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How To Use LinkedIn Automation Software to Grow Your B2b Business In 2021?

LinkedIn automation is a great way to find and connect with ideal prospects, send them personalized messages, run campaigns, generate leads, and reach out to your potential clients while saving you maximum time and money. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Imagine you’re a business owner and you need a constant flow of leads to run your B2B businesses. However, being a business owner, time is not something that you have in your hand. You can’t spend hundreds of hours just to find and connect with prospects or send them messages. This is where the best LinkedIn automation tools & software jump in.

What is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation means using tools and software to automate certain LinkedIn tasks more quickly and efficiently. You can say goodbye to endless hours of searching for the right profile, collecting data about them, sending connection requests and messages, instead LinkedIn automation tools will do that for you.

With the latest LinkedIn automation tools, you can automate the following tasks:

  • Find relevant prospects out of 760 million+ prospects.
  • Send bulk connection requests with personalized notes
  • Send personalized messages and notes
  • Schedule messages and manage inbox
  • Run highly personalized campaigns that generate more leads

Is LinkedIn Automation Software Really Good for B2B Businesses?


Advanced LinkedIn automation software & tools are really helping businesses to streamline their outreach and lead generation efforts.

A decade, LinkedIn automation was considered taboo but today, hundreds of SaaS businesses and organizations are using automation to automate certain tasks to bring them more leads and revenue.

What Role LinkedIn Software Play in B2B Business Growth?

If you’re associated with B2B, you’d know that lead generation is the primary objective. Without leads, your business cannot survive and LinkedIn automation tools 2021 help you manage a constant flow of leads by automating certain tasks that don’t even require human assistance.

From finding ideal prospects to sending them connection requests and messages, staying up to date with their responses, replying to them, and nurturing them to turn into sales, LinkedIn tools can manage it all like a human employee.

You must be thinking that why spend money on tools when you can perform all these tasks annually? Of course, you can do all the above-mentioned tasks manually but let’s take this example:


A single keyword search for ‘B2B marketing analysts in the USA’ will give your thousands of results. Now do you have the time to go through each profile and check who is suitable for your business or not. Can you collect information for thousands of profiles and send them connection requests and messages? You might be able to do that but imagine how much time and energy it will take.

You can do 5x more work more efficiently at the same time with the help of LinkedIn automation software. These tools will automatically find lists of the potential prospects, collect data, send them to connect requests, messages, follow-ups, run campaigns, and generate leads without human assistance.

How LinkedIn Automation Software Help B2B Business Grow

1. Save You a Lot of Time, Money, & Energy

Networking and relationship building are the fundamentals of LinkedIn. With the help of automation, you can grow your network easily and fast. You can run campaigns using cloud-based LinkedIn automation that doesn’t require 24/7 monitoring. You just need to set up a campaign and leave the rest on the tool. You can save the maximum time, energy, and resources. You can use this time to focus on other important tasks such as lead nurturing.

2. Help You Make High-Quality Connections

The best way to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn is by making relevant connections.

Many people think networking is a number game. The higher the number of connections, the more will be the leads. However, this is not how it works.

Adding random prospects who are irrelevant and don’t belong to your industry will be of no benefit to your business. You won’t be able to generate leads out of such connections.

Thus, it’s important that you connect with industry-specific people. For that, you can use the best LinkedIn automation software that comes with advanced filters to help you reach out to the right profiles.

With these tools, you can also scrape relevant profiles from a LinkedIn group. A LinkedIn group is a mini-hub where like-minded people hang out together and you can scrape their profile using a tool and then assign them to a campaign.

Not just that, you can also scrape profiles from a particular LinkedIn post with a high engagement rate. This way, you can easily create lists of ideal prospects and run highly personalized campaigns for them.

A great number of SaaS businesses are already using these features to target the right audience and they have been able to generate 3x more leads.

3. Use Personalized Content

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn and grab your prospects’ attention, it’s imperative that you use personalized content.

Your content is something that will grab attention and help you establish authority in your network. Make sure the content you post is not poor, sales, or of poor quality. When you post interesting information, your audience takes an interest and participates in the discussion. Your profile becomes more familiar and prospects are more likely to connect with you when you send them connection requests.

As more people engage with your content, you will get maximum reach. Higher reach means greater chances of the potential leads seeing your content. You can share information in the form of blogs, videos, images, infographics, etc.

Moreover, when sending connect request notes or messages, don’t rely on templates. Prospects easily get annoyed by the sales-y templates, and they reject your right way. If you keep sending templates to thousands of prospects, they will flag your messages as spam and LinkedIn might take action against you.

To avoid this, make sure you add personalization into your notes and messages. According to surveys, prospects are 70% more likely to respond to a personalized message.

If you think sending personalized messages to thousands of people is challenging, don’t worry because the latest LinkedIn automation software can help you with that.

These tools come with features to change variables in each message. Not just that, they also send customized images/GIFs to take personalization to the next level.

When your prospects see that you have put extra effort into connecting with them, they are more likely to connect with you and respond to your messages.


LinkedIn is an incredibly useful platform especially for B2B marketers looking for leads. There are so many ways you can use LinkedIn to find and generate ideal leads for your business. One most useful and easiest way is to use the best LinkedIn automation tools.

With the help of these tools, you can filter out and target your audience easily. Businesses that already have enough on their plate and don’t have time and money for repetitive and boring tasks can use automation to speed up their outreach and lead generation efforts.

LinkedIn automation software and tools are 100% safe to use. If used with the right approach, these tools will help you to skyrocket your business success.