[Case Study] Learn How I Increased Email Subscribers By 147.5% in Just 30 Days With 1 Simple Tweak. Interested?

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Regardless of what type of website or online business you are running an email list is essential.

I doubt there's a successful online business in the world that doesn't have an one.

One of my main focuses with NicheHacks is to build up my list and your main focus should be to build up your list too.

It's the number 1 way for you to build a relationship and trust with your subscribers and drive traffic back to your site.

Not to mention allowing you to notify them of new products and market to them.

Case in point, 30% of all traffic to NicheHacks.com last month was from my emails which I use to drive people back to my blog posts.

Wouldn't you like 30% more traffic every month?

So I think you get the picture and see why an email list is important

So let me share with you how I increased my email subcribers by 147.5% in just 30 days time with 1 simple 'tweak'.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)



How I Increased Email Subscribers By 147.5% in Just 30 Days...

Before I tell you the 1 simple tweak let me just show you proof.

The graph below shows new subscriber growth.

See how it's plodding steadily upwards from December to April then suddenly skyrockets up to May.

monthly new subscribers graph


You'll see below that I collected 280 new subscribers in April but that jumped up to 693 in May – a 147.5% increase.


30 day number increase


Prior to that the list was only growing by around 100-150 new subscribers a month.

So what was this incredible tweak that resulted in my email subscribers skyrocketing?

Wait for it.....

I simply added more opt in boxes to the site!

Yep, seriously, that's the magic 'tweak'.

But not just adding any old opt in boxes – ones that your simply cannot miss when you visit my site.

Now some people will tell you “if your content is good enough people will opt in anyway”

Like one of my audience members did when they answered a survey I put out...


people want to opt in


Sadly as my testing and data show this is simply just not true.

People are blind to the standard side bar and below content opt ins, easily distracted, forget, or plan to do it 'later'.

You need to constantly be reminding people to opt in and giving them multiple chances to do so through different methods.

So I went looking for a plugin that had as many different optin methods as possible and that would allow me to split test and track.

The best I found was this subscriber boosting plugin here.

Now simply adding regular opt in boxes in obvious place isn't enough, I had done all that already, I wanted them to be unmissable.

I focused on adding 3 new opt in types that my visitors could not miss....

1. Huge custom in-content opt in with incentives.
2. Entry pop up.
3. Exit pop up.

These are all “in your face” opt in methods I knew people wouldn't miss.


The In Content Opt In

The in content opt ins were huge and very in your face that offered an incentive related to the post.

So for an example on a post talking about niche ideas you'd be offered more niche ideas, an affiliate marketing post would get some affiliate marketing related and so on.



in content opt in


I don't usually like giving away incentives in exchange for emails.

It tends to encourage people to sign up JUST to get the freebie and not necessarily because they want to be on your mailing list or receive follow up emails.

However as they were “in content”, usually near the bottom, and mostly on the in-depth posts I figured most people who had gotten that deep into a post were pretty engaged and not likely to be your standard freebie seeker.

This particular one below converts at 3.2%.


In Content Conversion Rate



I have different ones depending on the post type.

Some convert better than others ranging from 0.5% from the blogging incentive to 3.2% for the affiliate marketing and niche incentives.

Compare this to my standard “in content opt in” which converts at just 0.4% you can see how well these work.


In Content Standard Conver Rate


The Entry Pop Up

I also added an entry pop up!

I've lost track of how many times I've heard that your visitors don't like entry pop ups and will immediately leave the site.

In some less tech savvy niches that's perhaps true but in Internet Marketing people are used to them.

Before the pop up my bounce rate was 62.05% and now it's 63.70%. No real change.

As I talked about in 34 Ways To Increase Your Email List Shoemoney saw a 36% increase, Vizual Website Optimizer a 50% increase and Darren Rowse saw sign ups jump from 40 to 350 a day with entry pop ups.

Matthew Woodward found that his entry pop up was his best converting but noted a 9.02% increase in bounce rate – so test for yourself!




Plus the entry pop up converts at a solid 4.2% and now accounts for 26.3% of my total email subscribers.


POP UP 26.3


Can you afford to say no to that?

Get testing an entry pop up and if it's converting with no discernable difference to your bounce rate or time spent on site it's a winner!


The Exit Pop Up

I also wanted to add an exit pop up that triggered when someone goes to close the site or click back.

My new subscriber rocketing plugin sadly doesn't have that feature so I bought Optin Monster which does.

Disappointingly it conflicted with either my theme or some other plugins on my site and wouldn't work properly.

I haven't heard of this problem happening with anyone else so yet again I blame my theme which causes no end of problems with plugins and hosts.

So instead I ended up using this free optin called PopUp Ally until I find a premium solution that works with my site.

So far so good the exit pop accounts for 6.5% of my total subscribers.

The only pop ups that have collected more are the entry pop up and custom in content at 15.4% and 26.3% respectively.

You can't assume everyone who visits your site will have seen your opt ins but they certainly can NOT miss the exit pop up.



The Results

By simply adding more opt in methods to my site I've increased subscribers by 147.5% in just 30 days.

That accounts for 1,359 new subscribers since I implemented them which is massive considering how easy this 'tweak' is to implement.

This was easy thanks to this subscriber skyrocketing plugin which installs in 1 click and is simple to customize.

Until adding these 3 methods into the site nothing I tried would increase my opt ins – they totally flat lined regardless of traffic.



Adding more opt in methods just flat out works and is a great way to skyrocket your list without scaring away your visitors.

The small change in bounce rate shows that most people are NOT put off by constantly seeing opt ins and entry pop ups don't bother them much in some niches.

Not surpringly the entry pop up subscribers are not the best quality subcriber and unsubscribe more than any other subscribe method

This is because many of these subscribers will opt in on their first visit to the site without being immersed in the content first so they're not yet a huge fan of my site.


entry pop up unsubscribe



However the in-content and exit pop up subscribers are as good quality as any other.

Don't make assumptions that because people like your content they'll willingly opt in – often they don't regardless of how much they like it.

They simply miss them or forget.

They won't miss entry and exit pop ups or in their face in content boxes offering incentives so test them for yourself and measure the results.

You need to be putting 100% of your focus into building your email list if you want to grow your blog or online business and having as many opt in methods as possible is the best way to do that.

Even better when it's opt in methods your visitors cannot miss.

To start building your list so you can drive more traffic to your site and increase your profits get your copy of this list boosting plugin on the link below now...

>> http://nichehacks.com/subscriber-boosting 




Take Away For You

Get as many opt in boxes on your site as possible –

  • Sidebar (more than 1 and a moving sidebar box at the bottom)
  • Entry pop up
  • Exit pop up
  • In content
  • Below content
  • Dedicated landing pages
  • Comment tick box
  • Hello bar
  • Etc


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)


Take it one step further and make sure your opt in boxes stand out and are seen by EVERYONE who visits your site not just the ones who happen to stumble across your side bar or below content opt in.

If that mean entry and exit pop ups and obtrusive in content opt ins that they can't miss then so be it - start testing them.

You might be surprised at the results like I was - not only a massive boost in conversion rate and huge increase in subscribers but not much negative effect on bounce rate, time spent on site or number of pages visited.

Don't assume that your visitors don't like entry pop up – test for yourself and see if there's any major difference in bounce rate.

Use incentives but use sparingly so you get the type of subscriber who's already engaged with your site and not someone who's just landed and has no relationship with you.

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to build a profitable site and make good money online so get building your list NOW and put 100% effort into it.

If you're ready to start taking list building seriously so you can finally have that online income you've been dreaming of you need to take action now or it will forever be a dream...

>> Click here to start skyrocketing your email list right now!



As always I've love to hear your thoughts on this post so leave them below.

What have you done to increase your email subscribers?

What's your most effective opt in?

Share below...


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  1. Shalu Sharma says:

    Interesting case study. You are very right on the fact that the sidebar optin forms are no longer useful unless its visible most of the time. In fact, anything on the sidebar is ignored by the visitor. The Hello Bar seems like a good idea, never thought of that.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey again Shalu, good to see you around.

      Yeah you REALLY have to get your opt ins in your visitors face for them to be noticed. People are blind to a lot of the basic opt ins these days.

      And people don't opt in simply because you write good content and have a few opt in around the site. You need to show them your opt ins at all times.