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From the Desk of: Stuart Walker

Dear Loyal Subscribers,

Confused about what niche to pick?

Between information overload and misinformation.

Coupled with everyone with their hand out wanting to take your money.

It’s really no wonder.

95% of new internet marketers that fail, do so for one of two reasons.

A) They choose a market that’s too big, and try to compete with marketers that have million dollar advertising budgets or

B) they choose a market that has little or no income potential.

It’s absolutely critical that you research a niche BEFORE you get started.

Problem is, most internet marketers don’t understand how to do that.

I’ve had my own share of failures trying to market online too.

Over the past 6 years I’ve tried everything:

SEO, small niche sites, blogging, video marketing, and info product creation

When I looked back, I realized the one thing that caused most of my failures, was marketing in unprofitable niches.

I didn’t properly research the niche I chose.

I picked ones that I was interested in.

I assumed that if I was interested in it, surely others were as well right?

Big mistake!

But eventually, with trial and error, I discovered a simple 7-step formula that enabled me to consistently uncover profitable niches.

And now, I want to share this formula with you.


Introducing . . .

“Find Your Perfect Niche In 7 Easy Steps!”




Inside you’ll discover . . .













But wait - there’s more . . .

I want to make discovering a profitable niche as easy as possible for you.

So I’m also including 5 free bonuses!


BONUS 1: - the ‘Niche Brainstorm’ tool.

Print it off, answer the questions in each box and you’ll know instantly which niches would be a great ‘fit’ for you! (Worth: $9.99)


BONUS 2: ‘Profitable Niche Checklist’

A handy one-page checklist that will instantly tell you whether you’ve found a profitable niche or not! (Worth: $9.99)


BONUS 3: '20 Hottest Clickbank Niches'.

An analysis of the current hottest 20 Clickbank niches so that instead of guessing you can just pick one and jump right in. (Worth: $9.99)


BONUS 4: '[Checklist] 23 Places To Find Your Niches Keywords'

A handy printable checklist you can refer to when researching your niche for keywords. (Worth: $9.99)


BONUS 5: '115 Info Product Niches'

A list of 115 stupidly profitable niches for creating digital info-products  in just pick one and start profiting. (Worth: $9.99)



“Find Your Perfect Niche In 7 Easy Steps” is the culmination of years of niche marketing research, testing, and success.

All distilled into a 93-page, easy-to-follow PDF report.

No more guess-work!

You’ll finally have the confidence to pick a niche to market in that’s profitable every time.

I’m very proud of this product, as you can probably tell.

And I’m even prouder to offer it exclusively to my loyal subscribers.

That’s right!

You see, right now the book and bonuses are only available to subscribers.

It's NOT open for affiliates to promote or anyone outside my audience to buy.

I could easily offer this to the general public online.

But I want to continue the tradition of offering my subscribers the best value and information on niche marketing available.

Right now I am offering both the report and the bonuses as a low priced special .

A small price to pay for the confidence of knowing when you do start to market to a niche, that you picked a ‘winner’.

What are you waiting for?


NicheHacks Tribe Member Testimonials...


I made $40k with your niche recommendations...

quetion mark

Mr. X (Wants to remain anonymous)

“All in all, I made about $40k with your niche recommendations.”

Helped me achieving my 6 figure income...

Howie Jastrow

Howie Jastrow

“NicheHacks was one of the very few resources I followed for information outside a fairly straight and narrow path to build a website and market it properly following the basics first and foremost. It has helped me on achieving my 6 figure income from a small niche site. “

Your blog is the best...


Mike Mograbi

I just wanted to tell you that your blog is the BEST internet (niche) marketing blog on the web.

I wish you continuous success and growth.”

Thank you NicheHacks...

Rod Gardner

“After getting a promo email which I am very grateful for because it helped me big time. I downloaded the [1781 niches list].

I launched a brand new website on a new domain selling lawnmowers (from the list) and got it page one of Google in just 3 days. I can prove that i already sold a $350 £270 Hyundai lawn mower.

So thank you Niche hacks for inspiring me with your niche research. See the proof my new lawn mower site ranking Google page one in just three days, I posted on LinkedIn.

THANK YOU Niche Hacks what a great site you have”

I'm going to implement in my business immediately...

Brad Greyeyes-Brant

“I don’t even know how many traffic products I’ve gone over in just the past year alone. So does the world really need another traffic guide?

After going through Stuart’s guide I can say, ‘yup!’ I found a couple strategies that got my brain firing and am going to implement in my business immediately.” 

Brad Greyeyes-Brant

Many of my doubts and anxieties in the first few days of launch were answered

Russell Lobo

“Got 2 clients of $5,000 and $2,000 so far. Stuart's Niche Hacks closed group has been a major support.

Many of my doubts and anxieties in the first few days of launch were  answered.”

I have learnt so much...


Alex Braunton

“I just wanted to thank you for this fantastic website.

I've only just found it today but I'm hooked! I have learnt so much in just a few hours of clicking around and reading.”


It's like the university of affiliates...

Russell Taylor

“…NicheHacks has streamlined my thought process and call to action. It's like the university of affiliates in my opinion, and I think I've read quite a lot to be able to stay this…”

Traffic Hacks is straight to the point with ZERO fluff...

Howie Jastrow

“The thing that makes Stuart's products so great is that they always contain so much actionable information. Traffic Hacks is straight to the point with ZERO fluff.

I keep a folder on my desktop with a small amount of resources that I refer back o often whenever I am creating a new website or adding content to an existing one.

101 Traffic Hacks is now added to this folder. It's a simple resource that every online marketer in literally every niche imaginable should have!”

Truly inspiring...

quetion mark

Mike Bradford

“I've been a reader of your site for a while now. In particular, this epic series was truly inspiring for me. It partly inspired me to make my $33K in less than a year, from Amazon.”

Damn. That's some good stuff...

fb elias

Elias Schroons

“Stuart and Alex Jeffrey's lists are the only ones in the IM niche that I allow to influence my inbox and life.

Over the past few weeks I've unsubscribed from 50+ lists and I went in there wanting to kick Stuart out as well.

Until I re-read some of the stuff. Damn. That's some good stuff.”

It's great....

Samantha B. Brown

“Stuart, I bought your Find your Perfect Niche in 7 steps a few days ago and going through it, it's great!!! I think I'll give myself a late birthday self-gift!!”

I'm learning too many awesome things...

Kulwant Nagi

“… I am amazed to see the quality of emails I receive from Stuart Walker.

Highly personal, super quality, delivery very convincing story, creating urgency and making you feel super awesome

Happy to be in such an awesome player's list. I'm learning too many awesome things by observing his emails.”

Thanks to you...


Rituraj Pathak

“…The greatest part is I apply the tips & SEO I read here to my blog & that gives me awesome rankings on Google which actually means more people booking my tours [business].

Thanks to you, I feel more excited & profitable running luxury tours on road rather than filling cavities inside my practice. I owe this success to you & all the wonderful contributors in this grRitoup.”

I must say members of this group are very helpful and incredibly informative!


John Whyte

“…Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing group! I have been a member for a week or so and must say this is by far the best Facebook group I am part of! From my very short time here I must say members of this group are very helpful and incredibly informative!”

Your posts and your products...

Peter Beckenham

Peter Beckenham

“As a 70 year-old Aussie online marketer who lives in a remote Thai village your posts and your products (yes I'm a very happy customer of yours) have taught me so much already about how to survive and prosper online – thank you.” 

Keep it up...

Dennis Dunbar

“Congrats to the Team at NicheHacks. You Guys are making People's dreams come true. Keep it up...”

They're brilliant to read...


Oisín Hayes

“Currently a member of your members group I have been for over 6 months now!

I'm currently working on my own niche site so I haven't taken action on any of these reports directly but I want you to know I've read so many of them they're brilliant to read through and great content for anyone who does happen to use them!

While I haven't used any of them directly they have thought me an awful lot!

I just feel like it's necessary to say thank you!”

NicheHacks is one of the best....

Norman Tarala

Norman Tarala

“I am getting the most out of your free articles and I am planning to create a mini review site and make it profitable soon. 

Thanks again Stuart! I want to take this opportunity to say that NicheHacks is one of the best IM blogs I ever encountered. More power to you!”

I really appreciate being in your sphere...


Jan Revell

“I enjoy reading your ideas, your questions and your posts…

Today, in a call with Alex Jeffrey's, he shared some good insights about building relationships with other marketers – and I thought of you at that point as well. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate being in your sphere.”

Got the motivation when I read the reports...

pete may

Pete May

“I found it inspirational. Got some good ideas to revive old sites i had given up on. Got the motivation when I read the reports” 

I have learned more from this site...


Harry Bloom

“I have been following NicheHacks for over a year now and the tips, tricks and in depth articles that Stuart and his team provide; has been the reason that I am starting to make some really good money.

Always looking at different angles on how to make money online, I have learned more from this site thank probably any other.

Great community as well, if you need advice or help then the mastermind FB group is, IMO, the best IM group on Facebook.”

Keep up the great information flow...


Terry Macdonald

“Hey Stuart Walker, just wanted to say that this group is by far the most informative group I am part of. Well done to you and members who contribute to it. Keep up the great information flow. Learning lots!!!!”


I constantly learn new things...


Irfan U Khan

“…I was a newbie and fortunately I stumbled across NicheHacks at the right time (when I was trying to start my online business).

Since then I have learnt a lot from the blog itself, and even more from the NicheHacks FB community where I constantly learn new things from other experienced marketers and take action and implement then.

Then I give back and share my own experiences as I make launches and move forward in my online journey! Thumbs up and I highly recommend Stuart's products, specially his vibrant Facebook group.”


Still not convinced?

Check out what these top marketers say about me...


Top Marketers Give Testimonials of NicheHacks...


The content rocks!

Brian Dean

Brian Dean

“The content rocks !

I like giving people resources in different niches”

Brian Dean, SEO Expert,


Everyone should pay attention to NicheHacks...

dom wells

Dom Wells

“Stuart taught me a lot about running a successful website, particularly how to network with others and build a brand.

Following some of the things he did helped me to grow my own business significantly.

Everyone should pay attention to NicheHacks and what Stuart is doing, because they’ll learn a lot.”

Dom Wells, Expert Affiliate Marketer,

You are actually doing a great job...

Neil Patel, Top 100 Entrepreneur, / /

Neil Patel

“I rarely say this but you are actually doing a great job on your blog…

I wouldn't change anything…

…if I was you I'd just try to crank out more content.”

Neil Patel, Top 100 Entrepreneur, / /

You have a great site and content...

Zac J

Zac Johnson

“Hey Stuart,

I wanted to send you over a quick email and say you have a great site and content

….hard to find these days!”

Zac Johnson, Super Affiliate,

Really great content...

“Just stumbled across your blog from Spencers – really great content!Dave S

I'm excited to see where this goes. I can tell you're really working hard on it.

There's a lot of advanced stuff on it.”

Dave Schneider, Location Independent Marketer,


Thank you...

“Great Domain!Glen

Thank You!”

Glen Allsop, SEO Superstar,

Your blog is totally awesome...

“Your blog is totally awesome StuartTung

I really like it!”

Tung Tran, Amazon Niche Expert,


Thanks for pulling together so many resources...

Ana Hoffman

“Wow, Stuart,

This took a lot of time and effort to say the least.

Just wanted to say thanks for pulling together so many resources.”

Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Expert,

Best email I have ever received...

Matt W

“Stuart you are my hero.

A very strong contender for the best email I have ever received in my life.

If I was wearing socks, Stuart would have knocked them off.

I’m guessing I will be buying Stuart more than a few steak dinners in the near future.”

Matthew Woodward, Award Winning Blogger,

Not only is he an excellent writer...

Adam Schneller Nolan

Adam Schneller Nolan

“I can count on 1 hand the number of lists I subscribe to. Stuarts is one of those. Not only is he an excellent writer but EVERYTHING he shares is tested, proven and works!

I've learned several techniques from him that have significantly increased my bottom line.”

Adam Nolan, Business & Direct Marketing,


No-hassle, Zero-risk, Money-back Guarantee



Try the techniques in “Find Your Perfect Niche In 7 Easy Steps”.

If you haven’t found a profitable niche in 30 days, simply shoot me an email and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

AND you can keep the product along with the bonuses just for giving it a try!

Remember this is a special offer and the price will rise soon so click the big green "Buy Now" button below to get your copy....



Warm Regards,

Stuart Walker

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