34 Ways To Increase Your Blogs Email Subscribers List.....Number 32 Is SUPER Important!

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Vector communication icons in flat retro styleBuilding an email list is one of the single most effective ways to connect and build a relationship with your blog audience, promote blog posts, and increase sales.

Quite simply an email subscriber list increases the chances of your blog being a success.

In fact Direct Marketing Association reports it has a ROI of 4300%.

Compared to a ROI of just 74% from social media and 275% from SEO. (Click Here To Tweet This Stat)

So whether you want to notify your audience when you've created a new blog post.

Or send out an email newsletter.

Or get your sales message in front of your customers.

Then building a mailing list is essential.

Blogs receive much lower opt in rates at around 1% as standard and 5-10% for more skilled bloggers compared to dedicated landing or 'squeeze' pages (40%+ opt in rate).

However the quality of subscriber is much higher in terms of open rates, clicks and engagement and can literally be the difference between a failed blog and a successful one.

Because of this one of the main focuses for every blogger has to be increasing their blogs email subscribers.

Here's 34 ways to get more subscribers for your blogs email list...


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)



  1. 1. Have More Than 1 Opt In Box In The Side Bar
  2. 2. Add A 'Headline' Box To Your Home Page For A 51.7% Increase
  3. 3. Use The Hello Bar To Encourage Them To Sign Up
  4. 4. Ask Commentators To Sign Up With Just One Click
  5. 5. Engage Readers Mid Blog Post Using In-Content Opt Ins
  6. 6. Redirect First Time Commentators To A 'Thank You' Page
  7. 7. After Content Opt In Boxes Accounts For 20.8% Of NicheHack's Opt Ins
  8. 8. Use Entry Pop Ups To Gain Entry To Your Audiences Inbox
  9. 9. Turn Exiting Visitors Into Repeat Visitors With Exit Pop Ups
  10. 10. Using Lead Boxes In Blog Posts Can Increase Sign Ups By 30-40%
  11. 11. Experiment With Sticky Footer Opt Ins
  12. 12. Make Your Opt In Boxes Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb
  13. 13. Incentive Your Opt In & You Could See 10x More Opt In's Overnight
  14. 14. Use Content Funnels Like An Email Marketing Rockstar
  15. 15. Quiz Your Audience & Ask For Email To Send The Results
  16. 16. Survey Your Users To Turn Them Into Loyal Subscribers
  17. 17. Run Competitions To Gain Wide Exposure & Boost Email Sign Ups
  18. 18. Make Your Sidebar Go Where Your Readers Go So They Never Miss It
  19. 19. Write Better Headlines & Copy For Your Opt In Boxes
  20. 20. Ask For Less & Get More Subscribers
  21. 21. Split Test EVERYTHING To See What Converts Best
  22. 22. Testimonials Build Trust & Your Email List
  23. 23. Social Proof Increases Opt Ins – Or Does It?
  24. 24. Make Your About Me Page About Your Audience
  25. 25. Crazy Egg Stops You Distracting Your Audience
  26. 26. Put Opt In Forms On All Major Pages
  27. 27. Use Personalized Opt In's And Increase Sign Ups By 150%
  28. 28. Don't Waste Time On Traffic Sources That Don't Convert
  29. 29. Work Out Which Content Converts So You Can Optimize It & Create More
  30. 30. Studies Show Images Boost Conversions So Use Them
  31. 31. Single Opt Ins Increased StartUpNations Opt In Rate, Open, Click and Sales.
  32. 32. Create Better Content So People Demand To Be Sent More
  33. 33. Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices Or You'll Miss Out On Subscribers
  34. 34. Expose Yourself To New Audiences & Markets
  35. BONUS: 21 Email Marketing Tips
  36. BONUS: Email Marketing Case Studies
  37. BONUS: Email Marketing & List Building Recommended Reading
  38. Tools Required To Put All 34 Subscriber Boosting Methods Into Action
  39. Conclusion
  40.  Download a PDF Version of the Guide


1. Have More Than 1 Opt In Box In The Side Bar

Most blogs just have 1 email opt in box at the top right of the sidebar. Adding a second box further down the page can increase sign ups.

People scroll down to look at content further down the page and most sites don't have an opt in form on display.

Also some visitors are so used to seeing opt in forms at the top right that they've become blind to them.

I have 2 on the sidebar of NicheHacks and you should too. I simply create opt in boxes within Aweber and paste into a text box on my site, no plugin required.


IN SHORT: Add more than 1 opt in box to your sidebar for increased visibility so people have more opportunities to sign up.



Brian Dean BIGGive them 2-3 opportunities to subscribe on every page” - Brian Dean (Backlinko.com)
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2. Add A 'Headline' Box To Your Home Page For A 51.7% Increase

A headline or feature box is one at the top of usually just the home page. It's the first thing visitors see when they land on your site.



headline bar social triggers


Giving your audience a benefit driven reason to enter their email can instantly add a new subscriber to your list.

DIY themes saw email opt ins increase by 51.7% when they added a headline box (Click here to tweet this)

The Genesis Generate theme is designed with the headline box as standard to increase your email subscribers or you can use the feature box by Derek Halpern,

IN SHORT: The headline or feature box can boost sign ups by over 50% as witnessed by DIY Themes.


Tung Tran BIGUse the feature box by Derek Halpern...it converts at 7% on my blog" - Tung Tran (CloudLiving.com)"
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3. Use The Hello Bar To Encourage Them To Sign Up

You see that bright green / orange (depending on what split test is running) bar at the top of the page?


hello bar at nichehacks


That's the Hello Bar.

It's a free tool from Neil Patel (Quicksprout / Kissmetrics / Crazy Egg) and a great alternative to the headline bar for themes that don't have that feature.

You can run A/B testing of multiple variations to see which converts best and as your audience will see it before they see anything else it's a fantastic way to boost email opt ins or get them to take action.

You can tell them to subscribe for blog updates, to get an incentive (free ebook / course / infoproduct or tools) or even direct them to a landing or high converting page on your site.

DIY Themes signed up 1,180 new subscribers in just 30 days by utilizing the hello bar. (Click here to Tweet this)


IN SHORT: The free Hello Bar signed up 1,180 new subscribers in only 30 days on DIY Themes.



4. Ask Commentators To Sign Up With Just One Click

When someone takes the time to comment on your blog usually it's because you just gave them something really valuable and they want to thank you.

At this point they are already quite engaged so it doesn't take much to encourage them to join your list.

Add a one click sign up optin in your comments section.

If you're using Aweber you can install the Aweber Comment Form plugin and add a customize-able tick box that will sign them up for your list.



email comment sign ups niche hacks


I only recently added this feature to Niche Hacks and already it's responsible for 12.20% of my total email sign ups – if all people have to is tick one extra box after making a comment they do it without hesitation.


IN SHORT: Asking people who comment on your posts to sign up with 1 click makes it easy for them  - this accounts for 12.20% of all NicheHacks sign ups.


5. Engage Readers Mid Blog Post Using In-Content Opt Ins

People who take the time to read your content rather than just scan through it tend to be pretty engaged with your site but that's not to say they can't get distracted and click off to somewhere else .

Add in content opt ins throughout your blog posts encouraging people to sign up if they'd like notifications when new posts are added.

In content opt ins currently convert at around 1.9% on NicheHacks but I'm still split testing and figuring out which in content opt in works best so this number will increase over time.

I've not had a single complaint about them disrupting people reading.

There are several ways to do this including using the Hybrid Connect plugin.

Or simply creating a basic opt in box using Aweber (or your autoresponder of choice) and pasting the code into the 'text' section of posts



text code



You can create a basic and non intrusive opt in like the one below...



in content opt in niche hacks


To create an in content opt in box like the ones I use here on NicheHacks log into your Aweber account then create a sign up form as you usually would but keep it super basic and with a clear background.

Then take the HTML code and go to your WordPress post, click on the 'text' section of the post and scroll down until you find where you want to post it.

Paste it in and there you go. An in content opt in.

As I mentioned earlier Hybrid Connect can make this easier & faster and allows you to split test your opt in boxes.


IN SHORT: In content opt in's engage readers without scaring them off - currently converting at just under 2% on NicheHacks.





6. Redirect First Time Commentators To A 'Thank You' Page

Commenting for the first time is a big step towards becoming a loyal reader especially if you make the commentator feel their comment was read and appreciated.

Using the Yoast Comment Redirect plugin (free!) you can redirect people who comment for the first time to a 'thank you' page where you further engage with them.


thanks for commenting


My comment thank you page converts at 15.2% currently but it's too soon to draw conclusion as it's a new page and it's only seen a small number of visitors.



comment thank you stat


Make sure your page tells your visitors why commenting is a big deal for you, thank them and remind them of the benefits of joining your blogs email list or e-newsletter.

If they taken the time to comment they probably like your content and plan to revisit anyway but this just gives them a nudge in the right direction.


IN SHORT: First time commentators are just 1 step away from signing up to your list - make it easy for them by redirecting to a 'thank you'' sign up page using the Yoast plugin and you could see a 15.2% conversion rate (Click to Tweet this).




"charles floate Offer something! For some reason most people when posting don't ever seem to actually give anything away for signing up. Ever wonder why Neil Patel and ViperChill have so many email signups? Yes, they have epic content. Yes, their mail forms (sidebar, popups, incontextual, end of post etc..) do look awesome. But the main reason is because they actually offer something." - Charles Floate (GodofSEO.co)



7. After Content Opt In Boxes Accounts For 20.8% Of NicheHack's Opt Ins

At the end of every post I have the big blue 'Magic Action Box' encouraging people to sign up.

That accounts for 20.8% of total site opt ins for niche hacks.


after content opt ins magic action nichehacks


If your visitors are reading all the way to the end of the content they're VERY engaged and the sort of person you want on your list.

The standard 'side bar' opt in is likely not going to be visible at this point so you need to connect with them as soon as they've finished reading and are feeling good about what they've just read.

I use Magic Action Box which can be customized to suit your needs and add some of your most engaged readers to your email list.


IN SHORT: Use after content opt in's to sign up your most engaged readers - 20.8% of Niche Hack sign ups come from this. Click here to Tweet this)



8. Use Entry Pop Ups To Gain Entry To Your Audiences Inbox

There's no doubt that pop ups can be annoying when used incorrectly but they do convert visitors into subscribers.

Personally I tend to close them down immediately but they don't discourage me from staying on the website as I'm used to them being involved in the internet marketing niche.

One of my favourite blogs Quicksprout.com has multiple pop ups and I still visit it 2 to 3 times per week.

In less technical niches they can scare people off as they assume it's spam or a virus.

The good thing is most can be set to only display the first time someone visits your site, not to pop up until someone has spent at least 'X' seconds on your page or only show once every 30 days.

So you can use it intelligently and not annoy your subscribers too much.

Visual Website Optimizer saw a 50% increase in sign ups from using pop ups, Shoemoney a 36% increase and Darren Rowse increased sign ups from 40 a day to 350 without any negative affect on page views. (Click here to Tweet this)

However you need to examine more than just opt in rate and look at whether pop ups are increasing bounce rate whilst decreasing page views and time spent on site – important factors for any website.

Matthew Woodward found that his pop up was his best converting opt in method at 1.23% but saw a -9.29% drop in visits per page and a bounce rate increase of 9.02%. (Click here to Tweet this)

Gael Breton shares how to make pop ups 300% more effective in this post. 



matt w pop up


Another important aspect that needs to be consider not just with pop up opt ins but with any is the quality of subscriber you receive.

If they are opting in on their first visit to your site before having engaged with the content and built a relationship with you they are less likely to open your emails and take action.

The 'take away' here is to test for yourself and work out whether the increase in opt ins is worth the decrease in page views and time spent on site and the increase in bounce rate.

Also consider adding pop up subscribers into a new list and track the open and click rates separately to see how they compare to that of other opt in methods.

You can use OptinMonster to create subscriber boosting entry pop ups.


IN SHORT: Entry pop ups DO boost subscribers often without much negative affect on bounce rate or time spent on site BUT some bloggers notice significant changes and lower quality subscribers - so test yourself!


9. Turn Exiting Visitors Into Repeat Visitors With Exit Pop Ups

Even people who have enjoyed your content can exit without signing up to your email list simply because they are busy, have to leave the computer or plan to do it later.

People are so busy and distracted 'later' might not come as they forget all about your blog or it gets lost in their bookmark tab.

Using exit pop ups to remind people to sign up to your list before they go can boost opt in rates.

Mauro D Andrea of Blog-Growth.com posted a study on Unbounce.com that showed 14.47% of his subscribers came from exit pops however they were a lower quality subscriber and opened and clicked emails less. (Click here to Tweet this)

I haven't tested exit pop ups here on NicheHacks yet but I would probably avoid giving an incentive such as a free report or ebook to people about to leave.

The reason is it's likely a lot of people who weren't really into the site would decide to take the freebie just because it was free and not because they wanted future updates or to connect with me.

However as always the key is to test it for yourself and see what works – not just looking at conversion rates and numbers of subscribers but the open and click rate of these list members.

Optin Monster makes creating custom exit pop ups that turn leaving visitors into loyal followers easy OR a more premium choice is BounceExchange. (starts at $2,2995 per month!)

IN SHORT: Exit pop ups can engage exiting visitors and turn them into repeat visitors but subscriber quality can be an issue so test by sending to a separate list to measure open and click rates.



Neil Patel BIGMy number one tip, although you may not like it is exit popup. On exit ask for their email… it is really effective and that is how most of the popular bloggers are building their list these days” - Neil Patel (Quicksprout.com)

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10. Using Lead Boxes In Blog Posts Can Increase Sign Ups By 30-40%

John Chow reports how bloggers utilizing 'leadboxe's are seeing opt in increases of 30-40% on their blogs.

A 'leadbox' is a pop up that only activates when a link is clicked within your content.



john chow lead boxes


Instead of the link leading your audience off to another page the opt in box pops up on the screen instantly and lets people sign up for your subscribers list without any further steps.

This is good for your conversion rates because if a new page is taking a while to load they are likely just to close it and not bother. This eliminates that and makes it easier to opt in.

Leadboxes are part of the Lead Pages package.


IN SHORT: Leadboxes can increase sign ups by up to 40% as reported by John Chow. (Click here to Tweet this)




11. Experiment With Sticky Footer Opt Ins

Standard footer opt ins aren't likely to capture many email addresses due to their location. Most people are never going to see them.

A good example of a standard footer op in in action is at http://www.briangardner.com/

Sure it might capture a few emails a month and it's unobtrusive but it's not going to be that effective.

However if you add a 'sticky' footer that is seen regardless of where the user is on the page you can increase sign ups by a significant number.


sticky footer


You can add a sticky footer with some simple CSS (don't try if you don't understand how CSS works) by following this tutorial  or you can use the simple yet powerful OptinMonster plugin.



12. Make Your Opt In Boxes Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb

If you want people to sign up using your opt in boxes they need to be able to see them.

Sure ugly looking opt in forms don't make your site look pretty but is your goal to make your site look pretty or to get email sign ups?

If you didn't answer 'get email sign ups' then you're doing it wrong!

There are many ways to make your opt in boxes stand out including using different colours from your main theme.

On NicheHacks you may see me use green boxes for my side and hello bar and blue on the magic action box below posts – at the time of writing anyway, always testing!



opt in box green niche hacks


Dmix increased conversions by 72% by changing the colour of their buttons for example.

A more advanced way to make opt ins stand out is by making them move, shake or pop out to get peoples attention.

You can use the SoreThumb plugin to achieve this though I don't think it's been updated for a while.


IN SHORT: Making opt in boxes stand out by using different colours or shake can boost conversion rates - forget design it's all about email sign ups.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)



13. Incentive Your Opt In & You Could See 10x More Opt In's Overnight

Line25.com saw a 10x subscriber increase overnight by giving away design resources instead of just asking visitors to sign up for blog updates. (Click here to Tweet this)

Adding a $300 value to their 'free' course Quicksprout.com saw an increase in 22% to their subscriber rates.

However, offering an incentive as the main reason to sign up can cause people to sign up for just the freebie rather than because they want to receive further emails / blog updates from you – and this can cause low open and click rates.

Testing is key as always.

If you plan to give an incentive be very careful with your wording.

Either offer the freebie as a secondary reason to join (i.e. subscribe for email updates AND you'll get a free course valued at $300)

Or make sure they know after they receive the free giveaway you'll be following up with more emails / blog updates.

This stops people who only want something free signing up and reduces the chances of spam complaints and unsubscribes from people who didn't realize there would be follow ups.


IN SHORT: Line25.com saw a 10x and Quicksprout.com a 22% increase when they gave something away for free in return for an email - though you also need to consider open and click rates to determine if worth while.



Spencer Haws BIGGive away something for free” - Spencer Haws (NichePursuits.com)

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14. Use Content Funnels Like An Email Marketing Rockstar

Content funnels aren't something you see many people talking about.

Email marketing rockstar Andre Chaperone of Autoresponder Madness fame is where I learned about them and they work well!

To see an example of what a content funnel is check out his site http://affiliatebully.com/.

You'll see there's no traditional side bar opt in forms and definitely no spammy looking 'squeeze pages'.



affiliate bully


Instead he leads your through multiple pages of top quality content that entices you, amuses you, gets you engaged with him and most of all proves he knows what he is talking about.

At the end of the funnel he tells you if you want more to opt in. Anyone who gets that far most likely will.

If they didn't get that far they probably weren't dedicated or engaged enough anyway, so why would you want them on your list?

Content funnels result in smaller opt in rates but the people who do join are top quality subscribers who have a high attention span, like what you do and REALLY want to hear from you – this results in higher open and click rates.

Less is often more when it comes to building email lists.

What use is a list of 10,000 subscribers if only 1% open your emails?

It's better to have a smaller list of highly engaged subscribers than a big list who don't read.

You don't need something as elaborate as what Andre uses.

Even having a button or text offering a 'free report' that when clicked on gives them the first 2-3 pages of the report before asking for their email to be sent the rest can work.


IN SHORT: Send visitors through content funnels and engage with them BEFORE asking for their email address. This also cuts out time wasters and only adds the most engaged to your list.




Zac Johnson BIGProvide something of value in exchange for their email subscription” - Zac Johnson (ZacJohnson.com)

Click here to Tweet Zac's quote.





15. Quiz Your Audience & Ask For Email To Send The Results

EscapeMaker.com used a quiz as part of their “I Love NY” campaign asking users to take a trivia quiz about NY and then asked them to enter their email to find out how they scored.

People love quizzes and if you use them as a means to generate email sign ups you can increase conversion rate massively.

Be sure that you tell them along side the quiz results to expect follow up emails so their expectations are set and there's no problems further down the line.

Setting expectations clearly with email subscribers is key.

Only telling them if they enter their email they will receive the quiz results but then sending blog updates and marketing emails can lead to angry visitors, unsubscribes and spam complaints – always be clear what they will receive and stick to it.

To create subscription skyrocketing quizzes try this plugin.


IN SHORT: Quizes are a fun way to engage and qualify your audience and once completed they'll happily enter their email to get the results.



16. Survey Your Users To Turn Them Into Loyal Subscribers

People love being asked for their opinion on things and surveys are a great way to connect with your audience and find out what they want to see from your site as well as find out what they like and dislike.

Why not turn your surveys into a means to gain subscribers?

The University of Alberta increased email subscribers by 500% using a pop up survey by Qualaroo that asked anyone who spent more than 10 seconds on the site if they'd like to sign up for their newsletter.


alberta survey


Alberta University keep it quite simple by directly asking if people would like to sign up but you can engage them further by asking a few simple questions.

Once a few questions have been answered they've shown a willingness to engage with you so signing up for your list seems like a small step.

Qualaroo starts at $69 per month but a cheaper alternative is this survey plugin.


IN SHORT: A 500% increase in email sign ups was noted by University of Alberta when using Qualaroo to ask visitors of more than 10 seconds a simple question.




Matthew Barby BIGGive users access to extra content (ebook, PDFs, images etc) in return for their email” - Matthew Barby (FindMyBlogWay.com)



17. Run Competitions To Gain Wide Exposure & Boost Email Sign Ups

Running online competitions with prizes or to raise money for charity is a fantastic way to get a lot of attention from your fellow bloggers and exposure to a wider audience.

People love the chance to win things and everyone is willing to get involved with raising money for charity.

Bloggers who can get some good will and a positive mention will jump at the chance to give free prizes for you to give away.

You can ask for names and email addresses for anyone who wants a chance to win however again make sure you set expectations so they know there will be follow up emails.

For more information on how to run online competitions check this incredible resource by Matthew Barby at FindMyblogway.com

WizHive is one of the most recommended competition platforms.


IN SHORT: Competitions are a great way to not only get new sign ups but lots of links, social shares and attention.



18. Make Your Sidebar Go Where Your Readers Go So They Never Miss It

Standard side bar opt ins are static and usually at the top right of most sites.

However if you have a moving side bar that follows your visitor to whatever part of the page they go to you're increasing the chances they will sign up purely by giving them more opportunities.

You can add a moving sidebar opt in to your site with Fixed Widget Plugin (free!)


IN SHORT: Making your sidebar move to where your visitor scrolls means it's always visible increasing changes of a sin up.


19. Write Better Headlines & Copy For Your Opt In Boxes

One simple headline change saw Visualwebsiteoptimizer.com get a 127% increase in email subscribers.

Good headlines and strong copy can make all the difference so be sure to split test your headlines and copy to see what converts best.

Simple changes of just one word can make a huge difference as Michael Aagaard found out when he boosted his clients conversion rate  by 38.26% from changing button text from "Order information" to "Get information".

Use benefit driven headlines and give people solid reasons as to why they should opt in.

Don't forget about testing the text on your opt in form buttons.

Standard buttons like 'send', 'submit' and 'subscriber' often don't inspire people to join your list as they are boring and not benefit driven.

Unbounce.com talks about how to write call to action buttons that convert.


IN SHORT: High quality headlines and copy can see huge conversion boosts of up to 127% as VizualWebsiteOptimizer found out.



Ryan Deiss BIGHave a compelling, SPECIFIC lead magnet that promises immediate gratification. 'Subscribe to my Newsletter' doesn't cut it” - Ryan Deiss (DigitalMarketer.com)

Click here to Tweet this quote by Ryan Deiss



20. Ask For Less & Get More Subscribers

Removing the amount of fields you ask for when signing up can increase sign ups as QuickSprout.com found out with a 26% increase just by removing one field. (Click here to Tweet this stat)

People are busy, skeptical and don't like giving out too much information online so why make it difficult for them?

Ask for only what you need and in the case of a blog then email really is all you require.

The argument is that collecting name allows you to be more personal but the problem is a lot of people put in fake names and they know your emails are not personal one to one emails anyway.

There are other ways to be personal without using a name.

When you email a friend do you start out with “Hey Friends Name” every email?

Probably not.


IN SHORT: Less is more. Asking for 1 less field Quicksprout saw a 26% increase in sign ups - only ask for what you need!



louder onlineReduce the number of fields that are required to opt in. Even just having only the one field for the email address rather than requiring the name as well, can have a dramatic increase in your subscribers number” - Aaron Aguis (LouderOnline.com.au)





21. Split Test EVERYTHING To See What Converts Best

You need to be split testing everything until you find the absolute best results.

Headlines, copy, opt in box position, colour of forms, incentive vs no incentive, picture versus no picture and much more as Optimizely talk about in 71 Things You Can Split Test.

You can run A/B split tests with the Optimizely tool.

If you're just looking to split test different variations of your opt in boxes that comes as standard with Aweber and most other autoresponders.

See Awebers resource here, GetResponses here and Mailchimp here.


IN SHORT: Split test everything from text, position, size, colour, buttons to see what converts best.




"Optimizely BIGHave you tested the call to action on your blog?" - Optimizely.com





22. Testimonials Build Trust & Your Email List

People are more likely to take action if they see a testimonial from someone in a similar position to themselves OR a trusted authority.

Using testimonials in your opt in boxes can skyrocket conversions.



testimonials nichehacks



A 34% increase was reported by Visualwebsiteoptimize when they started using testimonials and Path.co.uk reported similar results (Click here to tweet this)

I use testimonials from successful bloggers and NicheHack readers on my about me page and I'm seeing a conversion rate of 5.0% currently.


IN SHORT: Testimonials can boost sign up rates as people respond well to feedback from respected authorities or others in the same position as they are.





23. Social Proof Increases Opt Ins – Or Does It?

We all know social proof affects us all. We're more likely to take action or believe in something if we see others back it up.

So displaying your subscriber numbers, Twitter followers or FB likes can work in your favor assuming you have a large following – if you have less than a few thousand then it'll likely have the opposite effect.

Raimundas increased email opt ins by 23% by displaying Facebook like and Twitter follower numbers right beside the opt in.

However as always be sure to test social proof vs no social proof as Derek Halpern found that social proof hurt DIYThemes opt ins and removing it resulted in an increase in conversion by 102.2%.


IN SHORT: Raimundas increased opt ins by 23% by displaying FB and Twitter numbers BUT Derek Halpern found they increased by 102.2% when he REMOVED them. (Click here to tweet this)



mailchimp headshotThe best way to grow an email list is to do so slowly and organically, so that the people on your list are really engaged” - MailChimp.com



24. Make Your About Me Page About Your Audience

A lot of people make the mistake of not even having an about me page and most of those who do make it all about themselves.

Despite being called an 'about me' page it should actually be more about what you can do for your readers.

This is a high trafficked page on most blogs and can be an opt in magnet if done properly.

Telling people about your experience and what benefit they'll get from listening to you can cause them to opt in if you give them a chance.

Having an opt in form (or multiple – I have 5 on mine!) on your about me page is a great way to turn browsers into loyal email subscribers.

As mentioned previously my about me page converts at 5%.



about me opt in rate


Pat Flynn saw an opt in increase in 446% when he added an opt in box to his and QualityStocks a 158% growth through adding a light box  (Click here to Tweet this).

So if you've no about me page or aren't collecting emails on it get it doing it now!

Examples of great about me pages include:

Matthew Woodward - see how it starts with "How This Blog Will Help You Succeed Online" showing how YOU can benefit from his blog then going on to tell you what you'll learn from hanging around.

Pat Flynn - It starts with a big photo of Pat and his family, this makes him seem human and real, not some sleazy salesperson or 'guru' and he goes on to share his life then what he can do to help you.

Derek Halpern - He starts out addressing potential issues you might have then  convinces you he has the answers, he then goes on to share his experience and why he's worth listening to.


IN SHORT: About me pages can be lead magnets when done properly - make yours about your readers and how you can help them not solely about YOU!





25. Crazy Egg Stops You Distracting Your Audience

Crazy Egg is 'heat' and click tracking software that shows you where your visitors are clicking and browsing on your page.

After using the 'scroll map' feature I found that hardly any of my visitors were reaching the area where my second side bar opt in was so instead moved it up to a higher visibility area and opt ins have steadily increased.

Conversion Rate Experts used Crazy Egg to see what was distracting their visitors, removed them, and saw 25.9% more conversions.

>> Get a 30 day risk free trial of Crazy Egg on this link.


IN SHORT: Crazy Egg helps eliminates distractions so people are more likely to sign up - use it!


26. Put Opt In Forms On All Major Pages

There's no sense in having pages on your site that don't have opt in boxes especially on high trafficked pages.

Derek Halpern publicly called Pat Flynn out for not having opt in boxes on high visited pages such as his about me and video pages.

When Pat added them he saw a 30.24% increase in sign ups to his email list. (Click here to Tweet this)

You'll see I have opt in boxes on all pages (I think!) including the toolbox page – and it converts!

To increase opt ins from individual pages offer related incentives such as a free guide on how to use your 5 favourite tools on the toolbox page or a special video on your video page for example.


IN SHORT: If you don't have opt in's on all pages, or at least your busiest ones, you're missing out on tons of subscribers! Pat Flynn saw over 30% increase when he added to his high traffic pages!



27. Use Personalized Opt In's And Increase Sign Ups By 150%

Amazon uses custom buttons related to the pages you are visiting and Vero increased sign ups by 150% in 4 weeks using personal opt ins related to the post.




If you have a post on 31 Ways To Promote Blog Posts then a custom after post opt in offering a report with 10 more ways to promote your posts will convert well.

However you don't need to create new content for every post simply write custom copy that relates to the post.

Look out for this on NicheHacks in the near future.


IN SHORT: Customized opt ins or giveaways for your most popular posts can skyrocket conversions - Vero saw a 150% increase! (Click here to Tweet this)




"Matt WA full time subscription is the most important priority for your blog. A user signing up for your list is the ultimate sign of respect. You have earnt their trust and they are standing up and saying I want to hear what you have to say. They are not just a number on a list, they are real people. Treat them like that and do not abuse that trust to make a quick buck. Have sign up areas positioned in the sidebar, at the end of posts, inline with the content of the posts and pop ups"




28. Don't Waste Time On Traffic Sources That Don't Convert

Not all traffic is created equal.

Some sources send droves of traffic but if it doesn't convert then it's probably not worth much to you.

If like me the bulk of your sales come from your email traffic then focus on your traffic sources that convert into email sign ups.

If you're not tracking this you need to be ASAP as it's super important to know!

You can track this with Google Analytics simply by setting up a 'goal' to track what traffic sources land on your email thank you page.

To set up a goal simply log into your Google Analytics site.

Click 'Admin'


GAnalytics 1

Then 'Goals'

GAnalytics 2


Then '+ New Goal'.



GAnalytics 3

Scroll down to 'engagement' and choose 'sign up' then 'next step'.

GAnalytics 4


Give your goal a 'name' like 'sign up' and click the 'destination' button.


GAnalytics 5


Click 'next step' and then add the destination of your email sign up 'thank you' page.


GAnalytics 6


So if your sign up page is www.nichehacks.com/thankyou you simply add /thankyou

Then click 'create goal' and you are done. Within 24hrs your G Analaytics account will start tracking anyone who lands on that page and count them as an email sign up.


GAnalytics 7


You'll see from the screenshot below 'google', 'social media' (twitter + FB) 'forums (WF & BHW) and syndication sites (Kingged and Reddit)  are my top sources of converting traffic so I focus on those.


 list sign up conversions



Sites like Sulia.com for example send me high volumes of traffic but they don't convert into sign ups so they aren't as useful.


IN SHORT: Focus on traffic which converts into sign ups by utilizing Google Analytics to see which sources are your best.




Justin Cooke BIGMake relevant connections with others in your niche through blogs, forums etc” - Justin Cooke (EmpireFlippers.com)



29. Work Out Which Content Converts So You Can Optimize It & Create More

Knowing which of your content converts is important.

Some will receive tons of traffic but not result in much sign ups and others whilst not getting the same volume of traffic can often have high sign up rates.

If you're not sure what content is converting you can check in Google Analytics (assuming you already have a 'goal' set up to track list sign ups as I detailed above) by doing the following..

Log into Google Analytics.

Click 'behavior.




Then 'site content'




Then 'landing pages'.




Then sort by 'goal conversion rate'




When you know what content is converting well you can either further optimize your page through split testing, turning it into a dedicated landing page which you promote heavily or create content on a similar topic.

My top converting content is my niche hack reports and my big in-depth posts / ultimate guides which tells me I need to create more content of a similar style.


IN SHORT: Some pages and content converts better than others. Use Google Analytics to figure out which is your best converting and further optimize it or create similar content. 



30. Studies Show Images Boost Conversions So Use Them

Using images within your opt in boxes or on your landing pages is proven to boost conversions so adding an image of what the person is signing up to receive is a good idea.

It could be a digital image of the ebook or course they are about to receive.

You'll see QuickSprout use images of books and CDs to visualize their course despite it being a digital course.


quick sprout course


However be warned incorrect use of images can actually decrease opt ins as Derek Halpern talks about.


IN SHORT: Images have been shown to boost conversions but Derek Halpern found out inappropriate use can actually hurt them - so use wisely.



31. Single Opt Ins Increased StartUpNations Opt In Rate, Open, Click and Sales.

Single versus double opt in is the never ending debate.

Some marketers swear by using double opt in as it reduces chances of spam and is claimed to give you a higher quality subscriber as someone who takes time to confirm obviously wants to be on your list a lot.

However people are busy, forgetful, easily distracted and have better things to be doing than searching out confirmation emails in junk, spam or promo folders.

Start Up Nation tested both single and double, their result went against the trend that 'double opt in' subscribers are better.

Using single they saw an increase of opt in by by 25% and an extra 249 subs.

Single open rates of 63.8% and click rates of 17% versus 57.6% and 15.6% with double.

And 14 sales with single vs 12 sales as double.

You'll have to test yourself by setting up 2 separate lists and adding a minimum of 1,000 people to each list and measuring all metrics.


IN SHORT: StartUpNation found that contrary to popular belief single opt ins resulted in better open, click and sales! (Click here to Tweet)



32. Create Better Content So People Demand To Be Sent More

People don't opt in after reading mediocre content.

Unless your content is REALLY great and gives them something they haven't read 100x before or teaches them something new they won't bother to opt in.

People opt in because your content is fantastic and they don't want to miss it.

So make sure all content you create is the best it can be.

So what is REALLY great content?


great content


Well it comes in many forms but usually it's longer and more in-depth than other posts on the subject, references experts, provides stats, sources and data, goes above and beyond a standard blog post and links to similar content.

If a piece of content has lots of social shares, comments and links then you can safely say it's 'great content'.

However there is no template for 'great content' but here's some examples in the internet marketing niche...



You'll see they are all in-depth, go into great detail, leave no stone unturned and they get a lot of love in the form of links and shares.


IN SHORT: People don't opt in after reading 'OK' content only after reading GREAT content - so make sure all your content is great!


Spencer Haws BIGMy best tip for increase email subscribers would be quality content” - Spencer Haws (NichePursuits.com)

Click here to Tweet this quote by Spencer




33. Optimize Your Site For Mobile Devices Or You'll Miss Out On Subscribers

If your site doesn't display properly on mobile devices then a huge amount of your traffic won't be able to see your site and definitely won't opt in.

Make your pages, posts and email opt ins show properly on smaller devices.

28% of all web traffic is now via mobile devices according to Marketing Land so if you're not making it easy for them you're alienating a huge chunk of your traffic.

Make sure your theme is mobile optimized and if it's not then change themes – Genesis Generate or WP-Radiance are my recommendations.


IN SHORT: If you're site isn't mobile optimized you're missing out on at least 28% of all your potential leads - get an  optimized site!



34. Expose Yourself To New Audiences & Markets

A sure fire way to get more email subscribers on your list is to reach new audiences.

If you're only exposing your content to the same pool of people over and over new visitors and sign ups will be limited.

Seek out new audiences and get your content in front of them.

You do that through guest posting, blog commenting, getting involved in new forums, content syndication, suggesting to pages on Scoop.it or networking with authorities via email or social media.

Also consider looking outside your immediate niche.

Wherever your target demographic is online there's an opportunity to engage with new audiences even if the website isn't in your niche.

For example if you run a hunting blog you might find similar minded people on fishing blogs you can reach out to.

IN SHORT: Don't just show the same people your content over and over expose it to new people and markets continually.



"Blog Tyrant BIGTo get more blog email subscribers reach new audiences" - Ramsay Taplin (BlogTyrant.com)

Click here to Tweet this quote by BlogTyrant





(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)



Tools Required To Put All 34 Subscriber Boosting Methods Into Action
  • Aweber or another Autoresponder to automate your email marketing.
  • OptinMonster to skyrocket your subscriber list with entry and exit pop ups or BounceExchange if you can afford nearly $3,000 per month subscription.
  • Hybrid Connect for in content, after content and side bar opt ins that engage readers and get them to sign up to your mailing list.
  • For a premium survey tool Qualaroo or this survey plugin for the budget conscious blogger.
  • Genesis Generate Theme to capture emails with a headline box OR Derek Halperns resource.
  • The free hello bar from Neil Patel to greet visitors and encourage them to join the list - awesome tool!
  • To get 1 click sign ups through blog commentators use Aweber Comment Form plugin
  • The Yoast Comment Redirect plugin to send first time commentators to a new page where you engage and encourage to sign up.
  • For after content sign ups one of NicheHacks highest converting opt ins)  Magic Action Box
  • Lead Boxes for in content click pop ups - John Chow reports bloggers typically see a 30-40% increase in subscribers!
  • Floating sticky footer opt ins via simple CSS changes or even easier with OptinMonster!
  • Making opt in boxes stand out with SoreThumb by moving, pulsing and shaking.
  • Create content funnels and engage people with soap opera style stories for higher quality subscribers and more opens and clicks with AutoResponderMadness.
  • WizHive to run online competitions which can skyrocket subscriber numbers.
  • Use the Fixed Widget Plugin to create a sticky side bar that follows your audience.
  • To A/B test pages and see which converts best Optimizely
  • Crazy Egg to remove on page distractions and boost conversion rates.
  • To track your sign ups traffic and high converting content Google Analytics




Building an email list is one of the most important things a blogger can do.

It allows you to drive traffic back  to your site, build a relationship with your audience, continually expose them to your marketing message and build your brand.

Without it you're left relying on mostly on new visitors or those who remember to bookmark and re-visit your site.

These 34 ways to skyrocket your subscriber list are some of the most effective out there so get testing them for yourself.



So now what?

Well if you're not building an email list you need to get doing so RIGHT NOW - there's no successful business in the world, online or offline, that doesn't have a customer list.

Start building your list instantly with a 30 day Aweber trial for just $1.

If you're building a list already but not putting 110% effort into increasing your subscribers then that needs to be your focus.

Start implementing each and every of the 34 methods listed in this resource and track and test everything so you know what is and isn't working.

The powerful OptinMonster plugin is one of the easiest ways to skyrocket your subscriber list through entry / exit pop ups, static footer, side bar opt ins and more.


 Download a PDF Version of the Guide

If you'd like to download a PDF version of this guide for later 'right click' and 'save as' below....

>> 34 Ways To Increase Your Blogs Email Subscribers List




Have you seen a boost in email list subscribers through any of these methods?

Do you  know of any methods not covered here?

Will this be useful for you or not?

Let the Niche Hacks tribe know below in the comments section.....

To date, Stuart has revealed well over 1,500 hot niches.

He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

The aim with Niche Hacks is to help you live your dream thanks to online marketing, whatever that may be.
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  1. dave says:

    stuart this is absurd, please stop producing such great content!

    I haven't even read it yet, just scrolled down to see what was there and had to comment right away

    Did you get that click to tweet from me? Nice adaptation with bugger and the @!

  2. NicheHacks says:

    Hey Dave,
    Good to see your comment again.

    What do you mean get the click to tweet adaption with 'bugger and the @!'??

    You've lost me. 😀


  3. NicheHacks says:

    I'm not sure where I got the idea from. Just seemed to pop into my head the other day that I should have tweetable sections. It's not really quite how I wanted it to be honest,

    Rather than just one whole section of tweets at the bottom of the post I wanted to add a simple button people could click to tweet in various parts of the post without having to add sections or boxes but none of the plugins I found seemed to be able to do that.

    Like for example the quotes I have from experts scattered throughout the post. I'd like to have a simple tweet button / bit of text that could be clicked and that was tweeted out with the site link + the person who was quoted @twitterhandle.

    Anyone any suggestions?

  4. Krissanawat says:

    Thank for many great tip stuart
    this is epic epic content i spent hour for read your post
    you blog inspire me to write epic content
    but lack on plan to research
    can you write how to create epic content


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Krissanawat, appreciate you commenting. Glad you think it's epic. I spent a long time on this and it's been exhausting. I really hope it's well received.

      Maybe I need to create a post on that topic.

      Really all you need to do is figure out a common problem in your niche (using questions asked on forums or Q&A sites for example) and then answer it in a more in-depth way than anyone else has before.

      Or find the most shared / linked to content in your niche and make it bigger and better.

      You can discover that by going to the big blogs in the niche and seeing if they have 'most popular' content widgets on the side bar or use Open Site Explorer to see what pages have the most links. Or Tipsy.com can be used to see who the influencers are in the niche and check out their content.

      I talk about it more in the content section of http://www.nichehacks.com/promote-blog-posts-blog-traffic/

      • In addition to that, I'm wondering if you've ever done any posts about how you plan your work and manage your time. By the way, thanks for sucking up more of my time with your epic content. 😉

        • NicheHacks says:

          Hello Paul, I've never created a post like that but believe it or not I'm a huge time waster and procrastinator. Glad you liked the content, much more to come.

          Thanks for commentating.

  5. Marc says:

    Wow Stuart, you spent a lot of time putting this together! It's a very thorough resource, thank you for making it available. Adding opt in forms or links to an opt in page within blog post content has been a very successful method for me, although I only use it on certain posts. Other things that you mentioned that have worked well for me include giving something away for free, using multiple opt in forms, and popups. I don't really see the popup situation exactly the same as you do though. You seem to lean towards entry popups being better than exit popups, but I've had pretty good results with exit popups. Every visitor is going to leave the site eventually, even if they like the content. It's very possible that they didn't even notice the opt in forms on the site before leaving, so the exit popup can be a good reminder. Personally, I am extremely hesitant to subscribe with an entry popup on my first visit to a site. After I've read some content and seen what the site is about I am more likely to subscribe. But I think the key is to test what works for each individual site.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Marc, thanks for commenting again. Good to see you around.

      I could see why the in content links to the opt in page would work well - have you tried the LeadBoxes option that might increase your conversions with that sort of method?

      Have you found that when giving away something for free the subscriber quality is not as good? As in lower open and click rates?

      It's something I've found before but a lot of people don't test it and just look at the higher opt in rate and more subscribers and consider it a success.

      I'm not in favor of either entry or exit pop ups - if they work they work. Has to be tested on each site and see.

      I see what you are saying about entry pop ups though. I said similar - that I tend just to close down and like you I'm unlikely to sign up on first visit through a pop up if I've not read the content yet.

      Thanks for taking time to leave a detailed reply and let me know your thoughts - always great to hear them.

      • Marc says:

        No, I haven't tried LeadBoxes, yet, but I may at some point. I haven't really tested to see the responsiveness of subscribers who come from different sources, but with some lists that I built mostly with free resources as a bonus I have seen a lower responsiveness overall for the list. Free bonuses do work for increasing opt ins, but there's no question that some people subscribe just to get the bonus and then do not interact or open emails. However, from what I have seen there is still a lot to be gained by getting more subscribers with the freebie. I try to manually remove subscribers who haven't opened an email in several months, which helps to clean out some of inactive people and keeps the list a little smaller and cheaper to manage.

        • NicheHacks says:

          Thanks for following up Marc. Good to get your insight. I think you need to be quite clear when giving away a freebie that it's a freebie AND follow up emails or you're signing up FOR follow up emails + as a bonus you get something free.

          It's easy to assume people just know that they'll get follow up emails but a lot of people actually don't or because you weren't clear with it hit the spam button when they do receive.

          Always a good idea to clean up lists and remove inactive subs.

  6. Jason says:

    Great post, It's give me some good ideas as Im currently looking at increasing my opt in rate 🙂

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Jason, glad it's useful..what methods are you going to use?

      • Jason says:

        I'm definitely going to give lead pages a go! I actually just published a post on How I built 36,000 email subscribers and made $172,000 last year alone from the list! After reading this I had to provide a link to your article as it will really benefit my readers! and you can see it here http://bit.ly/QIm8yM

        Building an email list is the best way to make money online in my eyes!!

        • NicheHacks says:

          Hey Jason, I replied to your email. Thanks again for linking to my post and I hope my readers come and check out your post and see just how profitable list building can be!

  7. Missy Ward says:

    You did a bang up job on this post. One thing I wanted to share was integrating a sign up in the byline of the post. A simple "Sign up to receive more posts by this author via email". I'm testing that on a new site that I'm working on that has multiple authors and so far it's converting solidly.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Missy, thanks for commenting. I never though of trying that. And the link leads to a dedicated opt in page or something else?

      I think that could work well with the LeadBoxes option - could bring up a pop up opt in box.

  8. Adrienne says:

    Hey Stuart,

    Sorry I'm just now getting to your post but I had it saved because I wanted to read what you had to share. Dang!

    So I think it was last year that I added the opt-in box to my header and I wrote a post about it and the stats are that it's my highest converting opt-in box so far. I've tried the Hello Bar in the past and never got any op- ins with that nor do I get any on my About Page. I recently tweaked that page to be more about my readers then introducing them to me which is the way I was told to do this in the beginning. A couple weeks ago I recently redid all of my opt-in boxes and added a thank you page. I don't have one for new subscribers and I've been playing with the Magic Action Box plugin because I want one below my posts but I want my own and not one like everyone elses. I'm still working on it.

    I've still got more work to do and am testing a few more things out but really great post so thanks for all the great tips.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Adrienne, thanks for the insightful comment.

      My about me page is one of my highest converting pages - make it about how you can benefit your audience and you'll get a ton of opt ins.

      Thank you page is essential to let them know they were successful and tell them what to do next.

      Magic Action Box is another high converting opt in form for me.

      Best of luck with your opt ins. 🙂

  9. Hey Stuart,

    All I can say is that Im speechless LOL... you gave away so many different ways an ideas about how to increase optin rates that I don't know if you even missed a strategy at all. I think that the only thing I need to do is put an optin in the head section and wait to see what happens. Thanks for sharing this great value and I hope you have a great rest of the week!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks Sherman, glad you like post. You need more than one side bar optin that's for sure.

  10. Kevin says:

    Great Post Nick 🙂

  11. Amrish says:

    Totally agree your point about email subscription. I too little bit conversion on my personal blog. It’s relevant audience only. Currently thinking about increase email subscribers on my blog.

    Article are totally interesting. Thanks for taking time to write for us. Specially for newbie.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey amrish, thanks for commenting. Growing your email list should be one of your #1 priorities. It's essential for growth and income.

  12. Excellent post mate!

    i included it as a source on my seo web design blog!


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey John thanks for commenting. Glad you like it and thanks for including it....feel free to share the link

  13. Jimmy says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this, I'm building a list right now and I commit a lot to split testing till I find out what works and what doesn't.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Jimmy, yeah split testing is key and what puts you ahead of your competitors as most people can't be bothered to do it.

  14. joris says:

    Thanks you for this great post.

    I have 3500 - 4500 visitors by day on my blog and only 5 subscriber ton my mailing list.
    I will try your tips.

    Can you tell me the name of the plugind you are using for the form a the end of the post please + the popup


    Sorry for my bad english, i'm french

  15. Hey Stuart, great list of email-marketing techniques. I am a new subscriber to your list, so I missed the post last year, in 2014. Some of the tactics here were very new to me, so I definitely learnt something today. I want to try to implement the Google Analytics goal strategy with the thank you page. That sounds interesting.

    I am going to share this piece of content with our subscriber list, so you'll probably get some traffic from us. It'll be called Follow Weekly.

    Thanks Stuart.


  16. Tim Seidler says:

    Just when you think you've downloaded all the good plugins... Love the idea of the Yoast Comment Redirect plugin. I've seen the welcome message on a few sites including yours and thought it was a really nice touch. I'll be implementing immediately.