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HostArmada vs Top Web Hosting Platforms

HostArmada is a great web hosting solution for small and large businesses as well as freelancers and marketing agencies. It can even work for those who just want to blog.

And if you put it up against some of the biggest names in the industry, you’ll find that HostArmada’s hosting plans are more than able to keep up in terms of pricing and features.

Let’s see how HostArmada fares against the likes of Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost, GoDaddy, and SiteGround.


HostArmada vs Bluehost: Why is HostArmada Better?

Here are a couple of reasons why HostArmada is worth checking out.

Reason #1: More Affordable Long-Term Pricing

HostArmada’s Shared Hosting plans are more affordable than BlueHost’s plans if you pay for 36 months right off the bat. 

HostArmada’s Start Dock, which is the most basic Shared Hosting plan, comes down to $2.99/month if paid every 3 years. BlueHost’s Basic Shared Hosting plan is $4.95/month for the same term.

BlueHost’s top-tier shared hosting plan, Pro, is $18.95/month for a 36-month term. But HostArmada’s Speed Reaper hosting plan—the best-shared plan it has to offer—is only $5.39/month for the same amount of time.

If you’re running a relatively new business, you’re going to want to save where you can. And with HostArmada’s triennial pricing structure, you’ll end up paying far less than if you stick with BlueHost.

We should point out that even if HostArmada is cheaper doesn’t mean you’re getting fewer features. The reality is that both platforms offer the same features even if they don’t have the same price points. 

For instance, the base Shared Hosting plans both have access to a free domain, SSD storage, and WordPress integration. HostArmada even comes with Malware Scan and Removal.

If you’re planning on subscribing to a 3-year shared hosting plan, HostArmada is your best bet.

Reason #2: More Payment Term Options

BlueHost’s Shared Hosting plans only have two payment term options. You either pay for 12 months or 36 months. While these might be good enough for some, others might need more flexibility.

HostArmada offers way more. You can pay every month if that’s what you need. But you can also pay annually (12 months), Biennially (24 months), or—as previously mentioned—you can pay triennially (36 months).

While this might not seem like a huge deal for others, there are business owners who appreciate having granular control over how often they pay for services as it definitely helps them control their budgets.

See all the available HostArmada Shared Hosting plans.

Reason #3: Longer Money-Back Guarantee Window

BlueHost currently offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for first-term plans. That means if you want to cancel your plan for whatever reason, you’ll need to do so within 30 days. For some folks, that’s not enough time to assess whether the plan they subscribed to is worth continuing or not.

Fortunately, HostArmada’s window for refunds is a lot longer at 45 days. You could use the service for more than one month and still have time to pull out of your subscription should you feel like you’re not getting what paid for.

HostArmada vs HostGator: Why Is HostArmada Better?

Here are a couple of reasons why HostArmada might be a better solution for you than HostGator.

Reason #1: Wider Range of VPS Hosting Features

On the surface, it might seem like HostGator is the better VPS hosting solution based on plan pricing. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that HostArmada has certain advantages over its competitor.

First off, HostArmada has four VPS hosting plans while HostGator only has three. That means the former has more options. For instance, should you need a VPS hosting plan that offers 6 CPU cores, then you can subscribe to HostArmada’s Site Carrier plan. HostGator’s highest VPS plan only offers 4 CPU cores.

HostArmada’s highest VPS plan also goes all the way up to 320 GB of SSD storage. In comparison, HostGator can only go up to 240 GB.

It’s the same story with RAM. With HostArmada, you can get up to 16 GB of RAM while HostGator only offers up to 8 GB of RAM. HostArmada can offer twice the amount of RAM which is perfect for websites that tend to get a lot of activity.

Reason #2: Better Customer Service Support

HostGator’s customer service is not bad at all. You can start a live chat anytime and they have phone numbers that you can call whether you’re in the United States or you’re located elsewhere in the world.

It also helps that you can contact HostGator through email if you want to.

However, HostArmada is known for its customer service. It claims to have one of the fastest response times in the industry. And there are more ways to contact their support team should you run into issues.

You can send them a ticket, start a live chat, call their numbers, or send them an email. And speaking of emails, there are different email addresses provided depending on the type of query you may have. 

There’s a catchall email address for general inquiries. But others are specifically dedicated to reaching its technical support crew, sales team, billing and finance, and abuse and DMCA.

Reason #3: Free Backups

Backups on HostGator are an added expense. If you want to backup your website, you’ll have to get CodeGuard Basic — the price for which starts at $2/month.

That’s not the case with HostArmada. When you sign up for a plan, you’ll already get free backups along with malware scan, malware removal, as well as WAF and IP Firewall.

You also get up to 5 free cPanel accounts. And as with HostGator, HostArmada offers free SSL.

HostArmada vs DreamHost: Why Is HostArmada Better?

Here’s a list of reasons that makes HostArmada a great substitute for DreamHost.

Reason #1: Unlimited Subdomains

DreamHost’s Shared Hosting plan does offer unlimited subdomains — but only on the highest plan available. The basic plan, Shared Starter, will only give you 5 subdomains. 

But that’s not the case with HostArmada. Its Start Dock plan, which is its most basic shared hosting plan, lets you add as many subdomains right out of the box. 

That’s a huge deal, especially for entrepreneurs that need to create a ton of subdomains for their businesses.

Reason #2: Unlimited Email Accounts

All HostArmada Shared Hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts. If you have a lot of employees then having access to unlimited email accounts will make sure that everyone gets a business email that clients and customers can contact if they ever need to.

With DreamHost, unlimited emails are only included in its Shared Unlimited plan. You can add it to the Shared Starter plan but it would be an additional purchase.

You can also create email aliases, set filters, and scan emails for viruses. There’s also a GSuite integration option.

Reason #3: Flexible Payment Terms

With DreamHost, you can pay your plan monthly, yearly, or every 36 months. These are good options. However, HostArmada offers all these plus a 24-month option. 

So if an annual payment scheme doesn’t sit well with you but 3 years seem a bit excessive, the 24-month option is a good middle ground.

That may not seem like much but when you’re running a business, having more options is never a bad thing. Especially if it concerns your budget.

Reason #4: More VPS Hosting Storage

If you prefer VPS hosting, HostArmada might be a better solution since it offers more SSD storage than DreamHost.

HostArmada’s basic VPS Hosting plan offers 50 GB of SSD storage. In comparison, DreamHost’s VPS Basic plan only gets you 30 GB of SSD storage. And the difference between their plans only widens further as you move up to a higher plan.

The next plans up from HostArmada’s basic VPS hosting plan offer 80 GB, 160 GB, and 320 GB of SSD storage. With DreamHost, it only goes up to 60 GB, 120 GB, and 240 GB.

So if you want more SSD storage for your site, you might want to consider going with HostArmada. It offers more bang for your buck.

HostArmada vs GoDaddy: Why Is HostArmada Better?

Here are some of the advantages that HostArmada has over GoDaddy.

Reason #1: Better Pricing

GoDaddy’s Web Hosting plans start at $5.99/month for a 3-year term. And you’ll have to pay $19.99/month if you want the most comprehensive plan that GoDaddy has to offer.

If you’re just starting, allocating $5.99 of your monthly budget toward web hosting can be too much. 

But with HostArmada, you can start a website for as little as $2.99/month for the same 3-year term. And if you’d prefer to go all out, you can opt for its most expensive shared hosting plan, Speed Reaper, and still pay less than you would at GoDaddy. The Speed Reaper plan is only $5.39/month.

Even the WordPress Hosting plans are different. A 36-month subscription to GoDaddy’s Basic WordPress Hosting plan will set you back $6.99/month. HostArmada’s most basic WordPress Hosting plan is still $2.99/month for the same term. So HostArmada still comes on top.

So if you’re looking to save money on web hosting, HostArmada is the better option.

Reason #2: More Customer Support Channels

There are two ways you can contact GoDaddy should you have any inquiries about its services. One is by calling its customer support team through its hotline. There is a global directory available so you can get in touch no matter where you are in the world. Another way is by starting a live chat conversation. 

That’s great especially since you can contact GoDaddy 24/7. But HostArmada offers more ways to get in touch with its team.

HostArmada too has a phone number that you can call. And you can start a live chat at any point. But on top of that, you also shoot them an email or submit a ticket. The company prides itself on having one of the quickest average response times in the business.

Reason #3: Free SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate means your site is secure — thus giving your visitors peace of mind while browsing your site. GoDaddy offers free SSL certificates but only for its more expensive web hosting plans.

With HostArmada, you’ll get free SSL certification regardless of what plan you choose. That means for just $2.99/month, you can have a secure site with up to 7 daily backups. All plans also come with a free malware scan, malware removal, and IP firewall.

HostArmada vs SiteGround: Why Is HostArmada Better?

Here are a couple of reasons why HostArmada is better than SiteGround.

Reason #1: HostArmada is Cheaper

HostArmada’s shared hosting plans are more affordable than SiteGround’s web hosting plans. 

HostArmada has three Shared Hosting Plans. Start Dock, the most basic plan, is $2.99/month. Web Warp is $4.49/month and Speed Reaper is $5.39/month. These prices are for the Triennial billing cycle.

Meanwhile, SiteGround has a basic plan called StartUp which is $3.99/month. There’s also GrowBig ($6.69/month) and GoGeek ($10.69/month). These prices are for an annual billing cycle. If it were triennial like HostArmada, prices would even be higher — StartUp ($10.49/month), GrowBig ($17.49/month), and GoGeek ($27.99/month).

You might have noticed that HostArmada’s top-tier shared hosting plan is cheaper than SiteGround’s mid-tier web hosting plan. So if you’re a SiteGround user that wants to save on web hosting costs, it might be worth switching to HostArmada.

Reason #2: HostArmada Offers More Storage

Comparing HostArmada’s Shared Hosting plans and SiteGround’s Web Hosting plans, you’ll also notice that the former offers more SSD storage than the latter.

HostArmada’s SSD storage is 15 GB for Start Dock, 30 GB for Web Warp, and 40 GB for Speed Reaper. 

SiteGround’s StartUp plan offers 10 GB, GrowBig has 20 GB, and GoGeek has 40 GB.

So not only is HostArmada cheaper, but it also offers more storage space. That means HostArmada leaves you more room for growth.

Reason #3: HostArmada Has a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

SiteGround’s 30-day money-back guarantee might be sufficient for some people. But for others, they might want to feel out a web hosting platform for much longer than that. That way, they can make sure that they’re completely satisfied with all of the given features.

If you’d rather test a platform for 45 days before committing to a hosting plan, you might prefer signing up with HostArmada.

Reason #4: HostArmada Comes With a Free Domain

HostArmada’s plans come with a free domain. That’s huge considering how SiteGround charges you an additional fee if you don’t have a registered domain name. A SiteGround domain name registration will set you back $17.99/year.

Those of you who are starting from scratch might want to go with HostArmada since it comes with a free domain name. And there are other freebies too like SSL certification, at least 7 daily backups, as well as malware scan and removal.

Switch to a HostArmada Plan Today

HostArmada gives people a lot of reasons to switch to the platform. Not only are its prices competitive, but it also provides the same features that you’ve come to expect from a web hosting platform.

If you’re thinking about making the switch or building a website for the first time, you should absolutely see what HostArmada has to offer as you do your research. Who knows? This might be the web hosting solution you’re looking for.