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Medium Review: How to Get the Most Out of Medium

If you are a blogger, small business or start up looking to get more exposure for your online content then you must have looked at some content marketing platforms for answers.

If not, you are missing out.

Most new content creators know they should be using social media to get some exposure with their content. But relying only on social media is a rookie mistake.

You should be looking at content syndication, content repurposing and also content marketing platforms.

A content marketing platform that is gaining momentum is Medium. Why is Medium a big deal?

Medium is a free to use content creation tool that allows users to publish content to its ever so increasing user base.

Medium makes content creation easy, there are no advertisements or SEO to worry about.

Medium focusses on promoting quality content regardless of the author’s authority or experience.

You don’t need a big name tag.

The more people who “recommend” your story the better for its visibility.

Medium can provide viral traffic but it should not be used as the only channel for content promotion.

Getting massive exposure on Medium depends on finding a Medium Publication – a collection of stories on a topic that has a reasonable following.

The good news is anyone can approach a Medium publication with a good piece of content.

Medium is definitely worth your consideration if you want more exposure to excellent content; it can certainly give your content wings.

Of course Medium is not for everyone – influencers with a big social media following, content that is very technical or targeted at a very select group may not find Medium a happy hunting ground. For everyone else Medium is surely worth your time.

For more reasons to use Medium and to get the best out of it check out this infographic from which includes a case study as well. To see the infographic below Click the image.

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