Red Hot: Use These 220 Unknown Buyers Keywords In Your SEO Strategy


Red Hot: Use These 220 Unknown Buyers Keywords In Your SEO Strategy

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Jun 02 2020

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4 min read

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You've come to the right place...

I have compiled 220 of the most profitable buyer keywords that exist.

And here's why...

When carrying out niche research it's also important to do keyword research (See how to find the best keywords for your niche here) in order to see what your target audience is searching for online.

It's not enough just to target broad keywords with vague relevance to what you are offering you need to look to target specific keywords that will actually bring website traffic that is ready to convert into sales.

One of the best ways to do this is to target "buyer keywords" or keywords that show buyer intent, i.e. that someone is in the phase of being ready to buy and aren't just browsing or vaguely interested.

The most obvious ones are search phrases that include "buy", "review", "discount", "cheap" and so on but actually, there are hundreds of more search terms that show buyer intent that most people just never think of.

Below I share a buyer keyword list of 220 red hot keywords with buyers intent.

Be sure to read this post right to the end as not only will you find out some 'secret' buyer keywords hardly anyone else is sharing

But you'll get some ideas on what EXACTLY you can do to profit from them.

So grab a notepad and a pen and start taking notes as you go through this...

What You'll Learn:

  • 220 keywords that people use when they are close to making a buying decision - use these in your content to increase conversions and make more sales (so you actually make money online instead of dreaming about it).

  • The keyword phrases you should use on your site to convert visitors into buyers.

  • How to avoid using vague keywords with no buyer intent that people use when just browsing for information.

220 Keywords with Buyer Intent

  • Achieve

  • Alleviate

  • Auction

  • Avoid

  • Bargain

  • Bargain [product name]

  • Benefit

  • Best

  • Best product name

  • Best [product name] site

  • Best [product name] website

  • Best + product type + in the year.

  • Best of [product name]

  • Best price for [product name]

  • Best savings for [product name]

  • Big [product name]

  • Biggest [product name]

  • Bonus

  • Brand name [product name]

  • Brand names

  • Brand new [product name]

  • Budget

  • Budget [product name]

  • Build

  • Buy

  • Buy product name

  • Buy [product name] with credit card

  • Buy [product name] with PayPal

  • Buy one get one for 1 cent

  • Buy one get one free

  • Buy one get one half-off

  • Buying

  • Cashback for [product name]

  • Cheap

  • Cheap product name

  • Cheapest

  • Cheapest product name

  • Cheapest price for [product name]

  • Clearance

  • Clearance [product name]

  • Closeout

  • Closeout [product name]

  • Code with

  • Compare

  • Compare [product name]

  • Comparison

  • Computer tutorial

  • Coupon

  • Coupon code for [product name]

  • Coupon for [product name]

  • Cure

  • Deal with

  • Deals

  • Dependable

  • Direct

  • Directions

  • Discontinued [product name]

  • Discount

  • Discount [product name]

  • Discount code

  • Easily

  • Easy

  • Economical

  • Eliminate

  • End

  • Expensive [product name]

  • Explain

  • Explaining

  • Fast

  • Faster

  • Find a [product name]

  • Fix

  • For children

  • For couples

  • For girls

  • For guys

  • For kids

  • For men

  • For newbies

  • For sale

  • For seniors

  • For students

  • For women

  • Free

  • Free shipping

  • Free tutorial

  • Free tutorials

  • Frugal

  • Gain

  • Get product name

  • Get a [product name]

  • Get rid of

  • Good price for [product name]

  • Great buy

  • Guide

  • Guide (s)

  • Guide to

  • Heal

  • Healthy

  • High price [product name]

  • High priced [product name]

  • How

  • How can

  • How do

  • How do i

  • How do you

  • How to

  • How to … with [product name]

  • How to build

  • How to get rid of

  • How to make

  • Immediately

  • Improve

  • Improving

  • Increase

  • Inexpensive

  • Inexpensive [product name]

  • Install

  • Instruction

  • Instructions

  • Internet tutorial

  • Learn

  • Learning

  • Lease

  • Low cost

  • Low cost [product name]

  • Low priced

  • Low priced [product name]

  • Lowest price for [product name]

  • Luxury

  • Luxury [product name]

  • Method (s)

  • Model numbers

  • Need

  • New

  • New [product name]

  • Now

  • Offer

  • On sale

  • Online

  • Online tutorial

  • Order

  • Overcome

  • Password

  • Personalized

  • Plan (s)

  • Prevent

  • Program(s)

  • Protect

  • Purchase

  • Quick

  • Quicker

  • Quickly

  • Rebuild

  • Recover

  • Reduce

  • Reduced

  • Reduced [product name]

  • Refurbished [product name]

  • Relieve

  • Remedy

  • Rent

  • Repair

  • Resonable priced

  • Restore

  • Review

  • Reviews (s)

  • Sales-priced

  • Sales-priced [product name]

  • Save

  • Savings

  • Scam

  • Second hand [product name]

  • Secret

  • Secret code

  • Secret codes

  • Secrets

  • Simple

  • Software

  • Solution

  • Solution

  • Solve

  • Step by step

  • Study

  • Technique

  • That works

  • Tips

  • Top

  • Top 10 + product type + in year

  • Top of the line [product name]

  • Training

  • Treat

  • Tutorial

  • Tutorials

  • Unique

  • Unlock

  • Used

  • Used [product name]

  • Value

  • Video

  • Videos

  • Where can

  • Where can I

  • Where can I buy [product name]

  • Where to buy product name

  • Where to find product name

  • Where to shop for product name

  • Wholesale

  • [product name] coupon

  • [product name] coupon code

  • [product name] discount

  • [product name] for cheap

  • [product name] in stock

  • [product name] on sale

  • [product name] overstock

  • [product name] pre-owned

  • [product name] promo

  • [product name] promo code

  • [product name] review

  • [product name] special

Hopefully, this has given you some good buyer keyword ideas that you can use on your sites.

Most of these are not actively targeted by 90% of internet marketers because they focus on the obvious buyer intent search terms like "buy", "review" and "cheap".

Go hunting and you'll find some golden nugget keywords you can dominate.

So What Do I Do Next With These Profitable Buyer Keywords?

Now you know what buyer keywords are and have a juicy list of the most profitable ones to use you have to put them to good use.

If you haven't figured out your niche yet we have 1,000s of examples of a profitable niche here: Niche Market Ideas

If you have your niche and your keyword but don't know how to get started then read this right now: Start Here

If you're already started, have your niche, have your keywords, and need more advice on backlinking and other aspects of SEO then you need to read this: SEO Category

If you'd like other traffic options other than SEO this is the best resource: Traffic Category

If you're interested in making money from the 220 buyers keywords then affiliate marketing is the best way to start, learn all the latest secrets and hacks from our 101 hacks for Affiliate Marketing.

You can learn about what you need to keep up with as Nader asked and got answers from influencers in this roundup post.

If you still don't know how to find keywords, watch over Chelsea's shoulders as she rounds up 375 keywords for the survival niche.

Please put these keywords to good use.

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