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Click a Snap Review: Can You Really Get Paid to Share Photos?

If you’re a photographer looking to earn passive income, ClickaSnap might be your new favorite platform. Click a Snap is an online photo-sharing platform where you can get paid real money for photo views. Simply sign up, upload your photos, wait for users to view your photos, and get paid! Want to learn more? We’ll share everything you need to know about Click a Snap in this comprehensive review.

ClickaSnap Review

Overall Score: 4.8

ClickaSnap is a dynamic online platform designed for photographers of all levels to showcase their talent and monetize their passion. With an intuitive interface and a global community of fellow photography enthusiasts, ClickaSnap offers a space where creativity thrives. What sets ClickaSnap apart is its commitment to fair compensation for photographers. Unlike other platforms, ClickaSnap ensures that photographers receive a significant portion of the revenue generated from their work, making it an attractive choice for those looking to turn their hobby into a profitable endeavor.


  • You get paid for photo views
  • Earning potential is high if you have great photos
  • Easily withdrawal funds


  • Not every view is paid
  • Users must stay for 5 seconds for a view to pay out

What is Click a Snap?

ClickaSnap is a photo-sharing platform where users can upload their photography and get paid by views. Click a Snap pays up to 0.90¢ per photo view, and has over 1 million members and 2 million images viewed per day – which means you can make some serious money if your photos perform well.

How does ClickaSnap Work?

ClickaSnap works like a charm for photographers. You simply sign up, upload your stunning photos, and then sit back and watch as users view your work. What’s great is that you get paid real money for every view your photos receive. Plus, you have the flexibility to enhance your visibility through features like automated promotions and watermark protection. It’s an easy and rewarding way to showcase your talent and earn some extra cash on the side.

Key Features

Automated Promotions: One of the most useful features on ClickaSnap is the ability to create promotions to increase your photo views. ClickaSnap allows you to set up ad automations, which can be purchased through credits.

Watermark Protection: If you don’t want people to steal your unique photos, Click a Snap allows watermark protection to ensure that your photos stay, yours.

Email Notifications for Subscribers: If users like your account, they can subscribe to you, similar to other social media sites. If you have an upgraded package, your subscribers get a notification when you upload new images.

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ClickaSnap is completely free to use! All accounts receive paid views, whether you’re a free user or not. Although the platform is free, you can upgrade your account to Pro, Seller, or Upload+.

Upload+ accounts allow unlimited uploads for just £3/month. Paid views are set at 0.70¢ for Upload+ users.

Seller accounts cost £5/month and allow unlimited uploads, the ability to sell photos as products, and the option to link social media accounts. Paid views are set at 0.80¢ for Seller users.

Pro accounts cost £7/month and allow unlimited uploads, the ability to sell photos as products, the option to link social media accounts, photos featured on the front page, and unlimited cloud storage. Paid views are set at 0.90¢ for Pro users.

If you’re looking for a more cost effective plan option, ClickaSnap offers savings of 40% if you subscribe to yearly plans, paid upfront. Upload+ costs £19.99 billed yearly, Seller costs £39.99 billed yearly, and Pro costs £59.99 billed yearly.

How to Get More Views on Click a Snap

If you want to get paid on ClickaSnap, you’re going to need to increase your image views. Below we’ve detailed some tips and tricks to increase your view count on Click a Snap:

Quality over Quantity

  • From our experience, it is much more valuable to post high-quality images, rather than a larger number of low quality images. Focus your time and energy on posting photos that users are going to want to look at and interact with.


  • Adding descriptions to your images can help give users more context, allowing them to better understand your image, and increasing the chances that they spend more time on your image, reading the description. Remember, you only get paid if they spend 5 seconds or more on your image. Adding thoughtful descriptions can seriously increase viewing time. Tip: Increase your chances of showing up on Google results by using relevant and searchable keywords.

Community Building

  • Building a strong community of subscribers on ClickaSnap can increase your chances of making money on the platform. Be sure to interact with your community, engage with subscribers, and stay active!


  • Having a personalized account can also help with increasing your chances of getting paid. We suggest sticking to a photo style or theme. If users like your photos, they may want to visit your profile to find similar photos. Find your niche and stick with it if you want subscriber loyalty on Click a Snap.

Wrapping Up

In summary, ClickaSnap is a fantastic platform for photographers aiming to earn passive income. It’s user-friendly, offers fair compensation, and has cool features like automated promotions and watermark protection. Plus, it’s free to use with options to upgrade for extra perks. With ClickaSnap, photographers can showcase their talent, connect with a global community, and turn their hobby into a profitable venture. It’s a win-win for both budding and seasoned photographers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Make Money on Click a Snap?

Yes, ClickaSnap provides an opportunity for photographers to monetize their work. By uploading high-quality images and engaging with the community, photographers can earn money through sales of their photos.

Is ClickaSnap Legit?

Yes, ClickaSnap is a legitimate platform for photographers to showcase and sell their work. It provides a transparent system for photographers to upload, promote, and sell their images to a global audience.

How Do I Get Paid on ClickaSnap?

ClickaSnap offers various payment options for photographers. Once your images are sold, you can choose to receive your earnings through PayPal or other supported payment methods. Simply set up your payment preferences in your ClickaSnap account settings, and your earnings will be transferred accordingly.