3 Unique Places to Find Lead Magnet Ideas that Most Marketers Are Missing

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We’ve all heard that to have a successful online business we need to have an email list.

But throwing up a generic email capture form in your sidebar isn’t going to do it for you.

Because, as Jawed put it in this post, “Reality check - people are NOT interested in your blog updates.”

I don’t care how good your blog posts are—people aren’t going to sign up to receive them just for the sake of receiving them. Some might, but the vast majority will need a little more coaxing.

And the answer isn't as simple as just changing your sidebar opt in to an annoying pop up that gets in visitors faces every time they visit your site.

Further, if you actually want to make money from your audience, they need to know they can trust you.

“They should be confident that whatever you’re recommending or selling is not just another cheap good-for-nothing product designed to make you easy money,” explained Jawad.

So a great lead magnet that addresses their needs, helps them out, and creates actual, measurable progress for them is the perfect way to “prove yourself” to your audience.

To show that you are a trustworthy source of information and that people should take your advice on products to purchase.

And while most of us are aware of the types of lead magnets we can make (ebooks, email courses, check sheets, webinars, coaching sessions, case studies, templates, etc.), we often get stuck on what the heck our lead magnets should be about.

So today where going to talk about three different places where you can uncover genius lead magnet ideas that will do two things:

  • Build trust and leave them wanting more from you



What You’ll Learn

  • What a lead magnet is and why you need one.
  • Three different platforms to search through for unique lead magnet ideas your competition aren't using.
  • How to search on each individual platform to get quick results.
  • What to look for and how to know it's a great idea.


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A Quick Review: What a Lead Magnet is & Why You Need One

A lead magnet, in its most essential form, is a free giveaway to get someone onto your email list.

It's something they can download to their computer to use now and in the future.

And it's designed to be a solution to a core problem they have.

A lead magnet can be any of these and more:

  • An ebook
  • A checklist
  • A blueprint
  • A video tutorial
  • A how-to guide
  • An ultimate guide to something
  • An email course
  • A free consultation

As long as it somehow helps your target audience's pain points, it's game.

And you need a lead magnet, because for most of us, we need a little leverage to convince people to sign up for our email lists.

Most people on the internet aren't going to fangirl or fanboy over our content just for the sake of our content.

They might think it's interesting, but that's as far as it's going to go.

And as I quoted Jawad above, people aren't interested in reading your blog updates just for the pure sake of it.

People on the internet, unless they're mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, are there for a reason: to search for a solution to solve a problem.

And if you can offer a genuine solution to that problem—especially if that solution is free—people will be fans for life.

They'll sign up to receive the lead magnet, and by default, be added to your email list where you can continue to educate them, market to them, and eventually, sell to them.

So let's dive into uncovering ideas for these lead magnets, shall we?


1. Quora

I’ll be honest: Quora used to really, really get on my nerves.

I don’t know exactly what it was, but I generally hated the way I saw so many people wasting their time on there, asking the same questions over and over again without ever taking action or digging deep into the issue.

But when I started investigating my target audience for a new product I’m working on, I started to see it in a new light.

Sure, there’s people on the platform that do nothing but daydream without taking action and then complain that their life isn’t perfect.

But there’s also loads and loads of people asking really smart questions, giving great advice, and digging deeper into the advice that’s been given.

The easiest way to uncover great lead magnet ideas on Quora is to start by searching a popular topic.



Here I started searching for “affiliate” since that’s what we talk about most of the time on NicheHacks. I went with the main topic of “affiliate marketing.”


Once you get to a topic’s main page, here’s the three places you’re most likely to uncover a golden lead magnet topic:

  • In the Feed
  • In the FAQ
  • In the Most Viewed Writers section


In the Feed

In the feed, look for long-form questions submitted by non-frequent Quora users.

I like these because they’re making sure to get straight to the heart of the detail, and they’re frustrated enough to resort to Quora—something they don’t normally use—in desperate hopes of finding an answer.

Basically, they’re people who are nearly at their wits’ end and will tell you exactly why they’re frustrated… which is often a perfect topic for a lead magnet.


This was the first question in the feed.


You can see how this person knows exactly what they’re after, giving you the opportunity to create a lead magnet around exactly that.

A blueprint of this topic would be an incredibly effective lead magnet.


In the FAQ

The FAQ is great because it’s curated by the community of people who use Quora for the topic you’ve searched.

Meaning this: if your audience members aren’t total newbies, this is a good place to go for some more sophisticated questions to serve people who already have a little bit of experience in your niche.

Case in point:




The people asking this question already understand the basics of affiliate marketing, but want to know which program is the best one to invest their time in.

A lead magnet in the form of a comparison chart of all the major affiliate programs would be really useful for them.




These people also know the basics of affiliate marketing, but need some help and hand-holding to actually make it happen on their websites.

For this question, you could give away any daily, weekly, or monthly check sheets you use to keep your affiliate business profitable.


Most Viewed Writers

These are the people giving answers… so you’re not necessarily looking for what they’re writing for lead magnet ideas.

But they’re the most viewed for a reason: they give good advice… the kind of advice people are looking for in your niche.


Here’s the most viewed writers in affiliate marketing.


When you click on a writer’s answers from this list, scroll through and look  to see which (if any) answers have additional comments.



Here you can see this answer has two more comments.



And here’s what I discovered when I clicked to expand those comments.


I love the first comment… it’s a question that would give you access and credibility to the entire market of Chinese people trying to make money online, but who are limited by their internet restrictions.

Based on this, a good lead magnet could simply be a list of frameworks that are viewable in China.

Admittedly, this does take longer to comb through than the other methods, but it can be a great idea if you’re looking something a little more specific or unique.


2. Amazon Book Reviews

And here I am again, talking about Amazon book reviews.

I know I mention these a lot when it comes to market research and copywriting help, but that’s only because they’re just so useful.

They take a lot of time to read through, but I’ve found them invaluable when it comes to doing research on my market.

But because you could easily get sucked into spending a 40 hour work week doing nothing but reading book reviews, here’s my best tips to cut to the chase and uncover really great lead magnet ideas:


Don’t Bother Reading Short Reviews. Go For The Life Stories.

Short reviews usually only tell you if the person thinks the book is worthwhile or not.

Which is useful if you’re thinking about buying the book for yourself, but is kind of useless from a market research point of view.

Instead, look for the long reviews.

You know, the ones that are complete walls of text and that you’d normally roll your eyes at if you were reading through reviews to see if a book was worth buying or not.

The ones where people explain their entire history around a topic and dig into their most relevant pain points that the author either did or didn’t address.

Those ones.

They can be difficult to read because they’re walls of text, but I encourage you to stick with it.

You’ll come across gems like this:




This is an overall positive review, but the reader points out that she wishes there was more information around one particular subject.

If this is a subject commonly glazed over in this niche, a great lead magnet could be an eBook on “Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with EFT”.

Check Out The Most Helpful Reviews.

For each item on Amazon, provided there’s more than two reviews, you can see a “Top Positive Review” and a “Top Critical Review” as voted on by other customers.



These reviews are usually pretty in-depth and are considered helpful because they address the pain points the audience members have when they’re thinking about whether or not they should purchase the book.

In these reviews, look for recurring themes.

I clicked through to the top critical review to show you what I mean:




Here, the recurring theme is that sure, this business/success advice is great for those with a Type A personality, but what about the rest of us?

A great lead magnet idea based on this review would be “3 Most Effective Success Habits for the ESTP Personality Types.”

This way, people downloading it know it’s for them, that it will work based on their personality type, and that it will help them create success.


Exclude 5-star And 1-star Reviews In Favor Of Reviews That Are A Bit More Nuanced

This is a quick tip, but most of the time, if you read through five-star reviews, you’ll get a lot of “OMG, this book is so amazing!!!”

And on the flip side, if you read through one-star reviews, you’ll get a lot of “This book is terrible and I hate it.

Not to say that there aren’t well written one-star and five-star reviews, but in the spirit of wasting as little time as possible, I’d advise you to avoid them.

The 2-4 star reviews are usually a bit more nuanced and thought-out, which for our purposes here, is exactly what we need.


Stop Reading If It’s An Analysis On The Author’s Writing Style.

Writing styles are a preference.

No writer can please everyone with their style, so reading reviews that talk about the author’s style, wordiness, or lack of wordiness are a waste of time.

When you notice that’s all the review is going to be talking about, skip it and move onto the next one.




These are short reviews, but can you see how they do nothing to give us ideas on lead magnets?


3. Reddit

You can find everything on Reddit.

Like, more than you ever could think up or imagine.

The topics of your wildest dreams and beyond are all there, just waiting for you to interact with.

With our community of affiliate marketers who like to address “weird” pain points in our niches, I went to Reddit and typed in a random pain point—excessive sweating.

From there, I found an entire community around the topic—one that’s been around for six years, and has over 2,000 subscribers.

Um, yes, I think this would be a great place to dig into some pain points.

I’ll tell you what to look for to find good lead magnet ideas in Reddit and show you screenshots from this Hyperhidrosis community to show you what I mean.


Look For Desperation In The Question Line

On Reddit—when you click through to a Subreddit—you see a list of the most recent questions that have been submitted to that community for discussion.

Scroll through to look for questions that have desperation dripping from them.

Some trigger phrases you’ll want to keep an eye open for if you can’t tell are: finally, tried everything, and just want.

Here’s some I found in the Hyperhidrosis community:




Then, click through to read their post for more wording that’ll get to the heart of the issue—and a great lead magnet idea for you to use.


Because of his condition, this guy absolutely hates being around people.


Here’s a great invitation to make a lead magnet that makes this condition more manageable in crowds. (Like at a university.)


This user is concerned about costs and saving money on treating his condition.

A great lead magnet for this would be a guide to inexpensive treatments for hyperhidrosis.


(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 34 ways to grow your email list click here or the image below)


Now That You’ve Got Your Lead Magnet Topic Chosen, It’s Time to Make It

After this research, you should have one (or many) topics you could easily create a lead magnet on.

I won’t get into the instruction of how to make a lead magnet in this post, mostly because Jawad’s already done a great job of doing so here.

But you do need to put in on your to-do list, write it, and upload it to your website for download.

And if you want more ideas on how to grow your online affiliate business and getting your readers to trust you, check out Stuart's 101 Affiliate Hacks guide.


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