10 'Hacks' To Instantly Become An Authority Figure In Your Niche.

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If you want people to take you seriously in your niche you have to be considered an authority figure or otherwise no one is going to pay attention to you.

You cannot be just another 'me too' guy who puts out the same old, re-hashed, content that everyone else is doing. You need to be somewhat original and unique and do things better than everyone else.

You have to prove you are the expert and not just say you are.

Here are 10 'hacks' (shortcuts) you can use to be seen as an authority in your niche....


1. Actually know a lot about your niche.

Ideally you'll be competing in niches you do know a lot about. If that's the case there's no reason why you cannot be an authority.

All it takes is for you to know more than the average person who likely knows very little.

If you don't know lots about it either research like crazy or outsource to someone who is an authority in the niche. No one said you have to create the content yourself.


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2. Get in your customers face.

Everywhere your customer goes they should see you. On forums, blogs, social media and anywhere else they hang out.

You should be there giving advice, insights and value. Not just another forum poster giving out re-hashed to death or generic advice but ACTUAL value.


3. Create EPIC content better than anyone else.

If your competitors are creating better content than you then forget about being seen as an authority.

You need to be creating EPIC content that is as good or preferably better than the authorities in your niche.

Do what they don't want to do, like go on video and host webinars.

Create epic resources like my niche research guide or some other epic guides like...

...so that your guide literally becomes the definitive resource on the net for your subject.


4. Go where your audience is and find ways to divert them to your site.

Your audience need to know you exist and you need to find ways to get them from where they already hang out to your site.

You can do that by posting content to forums and enabling links in signatures, sharing videos, blog commenting with links back to your site, sharing on video sites, content syndication and guest posting or interacting on popular social media hubs.

Get your audiences eyes on your content. Just don't spam!


5. Use social proof wherever possible.

Proudly display how many Facebook fans and twitter followers you have.

Tell people how many subscribers you have to your RSS feeds and lists.

Use testimonials from customers on the site. Encourage people to share and reference your work.

Use logos from well known sites (where you have a legit reason to and permission) as social proof.

Wherever possible reference and link to other authorities in the niche.


6. Create a memorable brand .

You have to create a name that people remember, something not bland and generic.

Have a strong and memorable logo that you use on your site and all products.

Create an avatar of yourself that you use across all forums and blogs in your niche so that when people see it they instantly know it's you.

Use your name frequently on your site, in products, and on forums and blogs.

There's a lot of noise out there and it's difficult for people to remember who everyone is unless strong branding is present.


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7. Have published work on Amazon.

Having a book or ebook published on Amazon can do wonders for your credibility.

It's not difficult to self publish a book these days but simply by being an published author can increase your authority instantly.

Proudly display your book on your website.


8. Interact with credible people in your niche.

Get well known by the top bloggers and other authorities in your niche by sending them guest posts, re-tweeting their stuff, liking their content on Facebook and referencing them in your content.

The more you do this the more likely they are to do it back. When you start getting referenced by other authorities in your niche you become associated as being one too.


9. Don't try and be everything for everyone, specialize.

Don't be too vague in your content. The more people you try and please the less people you please as you never really nail it.

Create an ideal customer on paper and then make sure everything you do is aimed at them.

Be the number 1 authority in the niche for those people and write just for them.


10. Be original and unique.

You cannot ever be seen as an authority if you're just repeating the same stuff that's been said by others.

You need a unique angle. You don't have to reinvent the wheel but something has to make you different.

It can be as easy as interjecting your personality into your content or showing people insights into your life to make you stand out.

Pat Flynn is an outstanding example of someone who does this well, you'll see pictures of him with his family and read stories about his life.

Matthew Woodward is another, just check his about me page which has been shared over 100 times on social media.




Use these 10 'hacks' to quickly become an authority in your niche even if you are not as much as an expert as you'd like to be.

By simply knowing more than your average person, creating good content, getting in your customers face and interacting with other authorities in the niche you can easily be seen as one.



Do you have any other ways to be seen as authority in your niche?

What's your opinion on 'hacking' your way to authority?

Tell me about it in the comments below.....

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