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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2024: Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Over the years countless members of the NicheHacks tribe have asked me about a niche marketing training courses for beginners called Wealthy Affiliate.

So I’ve joined and went through the initial free training modules and I’ve also upgraded to premium and checked out what’s on offer there.

And got stuck into their tools and resources and now I can advise you if it’s worth checking out or not.

Here’s my purchase proof…

What Is It?

This is my Wealthy Affiliate review…

It’s an interactive course (like an online training centre or niche marketing university) designed to take you from complete newbie to wealthy affiliate by turning your passions into a successful niche site.

Wealthy Affiliate has been online since 2005 and has over 20,000 members which says something about how trusted and valuable this course is.

The initial training is completely free and consists of 10 training modules.

Then if you want to take it to the next level to access 30 more modules AND get use of their free website builder, tools, resources and community you can upgrade for just $19.

It works in 4 simple steps:

    1. Choose your interest or passion.
    1. Build a website (using their WordPress based website builder and tools)
    1. Attract visitors (using their SEO and traffic techniques)
  1. Earn revenue from your passion (through affiliate marketing)

They have a series of video and text modules to guide you through each step.

On top of that there’s also a ton of free tools such as a website builder, keyword research tool, link tracker to help you along the way and make things easy for you.

As well as lots of training, modules, and classrooms to guide you on the right path.

Not to mention the community aspect – there’s live chat, private messages, help forums and webinars you can get involved with to get advice or encouragement from other members.

You even get one on one support from the owners Kyle and Carson when you’re a premium member – that’s incredible!

All the course, training, and tools are available online so you don’t have to download anything or spend extra on software or tools like you usually would when carrying out niche research.

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What It’s Not:
    • Not a get rich quick scheme – it takes time and commitment and focus.
    • Not a push button, instant riches, programs – you will have to invest time and energy into it.
    • Not MLM – no need to recruit others to make money.
    • Not blackhat bullsh*t – all above board and a perfectly legal and ethical way to make money.
    • No need for your own products – you will monetize your niche sites through affiliate marketing.
  • Not a scam – it’s a genuine training program, with 20,000 members, that’s been online for years and shows no signs of going anywhere a true sign of longevity.
    • Tons of free training and resources for newbie niche marketers meaning you can learn the basics of making money without spending a cent.
    • In-depth training videos and text tutorials showing you every aspect of going from newbie to expert niche marketer.
    • Keyword research tool available for free so you don’t have to purchase one or pay monthly fees like you do with most tools.
    • WordPress based website builder that you can use to build your site then either host on their servers for free or on your own using a premium domain name meaning it’s easy to set up your own niche site.
    • Content creator with guides on how to create content that converts and makes money.
    • Lists of money making keywords analysed and evaluated for you.
    • SEO and traffic guides showing you exactly how to get targeted traffic to your site.
    • Pretty much everything a newbie niche marketer needs to get started and prosper online.
  • Lots of support options should you need help or get stuck so you’ll never suffer alone.


Who’s It For?
    • Newcomers to the internet marketing world who want to see success with niche and affiliate marketing – if this is YOU then Wealthy Affiliate is what you’ve been looking for.
    • If you’re not so new but have struggled so far to make money online (or don’t make enough) then Wealthy Affiliate might be what you’re looking for as it has in-depth training and tutorials to guide you through the process.
    • If you’re wondering “how do I get started?” then this is a great place to start.
    • If you’re an experienced marketer who’s already making money online then there’s no value for you here.
    • Students, retirees, stay at home moms (or dads) who want to bring in some extra income will get a lot of use from this.
    • Bloggers who currently aren’t making any money from their blog and need guidance on how to do it.
  • If you simply don’t have the time to research and figure everything out for yourself then WA cuts out a lot of that mind numbing research and learning curve.
  • Very newbie friendly so if you’re new to niche marketing or even the internet and not sure how to get started this will map out the exact process.
  • The in-depth video tutorials, lessons and guides pretty much cover everything you need to know about getting started with niche marketing so you can start making money.
  • The community aspect of the site makes it easy to get help, advice, and encouragement from others in the same situation and from those who are advanced and successful.
  • Free tools and software that would otherwise be expensive like the keyword research, link tracker, and web builder.
  • Can turn almost any of your passions into a profitable niche site using the Wealthy Affiliate training course.
  • There’s no other course offering so much in-depth training to newcomers as far as I know.
  • Will help you earn revenue through monetizing your passions and live the life you aspire to have – the laptop lifestyle aka freedom.
  • Lessons 6 and 7 in ‘level 4’ are some of the best training guides in the whole package IME as they talk about the power of Google Authorship and Google +.
  • A lot of focus on SEO traffic (though not 100% they do cover social and paid too) which is unpredictable and not guaranteed would be nice to see more training modules on other aspects.
  • Inside the training centre the page feels cluttered to me. Too much going on but that simply means there’s a lot of useful information so it’s not too much of a negative point.
There’s a live chat, classrooms, interaction with other members and staff, private message system and more so help is ALWAYS on hand should you need it.

The owners Kyle and Carson are available online often solving problems something you won’t see often with training modules like these.

There’s also personal 1 on 1 support with the owners when you upgrade to premium – not many companies give you personal access to the CEO regardless of the price you’ve paid.

With over 20,000 members on board all happy to help newcomers out the community aspect couldn’t be stronger.

Chances are you wont need much help as the training is so in-depth and easy to follow that you’ll likely not struggle.

Price & Guarantees

The initial 10 lessons are completely free without needing to enter any credit card details or payment info so you can check it out without any commitment.

To upgrade to the premium membership (as I did) it costs $19 for the first month then $49 per month after that though there’s no contract so you can cancel at ANY time.


Included in premium is:

  • An additional 30 in-depth training modules so you can further advance your skills
  • The easy to use WordPress website builder so you can build your first site.
  • A free keyword research tool you can use to find profitable keywords and save spending money on premium tool
  • Affiliate classroom and bootcamp to further help you with your affiliate marketing and let you get access to help and advice.
  • Done for you keyword lists you can use to create sites around.
  • The community so you can chat, interact, ask questions and get help from the leaders and others in the community.

You can save 36% by upgrading to yearly billing instead of month by month.04

Members Opinions

I’ve searched the net for genuine reviews…

“When I first joined this awesome community back in 2012 I didn’t have the first clue about what I would be doing. I just started going through the training and asked lots of questions and pretty soon everything started to make sense.

In the year and a half I have been a member. I have learned how to build websites, and how to write content that will get ranked in Google, and bring me loads of traffic every day.

This same website has made me enough money that I have been able to free myself from corporate America and pursue my dream of working from home.”

“I recommend this program highly for any new entrepreneur and even for those who still struggle to earn a decent income from the internet.

I truly believe that the owners of Wealthy Affiliate have the right mindset into helping people to achieve their online goals.

The design is professional without flashy buttons, fake promises or constant promotions.”

“I have to say, I really doubted that was possible until I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate.

But thru clear and extensive step-by-step trainings (and their fun and informative weekly live webinar training…) this program taught me I really could make money online doing the things I loved.”

I also found these, what seem to be unbiased reviews, on the WF….


The main alternative to it that I know of is Niche Profit Classroom which I reviewed here.

Wealthy Affiliate is relevant though they do focus a little too much on SEO so it would be nice to see more training on a wider range of traffic sources.

There are some modules on social and paid traffic but I didn’t see any mention on networking, content marketing, email, forum marketing, blogs and so on which would have been nice.

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Final Opinion of Product

If you’re a newcomer and wondering “how do I get started” with niche and / or affiliate marketing WA is certainly a good place to start.

The training modules, video courses, and tools you get access to make it much simpler to get your own online business up and running based around your passion than if you go it alone and try and figure it all out for yourself.

With the community aspect and help available from mentors and other members, it’ll make you more likely to stick with the training and succeed as you’re working towards a goal together instead of solo as you would usually be.

It’s not perfect and I doubt you’ll become a millionaire after following the training.

But it will definitely get you started, on the right track, teach you the skills you need to be successful and give you a better chance of success than if you do everything yourself.

It’s easy to dream about being the laptop millionaire with the fancy car, nice house, no debts, and regular luxury travel but until you learn the basic skills you’ll never reach there so start mastering them now.

WA teaches you the basic but very essential skills that put you on the right path to being a successful niche marketer and affiliate.

Get these under your belt first (and you can get them very quickly and cheaply thanks to WA) and those dreams might just come true further down the line as you build on the foundations WA gives you.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme but it will give you the basic skills every niche marketer needs to be successful.

Get started on the road to your dream life for $0 below…

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, if you’re a new marketer who’s not sure how to get started or what exactly they should be doing then Wealth Affiliate is a great place to start.

You’ll learn a lot of the basic but essential skills and knowledge from going through the training modules that you can use to create your own profitable niche sites around your passions.

Even the first 10 free modules will teach you a lot but it’s when you upgrade to premium you’ll really see the benefit.

There’s no other course out there that I know of which offers everything Wealthy Affiliate does and trying to compile out the information and skills contained within this course from different sources would slow down your learning and progress by months.

Plus it would cost you more money to go solo as you’d need to purchase keyword research tools and other software which come free with WA.

In WA everything is included and you can quickly fast track your way to success with niche marketing instead of taking the slow, lonely, and painful route.

If you’re ready to fast track your way to niche marketing success then you need to take action now so simply click below instantly…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Wealthy Affiliate review and concluded that it is indeed a legit way to make money through niche marketing and promoting affiliate products.