recommend you do is wait 24 hours and come back to read them.

Cut out what’s good, what’s bad and what you think you can write. Or, add in any variations on articles that you think could work.

And, don’t forget to join the Nichehacks Members area to get real-time help on this section.

But, first, let me know how many you got in the comments…