The Best Damn List of Content Marketing Tools EVER: 160+ of 'em!

Creating high-quality content has always been a priority.

However, everything just made much more sense through content marketing.

What was once considered a buzzword, these stats only proves that content marketing is a sustainable tactic that is here to stay.

Simply put: content marketing not only helps you generate more focused content for your website, but it can also drum up engagement with your target audience, drive more leads down your sales funnels, and convert more customers!

The challenge now is how to effectively apply this tactic to your website.

The secret lies in the content marketing tools that you will use.

By choosing the right content marketing tools, you can achieve your online goals much faster and quicker.

Below is a comprehensive list of tools to help you implement your content marketing for your site or blog.


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Note: The tools are categorized according to their purpose in your strategy. Click on the links below to go straight to each section.



Idea Generation




Learn the best places where to find the most interesting and popular content ideas using the tools below.


1. Feedly - Add the RSS feed of blogs and websites that you can draw content ideas from. This allows you to view all their updates in one place instead of going from one site to another. You can also search your keyword on the site for new content.


2. Quora - Search for your topic to view questions that have been answered by users. Follow relevant questions and keep track of new answers to help you generate your content. For best results, find unanswered questions in your niche and create content using the answers on Quora.


3. Alltop - Visit your topic from the site to view news and updates from the most popular sites online. Create an account to customize the news that will appear on your page.


4. Reddit - Find your subreddit to get relevant information shared by users in your niche. Check out popular discussions to look for different angles on how to view your topic.


5. Buzzsumo - Search your topic to view top content that have been shared the most times on social media. Filter the results as desired (according to date, language, country, and type). Look for influencers to engage with and follow on social media. The site also reports for content analysis, domain comparison, and top authors.


Did you know: The two biggest reasons why people log on to LinkedIn? Keep up with industry news (78%) and discover new ideas within the industry (73%). (Tweet This!)


6. Google Trends - Check out the most popular keywords and news articles for your topic at the moment. Use the findings to create in-demand content for your readers.


7. FARK - Read the latest news of the day from all over the world as submitted by users. News are categorized according to topic (scary, funny, obvious, stupid, and more). Check out the discussion to see the reactions of other users about the news piece.


8. MyBlogU - Brainstorm for topic ideas with other users of the site. Return the favor by helping out other users come up with topics for their sites. You can conduct interviews with industry experts that you can use as content. Use their excerpts and link back to their sites to build goodwill.


9. Portent's Content Idea Generator - Enter your keyword or topic and the site will automatically generate a title for you. Keep refreshing the title until to get the best one for your content or blog post.


10. Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator - Enter three keywords based on your niche. The site will suggest five titles that you can use for your site. Get a year's worth of ideas based on the topics you entered by filling up the form below the page.


11. ContentIdeator - Enter a keyword to view multiple results of blog titles and headlines to choose from. For a Pro account, you can review title sources, export all titles to an Excel file, and more.


Robert Scoble on Quora:

"My work here gets more comments from people I want to reach than any other work I do. Today Rypple's co-CEO was here and said he loved my Quora answer on suicide, for instance. That gets me to invest more time here, because I know that the movers and shakers in the tech industry are reading here and not reading elsewhere as often." (Quora)

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Content curation

If you're not doing content curation as part of your content marketing strategy, use the tools below to help you discover and share content that your target audience will find intesting.


12. Curata - Find, curate, and share content related to your niche to elevate brand awareness and put your businesses at the forefront. Measure engagement and click-through with your curated content and use data to improve your performance.


13. - Collect and organize content from other sites. A free account lets you curate content for a single topic and share your findings on two social media accounts. A paid account gives you access to multiple topics and social media accounts, as well as other features such as newsletter, social analytics, and website integration.


14. Juxtapost - Create a page from the site to bookmark, share, and discover new and interesting content about your niche. Search for postboards from the site about your topic for more content ideas .


15. LinkedIn Pulse - Enter your keyword or topic to receive updates on your phone. Personalize results by including trusted sources and LinkedIn Influencers into your feed. Syncs with your LinkedIn account so you can like and share content to your network.


16. Trapit - Find meaningful and high-quality content from over 100,000 trusted sources to draw ideas for your content and deliver the right information to your audience. Merged with Addvocate so employees can effectively curate content for their company


17. Bundlr - Create an account to bookmark amazing content as bundles and share them with everyone. A paid account lets you create private bundles, Dropbox synchronization, statistics, and more.


18. Kuratur - Publish a free web magazine and share relevant content to your readers.


Did you know? The ideal marketing mix by content marketers? 65% unique content, 25% curated, and  less than 10% syndicated content. (Tweet This!)


19. ContentDJ - Enter hashtag or RSS feed of your favorite site and this tool will automatically find shareable content that you should curate based on their ContentDJ score.


20. Waywire - Present curated video content in an agile, HTML5 environment to  provide your readers a more convenient viewing experience.


21. Echo -Display curated content in different layouts and track performance of each. Automatically generate content based on your preferred hashtag. Paid users will be able to embed the curated content on their websites.


22. Pinterest - Create a board and pin your content and others related to the board's topic. Search for similar boards to draw content ideas from.


Jeremy Page on SlideShare:

"Slideshare is still a wide-open opportunity to get exposure and some easy SERP real estate. Add the fact that it shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes (or 5 minutes) to add this to your syndication process and it can easily be deemed an SEO win." (Search Engine Jornal)

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Content discovery

Find what makes your audience on social media tick - use the tools below to look for content that you can share with them.


23. Topsy Pro - Track Twitter activity about your chosen topic. Features the most shared tweet for each day.


Did you know? The most effective social media sites to share content and increase engagement with audience: LinkedIn (82%); Twitter (66%); YouTube (64%); Facebook (41%); SlideShare (38%). (Tweet This)


24. Social Mention - Find most popular social media posts about a particular topic. Shows other relevant data such as strength, sentiment, passion, and reach of the topic on social media. Download the top users, keywords, and hashtags in CSV format.


25. BuzzSumo - Find out the top content in your niche by social shares as well as influential social media users you can network with. [Recommended]



Miranda Marquit on ClickMeeting:

"Tools like ClickMeeting allow you to connect instantly, in real time, with business associates and collaborate to get things done. Video conferencing tools provide you with the ability to talk to multiple people, share screens, and even use Google to translate your meetings in real time so you can truly "go global."" (Huffington Post)

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Keyword Research

Part of a consistent content strategy are target keywords to optimize for. Find the best keywords by using the set of tools below.


26. Google Keyword Planner - Search how many people are searching for your keyword on Google. Filter the results by location, time, and duration.


27. Übersuggest - Find more keyword suggestions to use for your content. Filter the results by language and content type (images, shopping, videos, and more).


28. LongTailPro - The niche marketers keyword tool of choice. Great for finding profitable buyer keywords that you can easily rank. [Recommended]


Did you know?  Percentage of marketers who failed to integrate a consistent or content strategy in their marketing plan? 70%. (Tweet This!)


29. SEO Chat’s Bulk Search Suggest - Provides keywords for your topic from Google, Amazon, Youtube, and Bing "suggest" databases.


30. SerpStat - Download popular keywords from your topic in .txt format. Create content plan from the interrogative questions results that include your keyword.


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allison davis

Allison Davis on Curata:

"Great at curating content relevant to our audience. The microsite is fantastic and customer service is great. Search is also fabulous." (Trust Radius)

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Content Creation




Below is a comprehensive list of content creation tools to help you produce original content. The list also includes websites that you can use to reach out to more experienced writers if you're not confident with your writing skills.


31. OpenOffice - Open-source productivity suite to create content in document or PowerPoint format. Also converts documents into PDF files


32. Google Drive - Create documents and excel sheets that you can save on the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere.


33. Hemingway - Enter your written text here to see and edit hard to read sentences, adverbs, complex words or phrase, and passive voices.


34. Grammarly - Use this tool to spot grammatical errors and other writing mistakes not seen by the naked eye.


35. PaperRater - Checks grammar, detects plagiarized content, and provides writing suggestions.


36. Copyscape - Paste your written content and makes sure that it does not plagiarize or copy existing content. This will ensure your content to rank on search engines for your chosen keyword.


37. Fiverr - Find freelancers to make the content for you at $5US.


38. Scripted - Place an order for written content (blog posts, white papers, social media posts, etc.) on this site. Once you have chosen the writer, expect the content to be delivered in five days or less.


39. Textbroker - Get high-quality content from talented authors for your website needs. Choose from three order placements: OpenOrder (authors from the site can bid for your order), DirectOrder (commission an author to write your content), and TeamOrder (create a team of authors who will write your content).


40. WriterAccess - Hire writers according to their star rating and manage workflow to ensure they send content the way you want it published.


41. Ebyline - Order premium content writing services from verified subject matter experts.


42. Contently - Get services of well-reputed online journalists to produce high-end brand storytelling and publishing.


43. Skyword - Publish branded content by way of storytelling on your site from writers for hire in this site.


44. InfographicLabs - Turn your research and data into easy to read and eye-catching infographics by placing an order from this site.


45. SlideShare - Upload your PowerPoint files to share online. You can include videos on the slide and embed the files on your site to boost your content.


46. Roojoom - Create interactive curated content, also known as "roojooms," that you can embed on your site to drive more leads and engagement.


47. - Create lists that can be embedded on your site. You can enable other users to add items on the list to collaborate and increase engagement with your audience.


48. Storify - Create stories by compiling social media posts into a brand new content.


49. Prezi - Premium presentation creator allowing you to explain your ideas through images in the best way possible. Other features include the ability to zoom in your slides, choose from professionally designed templates, and reuse content from the site's comprehensive library.


50. KnowledgeVision - Create presentation-based learning programs and training material for your audience or employees.


51. Audacity - Edit recorded audio using this free software. Great entry tool to creating audio content for your site.


52. Wavepad Audio Editing - Premium audio editing software. Features include improve sound quality, access to library of free sound effects, audio restoration, and more.


53. PowToon - Create animated videos and presentations to explain a topic, do product demos, and website videos for your business. Paid accounts gain access to stock music and styles, a 3-month free account to Wistia, and up to 60 minutes of HD video to create.


54. CyberLink Power Director 13 Ultra - Create home and action videos in the easiest and most powerful way using this software. Other features include dragging and dropping videos, stylish built-in themes, and over 500 pro-quality effects.


55. Hangouts on Air - Stream broadcasts or conversations with other users for free. Good tool to use in learning how to launch a podcast or webinar.


56. ClickMeeting - Launch successful audio video conferencing using this premium tool. Invite your audience to your webinar to sample your product or discuss timely content. Customize the waiting and meeting room with your business logo and images on it. Moderate the discussion by holding a Q&A session at the end of your presentation.


57. Visually - Order infographics, videos, and micro-content from some of the best designers online. Collaborate in the cloud to ensure that designers hit their target date for the assigned projects.


58. Wibbitz - Convert written content in your website into a video of news summaries automatically created by this free tool.


59. Pixabay - Download and use over 310,000 free stock images available in this site.


60. Death to Stock Photo - Receive a free pack of high-quality images every month straight to your email.  Premium users gain access to the site's complete library of images, plus a bonus pack.


61. Shutterstock - Download and use the best stock photos and royalty-free images. Register to the site and receive free content to your mail every week.


62. Pixlr Web Apps - Web-based image editor to cater your needs. Choose from three different apps: Express (apply quick fixes, filters, stickers on the go), Editor (robust image editor similar to GIMP and Paint.NET), and O-Matic (add retro effects to achieve a vintage look to your images).


Did you know: The most valuable type of content that marketers must produce? Original written content (58%); original visual assets (19%); original videos (12%); curation of other people’s content (10%); original audio content (2%). (Tweet This!)


63. PicMonkey - Easily edit images using its drag and drop features. Perfect tool for non-designers who wish to create and edit images. Royale accounts lets you use more elements to make your images more beautiful.


64. Canva - Ready-made templates for easy editing and creating of images. Offers Design School to provide non-designers with tutorials to educate them in the world of graphic design. Also includes teaching resources for designers.


65. - Make the image smaller and crop the image using this online tool.


66. Meme Generator - Create humorous memes using viral images to boost engagement.


67. Awesome Screenshot - Capture your browser window and use annotations and blur function using this Chrome extension and FireFox add-on.


68. Stupeflix - Combine videos and photos into a single content for free. PRO account lets you choose from unlimited themes, create unlimited number of videos, and upload 200MB worth of content from your hard drive.


69. Survey Monkey - Use this online poll to gain valuable insight from your readers. Use findings to create new content or improve your website.


70. Thinglink - Supercharge your images and videos by adding outbound links and different elements.


71. Uberflip - Create an interactive content hub to increase user experience and encourage more conversions from customers.


72. Unbounce - Use this premier, easy-to-use landing page creator to launch content campaigns. Create multiple landing pages and run an A/B test to see which version converts the best.


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Travis Wright on BuzzSumo:

"BuzzSumo found its way to me about 6 months ago, and since then, I use it almost daily. Why? It’s the best content analytics and curation tool that I’ve ever come across." (Marketing Land)

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Content optimization

Be part of this exclusive club of successful content marketers by optimizing for your ROI using the tools below.


73. TrenDemon - Improve content ROI by suggesting personalized recommendations and calls to action in real-time. Performance of your content is also tracked by this tool to provide you with data that you can use to further improve your content.


74. InboundWriter - Learn how your content will perform even before publishing it on your target site through the tool's predictive analytics. Find out the type of content that works based on its findings and follow the authoring guidelines for writing your content.


Did you know:  Percentage of marketers who consider themselves “very successful” at measuring their content marketing ROI? 8%. (Tweet This!)


75. Yoast - Optimize for your target keyword using this SEO plugin for WordPress. Find out if the content has optimized for its keyword by looking at different factors that can affect its ranking on search engines.


76. LookBookHQ - Determine the chances of prospects becoming customers by featuring content using this tool. Embed your LookBook on your site and track how many visitors have clicked on its content and how long they've been reading it, among other metrics.

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Terry Dawes on Unbounce:

"In the world of marketing, candor is a vanishingly rare and refreshing quality. In stark contrast to most content marketing specialists, Unbounce has made a virtue of ruthless honesty and employing unforgiving metrics for proving which techniques are borderline worthless and which are effective."(Cantech Letter)

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Sharing and promotions




Use the tools listed below to increase the reach of your content so more of your audience will be able to see them. 

77. Facebook - Get more visitors from this social networking site to your content using its paid ads platform. Choose from boosting your posts, promoting your pages, and more.


78. Twitter - Reach your Twitter audience by tagging them on your tweets and using relevant hashtags. Schedule multiple posts of the same content over the course of the week to maximize impact.


79. Google+ - Create a Google+ page to promote your content and build an audience.


80. Instagram - Create images to promote your content. Use hashtag and tag followers you will be interested with your content. You can record a 16-second video to build interest to your content or summarize your content in a creative way.


81. Issuu - Upload your e-books and white papers here and share it on social media. Paid users can customize their readers and drive more engagement.


82. Scribd - Similar to Issuu, but for fiction writers.


83. Youtube - Upload created videos and recorded podcasts here. Embed videos on your site or blog. To increase reach of videos, make video ads.


84. - View the best online marketing news sent by users on this site. Check out the discussion thread under each new article to draw more content ideas. Submit your content as well.


85. BizSugar - Bookmark your business posts and discuss them with other users.


86. Delicious - Share your content on this site. Organize other content that you will bookmark and build a following. This will increase likelihood of users checking out your bookmarked sites.


87. Tweriod - Find out the best times when to post your tweets to maximize shares and retweets.


88. Outbrain - Amplify your content traffic by getting the most respected media properties like CNN and Huffington Post to feature your content.


89. PaperShare - Distribute content everywhere and syndicate it in real-time to generate more leads and engage with visitors through this demand generation platform. Also integrates with marketing automation tools.


90. Content BLVD - Advertise your content campaigns with publishers to get sponsorships and product placements on their websites.


Did you know: Top ways bloggers drive traffic to their content? Social Media Marketing (94%); Search Engine Optimization (50.8%); Email Marketing (34.5%). (Tweet This!)


91. Gravity - Advertise your personalized content to different publishers to reach your target audience.


92. Lingospot - Get your content featured as companion content to appear on Smart TVs. Solutions also available to TV stations and networks to complement their main programming with related companion content.


93. PRWeb - Write and publish a press release optimized for search engines and syndicated to different media outlets.


94. SimpleReach - Manage your editorial content using analytics, reporting, and intelligent paid distribution features of this tool. Also learn how to leverage measurement and distribution of your content as a brand to increase content performance.



Sujan Patel on Scripted:

"Not everyone has the time or energy to plug out blog posts week after week, and for many, that’s where freelance writers come in. With Scripted, you can hire content writers to help you with a whole range of content." (Search Engine Journal)

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Relationship building

The ability to build relationships with the content you publish will help you achieve your online goals. Here are tools to aid you towards those goals.


95. Facebook Groups - Join relevant groups on Facebook and directly share your content with them. Engage with other members by commenting on their posts.


96. LinkedIn Groups - Find groups related to your topic and network with like-minded people there. Once you have gained the trust of members, you can share your content to drive more traffic and discuss it with others.


97. Google+ Communities - Interact with members looking to do the same by choosing the best communities for you. If you can't find your community, create one and get more members to join in and engage with you.


98. Triberr - Promote content to influencers, who may share it with their social network. Join Tribes and comment the posts of users to raise your profile. Share their posts to your audience on social media. Once you've  established yourself as an active members, share your posts to them.


99. Klout - Raise your Klout score by being more active in replying and engaging in Twitter. The higher your score, the more opportunities in the future. Also share content suggested by the site, as well as your own.


100. NinjaOutreach - Find influencers and reach out to promote your content. This tool is great for finding guest posting opportunity and building links for your website as well.


100.5 (alternative to NinjaOutreach) Little Bird - Discover the right users to follow and content to share on social media. This influence marketing platform also identifies early warning signs of incoming social trends that you can capitalize on.


Did you know? Technology Marketing Blog describes content marketing as,"[A]ny marketing technique whereby media and published information (content) are used to influence buyer behavior and stimulate action leading to commercial relationships." (Tweet This!)


101. Buzzstream - Identify prospects to acquire backlinks from. Also use this tool to find influencers in your industry and build your relationships with them.


102. Authority - Join this networking community by CopyBlogger Media to learn how to do content marketing the right way with other members. Enjoy ongoing monthly seminars, participate in monthly Q&A sessions with CopyBlogger employees, and gain a certification opportunity, among other perks.


103. - Create an account to automatically curate and publish relevant content to engage your community. Share your published paper on the site using Twitter to build relationships with content creators in your niche.


NEW ADDITION: Ninja Outreach - Automate your relationship building and outreach.




Neil Patel on Yoast SEO:

"The cool part about the Yoast SEO plugin is that it has everything you need. From allowing you to adjust your meta tags to creating an XML sitemap, the plugin does everything for you. It is great… and best of all, it is free. (QuickSprout)

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Email promotions

Email marketing is a great way to send out your latest content to people who signed up to your mailing list. If you have yet to build an email list or send out an email campaign, use these tools below.


104. MailChimp - Free email marketing platform to create a mailing list and generate leads. Track how many of your subscribers clicked on your email campaigns. Use the data to make better emails in the future.


105. Aweber - Premium email marketing tool that lets you grow your list, manage and email your subscribers, create sign up forms and more. Try then for $1. [Recommended]


Did you know:  Percentage of business bloggers who send posts through a newsletter at least weekly? 21% (Tweet This!)


106. Sumo - Not only does this tool helps you boost leads with non-intrusive signup forms, but also adds social media sharing buttons to your posts and images. Choose from 500+ professionally designed templates and 1,000+ stock images from iStock. Conduct A/B testing on your landing pages to see which version works best.


107. Optinmonster - Create some of the most eye-catching and attractive opt-in forms for your site in a matter of minutes. Choose from different opt-in form templates to drive the most signups. [Recommended]




Sreedhar Pillai on Triberr:

"To put it bluntly and to save a lot of words, Triberr adds the power of Multi Level Marketing to your blog. But the comparison ends there because Triberr has none of the 'shades' of the "dirty picture" MLM is associated with."(Huffington Post)

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Social media sharing

You as content marketer should be aware of social media's power to help promote your content. The challenge now is effectively using this channel to maximize reach to your audience. Below are tools to help guide you.


108. AddThis - Add social sharing buttons on the pages of your site using this free tool. Tracks down number of shares for each page to help you determine your viral content.


109. Hootsuite  - This comprehensive social media marketing tool lets you schedule posts for social media accounts. Also includes data analytics and ability to add team members in the dashboard for better collaboration. Pro account enables access to premium apps and 50 additional social accounts to add, among other benefits.


110. Buffer - Faster, lightweight version of Hootsuite but just as effective. Share content, schedule posts for later, and track performance of each shared content on social media. [Recommended]


Did you know: How many hours are devoted by marketers on social media every week? 0 (2%); 1 to 5 (34%); 6 to 10 (27%); 11 to 15 (11%); 16 to 20 (9%); 20+ (19%). (Tweet This!)


111. Oktopost - Social media marketing tool that specializes in B2B marketing. Integrates with Marketo and Saleforce to effectively reach out to your target customers using social media.


112. IFTTT - Lets you create "recipes" with your site and social media to automate your promotion.


113. Zapier - Similar with IFTTT, but offers more sites to connect with.



Jay Acunzo on Canva:

"Canva, which launched earlier this year, offers a library of pre-made templates and assets that you can manipulate while also adding your own imagery." (Hubspot)

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Commenting systems

If your native commenting system isn't delivering the discussion your content deserves, try out the tools below instead.


114. Disqus - Tap into the community of this commenting system to generate discussion with your content. Lets readers vote up the best comment which then appears at the very top of the section.


115. IntenseDebate - Lets people sign into their social media accounts to comment on your site. Also has the comment voting feature so readers can give a thumbs up a great comment and  a thumbs down to comments that don't add any value to your content.


Did you know: Using the most appropriate commenting system on your website help drive discussion and provides you audience insight. (Tweet This!)


116. LiveFyre - Gives you the option to feature comments that can inspire others to share their insights about your content. Users have the option to share their comments on your content on their Twitter account. You will also see how many people are reading your content at the moment.


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Sarah Jacobsson Purewal on IFTTT:

"The easiest way to cultivate a flawless online presence is to hire someone else to do it for you. But if you're not a Kardashian, you probably don't have the funds to pay a PR person, so instead there's IFTTT -- a handy little automation tool that can help you stay on top of the eight different social networks you manage on a daily basis." (CNET)

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Project management




In order for your content marketing team to work efficiently, you need a project management tool to manage all their tasks in one place. Below are some of the most useful ones.


117. Evernote - Take down notes using this mobile app. If you're not comfortable typing down the notes using your keypad, you can draw the letters or use a voice note instead. Your notes in this app syncs with the app installed in your desktop so you can migrate all data from your phone to your PC.


118. Remember That Milk - Simple and straightforward to-do list and task management to make you more efficient using your smartphones. Sync your reminders on your Evernote add to keep all your notes in one place.


119. Trello - Collaborate with other members online by creating boards and cards as tasks to complete. Include deadline and members assigned to the tasks so they know which tasks in the board they must do first. Add comments on the card to track down your progress.


120. Basecamp - Manage all your projects with online members using this easy to use collaborative tool. Upon registering for an account, the first two months are free so you can use and try out all the features before making an informed decision.


121. Google Calendar - If you have an existing Google account and want to keep things simple, schedule all your tasks using this tool. Your entries sync with your smartphone so you will be reminded of your tasks on your phone.


122. Asana - Make team communication much easier by migrating all your projects into this tool. Asana is available on desktop and phone so you can keep up to date with any progress with your tasks and comments from team members.


Did you know: Percentage of organizations with a dedicated content marketing group? 47%. (Tweet This!)


123. Flow - Perform project tasks with team members and freelancers using this tool. The Calendar view makes it easier for people to view the tasks that needs their immediate attention.


124. CoSchedule - Schedule content using an editorial calendar with other writers. This WordPress plugin makes it easier for your company's writing team to plan content that will be published in the future.


125. LooseStitch - Manage outsourced content writers. Brainstorm for ideas before writers start working on the content. Get writers to upload the written article so you can download and provide feedback after reviewing it.


126. Socialcast - Enhance employee performance using this enterprise social network tool. Encourage engagement among employees and keep them focused in finishing their assigned projects before the deadline.



Martin Bryant on MailChimp:

"If there’s one bit of creative user interface design that I love, it’s the animation that appears when you’re about to send an email in MailChimp." (The Next Web)

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Productivity apps

To keep your focus on the tasks at hand instead of veering away from them, use these productivity tools.


127. MindNode - Create visual representations of your ideas for easy reference. Access your mind maps from iCloud or Dropbox or export it in text format.


128. Harvest - Use this tool to track your time in doing your tasks. It uses an intuitive interface to generate your timesheet for today. Reports insights on your budget and future project to keep your business profitable.


129. Pocket - Found an interesting read but need to focus on the content marketing task at hand? Save that page on Pocket and read it later after you're done with work or on your phone wherever you go.


Did you know: Employees spend 20 hours online a week & 5 hours a week surfing non-work related sites. (Tweet This!)


130. Focus Booster - The Pomodoro Technique distilled in a single app. Achieve more in less time.


131. DivvyHQ - Simplify your content marketing process with the tool's dashboard and workflow management features. Park your ideas on the tool that you can revisit later and share calendars with other members to see upcoming and overlapping tasks.


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Ernie Smith on Trello:

"Now, though, the Conferences That Work scribe has a new favorite: Trello. He says the board-based to-do tool “works flawlessly” on a number of platforms, and it can handle complexity without getting too complex. Best of all: It doesn’t cost anything for personal use." (Associations Now)

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Google Analytics Official Website – Web Analytics Reporting


Make it a habit to check your website analytics regularly so you can track and measure the performance of your content marketing. These also lets you see opportunities that you can capitalize on your next campaign.

Below are tools that will provide data of your website.


132. Compete - Gain insights against your competitors, discover business opportunities, and create annuals goals by tracking down your website data over the years.


133. Google Analytics - See how your website content has performed over time. Check content that has amassed the most visits and conversions, as well as pages where users stayed the longest. Find out the common denominator of each and use those factors when creating your content in the future.


134. Clicky - Provides real-time analytics and serves as an alternative to Google Analytics. View individual visitors and actions, monitor site uptime, set up alerts for conversions, and track heatmaps, among others.


135. KISSmetrics - Refine your conversion funnel and marketing campaigns using this tool. See which part in your funnel that leads and buyers got stuck in, conduct A/B testing for particular pages, create revenue reports for different channels to see which converts the best.


136. WebTrends - Get a better understanding on how to improve your website content using this comprehensive, cross-channel marketing platform.  Learn how you customers behave in your website, segment your visitors into different categories, and test out content and landing pages to increase conversions.


137. Google Webmaster Tools - Make your website content as Google-friendly as possible using the host of tools available in this platform.


138. Wistia - Host your video content here and gain analytics and marketing tools to boost their reach and performance.


139. Native Analytics - Track performance of visual content created using Visually.


140. Optimizely - A/B testing tool with real-time analytics to boost ROI.


141. Cyfe - All-in-one dashboard for everything, from website analytics to sales management. This keeps all relevant website data in one tabs so you won't have to switch tabs.


142. Followerwonk - Check where your Twitter followers are located and how often they tweet. Also track influencers in your niche to follow and engage with. Share your reports with other users.


143. TrackMaven - Track missed opportunities and amplify content distribution to boost traffic and achieve your goals faster. Also tracks SEO, social media, and email.


144. Woopra - Understand customers much better. Mine data beyond traditional analytics to see what makes your target customers tick. Use findings to improve content and conversion rates.


145. Mixpanel - Measure your engagement with your target audience by going beyond page views using this tool. Track action of visitors to see how effective your content marketing is in terms of getting people to perform your desired action.


Did you know: Percentage of bloggers who don't check their website analytics? 49%. (Tweet This!)


146. Docalytics - Get your high-quality content to perform much better. Refer to the tool's tracking insights to help you sell and marketing your content much more effectively for increased profits.


147. Curalate - Track visual content performance from social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and more. Use gathered data to improve brand presence, engagement, and follower count from these sites.


148. Socialbakers -Analyze, compare, and benchmark results from your social media marketing. The data should help you improve your engagement and campaigns. Its Builder dashboard also lets you manage your conversations and competitor activity much easier.


Click here to share this awesome list of analytics tool to your followers!




Shwan Collins on Sumo (Was known as SumoMe):

"Sumo is a fantastic plugin that has a variety of useful applications for marketers using WordPress."(Affiliate Marketing Blog)

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Platforms, marketing automation


HubSpot Inbound Marketing Sales Software1


The ultimate goal of content marketing is to monetize from your content. Once your audience reads your content on a regular basis, they should become advocates of your brand or first-time customers.

You can even cultivate your relationships with advocates and customers into something more!

Such is the power that content marketing wields for your business and below are the tools to help you unlock it.


149. Percolate - Increase productivity, generate more sales, and elevate your brand using this comprehensive web and mobile marketing software. Includes solutions to content planning and creation, audience acquisition, and social analytics and management.


150. Marketo - Gives access to a host of premium digital marketing solutions such as B2B marketing and lead management, engagement management, personalized messages across all channels, and marketing budget management.


151. Eloqua - The software's content marketing solutions assist in delivering high-quality content across all channels throughout a customer lifecycle. By creating content that aligns with the multiple persona from your social and digital channel, you will be able to increase engagement and drive more leads and sales to your business.


152. Kapost - Collaborate with other users for content production with intuitive planning and workflow. Gather data analytics for content that draw leads and successfully convert.


153. Rainmaker Platform - Build your online marketing and sales platform on WordPress using this software. Learn to create compelling content, successfully sell digital goods, and a membership program, among other features.


154. OneSpot - Turn your content into "spots" similar to online ads. The software's Content Sequencing™ engine retargets users to content that will interest them. This aims to keep first-time visitors into long-time subscribers to your site, if not customers.


155. Pardot - Improve your conversion and sales funnels using this marketing software. Reach prospects with personalized emails, generate high-quality leads, and funnel down leads to the appropriate representatives.


156. Act-On - Marketing platform to moderate lead generation campaigns across all channels.


Did you know: The three main objectives of content marketing? Drive Sales and/or Leads; Engage Customers/Buyers/Influencers; Boost Brand Awareness. (Tweet This!)


157. Zerys - Full-scale marketing platform - plan your content strategy, publish content, and hire writers to produce content for you!


158. - Creating and implementing strategy, as well as tracking results of your content marketing campaigns.


159. Influitive - Advocate marketing software allowing you to discover and recognize potential customers and mobilize them to your desired action.


160. HubSpot - This tool integrates all your marketing and sales activities - from blogging to CRM - and drives growth of your business. For content marketing, HubSpot lets you manage new content on your blog, create landing pages, and control you social media messages, among others.


To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...




161. is the first, full service, online ad agency for small business. Your experience begins after you register and are assigned your own personal expert to create you a free marketing plan, based on a free 30 minute discussion. is the only DIFM (Do It For Me) platform for small businesses, driven by an expert with no less than 15 years of experience, that delivers all of the powerful tools the big companies use at prices you can afford. The first 30-days are free, let show you how it feels to have your very own ad agency!

162. Pressly - Pressly lets brand curate organic/internal and external/third-party content that can be embedded on a Website or within newsletters, or exist as a standalone content entity. It competes against RebelMouse, et al.

163. Ninja Outreach - A Google Chrome extension that lets you do prospect and reach out to bloggers and influencers.

164. Visme - Visme is a simple, drag-and-drop, presentation and data visualization software that’s completely online and free to use. Individuals, businesses and educators with little to no design knowledge seem to love it as we have over 200,000 active users utilizing it to communicate better in form of interactive Presentations, Infographics and forms of digital content.

Tweet this list of marketing platforms to help them create better content and increase sales!


I now turn the tables to you: Do you have any experience in using any of the content marketing tools above? Did we miss out on other content marketing tools from the list?

Let's make this the biggest content marketing list by sharing the tools that haven't been mentioned above!

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  1. tarek says:

    stuart that was amazing reading that content is great.It s a blue print for any one who is looking for steps to generate useful content.thinks a lot are the best keep it up friend 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing such a in depth list of tools. How long did it take to research the tools discussed?

  3. Mark Evans says:

    In the content curation category, you should add Pressly (


    • NicheHacks says:

      What does it do?

      • Mark Evans says:

        Pressly lets brand curate organic/internal and external/third-party content that can be embedded on a Website or within newsletters, or exist as a standalone content entity. It competes against RebelMouse, et al.


        • NicheHacks says:

          Rebel Mouse is a site I haven't heard about for a long time. Was billed as the next big thing but didn't really seem to take off.

    • Alex says:

      Hi guys, Alex from Pressly here! Thanks for including us Mark. And since this post is about marketing resources, we just released a free ebook showcasing insight from the best of us: Rand Fishkin, Lee Odden, Doug Kessler, Pam Didner, Arnie Kuenn, Michele Linn, Dayna Rothman, Ann Handley, Heidi Cohen, Nichole DeMere, and more! It's available at!

  4. Scott says:

    Very nice list! I'll have to bookmark this as I'm currently interviewing the founders of marketing technologies to help marketers understand how they could benefit from implementing them. Thanks!

  5. Ed Troxell says:

    What an article! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. It is a great resource for anyone and everyone! Much appreciated!

    Connect @EdTroxellCreative

  6. Hi, Stuart,

    I recently recommended to a client who has a digital magazine and it works great for content curation.

    I run my life with Evernote and use CommentLuv for my blog comments.

    Thanks for the great list. We both had the same idea for our posts this week but I only had 67 blogging tools. You win 🙂

    • NicheHacks says:

      Don't thank me thank Christopher Jan Benetiz, he painstakingly found them all and compiled into this post.

      • Thanks for the kind words, Stuart! Without NicheHacks, I wouldn't have the platform to publish this list, either.

        Evernote is awesome. I normally use it to list down my grocery, but it helps you become more productivity in so many other ways, too.

  7. Christopher says:

    WOW Stuart amazing resources here !! There is multiple platforms I can use right now to help me grow my blogs traffic .. Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Emma says:

    What a thorough work, finding it very useful. Thanks

  9. Spy-Tronix says:

    Christopher and Stuart - another great post that we had to bookmark and come back to later. Your posts are so long that if we took the time to read them each day - we'd never get anything done around here.

    I noticed that you still include "Google Webmaster Tools - Keyword Planner, etc." But it's a shame that Google continues to hide information from US - the account owners and website owners. They are increasingly showing less data, but you know darn well they are harvesting everything that happens on our sites. Hopefully they get some competition in the near future so they can knock off their evil ways.

    Posts like this one you just did - let Google know that others are providing a more valuable service than they are. ...90% of searches on Google start off with THEIR OWN content - Google Shopping - YouTube results - or their partners in crime - ...Not cool - not too fair - and people are starting to recognize and notice this tactic.

    Thanks again for your hard work and great (useful) content. - Darrin,

    • Thanks for the comments, Darrin! I won't go around the politics involved in Google's tools. I do know that they are useful to marketers so might as well try them out. If you're not happy with how they do business or if the tool isn't working out for you, there are other alternatives I've featured in this post.

  10. Alex says:

    This information is priceless.

    When first starting out I had information overload. There wasn't a breakdown as detailed as this, and I found myself with 100+ tabs open on my browser with links from page to page to page to page.....

    Christopher Jan Benitez - thanks for the hard work.

    Stuart - always impressed with your posts and site.

  11. Lori says:

    I love this site. It is has so many great suggestions and ideas.
    Thank you!

  12. Matija says:

    HI, there. I am using Hubspot topics idea generator for a long time and found it very useful. Thank you for your post. Far most comprehensive list for content ideas ever. Regards, Matija, Slovenia.

  13. Imran says:

    Honestly, This post has done my homework. All I have to do just bookmark this and grab the tool I need. One of the best posts ever. Thanks man. (y)

  14. saijad says:

    Oh wow.Great article.I will try all the tools and techniques one by one in future. Thank you

  15. Dave says:

    Hey Christopher and Stuart - this is an incredible post, well done!

    I would love it if you would consider adding NinjaOutreach as well as our Chrome Extension (free) to the list!


  16. Abhijith says:

    Hello Stuart, that was an awesome post. I enjoyed reading it, I was hearing most of the tools for the first time and I'll be surely trying most of them. I've saved this post in my Pocket app. 😉