The Launch Bible Review 2.0

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A review of The Launch Bible 2.0 from 7 figure info-product launch specialist Alex Jeffreys. His former students include many well known and respected marketers including Marc Millburn, Joey '$58K in 7 days' Xoto, Dean Holland, Amber Jalink, Anthony Tilley and more.

By copying Alex's launch strategy I went from making $150 per product per month to making $2,000 in the first 4 days on my last product launch.

In this course he's sharing his 2 page product launch checklist he's used on every one of his successful product launches along with in-depth video tutorials and resources on how to create and launch simple yet stupidly profitable digital products.

He reports that students of his previously paid up to $3,000 for this very same checklist but now it's available to the public for less than $10 bucks, if you're not convinced then go to his Facebook Mastermind group and ask his students if it's true.

If you'd like to create and launch your own successful digital products AND get over $200 worth of exclusive bonuses which I'm offering then simply click below now...








The Launch Bible Review

The main part of this course is a 2 page checklist. Sounds simple but this very checklist has been used on all of Alex's launches. The very same launches that make him 7 figures a year and the very same that make many of his students 5 and 6 figure marketers.

He's been using this very same business model since 2008 so he knows the method inside out.

About 2 weeks before the Launch Bible was released to the public I reverse engineered his product launches and used the same strategies he does on my last product launch.

In the 4 day launch period I made over $2,000.








Previously without his blueprint I had 5 info-product for sale. In the first month of them being on sale they only generated a total of $699.38 which is less than $150 per product.


5 products JPEG


That's a 1233% increase in sales by following this product launch strategy and I even missed out some pretty important steps because I didn't have the full blueprint in front of me.

I spent hours of my time and some of my hard earned cash on reverse engineering this model but you don't have to because the launch bible is your step by step guide to successful product launches just like the pro's.

And don't worry if you think you can't do this or will find it too technical – it's not technical and it's newbie friendly and step by step.

Get your copy on the link below and I'll throw in $200+ worth of bonuses including 115 hot info-product niches, an exclusive free copy of Alex's Digital Product Machine guide, a selection of 7 of my most popular info-products AND 15 hot niche reports but only if you act fast and click now...




What You Get With This Course:
  • A simple, yet powerful, 2 page checklist you can use to launch your own profitable products.


  • A detailed guide on how to create your own simple digital products even if you are a newbie, aren't very technical and don't yet have a niche.


  • Over 2 hours of video, audio and PDF guides taking you through the whole process from niche selection, product creation, launch, affiliates, traffic and everything else you need to know.


  • Case studies from successful marketers who used this course to see huge success in niches ranging from salsa, to IM, to forex, and over 20 other niches.


  • Live group Q&A sessions where you can ask your burning questions and network with others




Plus Exclusive Bonuses:
  • The Digital Product Machine – Alex, the 7 figure launch specialists, very own best selling product on creating simple yet powerful digital products – this is a NicheHacks exclusive.


  • 115 Hot info-product niches – a list of the hottest info-product niches researched and evaluated so you can simple pick a niche and get started with no mind numbing research required.


  • 15 Untapped Niche Market Reports – 15 reports in hot and untapped affiliate niches ranging from quit smoking to insomnia to surveillance cameras and more.


  • 7 of my Most Popular Info-products – These sell for $9.99 each but you're getting 7 of the best for free including 7 Easy Steps To Finding A Profitable Niche & $1,000 Products That Sell Like Crazy.




Who's It For:
  • If you're a newcomer to IM or someone who just can't seem to make this work no matter how hard you try this is perfect. Not only is it a proven and easily to implement system but it requires very few technical skills.


  • If you're struggling to make ends meet at the moment and can't keep up with the car or rent payments and aren't putting money aside for your retirement then consider this.


  • The richest internet marketers are the ones launching their own products not the affiliates (their are exceptions to that rule of course) because when you own the product the affiliates do the selling for you netting you a sale and a potential customer for life – be the product owner and not the middle man.


  • If you are a blogger and want to be an authority in your niche this is the way forward. It will help build your brand as well as adding some additional income to your bank account


  • If you're an SEO fed up of Googles temper tantrums and unpredictability then give product creation a shot – it's one of the few business models where you have complete control and are not in danger from outside influences like search engine rankings.


  • If you're already launching products and think they could do better then this is also for you.


  • Or maybe you're currently trying affiliate marketing, blogging MLM, SEO or some other method and just not having any luck then product launches could be the big ticket you've been waiting for.


  • Like I say most of the successful and richest internet marketers are the guys with their own products, so why not attempt to emulate their success with a blueprint from a guy living that dream.


So if you're looking to finally turn those dreams into reality and live the life you deserve (freedom, independence, no 9-5, travel etc) you owe it to yourself to check this out and see if it's what you've been waiting for....





Pros & Cons


  • The best product launch and creation course on the market – there's few other with the experience and proof that Alex has. He does this month in and month out and so do his students.


  • This is a proven business model that works now and will work in 10 years time – it's not unpredictability or unreliable like so many other online business models (SEO for example)


  • You get everything you need for success in this one package – no need to buy additional courses or upsells to get started.


  • Lots of different content included from videos, audios, PDFs, checklists and mindmaps so whatever your choice is you're covered.


  • Everything you need for success with this method is included and there's no reason if you follow it properly you can't be the next success story.





  • Lots of video involved – so if you don't like video training it might be a problem for you but I'm usually not a video fan either and I give this product my seal of approval.


  • Alex's critics say he talks too much and it's true he loves to talk but when he's sharing the sort of golden nuggets that have the potential to make you seriously wealthy from such a simple business model I think he's worth listening to, don't you?


Price & Guarantees

This could easily be sold as an expensive training package. In fact students of Alex were in the past charged $3K to get access to his product launch checklist, don't believe that?

Well go ask them they can be found publicly on the sales page and in the members mastermind area which you'll get access to with this purchase – real people who can verify it,

Yet it's been made available to the public today for less than $10 – and the reason for that is simple, not because Alex is generous and wants to “give back to the community” or some other hippy nonsense BUT because low priced products are a great way to get you into his sales funnel

And he impresses you with this low priced product you'll become a customer for life and buy his future products. Clever!

To make it absolutely risk free for you Alex has a 30 day refund period where he will refund without hassle for ANY reason you can think of, and you'll even get to keep the bonuses you've downloaded so there's no reason not to try this, so go on try it now...




Questions and Answers

Q: Can these products be created and launched in ANY niche?

A: Definitely.

Students of this course are in niches ranging from IM to salsa to forex to hypnosis.

And just look at Clickbank digital products in EVERY niche under the sun from tattoos to solar power to comics to genital warts. If there's a niche you can make info-products for it.


Q: Why is this price so insanely low if the information contained is responsible for making people 5, 6 and even 7 figures?

A: Simply to get you into their sales funnel. It's a common tactic. Release a low priced product to get you interested.

They'll make little or no money on that front end sale but if you are impressed with it then you'll buy products further down the line, clever marketing strategy!


Q: Is EVERYTHING you need included in the product or do I have to buy additional products for this to work?

A: You get everything you need on how to create, launch, and profit from digital products

And if that's not enough I've got 2 exclusive bonuses for you - 115 hot info-product niches and the best selling 'Digital Product Machine' which details everything you need to know to create simple digital products.

Remember more info is available when you click this link...




Q: Do I need an existing list or audience to do this?

A: Not at all.

It's designed for newbies and will help you build your audience and list faster than you can in any other way through using affiliates to promote your product and make you sales (all explained how to do that in the product)


Q: Can a newbie who's never made a product before really create and launch one in a short period of time?

A: Yes if you're willing to put just a little work in.

Simply buying and never implementing or not taking action won't achieve this but a product could be researched, created and ready to launch in a week if you're quick about it.


Q: This deal seems too good to be true, is it?

A: It's a GREAT deal but it is true.

You get the exact launch blueprint used month after month by this 7 figure marketer. The same checklist his students are using to do 5 and 6 figure launches.


Q: Is there any proof this works?

A: There sure is. Students and former customers of Alex include well known and respected marketers, many of which you'll know including - Dean Holland, Joey Xoto, Mark Millburn, Amber Jalink and more.

These are real people with real businesses, some of these guys have went on to be millionaires - not without hard work of course but it shows what is possible.

If you're still not convinced that digital products can be this profitable just look at Clickbank

They've been around longer than Google, pay over a million dollars in commission EVERY month, and report to have made over 100,000 wealthy and created another 1,000 millionaires through selling via the CB marketplace.

This is a big and very real business and there's room for everyone so if you're ready to give it a try then click the link below now...





The product launch course that's worth checking out is “Product Launch Formula” by Jeff Walker (no relation)

Though the last time I looked at it it cost a couple of hundred dollars and this is less than $10 though no less valuable, it probably contains more value due to all the bonuses and case studies that come with it.




Final Opinion of the Product

I believe in this product and I believe in Alex. Far too many internet marketers make bold claims they can't back up and have no proof.

Alex had made successful marketers out of many newbies. Many of his students have gone onto become household names like Marc Millburn, Joey '$58K in 7 days' Xoto, Dean Holland, Amber Jalink, Anthony Tilley and more.

This is the same launch strategy he uses for his own launch and he's a 7 figure a year marketer who can prove it.

Few people are as successful as he are and can back up it.

If you're interested in finally making serious money online, and not just $100 a month or the occasional sale here and there, then give this a try now.

If you don't try chances are that this time next year you'll still be in the same situation and no further forward to paying off your debts, securing a better future for your family, putting away money for your retirement, and being financially free.

This is a proven system that with a little hard work and determination could be the opportunity you've been waiting for all this time so don't put it off or find an excuse click below now and take action...




Do I recommend it?

Of course!

I've found more value in this product than in a dozen products by other marketers.

It's the complete system for product creation and launches. Students of this and other courses of Alex have gone on to make 5 and 6 figures from product launches and if they can there's no reason you can't.

This system helped me make $2K in just 4 days on my last product launch.

If you'd like to follow in our footsteps then you owe it to yourself to click below now...




I hope you've enjoyed The Launch Bible 2.0 review and find as much use for it as I did.

To date, Stuart has revealed well over 1,500 hot niches.

He's living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to internet marketing.

The aim with Niche Hacks is to help you live your dream thanks to online marketing, whatever that may be.
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  1. I love the review and Alex's generous nature Stuart!

    I learned that both charging for products and services and giving them away too, or at a highly discounted price, primes the abundance pump.

    If you really get down to it, what we give freely we get back, multiplied....especially when giving away serious value.

    Thanks for the helpful share!


  2. Hey Stuart,

    Great review of Alex's Launch Bible.

    I will look into this.

    Thank you.

  3. Christopher christia says:

    I purchased this program through your link. After going over the information I can honestly say that this program is not what I expected. I walked away with a nasty taste in my mouth granted it was only $8. at the very least I should have had a basic understanding as a newbie to be able to create my very own EBOOK from scratch. Maybe I overlooked something but overall I would not recommend this for anyone!


    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Christopher, thanks for purchasing it.

      There IS a whole section on creating your own digital product from scratch AND I also managed to secure an exclusive bonus for Niche Hacks subscribers where you got Alex's best selling course 'Digital Product Machine' for free which is ALL about creating your own digital product.

      Maybe you just missed those parts?

      Digital Product Machine is available within JVZOO listed as a bonus. But also there's a section of The Launch Bible dedicated to product creation within the main course area.

      You get EVERYTHING you could possibly need in this course from selecting a niche, to product creation, to launch, to getting affiliates to make sales for you + all the bonuses I threw in, worth over $200, which includes a list of best selling info-product niches, 15 niche hack reports. 7 of my most popular info-products and more.

      For $8.

      I love this product. Like I've mentioned several times now it helped me go from $150 per product per month to $2,000 in just 4 days by following the system.

  4. Sana says:

    Hey Stuart,

    I like the product. Just purchased it. I am in the middle of the video series of digital product marketing. I'll let you know if I like it or not 🙂


  5. Great review nichhacks, ive been looking forward to buying this product, but i dont have a paypal account and not so comfortable using my card on the paypal guess payment... is this product available on clickbank?

  6. angel says:

    Hi i bought the launch bible through your subscrition email but i still havent recieved anything.. how long does this usually take?