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Novel AI Review: The Best Storytelling AI Tool in 2024?

If you’ve been on the lookout for an AI story-writing tool that can add a new dimension to your creative pursuits, say hello to Novel AI. This platform allows you to create stories, generate illustrations, and more – but is it the right tool for you? 

In this review, we’ll cover the key features of Novel AI, provide realistic pros and cons, pricing, and comparisons with other popular AI writing tools so you can make the best decision when choosing an AI tool.

Novel AI Review

Overall Score: 4.8

NovelAI caters to those interested in collaborative storytelling with AI assistance, enabling the creation of immersive worlds complete with unique cultures and histories. This AI platform boasts extensive memory capacity, adept at retaining detailed information about characters, settings, and the overarching narrative.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Novel AI image generator
  • Adapts to your specific voice/tone
  • High quality fiction storytelling
  • Free version available


  • Limited capabilities with free version
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Website can be hard to navigate
  • Better for writing outlines than full stories

What is NovelAI?

Novel AI is an AI-assisted writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help writers create compelling stories. This platform combines advanced algorithms with an easy-to-use interface, making it easier for writers to develop their stories.

Novel AI Pricing, Plans, and Packages

Novel AI Key Features


The Storyteller tool by NovelAI is a feature designed to enhance the creative writing process, providing users with AI-generated content based on their input, what is comparable to services provided by dissertation writing services in assisting writers with their academic projects.

The Storyteller works by taking a prompt or a piece of text from the user and continuing the narrative using its advanced language models, which have been trained on a vast corpus of literature and text. This allows writers to overcome writer’s block, explore different narrative possibilities, or simply enjoy interactive storytelling. Users can guide the AI by providing more context, setting the tone, style, or providing specific instructions on where they want the story to go.

Text Adventure

The Text Adventure functionality presents an innovative feature where users can craft their personalized interactive text-based adventure, reminiscent of a Dungeons & Dragons experience. As part of this engaging storytelling framework, the AI responds dynamically to user commands, weaving a unique narrative journey that can be enjoyed individually or as a group activity.CopyAdd To Document


The Lorebook serves as an ideal platform to develop and enrich various elements of your narrative such as characters, settings, items, groups, and more. Consider the Lorebook a comprehensive archive where additional details can be stored and seamlessly integrated into the AI’s knowledge base whenever these elements surface in your tale. Within this feature, you’ll also discover utilities designed to assist in crafting new pieces of lore.CopyAdd To Document

Novel AI Image Generator

NovelAI offers a feature enabling the generation of visual content that complements your narrative or text-based game. The quality of AI-generated images appears to be quite impressive. However, this service is not included in the complimentary tier.

Novel AI Alternatives

NovelAI vs. JasperAI

JasperAI Review

Overall Score: 4.7

JasperAI, formerly known as Jarvis, is a comprehensive AI writing assistant that helps users generate long-form content, marketing copy, and creative content efficiently. While Novel AI focuses primarily on storytelling and image generation, Jasper AI focuses more on marketing copy.


  • Versatile writing assistant
  • High-quality content generation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Rich marketing features


  • Higher subscription cost
  • Can have innacuracies
  • More marketing-focused

NovelAI vs. Gemini

Gemini Review

Overall Score: 4.5

Gemini, formerly known as Bard, is a great tool if you’re looking to generate short form text, edit existing content, or ask questions. Although Gemini is a great tool for generating text, it lacks some of the capabilities that Wordtune has.


  • Free and paid “Gemini Advanced” options
  • Integrates with Google’s apps
  • Browser extension available


  • Commonly makes mistakes
  • Struggles with images, long videos, and complex instructions
  • Not as suitable for longer-form content

NovelAI vs. ChatGPT

ChatGPT Review

Overall Score: 4.8

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a model tailored for generating human-like text in a conversational format. It has been widely used for various applications, including customer service bots, virtual assistants, content creation, and more.


  • Larger range of uses: Writing, image generation, customer service, etc.
  • ChatGPT4 offers a wide range of GPTs catered to your needs
  • Continuous learning & frequent updates
  • Can write long-form content if prompted correctly


  • Generates innaccurate information at times
  • Lack of understanding can cause irrelevant answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Novel AI?

Sign up or log in, choose a module (story or image generation), input your prompt, and click generate to see the AI’s creation.

What is Novel AI?

Novel AI is a platform offering AI-powered tools for creating stories and images based on user prompts.

Is Novel AI an AI Story Generator?

Yes, it includes an AI story generator that crafts narratives based on the input provided by the user.

What is Novel AI Image Generator?

It’s a feature within Novel AI that creates visual art from textual descriptions given by the user.