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How can Visualizations help you in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Whenever you discuss anything to do with digital marketing, you will automatically have a clear glimpse on pay per click advertising, also known as PPC advertising. This mode of advertising serves as the center point of all digital marketing activities, and it incorporates paid ads discussing more different types of business operations across the industries.

Researchers have proved that approximately 65% of customers tend to click on the PPC ads directing them to other business pages. This indicates that you can perfectly target a certain audience using PPC advertising and manage to attain your goal in business. However, many people don’t understand that there are visualizations for pay-per-click advertising.

When using pay per click model of advertising in your business, there is no way you can miss talking about data and information that are necessary to facilitate the success of this marketing strategy. Besides, it is not all about the data and information you have in your hands; all that matters is how you utilize the information. Remember that you might have the right information, but using it becomes a daunting task.

Using different comparison charts, you can process your business data and analyze different aspects, which gives out the major data points to focus on. Also, you can opt for a pie chart, bar chart, or histogram, depending on the data you have in hand. In business, you automatically deal with a significant amount of ad data vital in determining your business’s success.

The problem comes in when it is the time to sort out the data and get the required insights that will help the business keep going. Note that data aids in identifying trends that are vital to identifying the direction in which the industry is heading. Ad data visualization is not crucial; however, it can help if it is orderly to pass a certain point.

The most exciting thing is that the business industry grows as the technology sector expands.

This calls for the need to present data in a visual format that everyone across the industries can comprehend and use accordingly. Also, there is a high demand for specific information that needs to be delivered rapidly so that public members can understand.

PPC Data Visualization

Even though this might seem to be a more straightforward aspect, sometimes business owners lose sight of things regarding the chart types and the fundamental insights during the generation of reports. You need to be extremely keen on the design you choose and how you present the data on charts depending on your target market.

Note that the design department is likely to overkill the ultimate goal of the data visualization you create. Besides, you need to understand how to use different tools that can help you deliver the intended information in the right way. When dealing with data visualization, you need to understand the popular feature as a time to insight feature.

The time to insight refers to the duration of digging deep inside the data and understanding the information. Also, it impacts the density of information that the target audience can effectively and accurately digest. At this point, you can opt to use heat maps, charts, and many other interactives that can help you pass the information.

You can also use other data visualization tools, such as AnyChart, ChartExpo, Tableau, and Fusion Charts, to help you interpret complex information. Note that anyone can use this tool regardless of the type of data you intend to process.

Let’s further evaluate some of the most sophisticated visualization techniques that you can use to visualize your POC advertising data.

Implement Charts with Treemaps

The landing page of your business site has a significant impact on the business’s general performance. Remember that there are many landing pages and ad campaigns on the web. This means that the competition is extremely high and requires you to be creative and outstanding to boost your business performance.

You can create a chart to monitor the performance of every feature as an individual to evaluate the general performance of your business. On the flip side, Treemaps are excellent for multi-level grouping, which can also be used instead of a pie chart.

Simple Conditional Formatting in Excel

Microsoft Excel gives you the freedom to get more insights from your business data. Besides, it allows you to make your desired modifications, such as color-coding, depending on the values. It makes you draw all your attention to places that matter, ensuring that the data delivered is on point.

In addition, Microsoft Excel is easy to interpret since the data is displayed orderly, impacting the final insights generated after data processing. Note that the bounce rate is automatically high when the cells get red. When the cells indicate green, the page views are high.

Intelligent Notifications

The most important thing has technology that alerts you when something unusual happens. When working with PPC advertising, you need to be always updated about any new changes to be better positioned to update your method of operation. Note that alerts can be included in Google analytics, depending on your preference.

However, the Google warning system uses direct algorithms and highly advanced methods that deliver notifications in case of any significant changes. Notifications include new events, time of the week, and other essential activities.

Also, you need to keep your system updated and create your schedule in advance for the system to note when to make alerts. The good thing with notifications is that it gives you the chance to make changes to your marketing efforts, increasing your chances of business success.

Bottom Line

PPC advertising has proved to have an ROI of more than 200% compared to other modes of advertising. Any business that invests in PPC marketing is on the better side of incurring significant profits that impact the general growth and development of the business in the long run.