Discover 100's Of Top Selling AND Expensive Amazon Products


Discover 100's Of Top Selling AND Expensive Amazon Products

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Jan 02 2020

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29 min read

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Here are the best of both worlds. Our list shows you how to find popular and expensive products on Amazon that everyone is searching for right now!

Would you like to discover 100's of proven top-selling and expensive Amazon products which you can either...

Promote as an Amazon affiliate (aka the "Amazon Associate" program) for commission payments?


Sell directly on Amazon as a vendor (using Amazon FBA or dropshipping)?

With either method, you can earn money online if you know which Amazon products and niche markets are the big sellers and moneymakers.

Good news; today you can finally make money from Amazon / online because you're about to find out which products and niches are hot, expensive, and best Amazon sellers.

First, though understand this 'trick' to profiting from higher-priced and expensive Amazon products...

First Though Understand This 'Trick' To Profit From Expensive Amazon Products...

If you want to earn enough money from Amazon to gain financial freedom then you need to find expensive Amazon products that also have a high sales volume.

Why? Because if you're simply an affiliate for Amazon (which is a fantastic way to get started and profit from and something I recommend to newcomers) the commission percentages are typically low (around 4% in most cases).

So what does that mean? It simply means you should promote higher-priced products that also have big sales volume in order to hit those life-changing affiliate commission payouts.

And even if you're selling products directly yourself as a vendor on Amazon's platform through Amazon FBA or drop-shipping you'll face stiff competition from other vendors so selling high volume and expensive products is key still.

And sure; there's no lack of expensive Amazon products available but the problem is most expensive items don't sell in high volumes.

So you need to really dig deep and look hard to find the products which have a high price and sell in volume too. And trust me; that's a lot of hard work to do by yourself.

Fear not; I've done the heavy lifting to save you the time, hassle, and mental energy of having to do it yourself manually.

Below I reveal a series of expensive Amazon products that typically range in price from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars per item and that are all proven best selling items (backed up by my personal research and Amazon's own data).

So here's the list of 100+ hot, best selling, and expensive Amazon products you can make money from...

Here Are The Expensive & Best Selling Amazon Products You Should Consider Promoting...

Let's start with...

Bike Mount Racks

Bike mount rakes have become an exploding profitable Amazon niche due to the increase in mountain and trail bikers.

They are also popular with families, seniors, and anyone that likes to take their bike with them.

This niche is a current hot seller and will continue to increase as bikes are a huge market for leisure, transportation, and exercise.

Vacationers and travelers need a way to take their bikes with them, and a bike mount rake is the best solution.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing bike mount racks and more:

  • Gearpatrol.com

  • Rackmaven.com

  • Bicycle-guider.com

Drift Trikes

The newest sensation is drift trikes, and this profitable niche has stormed out of nowhere to the point where there are competitions all across the country.

It’s also become a huge leisure activity for active adults as well as kids.

This niche is hot, and it’ll get even hotter. With nowhere to go but up, now is the time to get in on it.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing drift trikes and more:

  • Bestreviews.guide

  • Comparaboo.com

  • Flatoutdrifttrikes.com

Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes are the newest big thing in racing motorcycles - and they are big for both adults as well as kids.

These are huge in Europe and Japan and they rapidly increasing in popularity in the US.

This is a market to get in on as this hot niche continues to explode worldwide. With leagues popping up across the US and the world, the best time to jump in is right now.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing pocket bikes and more and making money from these best selling Amazon items:

  • Transportationevolved.com

  • Kidsridewild.com

  • Therevver.com

Inflatable Playhouse

Kids love inflatable playhouses and they have become the solution for adult events that need to have a safe, fun place for kids to play.

This niche is exploding because they are not only a popular toy for kids, the bigger ones have become more popular at virtually any adult event where there may be kids that need a place to play.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing inflatable playhouses and more:

  • Wiki.ezvid.com

  • Bestadvisor.com

  • Paramatan.com

Marine GPS Chartplotters

Boating is big business and marine electronics is becoming a booming niche.

One of the hottest devices is marine GPS chart plotters, which provide much more information than an average GPS.

There are available chart plotters that include a fishfinder, radar, and weather. The potential of this niche should be clear - every boater needs one!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing Marine GPS Chartplotters and more and are earning money from these trending Amazon products:

  • The10pro.com

  • Popular.reviews

  • Themarinelab.com

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are more popular than ever with many new innovations that reflect a rapidly growing market.

With new advancements in design, durability, and handling, this is a solid market that’s ready to explode even more.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing mountain bikes and more:

  • Outdoorgearlab.com

  • Bicycling.com

  • Outsideonline.com

Car Covers

Modern car covers are designed to be thick for ultimate protection, with many of them featuring reflective top layers to protect against the sun, as well as designed to protect against rain.

With so many people owning a classic car - or simply storing their prized possession during the winter months, car covers are more popular than ever.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing car covers and more:

  • Carcoverstore.com

  • Carcover.com

  • Autoaccessoriesgarage.com

Inflatable Mattresses

This is a market that’s been a solid performer for decades. An inflatable mattress is a great alternative to a regular bed - they can be used for camping, guests or college dorms.

There is a great market for these and they just keep getting more popular with more choices than ever!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing inflatable mattresses and more:

  • Best.offers.com

  • Bestreviews.com/best-air-mattresses

  • Bestmattress.reviews

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are more advanced than ever before with cooling vents, special pull-down sun visors, and even a spoiler to reduce air drag on the highway.

With more innovations and choices than ever before, this is a market that shows no signs of slowing down - rather, motorcycle helmet popularity is rapidly increasing.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing motorcycle helmets and more:

  • Revzilla.com

  • Bikebandit.com

  • Carbibles.com

Inflation Hut Tubs

This is a growing market due to the portability and ease of setup of inflatable hot tubs. Not to mention, they are cheaper than the unmovable hard shell tubs.

People of all types, married or single, enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, add to that the fact you can take these with you and you have a winner!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing inflatable hot tubs and more:

  • Bestreviews.guide

  • Pooladvisors.net

  • Popular.reviews

Pet Supplies

Many individuals and families own at least one pet. In fact, the trend has been to own multiple pets, making the need for pet supplies a big business.

When you consider all the different types of pets people have - from dogs to cats to various exotic pets - and you realize the supplies all these animals need - it’s clear this is a niche that will keep on growing!

Pet niches are filled with hot Amazon products - a real best-selling Amazon product niche.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing pet supplies and more:

  • Gooddoginabox.com

  • Nymag.com/strategist

  • Rsreview.com


Everybody needs a pillow! In this day and age, new pillows promising the ultimate in comfort and support are coming out all the time, which means there’s a pillow for everybody.

This is a niche to get in on because of the ever-increasing popularity of pillows in general and the advanced designs in particular. This is another niche that’s going nowhere but up!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing pillows and more:

  • Sleepadvisor.com

  • Nymag.com/strategist

  • Thewirecutter.com

Men's Electric Shavers

Electric razors for men have come a long way over the years. You’ve got electric razors you can use in the shower, you’ve got razors that clean and lubricate themselves - it’s clear that this is a market that’s still growing.

With many different price points and designs, along with the latest technology, this is a great niche to jump into - it's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing men's electricity and more:

  • Shavercheck.com

  • Bestreviews.com

  • Nymag.com/strategist

Dog Houses

You might not think about dog houses when you think of a top niche, yet dog houses are more advanced than ever with insulation, waterproofing, and even a covered deck!

As popular as owning at least one dog has become, a dog house is a “must have” for all dog lovers that let their pet spend a lot of time outside in a safe, protected environment.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing dog houses and more:

  • Petlifetoday.com

  • Bestreviews.guide

  • Top10pro.com

Cat Beds

Much like dog houses, cat beds have come a long way over the years, with such features as a cave, heated floor, and window perch. No wonder there’s a growing market for these!

Cats are one of the most popular pets, making it easy to see why cat beds would be a popular niche. As new technology comes out, the cat bed market will keep growing steadily, making this a great niche.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing cat beds and more:

  • Bestreviews.guide

  • Certapet.com

  • Kittycatter.com


With more and more DIYers out there, the need for a good drill has never been higher. Technological advancements means constantly new and improved drill designs, making this a niche with a bright future and lots of hot Amazon products.

Drills are more advanced than ever - with adjustable speeds, pistol grip handles and fast charging for cordless drills, this is a fast growing market that makes a lot of sense to get in on.

The following sites are dedicating to reviewing drills and more:

  • Powertoolbuzz.com

  • Popularmechanics.com

  • Gearhungry.com

Paintball Guns

Paintball is a not only a fun game for weekend enthusiasts, it’s also a pro sport with a huge fanbase, many of whom play on an ameteur level. This means that this is a booming market that’s showing no signs of dropping off.

With so many players, paintball guns are a huge niche, and since this is a steadily climbing market, now’s the time to jump onboard.

The following sites are dedicating to reviewing paintball guns and more:

  • Planet-paintball.com

  • Paintimpact.com

  • Fringepursuits.com


Gone are the days of simple, basic trampolines. Now you have designs that let you bounce and practice basketball all at once, there’s a new market emerging for in-ground trampolines, and they’re designed for everyone from kids to fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes.

With this kind of emerging growth and range of appeal, combined with constantly updated design advancements, this is a niche of the future!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing wallets and more:





You wouldn’t think something as simple as a wallet could have so many variations. You’ve got cardholders, slim designs, big designs, wallets designed to hold your cell phone and the list goes on.

As designs grow to meet demand, it’s clear that wallets are an expanding niche that should keep moving up for years to come.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing wallets and more and earning commissions promoting these evergreen Amazon products:

  • Gearpatrol.com

  • Gq-magazine.co.uk

  • Bestwallet2015.com


Now here’s a niche that’ll always be popular! Everybody needs sunglasses and there are styles and options for everybody.

With a wide range of designs, features to meet any need, and an ever-growing market, this is a solid and reliable niche to get in on.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing sunglasses and more:

  • Popsugar.com

  • Vintandyork.com

  • Sunglasshut.com

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors have become an increasing market due to a huge increase in designs and sizes. You can find a wall mirror that will fit any style preference from antique to avant-garde.

With many modern features - like an anti-fog function, or LED with a touch screen, this is a market that will just keep getting bigger and bigger with more best-selling Amazon items being added daily.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing wall mirrors and more:

  • Houzz.com

  • Thespruce.com

  • Apartmenttherapy.com

Robot Pool Vacuums

What could be better than a pool bot to keep a pool nice and clean? Who wants to hand vacuum a pool when there are so many pool bot choices and price points?

As pool sizes, styles, and price ranges expand, pool bot choices expand as well. This is a niche that’s not only growing but also opening up a much wider market with the increase in portable pools.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing robot pool vacuums and more:

  • Poolbots.com

  • Wiki.ezvid.com

  • Swimuniversity.com

Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums have become very popular in what seems to be a very short amount of time and they will continue to increase in popularity as more and more people discover them.

This is a niche to jump on as many robot vacuums also include high-tech options which make them appeal even more to tech-savvy homeowners and apartment dwellers. The range of expensive Amazon products which are best sellers in this niche is vast.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing robot vacuums and more:

  • Thewired.com

  • Thewirecutter.com

  • Techradar.com

Patio Furniture

What could be better for leisure and entertaining than a great backyard space that includes the right patio furniture? More and more homeowners are transforming their backyards into an entertainment area - or just a great place for the family!

Since a well-designed backyard space has increased in popularity among homeowners the choices have skyrocketed. There’s a wide range of choices for every budget and every taste, making this a great niche to get involved with.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing patio furniture and more:

  • Thespruce.com

  • Familylivingtoday.com

  • Outsidemodern.com

Portable Pools

Portable pools are more popular than ever because of many new, high-quality choices, fast and easy setup, easy tear-down, and good price points.

The advantages of a portable pool combined with a wide range of sizes mean more families, individuals, and even pets can keep cool all summer long.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing portable pools and more and you can be sure they are profiting from these best selling Amazon products:

  • Apartmenttheraphy.com

  • Safety.com

  • Momjunction.com

Food Dehydrator Machines

As more and more people eat healthier, they begin to look at the options they have for healthy food choices.

A food dehydrator is a great option for healthy snacks for kids and adults and can be used at home or on camping trips. With options that go beyond drying only fruit, they have begun to explode in popularity.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing food dehydrators and more:

  • Thedepthreviews.com

  • Dehydratorjudge.com

  • Village-bakery.com

Pressure Cooker

For people that like to cook, a pressure cooker has become a must-have because they cook food quickly, use less energy, use less water, and is a great option for cooking moist, tender meats.

When you consider the advantages of cooking with a pressure cooker, it’s no wonder they are so popular.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing pressure cookers and more:

  • Wiki.ezvid.com

  • Thespruceeats.com

  • Village-bakery.com

Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are a great appliance to have when entertaining any size home or business gathering. Who knew these items would be a popular Amazon product and best seller item?

They are increasing in popularity because besides a home or business use, they can be also be used for camping, boating, RV traveling, and tailgating parties.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing portable ice makers and more :

  • Shadow.com

  • Icemakerexperts.com

  • Icemakershub.com

Dumbbell Racks

When it comes to home gyms, school gyms, and commercial gyms, dumbbell racks are a must. Serious trainers use a complete set of pre-weighted dumbbells and in some cases require more than one dumbbell rack.

More and more schools as well as businesses are setting up complete gyms and need several racks to store their dumbbells. Combine that with home gyms that are better equipped and it’s easy to see why this is a popular niche.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing dumbbell racks and more:

  • Roguefitness.com

  • Fitnessgiant.com

  • Yorkbarbell.com

Squat Rack

The days of having to go to the gym to work out are over thanks to safe and sturdy squat racks and cages that are designed for home gym use.

Many people want to work out but cannot afford the cost and time of a gym membership. Home gyms options such as squat racks are designed to provide a safe alternative to the gym, making this niche more popular than ever.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing squat racks and more:

  • Roguefitness.com

  • Yorkbarbell.com

  • Garagegymbuilder.com

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal devices have become much more common for home use in recent years. Many women prefer to use these in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

Avoiding expensive office visits and replacing the need to use a razor has resulted in an exploding Amazon product niche that looks to continue increasing in popularity.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing laser hair removal and more:

  • Oglf.org

  • Shadow.com

  • Groomandstyle.com

Vanity Mirror Set

Vanity mirror sets have become more popular as women realize the need for a good vanity mirror with proper lighting while putting on their makeup. Since more women are involved in professional roles than ever before, having the right mirror setup is important.

The options available in vanity mirror sets have skyrocketed with choices that include Hollywood-style lighting, you can’t go wrong with these.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing vanity mirror sets and more:

  • Topbestproreview.com

  • Businessinsider.com

  • Wayfair.com

Makeup Cases

Makeup cases are ideal for women who are traveling. Whether it’s a short trip or a longer journey, makeup cases are an easy, portable way for women to carry their makeup supplies.

There has been quite an increase in women traveling for business. As more and more women move up in the business world, this niche will continue to increase in popularity meaning this Amazon bestseller product has endless options.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing makeup cases and more:

  • Ulta.com

  • Sephora.com

  • Yazmo.com

Portable Washing Machine

Portable washing machines are an easy solution for apartment dwellers, RV owners, college dormers, and anyone with limited space.

They have increased in popularity in recent years as new technology has created better solutions in design and size. Who likes going to the laundromat? Good pricing and size make this an exploding niche.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing portable washing machines and more:

  • Toptenreviews.com

  • Reviewlab.com

  • Laundry-alternative.com

Massage Tables

Massage tables are increasing in popularity because massage therapy is an exploding business. As more people choose a career in massage therapy, the need for tables will increase.

Modern massage tables are more portable than ever and are easy to set up as well as tear down, making it very convenient for a massage therapists to carry one to their appointments.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing massage tables and more:

  • Massagewarehouse.com

  • Earthlite.com

  • Massagetablesnow.com


Who doesn’t want a luxurious camping experience? The days of little 2-person “pup” tents are over! This expanding market means spacious, multi-room tents that are a home away from home!

Many people that need a tent are summer-only campers that don’t want to “rough it”, they would rather make their experience as comfortable and spacious as possible. From multi-room tents that can comfortably hold several people to spacious 1 or 2 person tents, this is the wave of the future!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing tents and more:

  • Moosejaw.com

  • Rei.com

  • Switchbacktravel.com

Portable Toilets

This growing market provides an easy solution for camping, cabin, workshop or basement use. They are easy to install and easy to maintain.

Many homeowners would prefer convenience and ease of use over having to install a permanent bathroom. Not to mention, a portable toilet is the best choice for campers who may not have access to a restroom or a workshop that’s separate from the home.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing portable toilets and more and are banking fat commission checks by recommending these top-selling Amazon items:

  • Thetford.com

  • Products.bestreviews.com

  • Incinolet.com

Inflatable Boats

Whether it’s fishing, enjoying water sports, or a leisurely day on the water, inflatable boats provide an easy and fun boating experience.

Inflatable boats are cheaper and easier to own than rigid fiberglass boats, they deflate for quick and easy storage, plus they are safer than regular boats - what could be easier!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing inflatable boats and more:

  • Westmarine.com

  • Defender.com

  • Zodiac-nautic.com/en-us/

Portable DVD Players

This is a growing market and it’s not hard to see why. There’s no better way to occupy a lot of time while traveling, whether by car, by train or by plane.

What could be better when someone is on a long trip than watching movies? Since they come with an attached screen, all the user has to do is get the popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing baby car seats and more:

  • Bestreviews.guide

  • Toptenreviews.com

  • Lifewire.com

Baby Car Seats

This is a must-have product if there ever was one.

Any parents with infant children have to have a car seat for every child they have - and the best ones latch right into their stroller - if there’s a household with kids, more likely than not there’s at least a car seat.

Parents today want convenience, especially if they have several kids in car seats.

Today’s baby car seats are the ultimate in convenience, with ample storage, a cup holder for your coffee and many of them latch right into the back seat quickly and easily!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing baby car seats and more and are earning money from these Amazon products which anyone can sell:

  • Babylist.com

  • Buybuybaby.com

  • Bestproducts.co

Entertainment Centers

What home doesn’t have an entertainment center?

There’s no better place to display and use all your electronic gear - and with so many tech-savvy people nowadays, these are getting more popular all the time!

For many homeowners, the entertainment center is the visual highlight of the family room and displays all the electronic gear the homeowners own - and it can also display personal design touches that reflect the taste of the owners!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing entertainment centers and more:




Golf Range Finders

A serious golfer is committed to accuracy and being able to navigate the slopes and hills out on the course. When it comes to golf, it all comes down to the shot.

A range finder can improve the shot and increase confidence, making it a must-have for many golfers!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing golf rangefinders and more:

  • Best.offers.com

  • Lasergolfrangefinder.com

  • Honestgolfers.com

Golf Push Carts

There’s no need to rent an expensive golf cart when golfers can own an easy-to-maintain golf push cart!

The right pushcart can carry everything that’s needed to play a great game, so it’s no surprise to see so many out on the course!

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing golf push carts and more:

  • Bestgolfcartsreviews.com

  • Dickssportinggoods.com

  • Lasergolfrangefinder.com

Golf Seat Kits

For people that own a golf cart, turning it into a 4-5 seater with the right seat kit can make their time on the course much easier and more enjoyable.

As popular as golf is, the addition of a seat kit means dedicated golfers can carry more players or extra supplies.

For those people that don’t use their cart just for golfing, think of the extra room for storage or riders - no wonder this is a popular niche.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing golf cart seat kits and more:

  • Buggiesgonewild.com

  • Golfcarttiresupply.com

  • Bestreviews.guide

GPS Trackers

With GPS trackers, it makes it easy to track down things (or people) as it can make them feel safe about their belongings or so they can be easily trackable when hiking in unknown territories.

Look at the popularity of these products, they are selling very often by the sign of it as GPS trackers can be very useful.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing GPS trackers and more:





Everyone needs a fridge and every year they seem to advance in technology in ways that make consumers want the next best thing.

We shouldn’t be surprised by the popularity of this niche because you’ll rarely find a house without a fridge making them a great choice for an Amazon product to sell.

The following sites are dedicated to reviewing fridges and more:

  • Refrigerators.reviewed.com

  • Consumeraffairs.com

  • Westinghouse.au

Washing Machines

Washing machines are a thing of the past and future.

The demand will always be there so there is never the question of how long this niche will be in demand.

Get inspired by these existing sites that are dedicated to reviewing washing machines:

  • Washingmachinereviews.co.uk

  • Thelaundress.com

  • Smellywasher.com

Hunting Gear

Hunting gear has never been more in demand.

High-quality gear is very expensive yet still very popular and in use by many people.

Get inspired and look at these sites that review hunting gear:

  • Outdoorlife.com

  • Fieldandstream.com

  • Besthuntinggearreviews.com

Baby Accessories

Babies are in big numbers these days for obvious reasons.

There’s never a shortage of babies and with this, comes the demand for products that are related to babies.

Further examples you can see from the following sites to know more.

  • Babylist.com

  • Babycenter.com

  • Babygearlab.com

Soccer Equipment

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.

That is a fact as there are literally thousands of people searching and buying the best equipment to get better and/or to play for fun, making them a fantastic Amazon product to sell.

These sites are dedicated to the sport and have been in the business for years:

  • Soccerreviewsforyou.com

  • Thesoccerreviews.com

  • Prodirectsoccer.com


Seems obvious, doesn't it?

Everyone needs a sink, whether they need it for their kitchen, bathroom or even business (think bars and restaurants), so this niche is always in demand.

The demand is even further proven as there are dedicated review sites for these products:

  • Bestkitchenfaucetshub.com

  • Typesofkitchensinks.com

  • Faucetmag.com

DNA Test Kits

Who knew these kits would be so popular?

We shouldn't be surprised as everyone wants to know their history and where their ancestors are from.

And the demand is further shown by these dedicated sites that review DNA kits:





Now here is a niche that is not only packed with expensive products but has everyone buying them like no tomorrow.

The prices on TVs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars again making them a fantastic Amazon product to sell.

And of course, with such a sophisticated and in-demand niche, comes dedicated sites that help consumers pick their next TV:

  • Rtings.com

  • Techradar.com

  • Televisions.reviews.com


Everyone uses a phone these days, and the prices range from super low to really high with popular phones like iPhones costing more than $1000!

There are plenty of dedicated sites that focus on phones and show consumers what's good to get:

  • Techadvisor.co.uk

  • Tomsguide.com

  • Toptenreviews.com

Coffee Machines

Coffee is one thing most people can not go without.

These machines are in demand as they automate the process most people do to get coffee.

And these sites are dedicated to helping consumers decide on their next machine:

  • Expertreviews.co.uk

  • Trustedreviews.com

  • Goodhousekeeping.com

Digital Frames

Digital frames seem to be the only way to go these days as they display pictures in a vibrant way that regular, old-school frames can’t.

It’s only a growing niche since digital frames can be so useful in this day and age since digital frames can hold a big number of photos. This means they are an incredible Amazon product to sell or promote as an affiliate.

Look at these established sites and learn from them:

  • Lifewire.com

  • Thewirecutter.com

  • Toptenreviews.com

Computer Monitors

Computer monitors serve a wide range of purposes and they work on a big number of devices.

They can display and work with everything from tablets, phones, to laptops and regular computers and maybe even smartwatches.

And to get you inspired, look at these established sites and see what they are doing right:

  • Techradar.com

  • Lifewire.com

  • Gadgetreview.com

360 Cameras

These types of cameras are growing in popularity and many consider it to be the future of recording.

360 cameras do something that regular camera’s cannot and it is a super fast-growing niche since it was introduced a few years ago.

Analyze and see what’s working for these established sites:

  • Tomsguide.com

  • Digitaltrends.com

  • Bestproducts.com

Action Cameras

Cameras can come in different sizes and features but this particular niche is very active and well in demand.

Action cameras are used by nearly every type of person, from police officers to athletes to everyday normal citizens.

Get inspired and look at these established websites and blogs that feature action cameras:

  • Pcmag.com

  • Bestproducts.com

  • Knowyourmobile.com

Kitchen Faucets

It’s no secret that everyone who has a living space has a kitchen.

A decent kitchen can cost thousands to build so when it comes to something like the sink or faucet, the prices can range up to hundreds of dollars.

Start looking and learning from these established websites:

  • Kitchenfaucetcenter.com

  • Consumerreports.com

  • Kitchenguyd.com


You may not have thought of this niche though you are probably using this on a daily basis.

Toilets are expensive and they are essential for every household (think millions of households who need these things!).

And though they are pretty standard for their functions, they can be priced anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the brand.

And of course, there are plenty of sites that are reviewing and helping consumers pick the right toilet:

  • Thetoiletthrone.com

  • Besttoiletguide.com

  • Pickatoilet.com

Virtual Reality

This niche is not only future proof but it is one of the fastest-growing niches to date.

Virtual reality is huge as people are interested in being involved with whatever they are viewing, whether it’s gaming or videos, it can be an immersive experience.

There are also tons of sites that review these products:

  • Pcmag.com

  • Tomsguide.com

  • Wearable.com


This is one sharp niche that you may not have thought of being involved with.

Swords are super profitable niches as they can vary widely in prices but can go up in the thousands with plenty of people buying them. Who knew words were such a profitable Amazon product to sell?

Get inspired and get ideas from these popular review sites that feature swords:

  • Toptenz.net

  • Trueswords.com

  • Sword-buyers-guide.com

Mobility Scooters

In a world of a growing population, it comes with a few problems.

Mobility is an issue for those who can’t or has issues walking and wheelchairs are not a practical thing for most people.

Of course, like any other profitable site, there’s plenty of review and authority sites that talk about mobility scooters:

  • Top10reviews.com

  • Toptenthebest.com

  • Listderful.com

Graphics Cards

This niche ties into one of the biggest and most profitable markets out there, gaming and video editing.

People who game on PCs know that nothing comes cheap when it comes to performance and quality.

And every year there’s always something new that comes out from technological advancements.

Like any other profitable niche, there are plenty of sites that review these products:

  • Tomshardware.com

  • Beebom.com

  • Computershopper.com

Air Guns

No one likes violence but when it comes to sports, guns are a major player in this field.

Air guns are in the spotlight here and people spend a ton of money on products ranging from air guns to accessories that can cost a couple of hundred bucks for a basic product.

In this sport, no one wants to have the worst performing gun so they are willing to throw in as much money as possible to be the best among their peers.

And like any other high priced item that performs well on Amazon, there are always going to be sites providing the demand for in-depth reviews and guides:

  • Airgundepot.com

  • Riflezone.com

  • Shootinguk.co.uk

Micro Scooters

Bikes are not the only superstars out there.

In fact, scooters have been taking the spotlight for people of all ages, yes even adults.

If you’ve ever seen the price of a scooter in a store or on Amazon, you’d wonder why you haven’t thought of it earlier.

And anything that’s popular and in-demand will have sites and blogs to support them:

  • Micro-scooters.co.uk

  • Consumerreports.org

  • Parentsneed.com

Electric bikes

If you’ve ever ridden a bike before, you’d probably wish it was a little more automatic.

Well, luckily for you, there are a ton of people already thinking the same thing as electric bikes are the hottest thing out there today.

Electric bikes are priced high and usually have a nice number of reviews, just look at them on Amazon.

And like anything that’s high priced and in demand, this niche has a high number of sites. Here are some successful examples:

  • Electricbikereview.com

  • Electricbike.com

  • Charged.io

Gun Safe

With great power comes great responsibility.

These gun safes are made for one thing and one thing only: gun safety.

No one wants their guns laying around in their house, and seeing how many accidents are caused by these things, it’s no wonder this type of product gets so many raving reviews on Amazon and is a great, profitable, Amazon product to sell.

People have already spent tons of money to get their guns, so of course, they are willing to invest a bit more to keep them locked away.

Gun safes, like any other hot selling product, have a ton of sites and blogs that discuss them like the ones listed here:

  • Asecurelife.com

  • Skilledsurvival.com

  • Armsbearingcitizen.com


Kayaking is fun and people are involved in this niche are big spenders.

Don’t take our word for it, look at what Amazon is offering and the number of reviews is crazy high for such expensive products.

People are in this niche to spend big money, and clearly, they’ll buy everything it takes to not only stay safe in the waters but also be the best among their peers.

There’s a big number of sites and blogs but these are some of the good ones we’ve found:

  • Bestkayaks.reviews

  • Paddleshack.com

  • Rei.com


Anyone who uses the internet knows how valuable a laptop can be.

Whether they are using it for work or pleasure, a laptop can be one of the most valuable tools anyone can have.

It's not only portable but it can be powerful as technology is advancing and laptops are able to do so much while keeping its size minimal.

There is no better time to get involved with this niche than now as it is growing with popularity and massive demand.

Just take a look at these sites for ideas and inspiration:

  • Laptopmag.com

  • Laptopreviewpro.com

  • Laptopical.com

Gaming Consoles

Games literally go for a fortune these days and when it comes to the high-end consoles, there's an endless demand for new games, consoles, and upgrades.

The high-end consoles are always being altered with newer versions and different designs.

A console like the Playstation 4 goes for at least $300 brand new and people are willing to drop the cash to get it.

These websites show there's popularity in this niche as they are constantly adding new content:

  • Videogamer.com

  • Eedar.com

  • Ps4blog.net

Digital Cameras

Pictures are worth more a thousand words.... and nearly a thousand bucks!

Digital cameras are so expensive that even the parts can cost nearly as much as the camera itself.

As technology advances, cameras hold more features and the more recent it is, the more expensive it can be.

Demand for this niche is only growing so get involved as there's plenty of room for you to get involved.

Take a look at this blog and review sites on digital cameras:

  • Dpreview.com

  • Digitalcamerareview.com

  • Photographyblog.com


Everywhere you go, you'll hear some form of audio.

Whether it's from a movie, song, or maybe from a phone, you'll always judge the quality of the sound.

This is where headphones come into play as everyone likes to hear quality sound coming into their ears.

Get inspired by these review sites and blogs and get started with something of your own:

  • Techradar.com

  • Headphone.com

  • Headfonia.com


Tablets are not only productive to have but they can be the middle ground for laptops and phones.

They have bigger screens, are easier to touch screens, and are more accessible for most people.

Some tablets can even use attachable keyboards to turn into laptops, making them a practical replacement or complement to laptops.

Here are some blogs and sites you can get inspired from:

  • Laptopmag.com

  • Androidauthority.com

  • Tablet.ninja

Home Speakers

Have you heard the sound from a decent speaker setup?

It doesn't only sound really good but it is quite expensive to have.

High-quality speakers come with other expenses like TVs and more.

Everyone in this niche is both super passionate and wants the perfect setup for their family and friends to experience making them a fantastic Amazon product to sell.

Here are some review sites and blogs you can use ideas from and even connect with:

  • Whathifi.com

  • Thevinylfactory.com

  • Thewirecutter.com

Air Purifiers

Who doesn't like fresh air?

Homeowners are constantly facing battles with dust and impurities in their own space.

People are starting to realize their allergies and problems can be prevented with air purifiers.

These review sites and blogs prove that there's plenty of potential for more growth:

  • Luxuryhomestuff.com

  • Consumerreports.org

  • Homeairguides.com

Dining Tables

Everyone eats somewhere.

And some people are willing to drop big bucks for a nice dining table to enjoy their food on.

Dining tables range in prices but even the high-end ones are constantly reviewed and bought out.

And check out these blogs and review sites that feature dining tables:

  • Independent.co.uk

  • Stylebyemilyhenderson.com

  • Yliving.com

Water Filter Systems

Everyone knows water is important.

What's more important is clean drinking water and most countries struggle to get it.

Water filter systems make it easier by providing a simple solution to a big problem and people are willing to spend hundreds to get a decent one.

These sites and blogs are dedicated to providing information for such systems:

  • Wellnessmama.com

  • Espwaterproducts.com

  • Kellythekitchentop.com


Dishwashers are a bit closer to automation as they are self-cleaning machines that can literally clean the dishes for you.

Just think about the number of people investing in these appliances.

And these sites and blogs prove that there's plenty of room for more businesses to strive in this niche:

  • Top10reviews.com

  • Bestproducts.com

  • Consumerreports.org


Golfing is a sport that has plenty of passionate people.

People are spending big bucks on various things and they are always looking for the next best thing.

Everyone wants to be the better golfer with the best equipment so they are always looking to spend as much as possible.

And these blogs and sites prove that this niche is super profitable and in-demand:

  • Golfalot.com

  • Golfdigest.com

  • Franklygolf.com

Women Jewelry

Have you ever given someone jewelry?

Maybe not, but if you have, then you'd know how expensive they are.

Both men and women love jewelry and there's nothing like rocking on around to show off your style and may be worth it.

Here are some review sites and blogs you can get inspired from:

  • Iexpert9.com

  • Whattowear.co.uk

  • Gemhunt.co

Luxury Watches

Do you know what time it is?

You might not if you don't own a luxury watch.

Watches can range from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands and people are willing to pay that much for a watch as it can be a stylish accessory to wear and nearly everyone would notice it.

There's no doubt that watches are in demand, more than ever so there's no better time to get a piece of this niche as there's plenty of room for you to get involved.

You can also get inspired by these blogs we found to be growing quickly:

  • Groomandstyle.com

  • Robbreport.com

  • Ablogtowatch.com

Air Conditioners

There's a variety of different ones including home units, office air conditioners, and more that are bought on a regular basis.

If you were to set up a site selling these there are lots of following products to sell too including spare parts and cleaning equipment.

Take a look at these air conditioning blogs and reviews:

  • Airconco.com

  • Onehourheatandair.com

  • Toptenreviews.com

Lawn Mowers

There are some real lawnmower enthusiasts out there and many who use them professionally for their work.

Companies might buy a dozen at a time and not just one.

Plus there's a whole host of follow-up parts, blades, and accessories to be sold alongside them.

Here are some lawn mower blogs, reviews, and authority sites you can get inspired from:

  • Toplawnmowersreviews.net

  • Thelawnguide.com.au

  • Familyhandyman.com

Standby- Generators

From companies who need backup power to individuals fearful of some sort of zombie apocalypse or world disaster standby generators is big business presently.

Depending on the type of person you're selling to there's a whole host of follow-up sales too.

If you're focusing on the survival niche these guys will buy tons of equipment and gear.

Here are some blogs and authority sites on standby generators:

  • Mygenset.net

  • Gensetreviews.com

  • Chainsawjournal.com

A buying guide on house generators…

Fishing Boats

Fishing is a big business and when you get into the realm of buying fishing boats it becomes a rich man's sport.

Obviously, there are about a hundred and one different accessories, equipment, tools, and gear you can upsell too which highlights them as a profitable range of Amazon products to sell.

There are also about a hundred sub-niches here waiting to be explored from ice fishing to angling to deep-sea fishing and more.

Take a look at some of these fishing boats:

  • Boatingmag.com

  • Saltwatersportsman.com

  • Blog.boattrader.com

Solar Panels

I don't have to tell you solar panels are a BIG business and are only going to get bigger.

From big companies looking to go green to individuals looking to save on their bills.

The renewable energy sector is huge and it's not just solar panels people want but wind power, building their own electricity generating systems, and more.

Renew your bank account with these renewable energy products now.

Here are some blogs and sites on solar panels:

  • Solarreviews.com

  • Top10reviews.com

  • Solarnation.org

Outdoor Power Tools

This covers everything from metal detectors to leaf blowers and hedge trimmers.

You could niche down here and focus on one specific type of power tool but you'll find the sort of person that buys one of these tools will buy a lot of them.

So lots of follow-up sales on new tools and parts.

Power your way to a huge bank balance with these outdoor power tools.

Observe and analyze what makes these blogs successful in the power tools niche and see if you can replicate it:

  • Popularmechanics.com

  • Protoolreviews.com

  • Gearpatrol.com

A snapshot of GearPatrol's website...

RC Drones

Drones are amazing but expensive gadgets that can be used for many purposes.

People are willing to drop hundreds of dollars to fly these little things, whether it's for a hobby or filming for a movie.

And these review and blogs prove the popularity and demand is growing:

  • Myfirstdrone.com

  • Dronethusiast.com

  • Uavcoach.com

Paper Shredders For Offices

If an office is willing to drop a few thousand on a paper shredder think what else they'll be willing to buy?

Printers, fax machines, computers, and other high-end equipment.

Shred those overdraft and credit card bills and get a license to print money.

Take a look at this successful authority and review sites that are involved with paper shredders:

  • Top10select.com

  • Goodhousekeeping.com

  • Bestreviews.com

Home Security Equipment

People are more paranoid and safety conscious than ever and the home security niche is HUGE!

The forever adapting range of technology is mind-blowing. People will buy the latest and greatest security cameras as soon as they are released even if they already spent $500 on one 6 months earlier.

It's a robbery! Start stealing money by promoting the home security niche.

Look at some of these successful blogs and review sites:

  • Asecurelife.com

  • Homealarmadvisors.com

  • Safewise.com

Psssssttt...Here's A Little Secret About How To Make Money From Selling Amazon (or any other) Products

People don't actually buy products instead they buy solutions to their problems.

Seriously, your job as a marketer is to find groups of people with problems (this is your niche/target audience) and offer them solutions in the form of products.

Because in order to sell a product to someone you need to know WHY people would spend money on that product.

And here's the thing, when you know the problem your potential customer has you can focus on the pain that problem is causing them.

And then all you have to do to make money is to offer them the solution to this pain or hassle in their life (i.e. a product which solves their problem).

And the really cool thing is this...you don't even have to SELL to them as they'll willingly bite your hand off to buy it.


Because we ALL want our problems solved, right? Whether it costs money or not. We want an easy and stress-free life, true?

And the greatest thing of all about this?

This creates a win-win situation for both the buyer (they get their problem solved) and you (you are making money whilst helping people)

So here's the takeaway:

Don't focus too much on “best selling products” but more on finding a core group of people who have problems they need solved and then working out the solutions they need.


That way you can sell them multiple products related to their problems instead of just one.

How to use this post now you know this secret?

Firstly, look beyond these "best selling Amazon products" and figure out the different types of people who would be buying these products.

Secondly, work out the problems this core group of people has and WHY they would be considering buying this product to solve this problem.

If you can do this you'll have far more products to sell, be able to sell much easier, you get to solve people's problems AND you'll make much more money too.

This method works whether you want to create a simple website or start a full-time online business or a little side hustle income.

How To Profit From These Best Selling Amazon Products

There are more ways to profit from these hot Amazon products than I could mention in this post.

Whether you want to build a side hustle, launch the newest online business idea or be the next startup king you have opportunities available to you.

We covered 5 ways to profit from affiliate marketing here, all of which can be used with these latest Amazon products. Or you may also be considering doing Amazon FBA and/or dropshipping.

Wrapping Things Up In This Amazon Profitable Products Post

Whether it's DIY tools, home security, kitchen appliance, solar, boating items, or any other best-selling Amazon products revealed in this post that you start a website on...

...you know they ALL have profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Whether you're looking to kick off a profitable niche or affiliate website, sell products on Amazon, launch an online "side hustle" or start that online business idea you always believed was profitable then now you can around any of these proven, best selling, Amazon items.

Ideally, you'll pick a topic that you know well and will enjoy working on or know about so don't worry if none of the niches listed here appeal as you can find products on Amazon, that are high priced and sell in high volumes, for almost any niche.

Just remember though; the key to success with marketing is about solving problems with products (show your target audience how the product is their solution) and not just trying to "sell products" for the sake of selling them, even when you have found best selling and expensive Amazon products.



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Very informative article. Thanks! Just a quick one. Is there a way to find product ideas with fewer chances of competition? It’s hard to find a good product and not having at least a few sellers following it in 2 months or so.