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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In A Seasonal Niche

Every expert tells you to choose an evergreen niche for your affiliate marketing business.

Makes sense.

You don’t want to be making money only for a few days or weeks a year, which is what happens if you choose a seasonal niche, right?

Well, it’s not as bad as you think.

Some seasonal businesses make more money in a few weeks (or months) than many evergreen sites make in a year.

Many of the experts who advocate sticking to evergreen niches only, silently make a LOT of money from affiliate sites in seasonal niches every year.

Don’t get me wrong.

Targeting evergreen niches is still the best way to go.

But that doesn’t mean you should entirely ignore seasonal niches.

In this detailed guide, I’ll tell you exactly what a seasonal niche is, how to find a profitable seasonal niche, and the different types of seasonal niche sites you can build (plus a lot of examples).

Let’s dive in.

What Is A Seasonal Niche?

As the name suggests, a seasonal niche is a niche that comes to life and attracts customers in a specific season for a short period.

Unlike evergreen niches where you can make money throughout the year, seasonal niches are profitable only for a few days, weeks, or months in a year (sometimes once in several years)

Christmas gifts, new year quotes & resolutions, Chinese New Year, winter clothing, boating, Fifa World Cup, Halloween, Diwali, or Eid-related products, etc. are all examples of seasonal niches.

As you can imagine, the businesses that completely rely on a seasonal niche can experience some extreme ups and downs in demand.

For example, look at the search trend for the boating niche, which is a seasonal niche, in Google Trends.

Now compare this with an evergreen niche like dating.

See the difference?

While the interest for boating spikes only for a few weeks every year, dating generates consistent interest throughout the year.

However, the search trend spikes that you see in seasonal niches can potentially earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions if you adopt the right marketing strategy.

And this is what makes pursuing seasonal niches worth all the effort.

Evergreen vs. Seasonal Affiliate Sites – What’s The Right Approach?

It’s not really a question of choosing one over the other.

For a long-term business strategy, evergreen niches are always the right choice. But you can use seasonal hikes and trends to supplement your income.

Evergreen products and services have steady demand but seasonal products generate much more interest and sell faster in a short time.

Imagine if you can create affiliate sites targeting different seasonal trends, you can take advantage of these temporary spikes throughout the year.

And since there’s lesser competition in seasonal niches, you can dominate high traffic keywords in a much quicker time as compared to a competitive evergreen niche.

If you think long-term, you can take the benefit of seasonal trends with two different approaches.

Approach #1: Identify different seasonal trends and create dedicated sites about them. Publish high-quality content and target long-tail as well as high traffic head keywords to take advantage of the different trends throughout the year.

Plus, you can identify the popular trends in different countries and develop location-specific seasonal niche sites if there are profitable affiliate programs for your target region.

Approach #2: Create an evergreen affiliate site, build authority in your niche, and then take advantage of the different seasonal trends by publishing content about them.

With this approach, however, you will only be able to tap into the seasonal trends that align with your main niche.

I personally like the first approach because it allows you to explore any seasonal niches and experiment with different SEO and marketing techniques without risking your main evergreen niche site.

The Pros & Cons Of Choosing A Seasonal Niche In Affiliate Marketing

Before I go into more details of seasonal niche sites, let me share some of their main advantages and disadvantages so that you understand exactly what we’re getting into.

  • Seasonal niche sites are easier to create as compared to evergreen authority sites since you need lesser content and backlinks to rank because of lower competition.
  • Seasonal sites go viral easily because of increased public interest
  • You can make a lot of money in a few weeks with a seasonal site
  • If you own a seasonal niche site, you can take a break from work during the off-season
  • Even lower-priced products can pay you well because of volume sales during peak season
  • Creating independent seasonal niche sites allows you to tap into different trends without risking the authority of your main site
  • Multiple seasonal niche sites can collectively earn a handsome amount of money.
  • Seasonal sites have a very short earning span
  • Lots of low-quality sites target seasonal niches with grey-hat and black hat SEO which can work in the short term.
  • You need to begin working on a seasonal niche site well before the season arrives which means you’ll need to invest resources during the off-season when you’re first setting up the site without earning anything immediately.
  • You will find seasonal products to promote on Amazon but it’s harder to find such products in the digital product space.
  • Link building for seasonal sites is harder because the content isn’t always relevant for other blogs during the off-season

5 Different Types Of Seasonal Affiliate Sites You Can Create

Seasonal niche sites are not limited to the different climate conditions only. It’s a generic term used for any sites that target temporary or recurring trends that peak at a certain time.

There are so many different types of seasonal affiliate sites you can create but I’m listing down a few popular broad categories to give you an idea of what’s possible.

  • Affiliate Sites About Seasonal Products

This one’s obvious.

You can create a niche that targets a set of closely related problems that arise in certain seasons only.

For example, millions of people visit the beaches during the summers and purchase products like swimwear, watersport gadgets, swimming gear, etc.

You can create seasonal niche sites about any of the needs/problems that people commonly have during the summers.

For example, while professional surfers rule the sea waves throughout the year, the general public takes more interest in surfing during the summers. As a result, the sale of surfing products peaks on Amazon and other online stores between June and August every year.

This is when seasonal niche sites like Surfing Handbook ash in.


As you can see from their disclaimer, they make money by promoting affiliate products from Amazon and other affiliate networks.

But there are other ways seasonal niche sites can make money as well.

For example, in the same surfing niche, Barefoot Surf Travel makes money by selling its surfing coaching program and premium online products.


In winter, niche sites about skiing and snowboarding experience similar traffic spikes and make lots of money selling relevant products from Amazon and other retail sites.

Here’s an example.


You can find these seasonal niches for spring, fall, and every other season.

The idea is to find the common season-specific problems/needs/passions/hobbies, create a dedicated site that offers valuable content about them, and make money by promoting relevant products as an affiliate.

Affiliate Sites About Specific Events And Holidays

Event-based seasonal niches are among the most profitable for affiliate marketers and can earn you thousands of dollars in just a few days.

Unlike the traditional seasonal niches, event-based niches have shorter lifespans and sometimes spike only once in 3-4 years.

Think of events like the Fifa World Cup that creates massive interest around the world every 3-4 years.

Look at its search trend graph in Google Trends.

Then you have religious and cultural events like Christmas, New Year, Diwali, Eid that spike once for a few days every year.

Can you see the spike in interest that these festivals generate every year?

Now, look at these when I compare them with the search trend on Christmas.

As you can see, the other two events are barely visible when it compares to the search spike during Christmas.

Imagine how much money is spent on Christma Trees, Santa Claus costumes, and all kinds of gift items every year.

You can have thousands of visitors on your site if you target high traffic events and optimize the site properly.

For example, here’s a screenshot from the Google Analytics account of a niche site that targets “WWE Summerslam” and gets a traffic spike every year when the event comes.

Look at the number of real-time visitors on the site.


In just under 24 hours, the site made $1300+ with Google Ads and affiliate sales.

You can do the same for events such as Super Bowl, Oscars, WWE Wrestlemania, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

And these are just some of the popular events that everyone knows about.

If you start looking for region-specific events & holidays, for example, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you’ll find dozens of ideas that you can target in your niche marketing strategy.

  • Affiliate Sites About A Product Trend

Websites about specific product or technology trends are great examples of seasonal niches sites.

For example, fidget spinners became a big deal just a couple of years ago and generated a lot of interest worldwide because experts believe they could help people focus better.

Look at the interest graph of fidget spinners during the second quarter of 2017.

As you can see it was a temporary trend but some sites made thousands of dollars selling them in just a few months (like these teens)


They identified the trend early and took advantage.

The trend lasted just a few months and honestly, it’s pretty hard to cash in on such products.

But it is possible.

Perhaps a better example is Virtual Reality headsets.

The hype around VR has settled down a bit as compared to a few years ago, but there’s still plenty of demand and the product sees an uplift in trend every year around Christmas (probably because of the discounts).

But this is another angle you can use in seasonal niches.

  • Affiliate Sites About A Disease Or Political Development

Have you seen the interest the Black Lives Matter movement has generated all around the world and especially in countries with a history of slavery?

Or the impact the Occupy Wall Street campaign had a few years back?

These are global movements followed by millions of people and have immense potential in terms of affiliate marketing.

I’ve already seen dozens of sites capitalizing on the Black Lives Matter movement by publishing relevant content and promoting different Amazon products.

And what about COVID-19 which is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

This high-school teen from Seattle made a coronavirus tracking site that started getting 30 million+ visitors per day.


For some reason, he wasn’t in the mood to make money from it otherwise he would have earned millions in advertising and affiliate sales.

But it still validates the idea that you can create a site around a trend and make it hugely popular.

Plus, it seems he has understood the science of tapping into trending topics because he has created another site about Black Lives Matter protests that is similar to his previous site about COVID-19.

  • Affiliate Sites About Movies/Celebrities

Here’s a really popular seasonal niche angle that thousands of marketers have used to make money.

You’ll find fan sites about Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Friends, and other popular shows and movies.

Such sites target movie launches and publish content around fan theories, updates, release dates, cast news, etc. to take advantage of the public interest.

They make money selling merchandise and promoting affiliate products from wherever they can find (mostly Amazon though).

Once the movie gets old it doesn’t attract the same kind of traffic but that’s what seasonal niches are all about, right?

I can share a lot of other angles and examples of how you can use seasonal trends to make money with affiliate marketing.

But I think you got the idea

Let me now tell you how you can find profitable seasonal niches.

How To Find Profitable Seasonal Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Finding profitable seasonal niches is slightly different from evergreen topics.

The methods and tools are the same but you’ll need a change of mindset and focus on the more short-term product trends.

Let’s discuss some of the methods in detail.

01 – Look At Your Surroundings For Inspiration

If you look around, you’ll find lots of different seasonal products in your house, in the shops you visit, the shows you watch, the games you play, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the places you visit.

You only need to think about them from an affiliate marketing perspective and determine whether they’ll sell or not.

For example, beach volleyball is a mandatory summer sport for me and my cousins when we go to the beach together every year.

There are millions like us who love the sport and enjoy it in the second and third quarters of the year.

Going by its popularity, beach volleyball could be a really profitable seasonal niche in which you can make money by promoting products like volleyballs, nets, apparel, sunscreen, and many other related products.

This niche site already seems to be taking advantage.


Gardening, another hugely popular seasonal niche, is my father’s favorite spare time activity.

Needless to say, it’s a huge niche with thousands of products you can promote.

According to Google Trends, it peaks during Mar-June every year when millions of people search for gardening tips, equipment, and related products that you can promote as an affiliate.

As I said, these niches are all around you.

So here’s what I suggest.

  • Get an app like Evernote or Google Keep on your smartphone
  • Note own your daily routine and the places you visit regularly
  • Evaluate everything you see from a seasonal affiliate marketing perspective. Ask yourself, will this product sell? What problem does it solve?
  • Don’t filter out anything at this stage and just note down anything interesting that you come across.
  • In just a few days, you’ll have a long list of different seasonal product ideas.

We’ll discuss how to evaluate these ideas later.

Another easy way to find a seasonal niche is to list down the most popular events and holidays in your target region.

For example, if you’re primarily targeting the US audience, just head over to Google and search for the list of public holidays in America.

As you know, different states in the US have their own holidays and events every year that you can target separately.

Do this for whatever region you’re targeting and you’ll immediately have a ton of different seasonal niches you can target.

Another example.

Here’s what I found when I searched for the most-watched TV programs in 2019 in the US.


Super Bowl is always the biggest event of the year and brands even come up with dedicated advertising campaigns for it because of the interest it generates.

There’s immense interest around Super Bowl and you might find it hard to compete with the other sites since there’s so much competition for it.

But there are other events from this list that you can target, especially if you target the right long-tail keywords, you can cash in big time.

Here’s another angle, we’re in 2020 so let’s search for the top movies to be released in 2021.

Not every movie generates the same interest. Most movies don’t do well.

However, there are always some potential heavy cast blockbusters that you can target with a small niche site.

Want more ideas?

Search for the most popular hobbies in a particular season.

Here’s one of the first articles that came up.


55 winter hobbies are enough to keep you busy if you’re looking for a seasonal niche.

But here’s another search result I found while looking for popular hobbies.

The chart below shows the most popular outdoor activities in the US from 2009-2018


In short, just searching for the top events, movies, and political or sporting events around you can help you come up with lots of seasonal niche ideas.

03 – Find Innovative Seasonal Product Ideas From AliExpress

If you haven’t explored AliExpress yet, you’re in for a huge surprise.

Owned by AlibabaGroup, AliExpress is one of the world’s biggest B2C and B2B eCommerce portals in the world.

It has its own events and annual sales (similar to Prime Day and Thanksgiving sales) in which products worth billions of dollars are sold in just a few hours.

Just look at the scale of its Single’s Day sales when compared with Thanksgiving


There are multiple ways you can use AliExpress to find seasonal niche ideas.

  • Explore Product Categories

There are so many different products listed on this site that just browsing through its product categories and subcategories can give you tons of ideas.

Watch me dig through its product categories to find ideas.

As you can see, the homepage has several broad categories. Let’s explore “Outdoor Fun & Sports”.

Look at the number of subcategories in this section.

Some of them are seasonal while the others are evergreen.

Let’s explore Water Sports since we’re more likely to have seasonal niches in this section.

Now we’re talking.

Before getting to this section I only had a couple of water sports in mind but just looking at the list of subcategories in this section has given me more ideas.

Let’s explore Surfing & Diving.

Do you see all the different product categories listed in this section?

Suppose you create a niche site about surfing & diving which is a seasonal topic. Each product listed in this section solves a different problem that people interested in surfing & diving commonly face.

You can create content that addresses the problems these products solve and pitch them in the content body.

We’ve only explored one category.

Imagine the number of ideas you can generate if you spend a few hours on this site.

In the screenshot above, note the section I’ve highlighted with an arrow.

This section shows you the price range that’s attracting the most buyers. It’s a really good indicator of the products that are selling frequently and can potentially make you a lot of money f you decide to promote them.

AliExpress is home to thousands of innovative and unique products that you won’t find on other retail websites.

Many of those products are used for seasonal needs and can help you come up with unique niche site ideas.

You can find them in the “Top Ranking” section on the homepage of AliExpress.

The products on this page are distributed into relevant categories which makes it easier to explore niche-specific seasonal products.

Again, you’ll need to explore these categories to find seasonal products that have the potential to make you a decent affiliate income.

But just the sheer volume and variety of products you can find on AliExpress opens your mind to unique niche ideas.

You already know about Amazon so I won’t go into a lot of detail here.

Most of the products you’ll find on AliExpress are sold on Amazon as well.

This is because a large number of American sellers source products from China and sell them for much higher prices on Amazon.

Well, good for you because higher-priced products offer higher commissions.

The product category structure on Amazon is different from AliExpress which is why it’s worth exploring separately.

In fact, it’s much better from a niche research perspective because the sub-categories aren’t just product names like in AliExpress. Instead, they’re broad product categories that are grouped together based on the problems they solve.

Let’s explore the Sports & Outdoor category this time.

There are a number of categories on this page but if you look at the first three that I’ve highlighted, they’re all pretty seasonal topics.

Hiking, for example, usually peaks between May and August.

Similarly, cycling is also a seasonal topic that you can explore further to see if there’s affiliate marketing potential in it.

The other way to find niche ideas on Amazon is by looking at the best-selling products in different categories.

Just go to any product category and sort the products by “Featured” using the dropdown menu on the right of your screen.

If you do this in every category separately, you’ll get a sense of what’s popular these days and what products can be more profitable if you promote them as an affiliate.

Google Trends is your best friend when it comes to evaluating the seasonality of different niches.

It’s an information goldmine where you can evaluate the search trends of different topics and also discover new and hidden topics that have high seasonal demand.

For example, we just saw cycling as one of the categories in Amazon.

Let’s analyze its search trend in Google Trends.

As you can see, I’ve selected the United States as my target region and “2004-present” as the duration of my search.

The chart clearly shows that the searches for cycling peak during the summers every year.

This means May to August is a great time to sell cycling-related products every year as an affiliate.

But that’s not all.

If you scroll down, Google tells you exactly what subregions have the highest interest in your topic.

For example, most searches for cycling are coming from Colorado and Vermont.

If you click on Colorado or any other subregion, you’ll get the specific search trend for cycling in those areas.

Now scroll down even more and Google will give you lists of the related topics and search queries that people are using to look for cycling on Google Search.

Make sure the lists are sorted by Rising, as shown in the screenshot below.

This tells you exactly what angle you should adopt while creating content about a topic on your niche site.

If you click on any of the Related Topics, Google will show you its search trend and related queries/topics separately.

This way you can uncover countless new topics, check their seasonal demand, and find the angles that people are looking for.

But there’s more.

If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage of Google Trends, you’ll see this section.

It lists the links to the top search trends in the last 5 years.

If you analyze the top trends of each year separately, you’ll find that certain trends feature every year.

Click on those trends to see their seasonal demand in the last five years and you’ll uncover many more local trends that are otherwise hard to find.

06 – Evaluate Searches From The Previous Years Using SEO Tools

Once you identify a few potential seasonal niches for your affiliate site, it’s time to evaluate their search volume.

One technique that I’ve found really useful in identifying seasonal keywords is using the current year at the end of the keyword.

For example, if you search for the keyword “best hiking shoes”, Ahrefs shows a search volume of around 20K/month for it.

But let’s see what happens when we add the year 2019 to it.

As you can see, the search volume is much lower, only 1.3K/month, but it’s still a good keyword to rank for because when people search for seasonal products, they often mention the year as well to get the latest product offers.

If you check the search volume for “best hiking shoes 2020” you’ll find similar stats because there’s a demand for search keywords every year.

If you’re creating a site about hiking in the second half of 2020, you should ideally look to optimize your content for 2021 keywords.

Because, as the trend shows, the keyword “best hiking shoes 2021” will get a lot of searches as well.

Do this for any niche you’re targeting so that you can get an idea of the search volume of its main keywords.

Here’s another technique.

Search for your main topic keyword, find any top seasonal site in your target niche from Google Search results, and copy its URL.

Now head over to the Google Keyword Planner tool–>Keyword Ideas and enter the URL you copied.

Google Keyword Planner will give you a long list of search keywords based on the URL you enter.

You can use this list to brainstorm new ideas and shortlist keywords that you want to explore further for creating your content strategy.

Search for the shortlisted keywords in SEO tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to get their exact search volumes and competition level.

07 – Identify The Best Monetization Methods For Your Seasonal Niche

The last step in finding a seasonal niche to check whether the niche you’ve selected can be monetized or not.

The easiest way of doing this is to search for relevant products on Amazon.

For example, if your niche is “hiking”, find the top hiking products selling on Amazon, check their reviews and ratings to get a sense of how frequently people buy them.

Also, don’t forget to check the commission percentage Amazon is offering for your niche because that will have a huge impact on your earnings.

You can find the updated commission structure of Amazon Associates on this link.

But Amazon Associates is not the only affiliate program in the world.

Plus, you might be targeting a region or seasonal trend in a country where Amazon Associates does not work

This is why we’ve listed dozens of high-paying affiliate programs other than Amazon where you can find relevant products for your niche site.

Apart from affiliate marketing networks, you can also check for direct partnership opportunities with the local businesses in your target region while evaluating a niche.

Plus, keep an eye on other monetization methods like advertising, product sales, membership sites, coaching programs, etc. so that you know exactly how to make money from your site.

5 Examples Of Successful Affiliate Sites In Seasonal Niches

01 – A Way To Garden

Domain Authority (DA)

Estimated Monthly Traffic

Total Backlinks

Monetization Method




Amazon Associates, Product Sales, Membership, Advertising

A Way To Garden is one of the best examples of a successful seasonal niche site with immense authority in its industry.

According to SimilarWeb, the site gets around 90K+ visitors per month on average. However, its traffic peaks during High-quality Jun, July, and August which is understandable since gardening is a popular summer hobby for many Americans.

The site makes most of its money from Amazon Associates, advertising, and its own products.

What makes it so successful?

High-quality content, very detailed product reviews, and a special focus on community building which is why they have thousands of email subscribers and almost 100K followers on Facebook.

It’s an example to emulate for other marketers.

02 – Bear Foot Theory

Domain Authority (DA)

Estimated Monthly Traffic

Total Backlinks

Monetization Method




Amazon Associates, Product Sales, Membership, Advertising

Bear Foot Theory is another brilliant example of how a seasonal site can gain authority, build a community around it, and turn into a hugely successful online business.

The site gets around 150-200K visitors per month but its traffic peaks during the summers and reaches the 350-400K range.

Its primary income source is Amazon Associates but it also publishes sponsored content (along with a few other services).

Just like the previous site, Bear Foot Theory has A-class content that has helped them build a pretty impressive email subscriber base and social media presence in the last few years.

03 – NorthPole

Domain Authority (DA)

Estimated Monthly Traffic

Total Backlinks

Monetization Method




Amazon Associates, Walmart, Product Sales, Advertising

NorthPole is a classic example of a seasonal niche site.

It looks old and has an ugly design, but still gets tons of traffic during the Christmas season every year.

What is it about?

Everything about Christmas and Santa.

From games and activities to recipes and articles about Christmas, you’ll find everything on this site.

SimilarWeb doesn’t have any traffic numbers for this site probably because it gets all of its traffic during the last quarter of the year. But looking at its domain authority and using the estimates from Ubersuggest, it gets around 30K/month visitors on average. I’m sure it’s a lot higher during the Christmas season.

What’s the reason for their success?

It’s a very old and established site and probably gets most of its traffic through referrals and word of mouth. Plus, it has an impressive range of Christmas products and activities that surely attract visitors.

I think it can get a LOT more traffic if they improve the site’s design and publish better quality content regularly.

04 – Westeros

Domain Authority (DA)

Estimated Monthly Traffic

Total Backlinks

Monetization Method


1.2 Million


Amazon Associates, Google Adsense

Westeros is a hugely popular fan site about Game Of Thrones (GoT) and the other works of George R.R Martin.

It gets millions of visitors per month because Game Of Thrones has such a huge audience around the world.

However, it’s still a seasonal site.

Its traffic numbers skyrocketed during each season of Game Of Thrones (GoT) but as soon as a season ended, the traffic dipped as well.

I don’t know who owns this site but whoever does, must be making a lot of money because the site has Google Adsense enabled plus several Amazon products are also promoted on the site.

What’s the reason for the site’s success?

Tapping into a popular online trend at the right time.

Plus, it has a very lively forum where you can read all kinds of fan theories and the latest news about Game Of Thrones and the future works of George R.R. Martin.

05 – The Pool Advisors

Domain Authority (DA)

Estimated Monthly Traffic

Total Backlinks

Monetization Method




Amazon Associates

This is not the most popular or high traffic site in this list but it’s probably the best example for anyone starting in a seasonal niche.

The Pool Advisors get reasonable traffic throughout the year but their main selling months are from May to August because of summers.

The site makes all of its income by promoting different swimming pool products from Amazon.

The success of the site is built upon its impressive content marketing strategy.

Like any other affiliate site, it has lots of product reviews (very detailed) but it also has a large number of informational articles that answer the biggest questions of its audience.

The site’s design is also quite modern and overall the blog looks like a project by an experienced affiliate marketer.

Tips For Making Money With Seasonal Niche Sites

There’s nothing wrong with targeting the mainstream events like New Year, Christmas or other popular seasonal topics.

But you’ll have a better chance of ranking for New Year in Australia or New Year in Dubai than just “New Year”.

Similarly, you’ll have a better chance of getting traffic for the lesser-known local events or seasonal trends as compared to the popular topics everyone already knows about.

  • Start Working At Least 6 Months In Advance

If you want your site to rank for all the right seasonal keywords, make sure you start working on it at least 6 months ahead of time.

Publish great content, identify the most popular topics within the niche, and try to cover as many bases as possible when you’re first setting up your site.

  • Target Long-Tail Keywords

Ignore the high traffic head keywords in your niche SEO strategy. Instead, publish long-form content that targets multiple mid-low traffic long-tail keywords.

In particular, target year-specific keywords like “best hiking shoes 2021” to get better results.

  • Refresh Your Content Before Every Season

This is very important.

Content freshness is one of the key Google ranking factors which is why you need to start refreshing your content every year before your niche’s season arrives.

Refreshing your content means adding updated statistics, new images, updating the year you’ve targeted in your SEO strategy, and in general making the content more relevant.

  • Build A Vibrant Community Around Your Site

Building an email list and social media following is crucial for all types of online businesses.

But for seasonal niche sites, it can be a gamechanger.

If you have a large email list or social media following, you can keep them engaged throughout the year, build momentum to your site as the season gets nearer and drive more traffic to your content.

Plus, you won’t be completely dependent on search engine traffic as most seasonal niche sites are.

Will You Launch An Affiliate Site In A Seasonal Niche?

Not everyone likes the idea of putting so much work into a site and then making money for only a few weeks in a year.

But as I’ve shown you, there are examples of sites that are making a lot of money in a very short time by targeting profitable seasonal niches that other marketers are ignoring.

It’s a question of your preferences.

In my opinion, seasonal niche sites offer an exciting opportunity to test your affiliate marketing skills and make money off trending topics.

I would want you to give it a try.

Let me know if you have any questions about this topic