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How to Sell Training Courses Online?

With more training providers entering the highly competitive online training market, selling training courses becomes challenging for new players it is a great business

idea, especially now the industry is booming, in fact, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. You know how to offer training courses effectively, but how to sell them to demanding customers effectively. Sticking to your old trustworthy sales methods won’t work for anyone. Instead, here is a quick guide on how to sell training courses effectively to your audience.

Find your target audience and how to engage them?An important aspect of selling training courses online is to have clarity about your target customers. Make sure you know your ideal customer, what customer profiles you are
targeting, and their special needs. For instance, your ideal customers might be corporates with 5000 employees. This type of analysis can help to ensure your marketing strategy is focused on the right channel. 

Once you know your target audience, get into more details and segment customer profiles. If you want to sell to retail corporates, you must engage with employees of different departments like HR, procurement, store managers, etc. To engage with customers of different profiles, you must understand their challenges, needs, objectives,
motivations, the time when they come online, etc. In this way, you can ensure the online courses you create would be aligned with their requirements.

Differentiate your online training from competitors

With more educators offering training courses across different industries, differentiating your training courses becomes more critical. Unless you are lucky, you will have other training companies competing for your customer’s business. To create unique training courses, do our research on your audience so that you can craft personalized learning experiences that help them achieve their goals. Another tip is to make your online training mobile-friendly to make it appealing to users who want to access your training courses on different devices.

Choose the right pricing strategy

Choosing the right pricing strategy is where most trainers get it wrong. Pricing your courses too high might turn off some audience, and going too low might not attract the right audience or bring in good returns. Get to know the users who are likely to use your training courses and understand the demand curve. 

As you sell more training courses, you will be able to better known future demand based on current sales. You can also look into the pricing strategy of your competitors not to trigger
a price war. If you are a trainer who has been delivering traditional classroom-based courses, it might be tempting to offer discounts to your courses when transitioning to the online format. Regardless of the delivery format, on a basic level, you must consider the efforts for preparation of courses, technology investment, etc., when deciding the price of your courses. The best approach is to price your training courses based on their value.

Sell online courses from your own website

Selling training courses can be very profitable, especially if you sell them from your own website. The plus point of training courses is that you can build them once and sell them
infinitely. However, if you are choosing online courses marketplaces to sell your courses, the platform can take a large cut of your sales, sometimes even up to 75%. As you are just one of the thousands of training courses on the platform, your branding gets lost. Considering all these downsides, the best approach to follow is to sell online courses from your own website.

A significant advantage of selling courses directly from your own site is the ability to cater to specific industries. For example, if you’re targeting individuals interested in cybersecurity certifications, you can offer specialized resources like Cisco CCNA Dumps exclusively on your site. This eliminates competition from thousands of other courses available on broader platforms. Thus allowing you to tailor your offerings more closely to your audience’s needs.

Now, what is the best way to build your own tutoring website to sell your training courses? The answer is – Ready-made scripts. Choose a professional tutor management script which is a readymade script that helps you build your own tutoring platform with all the necessary features you need to display and sell your online training courses. For example, Pinlearn is one of the best tutoring software you can use to build a high-performing tutoring site with basic and advanced features required to sell your training courses to your target audience.

Create online training courses

Modern customers of online training are becoming more sophisticated. They expect training experiences that are engaging and would quickly move to your competitors if you are unable to meet their requirements. As your customer base might consist of learners with different needs, you might have to follow different engagement techniques to keep them coming back to your learning platform.

Here are some of the effective techniques you can follow to increase engagement.

Implement bite-sized online training

Leveraging a bite-size training method that might take only 5 minutes to complete allows learners to consume content quickly, especially on mobile devices. One of the main benefits of this content type is that it can be consumed during their busy work

Challenge to improve

As your learners might be of an advanced experience level, you don’t have to feed them with just basic information. Challenging them can help to make the training experience fun and effective at the same time. You can create interactive video questions and
answer sessions to engage your learners.

Implement smart marketing strategies

To grow your online training business, you must invite as many eyeballs on your course. If you have already had a great database of email contacts, you can start promoting your
courses using that. Send out regular emails to your database to promote new courses and make sure the emails are personalized. In your emails, greet your customers by their name and ensure that you promote training courses that are relevant to their unique requirements.


Selling training courses is not easy, you can’t just expect new customers to come racing to your training platform. It requires a well-thought strategy that involves your content, marketing, and sales. Instead of relying on outdated sales methods, use engaging methods and sell your training to your ideal customers. When you start selling your courses through an online training platform of your that helps you use the advanced tools, you will see an instant improvement in your sales.