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How to Grow your Small Business Instagram Account: 7 Simple Tactics

Check out this article to learn how to fully leverage Instagram for your small business, delve into useful account growth tips, and discover top social media promotion tactics.

Why Is Instagram Growth Important for Small Businesses? 

There’s a lot that needs to be done for a small business to start growing: strategizing development, launching a website, finding regular customers, etc. The one aspect that often gets overlooked is social media presence.

Instagram, in particular, can be a dependable channel for promoting product- and service-based small businesses. After all, this platform is primarily focused on visual content, allowing you to showcase your goods, talk about services casually, or explain technical processes. Nonetheless, such promotions require knowledge of algorithms, restrictions, and possible pitfalls. 

While reputable marketing and media sources can offer valuable insights into navigating these intricacies, such as a Depositphotos blog article on Instagram shadowbanning, this article delves into the seven essential tips on growing and optimizing your small business Instagram account. Keep on reading! 

Should small businesses invest in Instagram account development? 

Many entrepreneurs approach social media promotion with skepticism, believing that likes and comments cannot lead to sales. In reality, it’s much more nuanced. Unlike large businesses, small ones cannot allocate significant budgets for marketing promotion. Instagram can serve as an alternative. In the beginning, you can hire an SMM manager for your project. They can handle product photography, profile packaging, story creation, and community management. This is organic promotion that doesn’t require additional expenses.

Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?

In 2024, the highest-paid Instagrammer is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The average price for a brand mentioned in his posts is $3,243,000.

Even if you’re considering paid promotion through advertising, Instagram remains an attractive option. For comparison, the average cost-per-click (CPC) for Google Ads is $4.22, whereas on Instagram, it’s only $0.25. That’s a significant difference.

Moreover, working with social media offers long-term potential. You can gradually build your community, which boosts your brand awareness and engagement.

How can small businesses grow Instagram followers?

In the beginning, you can host giveaways where one of the conditions is to follow your page in exchange for valuable prizes that will be awarded to a random participant. However, it’s not recommended to rely on this method too frequently as it may attract an irrelevant audience. Another approach is to partner with micro-influencers. For instance, you can ask them to provide an honest review of your products.

7 tips to grow your Instagram business account

Depending on your goals, your social media promotion strategies may vary. Nonetheless, the key is to foster a conversation between your brand and customers. You can achieve this through visual identity and consistent posting.

Here are a few methods you can combine or use separately to ensure Instagram yields the desired outcomes for your small business.

Ensure a thorough profile completion

The strong point of Instagram lies in the fact that potential customers can organically discover your company when searching for needed services or products. But to achieve this, it’s essential to fill out your business profile correctly. All the necessary information should be placed in the header, including:

  • Profile picture. For the main photo, use your brand logo. If users are already familiar with your company, they’ll easily spot it among competitors with similar names.
  • Username. Common mistakes occur in this section; rather than only stating your company name, it’s better to provide a brief description of what you do. This could be a keyword users might search for. For example, “online clothing store” or “psychological center”. If your business is area specific, include the city where you operate.
  • Brief description. In 150 characters, describe what your business does, its values, and its advantages. Utilize emojis to highlight key points and grab attention.
  • Link to your website. This approach simplifies the path for users to make a purchase. You can also include extra sources here, such as links to pre-registration forms or checklists.

Find relevant hashtags

Instagram users rely on hashtags to discover appropriate content. These are words and phrases related to a topic, marked with the “#” symbol. When people search for such combinations, they can come across your content. So, Instagram hashtags are a convenient tool for business growth that doesn’t require paid promotions. 

Hashtags should be added to your posts or comments. To find the right words and phrases, you can analyze competitors or use online tools like Inflact or Ahrefs. When browsing, consider the frequency of the hashtags. High values mean they’re searched more often, but this also results in added competition. Therefore, combining low- and high-frequency hashtags can yield the best results.

Build a content plan and stick to it

To keep popping up in the feeds of potential customers, establish consistent posting. At first, brainstorming topics may seem straightforward, but finding fresh ideas can get tougher over time. Plus, without a solid plan, crafting publications becomes a challenge.

Creating a content calendar is essential for staying on track. This should outline the topics you plan to cover, along with the publishing dates, required creative assets, and current status for each piece. Update your content plan regularly. 

One more challenge is finding fresh Instagram content ideas for small businesses. Discussing with your sales and social media teams is a good starting point. Another effective strategy is to utilize a content matrix which involves listing all your products, their target audiences, and features. This approach makes it easy to endlessly generate new topics by mixing elements from different categories. For example, if you’re selling moisturizing creams for women over 45, you could explore numerous angles, such as “the importance of maintaining skin moisture balance post-40” or “essential skincare tips for mature women.”

Content marketing principles

Develop reels

Instagram Reels are quick videos capped at 60 seconds. Currently, they’re one of the most effective methods for organic promotion on this social media platform. The secret is that such videos blend into user feeds more naturally, catching eyes and holding attention. According to a Hootsuite experiment, Reels are the most well-working type of content on Instagram, driving higher engagement rates and growing follower base.

The key is “soft” advertising where you don’t try to sell something, but tell stories. For example, you can share relatable, everyday moments in an engaging, lighthearted way. Then, you can gently include your product mentioned within the narrative. 

Share user-generated content

Consumers these days are skeptical of brand advertisements; instead, they prefer to see reviews and stories from real people. This is why user-generated content is gaining significant momentum. To kickstart this trend, you can encourage your followers to share their stories by running challenges, offering discounts, or hosting giveaways. According to statistics, Instagram posts featuring UGC receive a 70% higher engagement rate compared to posts that only feature brand content.

Lead your clients through the well-established sales funnel

Native Instagram formats, such as Stories and Reels, can help you build a sales funnel even if you don’t have a personal website. You can achieve this using the classic marketing formula AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

For example, if you’re a B2B business, try Stories. Start by showcasing the problems your users face, e.g., accounting issues or insufficient employee motivation. To grab attention, share real-life stories. Then, present attractive solutions, such as discounts, to address these problems with your service. Prompt action by explaining to potential clients how to avail of your offer through a clear call-to-action.

If you’re a B2C business, experiment with various formats. Begin by unpacking your product in a video and highlighting its advantages. To spark interest, consider having an influencer review your product. Generate desire by emphasizing additional product features, e.g., being made from organic materials. Finally, include a call to action.

The AIDA model in marketing

Hold conversations with your followers

Social media marketing is fundamentally about communication. Engage with your followers by interacting in the comments, responding to their inquiries via direct messages, and don’t hesitate to ask questions to keep the conversation flowing!

How can you make your Instagram business grow faster?

Just like any other social media platform, Instagram requires consistency. This means you should post content regularly. However, due to the platform’s policy, organic publications don’t get much traction. So, if you want faster results, consider paid advertising through Meta Business. When setting up your campaign, opt for goals like “Reach” or “Engagement.” Also, avoid resorting to questionable promotion tactics, like buying followers. It won’t bring any results because your audience will be inactive.


You might have some doubts about promoting your small business on Instagram. However, the experience of many brands shows that it’s a viable method that can yield long-term benefits and even serve as an additional source of income. Start by setting up your profile, hiring an SMM manager, and posting content. Regularly reassess your Instagram growth strategies to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Instagram a vital tool for small business growth?

Instagram provides a visual platform ideal for showcasing products and services, essential for small businesses that rely on imagery to capture customer interest. With its focus on visuals, businesses can effectively demonstrate their offerings and create engaging content that resonates with their audience. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm can help increase visibility, making it an excellent channel for organic growth.

What are some effective strategies for growing a small business on Instagram?

Effective strategies include ensuring a complete and engaging profile, using relevant hashtags to increase discoverability, and consistently posting quality content. Engaging with micro-influencers can also help reach new audiences. Developing a content plan and utilizing Instagram’s features like Reels and Stories can drive engagement and help maintain a dynamic presence on the platform.

Can small businesses really achieve sales through Instagram?

Yes, small businesses can indeed achieve sales through Instagram. By employing strategies like showcasing products through Instagram Reels, sharing user-generated content, and maintaining an active presence, businesses can build a community and enhance brand awareness. Implementing a well-thought-out sales funnel using Instagram’s native formats can also lead to direct sales and conversions from the platform.