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How to Promote Amazon Products and Get Paid: 250 Expensive Amazon Affiliate Products That Will Make You Money

Unlocking the potential of affiliate marketing with Amazon can be a game-changer for your revenue stream. In the world of eCommerce, strategically promoting high-ticket items through the Amazon Affiliate Program is a proven pathway to creating passive income and achieving financial success. In this guide, we dive into promoting Amazon products and, more importantly, how to choose products that will increase your earning potential.

If you’ve been looking to make money by selling on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place. It can be difficult to determine which affiliate products to sell, what the best Amazon affiliate products are, which items are the most expensive products on Amazon, and how to make commission on Amazon affiliate products. In this comprehensive guide, we will guide you through how to find expensive products that are sure to make you money as an Amazon Affiliate. 

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer looking to diversify your portfolio or a newcomer eager to explore money-making opportunities, join us as we navigate through the strategies and product recommendations that could elevate your Amazon affiliate marketing journey. 

If you want to promote Amazon products and get paid as an Amazon Affiliate using Amazon’s Associate’s Program, you have 2 choices…

  1. Promote high-value products with a big price tag.
  2. Promote low-value products that sell in huge quantities.

Your Job as an Affiliate Marketer is to Solve a Problem Your Target Customer Faces

Before we jump into how to promote Amazon products and get paid, there is an important quote you should take into consideration:

“Your job isn’t to make money. It’s to find a problem that needs solving.” – Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

People don’t actually buy products. They buy solutions to their problems.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to find groups of people with problems (your niche or target market) and offer them solutions in the form of products. In order to sell a product to someone, you need to know why people would want to spend money on that product. When you know the problem that your potential customer faces, you are better equipped to sell them a product that solves their problem.

What Steps Do I Take to Solving My Customers’ Problems through Amazon Affiliate Products?

It is important to keep in mind that you don’t need to focus too much on finding “best selling products,” but rather finding a core group of people who have problems they need solved, and then working out the solutions they need. This way, you can sell them multiple products related to their problems instead of just one. This is your key to making money on Amazon through affiliate marketing successfully. Once you’ve completed the first three steps we have listed below, you’ll be making money selling the best affiliate products on Amazon for your specific niche market.

  1. Look beyond “best selling Amazon products” and figure out different types of people who would be buying these products.
  2. Secondly, work out the problems this core group of people has and WHY they would be considering buying this product to solve their problem.
  3. Identify high-value products that are the “solution” to your target market’s problem, and begin promoting them through Amazon’s Associate Program.

How to Find the Most Expensive Products on Amazon to Make Higher Commission

It’s no secret that the more expensive a product you’re promoting is, the more likely you are to make a higher commission when it sells. If you’re promoting products as an affiliate to the right people, they WILL sell, and you will make money by selling Amazon affiliate products. 

Your first step was to identify the problem that you are trying to solve for your potential customers. Now, you need to find the right solution.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Expensive Amazon Affiliate Products That Will Make You Money

Once you have identified your niche, your customer’s problem, it’s time to find the product(s) that you want to offer them. By now, you should have a general idea of the types of product categories that you should be looking in. For example, if your target market is struggling with weight loss, health and wellness products would be a great place to begin your search.

Finding the most expensive products on Amazon isn’t difficult at all, and we will show you step by step how to do it below:

  1. Start by visiting This is Amazon’s bestsellers list. Here, you’ll be able to identify which department fits your niche best. The departments can be found on the left side of the screen, as pointed out here:
How to Promote Amazon Products and Get Paid: 250 Expensive Amazon Affiliate Products That Will Make You Money
  1. After you pick the department that coincides with your specific affiliate niche market, you  will want to start sorting through products to select the product that best fits your target market’s problem. For example, let’s say that your niche target market is women who are trying to lose weight through working out and have a strong focus on natural products. So, we are searching for natural products that will aid in weight loss or workout performance. In this case, you will likely select the “Health & Household” Department.
  1. Next, you will want to decide which sub-category you’d like to browse in. In the case of our example, “Diet & Sports Nutrition” or “Sports Nutrition” fits best. 
  1. Then, you can narrow down from there. In this example, we selected “Sports Nutrition” and narrowed it down further to “Pre-Workout.” According to our target audience, we want products that are naturally made. Now, search through the best-sellers and select the most expensive product that suits your target audience’s needs the best.
  1. While looking through the list, we were able to determine that Snap Supplement’s Nitric Oxide Organic Beets was the best match for our potential customer. This product is made of all natural ingredients, organic, and is the most expensive option that fits ALL of our customers’ needs.
  1. Now, it’s time to start promoting the product and make money!

So What Can I Use This Information For?

  • To create Amazon review sites (aka an “affiliate site“)
  • To find high-selling products related to your niche to promote.
  • To create comparison sites in different categories.
  • To promote to your existing audience who has bought a similar product.

Conclusion About Amazon Affiliate Products That Will Make You Money

You can use these products to create review/affiliates sites, to promote to your existing customers, as inspiration to build new niche websites around, or whatever other use you have for them.

Now that you know how to find these high-priced products, go find other products within your niche and make money with them as an Amazon Affiliate.

When you know a product sells and that it sells in high volumes, it makes life much easier to be confident that you will make commission money by promoting the item – it makes Amazon’s typically low (4% usually) commission rate tolerable. So go out, start researching products that fit your niche, and in no time you’ll be making money as an Amazon affiliate through expensive Amazon products!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to find the best Amazon affiliate products?

To find the best Amazon affiliate products, start by researching popular and trending items in your niche. Utilize Amazon’s product categories, customer reviews, and bestseller lists. Consider products with positive reviews, high demand, and relevance to your target audience.

How to promote Amazon products and get paid?

Promoting Amazon products and earning commissions involves creating quality content on platforms such as blogs, social media, or YouTube. Share genuine reviews, guides, and recommendations. Use Amazon affiliate links in your content, and when your audience makes purchases through those links, you earn commissions.

How to make commission on Amazon?

Making commissions on Amazon involves joining the Amazon Associates program. Once accepted, you’ll receive a unique affiliate ID. Use this ID to generate affiliate links for products you promote. When users click on your links and make qualifying purchases, you earn a commission on the sale.

How to become an Amazon affiliate?

To become an Amazon affiliate, visit the Amazon Associates website and sign up for the program. Provide necessary information about your website or marketing methods. Once your application is approved, you’ll gain access to your unique affiliate ID and a range of tools to start earning commissions by promoting Amazon products.