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3 Facebook Traffic Case Studies: Including How I Got 11K Engaging Fans With $22 (In 5 Days)

This is a guest submission by Jitendra Jain…

Facebook ads are amazing aren’t they?

They are cheap, easy to customize, and test out.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you would rather see the traffic flow right away, rather than waiting on Google to rank and let you bank.

Forget waiting though.

You can start an entirely fresh and new website and still get viral traffic if you do it right.

This isn’t so much of an article, but a collection of Facebook case studies from our very own tribe member Jitendra Jain.

We’ve organized these case studies so it isn’t so confusing for you to navigate through.

Here Are The Sections You’ll Find

  • How to’s (Facebook traffic, finding your niche, increasing page likes)
  • Case studies (engagement, traffic generation, page likes)
  • Facebook fans (keeping them engaged, key tips)
  • Examples (Facebook lead ads, and regular ads)

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How To’s

How To Find Your Niche

A lot people in the NicheHacks Facebook group pm and ask me about how to select a niche, how to find low competition keywords, which niche is profitable, what is better Adsense or Amazon, etc…

Stuart has a lot of great guides on this and even has a report that shows you how to find your profitable niche.

So that can be used in this case…

You can also follow the below formula which really works:

If you are procrastinating deciding a niche, just start a site.

Forget about profitable niches and profitable low competition keywords.

Here’s what, our member, Russ Lobo says about picking a niche…

  • Pick any ONE randomly and just keep working on it.
  • Check questions on related forums and that’s how you can get your post topics.
  • Go for 1 post of 500-1000 words per day. At the end of the month you will have 30 new posts.
  • Keep doing this every day for a year. At the end of the year you will have 365 good posts on the site.
  • Write everyday. Some will rank and others wont rank. As you keep writing, you improve.
  • Put Adsense and Amazon links. Some will click on Adsense and others on Amazon. Money will come.
  • Add email optins. Some will optin, some won’t.
  • Keep sending your new post updates to your list and you will keep getting traffic.

You will make money eventually. I promise you that.

How To Get Social Traffic

Social can be a huge traffic driver if done correctly.

Gael over at Authority Hacker has a great guest post where Facebook can be seen being used to generate traffic.

Unfortunately, some people expect results right away but this seems to be true with anything (like get rich schemes).

So take your time with this and you’ll see what works and what doesn’t.

Follow through with these steps:

    1. Select the right niche which can be expanded like anything.
    1. Find viral images/content.
    1. Focus on Engagement (very important).
    1. Post frequently on page.
    1. Invite all users who like your posts.
    1. Spend initially to get the right audience (most important).
    1. Monetize with Adsense, native ads, affiliate income, eBooks.
    1. Try arbitrage with viral posts.
    1. Automate or outsource stuff.
    1. Be patient.
  1. Rinse and Repeat.

It works.

Just take a look at the screenshot below…

Facebook is an amazing way to generate traffic.

Here we developed one website which is simple and huge demand in countries like India, UAE, USA, UK.

Since getting traffic was difficult from search engines.

We made two Facebook Pages 300k and 500k Likes with super targeted Audience.

We update the page multiple times a day.

Some posts get 1000 shares, some get 30.

The engagement is key to the success of Facebook Page.

Recently we shared a video, it got half a million views.

The majority of traffic comes to the site and site is currently monetized by Adsense.

How To Increase Facebook Page likes

Facebook has a feature that makes it easy to get likes to your page.

If your page is big enough and very engaging you can get a lot of free likes.

Whenever someone likes your competitor, Facebook recommends your page.

All you need to do is keep one setting enabled.

See the screenshot below…

One of my pages is getting 66% likes with this method and they are in the thousands.

How can you get your page featured in the suggestions box?

Here are some ways…

  • Post unique photos more often.
  • Increase engagement with Fans.
  • Increase the frequency of the content to 10-15 post per day.
  • You can enable it in settings.

All the competitors witnessed a similar trend in past week alone.

Case Studies

Images Speak 1000 Words. Videos Speak 1000 Images.

After a recent discussion with a few group members, I experimented with a video post with two objectives:

    • Engage the current audience
  • Use engagement to find new users for my page.

I updated a video on my page which has 200K+ likes.

After posting the video, I waited for 3 hours, found that it was getting viral, then boosted the post by $6 for 3 days ($2 each).

Usually, I run two campaigns, one is the page like the campaign to get users and others to boost the post to engage users.

Here are the results achieved:

  • 166702 people reached
  • 27K Organic views 48k paid views
  • 1800 page likes @ 0.003$

Two birds killed with one stone.

The organic reach also increased as well page likes at a very good price. I have extended the campaign by another 3 days and $6.

Test, test, test to find out what works for you. Rinse and repeat.

How I Got 11000 Engaging Users to Like My Pages By Spending $22 in 5 Days

Not too long ago, I started a page on fashion targeting Indians.

I achieved some good results and you can too can achieve the same by following these steps…

1. Find engaging images.

Study your competitors.

Find the latest trends.

Reverse engineer them.

Find patterns.

2. Find right audience.

Find the audience that you want to target, it’s more science than art.

3.Boost to that audience

Do small boost to the audience to check if the post is viral or not.

If it’s viral, keep adding money to it till you get the desired results.

4. Invite all those who like the post

Invite people who like post.

Make more Facebook ids as you will run out of invites (Max 500 per id)

Invite in regular intervals, 3-4 times a day.

5. Automate

Automate tasks like inviting people using IMacros, Chrome plugins, etc.

Automate the task of studying competitors.

Using all these methods, I was able to bring down the engagement cost to 0.0004$ (Image 4)

Just keep one thing in mind: Facebook wants engagement (and your money 🙂 ).

So finding right audience and viral content are crucial for your success.

Just a quick note, you can use this method till you reach 100k page likes.

Facebook Engagement Case Study:

Now you know how I got engaging fans (see above), now you’ll learn how to keep them engaged.

So as you may know, Facebook’s reach is declining day by day and it’s getting more difficult to reach Facebook Page fans.

The only way is to keep fans engaged.

Whenever an image is posted at the Facebook timeline, 2-3% of people see it, and if it’s viral, the reach increases.

If your page is a niche you can do the following…

For example, if a page is about a wedding:

  • Don’t post to the timeline.
  • Make albums by category, in this case, Pre-wedding, Wedding, Rituals, Bridal Photography, Groom Photography, Gifts, Venues, Wedding Destinations etc.
  • Every time you post the image, do it in the album created.

It will help in two ways:

  • The image will appear in the timeline of your fans as usual.
  • Everybody who has liked that album will get a notification that someone has updated the album. Notifications work very well to increase engagement.

As you can see in the following Images, there is the album called “Just Engaged” and every time the a new image is there, it’s posted in the same album everyone gets the notification.

This is more like Pinterest boards. This works very well for us.

We made two folders one named (Rings) and one named (Nail Art) on my hobby page since the audience is female and likes rings and nail art so it was the perfect match.

On the Nail Art album:

We posted 4 Images and waited for 24 minutes.

We got 413 likes and 24 shares, At the end of the day we were at 1.5k likes and 63 shares.

Next day we added few more images to the same image group and the reach increased and we reached 3.4K likes and 165 shares as shown below…

For the Rings Album, we started slow and had 650 likes and 43 shares at the end of the day.

The very next day we added few more images and the we were able to reach 950 like and 76 shares.

When you add one more images to the album, everyone who has liked the album or shared it gets the update in the timeline.

This way the reach and engagement increases.

Works well for me. You should try it too.

You can apply this to any niche.

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Facebook Engagement & Traffic Generation Case study:

Images speaks 1000 words.

According to a study, photos generate 53% more likes than the average post.

Most of the people will agree with me on this.

  • Would you agree that a Photo would generate more engagement than text for your niche?
  • Would a photo with a link generate more engagement than a normal link for your niche?
  • How do we optimize photos with links better to get more engagement?
  • How can we drive more traffic to our niche website?

The answer to these questions is to use image carousels.

If you can display multiple images for a link post.

The engagement can increase by more than 200%.

Facebook lets you display 5 images for same posts.

A single photo speaks 1000 words, then 5 images would speak 5000 words :).

We use image carousels in page as well ads to double the engagement.

It helps page go more viral, generate more traffic, increase reach and decrease ad costs.

Use carousels to tell stories if your product is available in colors or has many features or multiple benefits.

Facebook suggests using carousels ads to increase engagement. What works best in ads should work on a page as well.

A few examples from Facebook itself.

  • Foodpanda increased click-through rates by 180% and reduced their cost per install by 39%.
  • MINI used the carousel format as a storytelling canvas to take people on a virtual tour of the new MINI Hardtop 4 Door.
  • Neiman Marcus used the carousel format to bring its catalog toFacebook, showcasing beautiful imagery from their Spring Shoe & Handbag Collection. Compared to other advertising efforts, the carousel format drove 3X more conversions and 85% better click-through rates.
  • MVMT Watches increased click-through rates by 75% compared to other advertising platforms and saw one of the lowest prices per acquisition the company has ever experienced.

Try it works in ads as well as normal updates. Go double your engagement.

So I’m not sharing my images as it would expose my niche but I will share successful examples below…

MVMT Watches increased click-through rates by 75% compared to other advertising platforms and saw one of the lowest prices per acquisition the company has ever experienced

MINI used the carousel format as a storytelling canvas to take people on a virtual tour of the new MINI Hardtop 4 Door.

Foodpanda increased click-through rates by 180% and reduced their cost per install by 39%.

Facebook Fans

Keep Your Facebook Fans Engaged

Facebook Fans are very important and it’s necessary that you give them right dose of premium content.

For my hobby Facebook Page, we put a video tutorial for audience.

The idea was to engage them and give them content that they really like and share with their friends.

Once we knew it was going viral we boosted with $6.

The reach went ballistic as we nearly reached 447,418, 50% organic views, 50% paid views, got 4268 new likes free and 50% of our audience was engaged.

Key Takeaways:

1. Engage your audience with high premium content.

2. Use Facebook ads to boost your viral content.

If you have any questions except specifics like page name, website name, earnings, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


A Perfect Example On Designing A Facebook Ad.

Facebook Lead Ads Example:

So now you understand how to get Facebook fans, let’s do a quick example on Facebook lead ads…

Facebook lead ads can be very helpful if you want to collect email addresses for your product, newsletters or eBooks.

Here’s some cases where you would need to use Lead Ads:

  • Audience You Create Using Facebook: Use it to build your list.
  • Custom Audience That you import using emails and Mobile Numbers: Sell your products
  • Look Alike Audience: Collect Audience from Similar Audience.

Imagine you want to build an email list of 1000 people. The normal steps are

  • Create audience
  • Create Ads
  • Send Traffic to Landing Page.
  • Offer Something in Return
  • Capture Email Address

The normal conversion rates are 1-3%.

Facebook lead capture helps to you bypass step 3, 4, 5 and combines them into 1 step.

Hence the conversion rates are higher.

Here is how it works:

    1. The ad itself is the landing page. Think of the advertisement like a landing page. It should create the interest in the product.
    1. Once a person clicks on the ad, he will be shown a popup like the landing page. If he is interested he will go to next step.
    1. Facebook Auto fills all the information. The conversions skyrocket as there is no manual entry.
    1. The data is submitted and passed to you.
  1. A person can visit the landing page of your choice. You already have the data of the interested user.

Step 1: The Ad itself is the landing page.

Think of advertisements like a landing page. It should create an interest in the product.

Step 2:

Once a person clicks on the ad, he will be shown a popup like a landing page. If he is interested he will go to the next step.

STEP 4 : The data is submitted and passed to you.

Step 5: A person can visit the landing page of your choice. You already have the data of the interested user.

P.A.C.E Formula For Creating A Perfect Facebook Ad

If you’re going to take anything away from this guide, keep this formula in mind as it’ll help you conquer Facebook ads.

Follow These Tips And You’ll Be Well On Your Way

  • Double down on what’s working: don’t wait to increase your spending on a great advertisement. Down the line it might not work — or just not as well! So do it now.
  • Don’t ignore new features and ad types: every new format will over-perform in the first few months before users are familiar with it!
  • Test every aspect of a campaign: the wrong picture can cost >100% more. But you’ll never know which one without split testing for it!
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: to keep ahead of your competitors, you must constantly test new ideas to find that next big opportunity!
  • Don’t leave campaigns alone: on Facebook you target users based on interests and demographics. They’ll get tired of seeing your ads over and over again!
  • Optimize for the long term: not everyone who clicks on your ads is ready to buy, that does not mean you shouldn’t care about them!

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Final Words

A lot of people usually tell themselves and others that they don’t have time for my ideas for various reasons like the business, other priorities, relatives etc.

I would like to quote one example:

“Bill Clinton was president of the US. He was the busiest person at his time, each minute of his life was planned and documented and he still found time for Monika (no offense).”

Is the excuse of not able to find time for your dream/niche site/money-making idea still valid?

So get on it and comment below what your action plan is for your Facebook page and ads.

What do you plan to do next?

About Jitendra

Jitendra Jain has built a name for himself out of what he’s most passionate about– internet marketing. He is one of the top authorities on Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

He is relied upon by industry leaders from multiple markets for laser targeted traffic generation.

Contact Jitendra at jitendra[at] or visit Get More Clients to learn about traffic generation using search engine optimization and Facebook marketing.

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