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Find out the best marketing niche with the high ticket affiliate programs


Let’s meet you with the advantages of up-to-date affiliate marketing. It is the advanced process when the affiliate has profited from the commission from promoting somebody’s products or services. First, the person who wants to be an affiliate finds out the desired product segment. Then the quality promotion follows, and one will get a good piece of the profit. Finally, all the sales made after the affiliate’s promotion are tracked through the specific website links.
The specific affiliate marketing tools work to spread all the product marketing responsibilities and the whole creation across all the parties. The high ticket affiliate programs manage to leverage the individual’s variety for excellent marketing strategy results. Those results will provide the contributors with good profit. Look at the three parties that should be involved in this process working:

  1. The creators of the sales and products
  2. The person who wants to become the affiliate or the advertiser
  3. The consumer itself

The seller doesn’t need to be actively involved in the whole marketing process as the product brand. But, as well, they may play the role of advertiser and profit from the affiliate’s sharing associated revenue. What advantages can one have from the tight sub-niches of affiliate marketing?

We prepared this article to be helpful for the newcomers to the marketing affiliates world and for affiliates seeking to expand their presence or change development direction. It can be beneficial to be a great strategy tool.

One of the popular applications among SaaS services is for parent control applications. You know that such applications can be parent-friendly tools when it concerns the kid’s safety. It is not an obvious choice that can be made only by market analysis. But by exploring this micro-niche, you will find mass «for» to choose it:

  • A niche is almost free, and you can quickly get to the top with low-frequency requests.
  • Many products offer their partner programs with high payments.
  • Get an opportunity to test approaches that no longer work in broader niches.
  • It is a great chance to become one of that 10% of partners. The last one gets the most of the profit from the partnership program.

Who can join parental control high ticket affiliate programs?

Think more if you are already an experienced affiliate and are looking for additional niches to redirect your traffic. This marketing part gives the best chances to start the new page of promotional development. You know your audience, their interests, their age, GEO, so you can determine what else they’re interested in. Extra knowledge about the targeted audience helps to gain great results, as a rule.

For example, applications for parental control may be of interest to people aged 25 and over who are interested in technology from Tier-1 countries. The older people rarely get into this target zone. However, if you work in the field of technology, you can try this niche. Or, if you work in place of family relations, raising children, your audience can also be an exciting application for tracking a child’s phone. The representatives of the psychology niche can use the affiliate program without any doubts.

Learn more about the ways to choose the best Affiliate Program in your niche

Niche selection is the first and most important step in affiliate marketing. If you have some marketing knowledge, you may have heard the term “niche” and know it concerns a specific segment of people with the same interests. There are three main rules for the detail looking:

  • Find some inspiration in hobbies that attract you. It will help to get advantages from your familiarity with the product. You’ll spend a minimum of time researching processes because you already have the basic information about them.
  • Find out the topic with no significant competition. As it is understandable not all the niche has the identical appeal effect. The more appealing your product niche will be, the more effort you should make before getting into it.
  • Niche depth targeting. The targeting process of the product from the small competition niche isn’t the last way to go through. The intelligent step is to get into fields with as much depth as it can be possible. In such a way, you will always have a new topic to write about. And if you will produce the more significant content amount, you can use the more main keywords for the best ranking results.

Catch the main standard advice! Choose the specific topic with which you like to work and on which you can think about content-plan immediately for an extended period (half a year). Take one large niche and explore in which direction you can deepen.

For instance, if you are interested in technology, but this is a global topic, according to keywords, at the top of the issue will always be corporations with a vast budget, look further.

In the sphere of technologies, you can choose different kinds of mobile applications, subscription programs (SaaS), mobile equipment, accessories, gadgets for the home, etc. Select your SaaS, explore the market, which products are presented, collect keywords and look who is at the top.

So, we gathered the five rules to make the right choice. So, study the products represented in the selected niche, select which partner programs offer, and compare conditions. Please note :

  • What particular model of cooperation (CPA, CPS, RevShare) is needed. For SaaS kinds of products and long-term collaboration, it is better to choose the RevShare model.
  • What fee amount is represented for the cooperation.
  • Learn more about the product cost and the average check for it.
  • How many days cookies are available.
  • How often are the partner’s payments, and what methods are used for it. Check out whether these particular methods work in your country.

Let’s look at this process in detail on the idea of using the uMobix partner program, a service for parental control.

Here we see a high average check and commission rates. Please note that it is possible to increase the commission percentage depending on the number of sales. Also an additional bonus, you can get a commission of 10% from the partners involved. One hundred twenty days cookies – also an advantage, you will be credited even the buyer’s sale in 3-4 months after going over your link.

At the bottom of the page, you can find the answers to the questions about the payments. Please note that different forms of communication are indicated, which means that the company has created a department for working with partners. Don’t hesitate to contact the affiliate manager and specify all the details of interest. In addition, there is an opportunity to agree on the commission amount and the payment method individually in some programs.

The product promotion benefits – use the content and channels for better results.

Define which way you want to promote the selected product because the well-done promotional strategy is half of the future success. First, look at the most popular methods while using the high ticket affiliate programs:

  • You can make a promotional campaign through your website or themed blog.
  • The following running method is the usage of the YouTube video as a marketing tool.
  • Other social media platforms can become the right hand in this case.
  • Paid advertising is considered the best way to choose if you are already an experienced media player because you risk your money.
  • And the last method – email marketing.

To promote applications for parental control, the most effective first two methods. First, prepare a content plan for the site and YouTube and place partner links in new materials and existing traffic publications.

Possible topics to promote applications for parental control: functional reviews, tutorials on how to install and use, comparing multiple products, listing applications across one function (the best apps to track a child’s location, etc.)

Be sure to keep an eye on your Internet resources statistics. Usually, all statistics on clicks, conversions are available in partner programs. Also, check which links your audience passes by and which topics they are not interested in.

Keep the finger on the pulse of statistics

No matter what the industry field is, the statistics data plays the leading role. It helps not to miss even tiny issues concerning product development. The same thing is with the involvement of the high ticket affiliate programs marketing. The statistics manage the whole process and keep the proper arrangement if you know how to use it in your favor.

Keep track of dynamics and relationships, don’t be afraid to try new approaches, look for new topics for publication, study all offers in partner programs – perhaps to increase sales, it is enough to change the landing page to which you refer. In addition, the standard dynamics rates monitoring can become your helpful tool while affiliate activity.

Do not stop halfway. Do not wait for a quick result if you promote the product through your website and have added partner links to the news article. Instead, work on increasing website traffic with SEO. The step-by-step plan only will give noticeable results.


The process of affiliate niche choice-making is an integral part of the marketing strategy. As well as the quality content creation does. If you do not have the former, your post publications have a terrible chance of never finding the right audience.  On the other hand, you can make an effort for nothing.

As affiliate marketing grows as a monetization strategy for the content creators, use this method for your profits. If you’ll stay open to consumer desires and will be able to provide your audience with high-quality products, the affiliate advantages won’t be far behind.

Remember that you should have a critical thing on your mind as a marketing affiliate: performance. For getting the best creative performance for your cooperations campaigns, affiliate collaboration is the right way.  Be sure it’s worth trying out some platforms to see what exactly works for you. It does not matter if you are a beginner at the chosen niche and start with new steps, or you are more advanced with some experience behind in the past. Check out what kind of offers are available on the market. Choose the most popular platforms. And achieve your best conversions and even build steady long-term cooperation with your product partner.