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Learn How This RedNeck Went From Being Sick & Getting Fired From His Job To Top 10 Super Affiliate

You probably know by now that earning as an affiliate marketer is hard…

Should that stop you from accomplishing anything though?

Well today you’re going to learn how Kam a self proclaimed “redneck” went from being sick and unemployed to being a top 10 super affiliate.

You’ll discover the methods that he uses to succeed in his affiliate marketing and what you could do if you’re starting from scratch.

This is just one of the many NicheHacks success stories you can use for a source of inspiration.

This is your chance to take advantage of what you learn here, so don’t just read, take action and implement what you learn!

Let’s do this…

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For anyone who doesn’t know you who are you, what do you do, and where can we find out more about you?

Hey what is up everybody! My name is Kam Jennings (aka ZeroFatz, aka Kam Fatz).

I create and release information products, do affiliate marketing, and run a membership site called which started out focusing on how to sell physical products on but as broadened its scope to cover internet marketing and making money online in general.

People can find me on my blog.

Or on Adventures On The River.

Or on YouTube.

Or on twitter @zerofatz

Or on ZeroFatzReturns

Or email me at [email protected]

It is truly good to be here. I hope I can say something that helps some people today.

1. How did you get started with online marketing and how far have you come since then?

I was a telemetry technician at a hospital (I watched heart rhythm’s).

I made pretty decent money.

What happened was I started getting sick that year and I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

I ended up losing my job from calling in sick.

I figured out later that my gallbladder had gone bad and that was causing me to get sick all the time.

Looking back on it…the whole thing was a blessing.

I might still be at that crazy 12 hour nightshift job. It sucked at the time though.

I signed up for community college the day I was fired to study business.

I was turning the page man. I was going back to school for business.

This was my grand plan that I formulated while going home from my ex-job.

I would collect unemployment if I could get it, use my 401k and I would go back to school.

I still remember walking out the door of the hospital and heading home.

The sun was shining. It was beautiful day.

I felt like crap (my gallbladder still wasn’t working right at that time) but they had awakened a sleeping giant.

I felt extremely motivated to not fail. I think that is often the case when your back is against the wall.

I was home long enough to tell my wife what had happened. I told her I was going back out though because I was going to sign up for community college. I was going back to school to learn business, I had already decided.

Looking back on this I will say that I am lucky to have a wife who believes in me enough to back me up on whatever I want to do. She really does.

That being said, I can tell all of you that the key to people believing in you is you believing in yourself.

If you come across as someone who knows exactly what they want and you are decisive about it.

People will respect that. Not only that, many times they will follow you.

Anyways, while at community college I figured out I could get my college books much cheaper on than through the college bookstore.

Also I figured out I could keep them in decent condition and resell them once my college quarter was over.

I found this guy on Craigslist wanted to sell around a 1,000 church books for 100 bucks.

So I gave him a call and it turned out that he had bought a church building.

He had the entire church library in there and he didn’t have any use for those books.

Anyways, I got there and the guy was cool as hell.

Turns out he didn’t have just 1,000 church books.

He had over 3,000 books in that room.

I am talking hymnals, bibles, Christian fiction, non-fiction…you name it man.

It was literally a whole church library sitting there.

So yeah… I bought the entire library for 100 bucks.

How could I lose?

I now owned 3,000 books. At the very least I could recoup my 100 bucks.

I had no idea where I was going to put those books.

My wife was not having them in the house.

Then I set about listing them all systematically on

Very shortly after that I started making money on them and I breathed a little easier.

I knew I had made a good decision buying them.

Those books allowed me to make a full time income using

So anyways, what happened was I decided to write an eBook about selling books on Amazon.

I was going to utilize Amazon’s KDP program. I thought this was going to be the greatest eBook since sliced bread man.

Lol. It wasn’t.

“Broke to Boss: A Lean Guide to Successful Online Book Selling”

The book was good and you know…it taught everything I had learned about online book selling up to that point.

I did not make a lot of money off it though.

I sold a few copies but not enough to quit a job or anything.

So I asked that question that many Amazon KDP authors ask themselves, “How could I get more sales to my eBook?”

I decided I would do a YouTube channel and talk about some of the things that I talked about in my eBook.

I had a YouTube channel already that I had given up on a year ago.

It was a channel where I was going to try and vlog about my weight loss.

My diet failed and I only made 2 videos.

I called the channel ZeroFatz.

I just kept the name, ZeroFatz and I retooled the channel to talk about making money on

My plan was to do this as a way to promote my eBook and I would put a link to my eBook in the description of all my YouTube videos.

What do you know!

It worked.

My eBook sales increased a little bit.

Still not that great BUT I affected sales.

And on top of that my YouTube channel started picking up steam and it was making money too.


So now I knew how to make money on books through Amazon and I knew how to make money on YouTube also! Fantastic! This is going to be the greatest YouTube channel ever, I thought!

It was SWEET…until it wasn’t.

YouTube shut my channel down.

Didn’t tell me why either.

Instantly, I lost around 500 or 600 bucks a month. That might not sound like a lot to you guys, but to me at that time it hurt pretty bad. It was demoralizing.

So I kept selling my books.

I branched out to other things besides books.

I learned more about eBook sales. I read books about YouTube and marketing.

And then I read a book by Perry Belcher called Membership Sites that Make Money. It was a 2.99 eBook on amazon. It’s safe to say that this book changed my life. It’s funny looking back on it how the strangest things can affect you.

Another “eureka” moment was taking place in my crazy redneck brain.

I thought, “Dude…why I don’t just take that eBook, “Broke to Boss” and make a video for each chapter. I will then open up a website and sell the thing as a course instead of an eBook.”

I thought, “I will charge 10 bucks for a membership and I will drive traffic to that from YouTube instead of driving traffic to Amazon.” So that is what I did.

I didn’t open my next YouTube channel until was finished and ready for business.

And then I launched my second YouTube channel and I called it zerofatzreturns. Every single video linked back to my membership site. At first I made no money and I was like, “Oh man here we go again, another fail.”

One night I was messing around with my website though, and I actually tried the checkout process.

It didn’t work. My checkout process was broken.

Let me tell you something…sales started flooding in once I fixed that checkout process.

So once started making money things were great.

The YouTube to membership site strategy is a simple but very effective model. Its strength is the simplicity of it. Its weakness is the simplicity of it.

So that’s the LONGGGGG story of how I got started making money online.

From there it was on to other digital products, learning from people like Frank Kern and Jeff Walker.

When I took my membership site from a one-time fee to a monthly membership fee it was a big moment for me.

More lessons from Perry Belcher.

I think it’s good for everyone who wants to run a membership site to start with a onetime fee.

Have a solid course in there and start with a onetime fee.

This takes the pressure off of you because you don’t have to release new material every month.

Once you are getting regular sales though and you have grown in members to a couple hundred people it’s good to switch it over to a monthly re-occurring fee.

You grandfather all your existing members in so that they do not have to pay a re-occurring fee.

What I did was I advertised for like a month leading up to the release of a big add on module and sold the point that if people got in before the release then they would be grandfathered in and wouldn’t have to pay the re-occurring monthly fee.

This boosted sales.

What I learned was that people are willing to buy AND commit to something if they feel like the value outweighs what they are paying.

Also…don’t take people cancelling membership personally.

Nobody stays forever man.

I still like those people even after they cancel. They are still a part of my audience.

They are still interested in what I am doing and products I am releasing.

Yeah, though…I have come a long way since I bought those books off of that guy out there in the middle of nowhere.

2. I’ve seen you competing in the same affiliate competitions as myself for product launches on JVZOO and placing in the top 10 which is not easy, what’s your process for selling enough affiliate products to land those top 10 spots? Can ANYONE do it? Is there a system you have you can share that others can follow?

My process is not focused around my email list.

It is instead audience based. It spans YouTube, branches out to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and I’m starting on Tumblr and a couple of forums.

It’s heart is at my blog and my membership site and my email list but the audience transcends all of those individual things.

So for me when I plan a strategy I will try to plan for a 6 day campaign. They will be largely video based with my audience in mind, then I will reach out to my list at the same time to keep them updated on what’s happening.

Generally, I like to focus on a bonus that offers a lot of entertainment as well as value for damage control.

I do this because I am getting ready to send my audience to another marketer.

I want to help them, I don’t want to lose them. So the idea of a very good bonus that is equal to or exceeds the product I am promoting is a good strategy.

It would look something like this:

Day 1: Pre-Launch (morning before open cart)

  • Pre-launch video – I want to talk about the marketer I am promoting and why they are awesome. I want a story about them. I want to know their story. I will convey this to my audience. I will lead that into the product they are launching tomorrow. I will talk about the product and what problem it solves. I let everybody know that this things launches tomorrow and I believe in it, I am going to buy it and I believe that they should buy it too. (that’s all true by the way. I’ll be first in line to buy the product I am getting ready to send a bunch of other people to buy. I’m not going to ask anybody to do anything I won’t do myself.)
  • Maximize video – I will share this video on blog, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook profile, Facebook page, and my 2 Facebook groups.
  • Write an email to list letting them know I just updated my blog with a new video and let them know a little bit about what I am getting ready to promote and why I believe in it but mostly just lead them to the video.
  • I will re-send this email later in the day or the evening.

Day 2: Launch Day – Morning (open cart)

  • Launch day video – Generally I will shoot this video the night before and schedule it to go live the exact time the product launches
      • This video is about teaching. I want to teach my audience something in this video. I want it to be something that I learned from the marketer who I am promoting. This is a way for me to build trust with my audience as well as show them that the dude I am promoting is legit. (whiteboards are cool for this video but not necessity). This video will also transition into talking about price and relating it to other things that people have no problem paying for in that price range if they solve a problem. If it’s a 5 dollar product that could easily be a meal at some fast food restaurant. Mention your BONUS. Lead this out with letting them know that you have bought the product and tomorrow you are going to show them inside it.
      • Share this video everywhere you have an audience
      • This video should link to product for purchase
    • Mention your email in there if people have any questions because you know all about the product and will help them.
  • Launch Day email – basically you let your list know the product has went live and you want to share with them something that you actually learned from the marketer. You lead them to your video. Also you mention your BONUS.

Day 3: Inside the Product Video

  • Your smart if you record this video the night before and schedule it to release in the morning of the second day (I don’t always do that and probably lose money).
      • I show people inside the product. This is mostly about letting them know that I would not ask them to do anything I don’t do and believe in myself.
      • I talk about all the included content and I will mention really specific parts that I thought was awesome. I don’t go too far into any of it though because, you know, it’s for sale. I want them to take a shot on it. I talk about the BONUS’s in there if there are bonuses (usually there are).
      • I start to transition to my BONUS offer in this video. I will talk about what’s inside my bonus offer and how it’s worth the price of admission alone.
    • I will lead into what I am going to do tomorrow.

Day 4: The Journey Video

  • This video is special. I want to shoot it in a variety of locations. I essentially want to take the viewer with me on a trip. We can start at my white board and I’ll be like, “you know what guys, I have a point I want to make with you today but to do it I want to show you a very special place. And then maybe I will shoot a clip of driving and maybe talking in the car. And then I will shoot a video of “this place.” This place could be anywhere that is relevant to you. I once took my audience to an old abandoned shower house at the beach. I related it to the fact that sometimes in internet marketing people give up too early on something. Basically this whole video is story, entertainment, and teaching. It ends with a hard pitch for the marketer and the product you are promoting.
  • The corresponding email should point people at this video.
  • Resend email that evening


  • This video should show people inside your BONUS offer. This video will be ALL about your bonus offer and how awesome it is. Let people know that the way to get this thing is to go BUY that thing.
  • It’s worth it to create a BONUS offer that will be specifically for this launch and will come off the market for a while after this launch is over OR be priced at a higher price than the offer you are promoting. That’s sometimes a lot of work though.
  • Email should focus on your BONUS as well.

Day 6: Last Day Thank YOU Video

  • First and foremost thank everyone who bought the product off of you. Make sure they know that you have the product and understand the product and if they have any questions DO NOT HESITATE to email you and ask you. You answer all your emails.
  • Second if you have used any of the tactics in the product already to make money, let them know and tell them the story about it. This works really good if it was a tactic that you already knew and used BUT it is taught in the course you are promoting
  • Focus on Scarcity Now. If the Product will not be coming off the market then focus on the BONUS that you offer being removed after today. YOU MUST DO THIS IN A COOL WAY!!! You cannot be a mega dick man. Just be like, “hey and for everybody else, who hasn’t taken advantage of this offer, move quick because the gates close on this one after today. You don’t want to be the “I almost bought that…” guy. Dude you can’t get anywhere if you don’t jump sometimes.
  • Send another email in the evening to your list letting them know that the product is shutting down in a few hours and you just wanted to give everybody a last chance to take action. Presupposition is pretty awesome here, “I’ll see you guys in the BONUS area!”

That’s the basic formula.

I am always learning and tweaking the process but what’s mapped out there is my basic formula.

Generally, my big money days are 1,2 and the last day.

Even as I write that I think to myself, “How can I make the other days big money days.”

Yes. I think you have to find your own voice.

When you find this voice and you are being genuine, you will attract a core audience. Not everyone will like you, but enough will.

It’s all about attracting more and more of those people.

Anyone can do this.

You have to be able to learn what other people are doing and WHY it is working then process that through your filter of originality. The originality thing is important.

It’s not just about the content. It’s also about the entertainment value.

You have to understand they are not investing in just this one thing, they are investing in you.

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3. You release digital products / training in the online marketing niche, have you found that to be a good income source? What advice would you give to someone who’d like to profit from digital products?

People start out and they have big dreams and ambitions, which is good.

Then they start creating a product and trying to launch it and think, ”Damn man, this is a lot of work.”

Generally, they are following some checklist or some video training to the letter and are just checking ticks off as they complete each task.

They probably aren’t trying as hard as they should be, they are focused on getting those tasks checked off and they’ve never done it before so they don’t really know yet.

My advice is put heart and soul into your product.

Don’t think but KNOW it can help people.

You should be building a relationship with your customers all through that product.

You can do that with stories and pictures, with video, with logo.

You need to give it some entertainment value.

Next, get the sales copy done.

Get the graphics for the sales page done.

Get the copy and the sales page done for the JV page.

You want this done before you start contacting the targeted affiliates.

If you have never written copy before you are not good enough to do it yourself. I mean, you can…but you will sell less.

Here’s the thing dude.

That affiliate campaign process I mapped out above you guys…one thing is certain to happen when I run a 6 day campaign like that…I am going to lose email subscribers.

So I need to know your sales page is decent so that I get conversions when I send traffic.

Also I need to know your product does not suck because I am getting ready to tell my people that you’re awesome.

Be wary of the affiliates that want to promote your product through jvzoo and you don’t know them, they just contacted you blindly.

If you have a bunch of affiliates who are promoting for you and they are driving a bunch of traffic to your sales page and none of that traffic is converting…it’s going to drive your EPC down.

I will tell you right now that the best time to network and find good affiliates for your product launches is when you are not getting ready to release a product. Help them.

Find people who launch products in your niche and use your skills and influence to help them. This is how you really build relationships with people.

Anyways, the other thing I would say is that not committing to a singular path is really probably hurting the most people right now.

If you have committed to launching 6 products this year and that is what you are doing for money…

Then do it man!

Make each one better than the last.

Don’t get distracted on Facebook, or Warrior Forum about the next cool thing that you want to try.

Stick to what you are doing and have confidence on your greatest investment, yourself.

4. Often friends and family don’t “get” this whole online marketing thing and I know you have a wife and kids. How do yours feel about it and how did they react when you first told them your plans?

My wife was very supportive.

My children are 9 and 6 so they are cool with me getting to be home more.

They don’t always understand, daddy has to record videos and write emails on the computer today.

Generally, if they see me they feel like I’m available. It works because my wife helps me.

That being said man, I have to divide my time.

You know, when you work for yourself there is always something else you COULD be doing. You have to shut it off and go to bed, or shut it off and play with your kids, or shut it off and take your family to the movies man.

I actually gave myself hours so that I know there is a time to be working and a time to leave it alone.

People respect you more if you speak with certainty and confidence about what you plan to do. To this I hold true.

Most of my family though, they do not understand what I do for money.

There is a stigma that goes along with making money on the internet.

My father was a construction worker and so was his father before him and on back. I come from a long line of construction and factory workers. What I do is very different than that.

I come from generational poverty so the idea of me sending an email and making 300 bucks on that, or launching an information product and making a 1,000 bucks in less than 15 minutes is not fathomable to most people around me.

They feel like I am cheating people out of money or not really working a real job.

You go into this online world and you’re like someone people respect and ask for help.

You leave the online world and people are like, “you do WHAT for money?” Then they look at you like your not being responsible.

People tend to downgrade and disrespect what they do not understand.

Then you hear them complaining about their jobs. The thing is they complain out of habit. It’s a ritual.

They are slaves to their own comfort zones. It’s sad too because their comfort zones aren’t necessarily happy places.

If someone asks me what can they do to make money online, I will tell them and often they will just look at me with dazed eyes or they will say, “dude you’re so smart.”

The only difference is, I want it, I am not willing to give up, I believe in myself and my ideas, and I won’t accept failure.

That’s it.

They have no idea how powerful they could be if they only took a stand and said, “You know what…I am only going to make money doing this one thing.” Forget work, forget everything else.

I am going to learn this one thing and I am going to be a bad ass at it.” They would manifest destiny.

I know this to be true.

I spent years being clueless, grinding it out in jobs I hated before I figured this out.

It took getting fired and forced out of a job that I had for 7 years before I finally started to wake up.

I wasted a lot of time. I would be a millionaire by now if I would have walked my own path and not been so afraid earlier.

5. What was your first ever website or niche? What did you learn from running that site?

Man, my first ever website was called which is still live today.

I started it when I was going through this course called Site Build It by Ken Envoy. It teaches you how to make authority sites, essentially.

I ran all the numbers, I wrote down all the plans, I followed all the steps to the letter. As far as I was concerned I was going to be making 6 figures by the end of the year off of sponsored advertising and my free information site.

Until…I didn’t.

Then I was like, “Man, why am I not making any money? What’s going on? I followed all the steps! Damn you Ken Envoy…CURSE YOU!!!” I tried to make that site work for two years. I spent about a thousand bucks on Site Build It.

It wasn’t Site Build It’s fault.

Basically dude, I did not have a feel for it back then. It was too much following instructions and trying to fit what I wanted to do into those instructions.

Not enough heart. Not enough true strategy.

If Salvador Dali was here in my living room right now he could teach me everything he knows and guess what…my painting is still not going to be as awesome as his.

It is going to take practice.

I would need to take what he taught me, process it, develop my own style with it, and just paint for a little while…then slowly I would start to get better.

I don’t think it’s any different with online marketing and making money independently. There is a learning curve to it.

For me though, I needed that Site Build It failure and a few more failures before I started figuring out what worked for me.

You can’t be afraid to give people content for free. Also you can’t be afraid to charge people for content. You need them both.

Another thing is you have to find your voice. I know I said that before but it’s very important. You have to say things in your own way and you cannot be afraid to have a take on things.

People buy into opinions not facts. They follow belief and inspiration NOT instructions.

The last thing I learned was that it pays to be the mechanic and not the “I hope this works” guy.

You have to examine all the parts of your system and see what is failing.

If you don’t know then you treat it like a car. You work on one part at a time until you finally fix the thing.

One sure way to fail is to just give up and move on. That’s what I did with my first site.

If I still owned that site now, I could get it making money.

6. If you had to give 1 piece of advice to someone new to the online marketing world what would it be?

Publish consistently. This is your greatest weapon.

Don’t misunderstand that.

I didn’t say publish like a mad man, or publish every single hour.

So for me personally, that means putting out a video once a week minimum.

I can put out an extra one if I am feeling saucy that week or if I have something time sensitive to say but it’s my JOB to get that one piece of good solid content up a week.

The consistent publishing is very important because it builds trust with your subscribers.

All you need to do is be there with information that can help them and do it in your own voice.

Doing this will build your trust and authority. It will also build your celebrity status in your niche. All three of these things will make you more money.

So yeah man if you take nothing else from this interview take these two words: Publish consistently.

7. When choosing a niche follow passion or money?

I believe that you have to follow your passion.

Maybe I say this because I do a lot of video and if you don’t care about what you’re talking about with video it comes through pretty clear.

I don’t believe it though. I believe that it’s not just about the money.

Last year, I lost 2 of my best friends.

One died of cancer, and the other died of a heroin overdose. My father is battling lung cancer right now.

These events have put me in this place where I am not interested in doing things that I don’t care about. I want money…but I want it on my own terms.

That means if I want to start up in the alien abduction niche, or the weather modification niche, or the juggling clowns niche…then I am damn well going to make that work.

I would much rather face the challenge of making money from something I love than trying to make money from something that I don’t care about just because the numbers look good.

Guess what…my sheer force of will can destroy numbers.

If I think something is cool…guess what? I will find the other people who also think it is cool and we will form an army of bad ass people who all like that one thing…and I’ll figure out how to sell them something.

I will give you an example.

I wanted to lose weight right?

I went to the store and I bought this blender, the Nutribullet. I paid about a hundred bucks for it.

Around that time I was going through the Google Sniper 2.0 system. This was a couple of years ago.

SO I was like…hmm why don’t I apply these Google sniper tactics, mix in a few other tricks I learned and apply that to a YouTube channel?

So I said my goal is to recoup my hundred bucks that I have in this blender. I made an entire YouTube channel around the Nutribullet. It was very tight.

Every single video was about the Nutribullet.

I would do a strawberry banana smoothie in the Nutribullet one week and then do a “Can you make rice flour in the Nutribullet?” video the next week.

The channel started making money pretty quick and gathering subscribers.

So I decided I would invest some of the money that the channel was making back into the channel and I started giving away Nutribullet blenders every 1,000 subscribers.

It was pretty easy. I just shipped them directly from Amazon.

The point is…this was easy for me to do because I had an interest in this blender and in losing weight. I attracted others to me who also had that interest. That channel now has like 6300 subscribers. You can check it out at NutriBulletTime

So yeah man, I don’t know if it’s the right answer but for me, I only mess with stuff I actually have an interest in. It’s the right answer for me.

8. One of the most common questions I’m asked by my audience is “How do I get started?” What would you advise them?

Start a YouTube channel, no question.

It is the fastest way that I know to elevate your authority, status, and celebrity in a given space.

If they have a little money to invest I would get hosting, register a domain and get a blog going.

I would publish YouTube videos once a week with at least 300 word descriptions.

I would then use the descriptions for blog posts and embed the video above the blog post on my blog every week.

I would sign up for a free MailChimp account and begin collecting emails from my blog. You can have up to 500 emails for free and you can send broadcast messages to them.

You don’t need to PAY for an autoresponder when you have no list, and you don’t have a clue how to make money off a list.

Use a free service like MailChimp to learn how to email market effectively.

By the time you hit 500 emails you will know how to make money off the list and you can transfer it over to Aweber easily.

Also YouTube makes it effortless to share your videos among 13 major social networks.

They make money when you make money.

They didn’t put those things there for fun.

I would have an account on all of them and every time you published a video I would share it on all of them.

I would be networking everyday in Facebook groups with people in my space.

If all of that sounds complicated just remember you can make a full time living with a YouTube channel and a simple product on a website to push them at.

You can branch out from there.

9. If you lost everything (money, contacts, traffic, websites etc) and had to start over from scratch knowing what you know now with a $100 budget what would your plan be?

Easy man.

I would pay for a year of hosting, register a domain name, and build a website.

I would sign up for a free MailChimp account so I can collect leads for free. You better believe I am going to be making money before I hit 500 emails.

I would set up a course on that website for sale. I would give away a lighter version of that course as an ethical bribe.

I would upsell the in-depth course on my thank you page and on my download page.

I would run a blog from the same website.

I would drive traffic to the whole thing using YouTube as a catalyst for my audience and spread everything I publish across the internet.

Also…I hate to say it but if I was really low on funds like that I would probably run a coaching program through email to get my bank account right and to produce people who would be spreading the word about me.

This will build my audience faster.

Essentially it would be about building my audience as quickly as possible.

That doesn’t mean spam either. That means putting in work every day with clear precise strategy and goals.

It would be like, okay on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I am publishing videos on the remaining four days I will be networking and making sure as many people see that content as possible.

10. What would be your best tips for finding a profitable niche, creating the site / content, getting traffic and getting sales?

Well when it comes to finding a niche, I recommend your guide to them now man.

You’re “Find Your Perfect Niche in Seven Easy Steps” is essential reading if someone is having trouble picking a niche in my opinion.

It is an excellent resource.

When it comes to creating content for the site, use everything man.

Weaving your story into your content makes it unique and special.

You think that people don’t care about what the weather is like where you’re at but you know what? They are real people and you are also a real person.

Real people talk about what’s going on in their lives.

You want these people to like you, to trust you, and to see you as someone who can help them. To get to that place, you have to be yourself and just be imperfect.

There are two kinds of people who get followed…those who have arrived at their goals and those who are on a journey to reach their goals. Both of these types can inspire people.

The fact is I am not perfect.

This is something that my audience can relate to. They want a real person who is not perfect, but is a few steps ahead of them and can help them.

11. Is there any particular post on NicheHacks or piece of advice you used (from the blog / Stuart / FB group) that’s helped with your success or inspired you in any way?

First off, let me say that I found you from affiliate contest leader boards.

I am interested in being around people who are better at what I do than me.

So for everyone out there wanting to move up in their space, I say get on the top 10 of a few affiliate leader boards. This helps a lot whether you win or not.

My favorite section on your site is the email section.

That being said though, my favorite article and one that I found very inspirational and also actionable because it made me money was, “How To Write Emails That Win Product Launch Competitions, Beat Super Affiliates, And Make $8,320.24 In Just 6 Days.”

I believe that article could have been a best selling product. Just awesome stuff dude.

That is what actually inspired me to buy Commission Machine by Michael Cheney, which was freaking awesome and taught me a ton about email marketing. So yeah man, big inspirational article there dude.

The other thing that I really enjoy is your Mastermind group on Facebook.

What a great place to network and find potential affiliates. This is just awesome stuff dude.

You are really trying to help people and that is something that I truly respect.

12. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?

Currently I am working on a product called Easy YouTube Money Method 2.0.

It essentially takes someone from zero to having an asset on YouTube within 30 days that makes them money.

I am really excited about it man because it is laid out as a 30 day plan.

Every day people are given small tasks to complete so they are not overwhelmed. By the time they get to the end they understand what they are doing, they understand where they are going, they are rolling and they are making money.

It’s a 30 day commitment. It’s set up as a video training and YES they can jump ahead if they are feeling ambitious.

I am going to help a lot of people get their YouTube channels going and making money for them man.

I aim to change the game up for whoever buys this course.

There are no if’s, and’s, or buts about it, I mean to give people the ability to quit their crappy jobs.

Well, I have a lot of people that have been asking me about webinars and coaching stuff so I am going to start developing that a little bit.

I just have to be careful not to charge too much. I don’t want to alienate the people I truly want to help by making coaching un-affordable to them. At the same time coaching is a little time intensive so I need to find that balanced spot.

Dude, I would just like to say in closing, thanks for having me as part of this series.

I’m honored to be here and I hope we can help people with this interview.

Appreciate you, brother!

Kam (aka ZeroFatz)

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways from this post are:

  • Stick to one thing and don’t give up even if you don’t achieve your goals immediately
  • Focus on your passion. You won’t get anywhere by chasing money.
  • Keep it simple. Placing a system in place and then testing it to make sure it works is your priority.
  • Use YouTube, it’s the fastest way to gain popularity and a great way to send traffic to your site.
  • Keep your eye open for opportunities. Kam bought 3000 books for 100 bucks and then made a full time income selling them.
  • If Kam can go from unemployed to being able to strive on internet marketing income, then so can you.

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Wrapping Things Up

There’s no reason why you can’t see success after this great interview with Kam as he has proved to us that it really isn’t complicated to earn an income online but it does take determination and persistence.

Don’t give up. Failing is a part of the process but it shouldn’t stop you because you will see success if you learn from your mistakes.

Keep things simple, you don’t want to over-complicate the process and get so caught up without taking any actions.

If Kam can do it, then why can’t you?

Hold yourself accountable and let us know by commenting below what you’ll do to grow your website.

You might want to try some of the things Kam has mentioned in this post and he has proven that you don’t need much money to start up so there’s no excuse to slack off.

Go ahead and leave your comment below…