The Rainmaker Review - Can You Make Your Laptop Rain Money?

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If you're not on the mailing list you might not know that every week I ask the members which product (from a selection of the weeks biggest launches) they'd like me to buy and review.

Usually I only send it out to the mailing list but I figured I may as well post it on the blog too.

This week the Niche Hacks tribe voted unanimously for The Rainmaker by Bill Hugal.


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The Rainmaker Review...

Due to the hyped up headlines and risky income claim on the sales page I expected to buy this (purchase proof below) and find it was 'scam of the week'.




Instead I found a fairly solid product (with both good and bad points) that is more like 'product of the week'

Based on the first video module alone (there's 8 of them) I would recommend this for anyone struggling to make money online and not seeing the success they deserve

It addresses a lot of important mindset stuff and ways to understand marketing that you must get to grips with if you want to be successful in online business.

If you ignore this information I'm confident that in 1 years time you still won't have had any real success online and will be wondering why

Not to mention modules 2-8 go into the 'nuts and bolts' of how to actually go on to make money with this system and it's very extensive leaving nothing out, so don't hesitate to check it out...



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What You Get With This Course

The first module talks about something I'm always telling you.

Marketing / online marketing / niche marketing / affiliate marketing is all about ONE thing only.

Finding people with problems and offering them solutions – that's all there is to it.

There's no other secret.

It teaches you the mindset to become a marketer and shows you WHY people buy and how you can make them buy from YOU.

If you don't master this then no matter what system you buy, what products you purchase, what tools you spend money on or what you do online – you will fail.

And if you refuse to ignore this you will NEVER have online success, never make the money you dream of, and never be able to quit your job and be your own boss.

That whole first module is packed full of information that online marketers never seem to talk about

The mindset and basic skills needed to succeed online – and it's got nothing to do with what niche you choose, traffic, systems, technical stuff, methods or anything else.

It's about you and how you understand people and what makes them purchase – and ANYONE can learn these things

Even you if you're brand new to online marketing, not technical, don't have any money to invest.

Ignore it if you wish and go off chasing the next shiny new toy

But I guarantee that in a year from now you'll still be wondering why you've not made any money online.

This is the sort of stuff that if you learn you'll go from broke and struggling wannabee internet marketer to wealthy and successful online marketer.

So if you're ready to learn these 'secrets' that will allow you to start making money online click below now and start watching video #1...



Making It Rain...

Module 2 is where the more practical stuff comes into play.

How to make the $100K mentioned in the sales page.

Now be super clear here, neither I not the product creator Bill, are claiming if you buy this you will make $100K.

You might make $100K. You might make more. You might make less. You might make $0. It depends and yourself and on too many factors to make income claims

Bill is simply showing how he made $100K and continues to make make money month after month and year after year.

The system he is sharing with you isn't some secret revolutionary  new system and definitely will be something you've seen before but that's a good thing because we know this works and isn't some shiny new toy that doesn't work.

The way Bill lays it out step by step, in a visual manner that's easy for you to understand, that makes this so good.

And he's going to show you things that most marketers skim over – how to actually find the people with problems and how to create solutions for them in the form of easy to make information products.

This is a tried and tested business model that works in all niches.

Just look at Clickbank for example.

They have hundreds of thousands of digital info products for sale in every niche you can imagine, they are older than Google, and pay out over one million dollars per month in commissions to people promoting digital info-products.

Week after week the big name marketers are doing 5-6 figure info-product launches on Clickbank, JVZoo and other networks.

Info-products that solve peoples problems sell. It's a business model that works.

You'll learn how to create these simple products take your customers from buying low priced offers all the way up to big ticket offers that net you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Including all the marketing, technical, traffic generation and other stuff you need to know to do it – most courses only tell you WHAT to do but now HOW to do it.

Or include part of the puzzle and then miss out the rest so they can upsell you it later – Bill has made it clear he wants you to have the whole puzzle NOW.

So you can go out and try it, see that it works, and then you'll trust him 100% in the future when you see what he teaches really does work – clever!

And if you're skeptical that's understandable but this is a tried and tested and proven business model that all the successful online marketers use.

The guys that regularly make 5-6 figures a month and live the type of life you dream of.

You can either choose to doubt it and continue on the same road you're on now – struggling to make ends meet and unhappy with your current situation.

Or you can take a small leap of faith and try it for yourself and see what happens – if it doesn't work what have you lost?

Nothing but a small bit of time.

There's even a 30 day refund guarantee that you can use even for something as stupid as "not liking the colour of the font" so there's no risk here.

And if you actually put the steps into action, commit yourself 100% to it, and see things through without giving up there's absolutely no reason you won't be successful – this works.

So if you're ready to discover Bills $100k system and see how you can use it to create your own online success story

Then you owe it to yourself to click the link below now...



Upsells and One Time Offers

After purchasing the main product there are 2 upsells / one time offers (I expected more tbh)

On the first one you're offered a chance to grab 3 case studies from people who have seen success with Bills method, access to his Facebook private mastermind group, and a live training webinar where he'll answer ALL of your questions for $27.

That's a pretty good deal because he's pledged that he will answer every and ALL of your questions on the webinar even if it takes 5hrs and if time runs out he's re-schedule another one.

So this is worth grabbing if you suspect you'll have questions or run into problems.



But I'll let you in on a little secret....

If you say 'NO' to the first offer you'll be offered it again for $10 cheaper just without access to the private Facebook group.

You still get the case studies and webinar.

So if the FB group isn't important to you (personally I think they are good as you can interact with other members and stay motivated) then grab offer 2 for just $17 instead of $27.

Get access to the case studies, webinar, and FB group after purchasing the main product on the link below...



Pros & Cons


  • Jam packed full of value so you get way more than your moneys worth.


  • Bite-sized video training where Bill walks you through the whole system leaving nothing out.


  • In-depth training that even the newest online marketer can follow so if you're a newbie don't worry you can understand and put this into action.


  • Complete guide from start to finish including all the necessary steps, the technical stuff, the mindset, the research and the money making – nothing left out.


  • Video 1 if you pay attention to it (and I suspect many people won't) could change your life – it lays out the whole fundamental basics of marketing that you NEED to understand.




  • Making the $100K income statement on the sales page just isn't wise IMO – even though Bill does make it clear it's how HE made $100K not claiming you definitely will.


  • The bonuses offered inside the purchase area are just links to other marketers squeeze pages – these aren't really bonuses IMO.


  • Claims anyone with an internet connection can do this system and whilst I agree that it's not difficult and fairly newbie friendly not EVERYONE will manage it – some people just don't have it in them to take the action needed.




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Who This Is For?
  • You if you're looking for a tried and tested online business model that can be very lucrative when you follow the steps laid out in the guide - there's no push button riches garbage here.


  • You if you're frustrated with SEO, blogging, freelance writing or whatever else you are trying that isn't working and want to try something ALL the most successful marketers do.


  • Newcomers and experienced alike - this isn't something that's difficult to do but it's potentially very profitable for you.


  • Even if you're not technical you'll find this easy step by step video guide simple to follow and hassle free to put into action.


  • If you're fed up of being tricked into buying systems, push button software, and tools that promise the world but don't deliver and are ready to get a proven online business model that works if you're willing to put the work in.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this system really work?

A: It definitely does.

It's tried, tested, proven and the way the bulk of the most successful online marketers make their money. As in the guys making 5-6 figures every month.


Q: Is this something I can do as a beginner?

A: Yes it is. You get a step by step guide on how to get started, and do everything that needs to be done for you to see success.


Q: What EXACTLY is this course about?

A: It shows you how to find a niche with problem(s) that need solved then how to create a simple info-product that solves that problem, sell it, and create a whole sales funnel around it

So you can profit month after month.


Q: I'm not very technical, can I do this?

A: Definitely. Bill actually takes you step by step through all the really easy to do technical stuff on video showing exactly what you need to do. Nothing is left out of this course so you get held by the hand setting up the website and everything else you need.


Q: Will I make the $100K mentioned on the sales page?

A: Let's be realistic. You could make more. You could make less. You could make $0. All depends on you really. But even if you managed to make 0.01% of that it's still $1,000 in your pocket.

This system DOES work but you have to put the work in - there's no push button riches garbage here.


Q: Are there any upsells or OTOs?

A: Yes there are, 2 of them. Neither are neccessary to make the main course work - it's a chance to get access to case studies, a private FB group and a live webinar where you can ask questions.


Q: Is support available?

A: Yes, Bill is available through email, very active on FB and he will invite you to his live webinars where you can ask any and all questions.




Price & Guarantees

Be warned.

The price has been rising on this product rapidly.

One of the loyal tribe members emailed me this yesterday...

“I'd not only love to see a Rainmaker review, but also see if you can sweet talk him into going back down to the $11 or lower price. I hesitated the other day and now it's almost $30”

And I don't know where it will stop.

So if you are interested you need to be decisive and an action taker or you're going to end up paying through the roof for it.

Personally I think that video module #1 is worth more than $30 alone and that's not even including the other 7 videos and bonuses thrown in so it's still a great deal.

But it might end up out of your budget if you're not quick

And to make things super risk free Bill offers a 30 day no questions refund policy.

He's stated even if you don't like the colour of the font he uses you can ask for a refund and it will be granted immediately so you really have nothing to lose.

So don't hesitate and get your copy of this potentially life changing course on the link below...



Final Opinion of The Rainmaker

The course whilst having a bit of a hyped up sales page and banding around the $100K number as if it's guaranteed is actually a great course.

I really wasn't expecting it to be so good. Usually sales pages with all that hype turn out to be a load of garbage.

But Bill has excelled himself here.

The first module alone (something I suspect many will pay no attention to or ignore and skip to module 2) is worth it's weight in gold.

It reinforces what I'm always telling you

There is no 'secret' to online marketing.

It's not about your method, what tools you buy, what system you follow those are all irrelevant.

It's about understanding 1 thing - that marketing (online / offline / niche / affiliate / whatever) is about finding people with problems and offering them solutions.

A simple exchange of value - they have a problem, you have a solution. They will pay you for that solution if you deliver it to them in the right way.

Bill really expands on this and shows you tons of examples and other mindset shifts you need to embrace if you want to 'understand' why people buy from you.

Absorb this information and there's no reason why you won't succeed online.

And aside from that first module he actually gets into the nuts and bolts of his proven system that he used to make $100K and continues to use to make income month after month.

And he shows you everything from how to get ideas, to find customers, to the technical stuff, and beyond. Nothing is left out.

A real complete package.

If you're struggling to make money online or don't know where to start this would be a great place so take action now and click below...



Do I Recommend It?

Yes I do.

Even just for that first module and that's just the beginning.

I think that module is fantastic and something most marketers never talk about when it's far more important than anything else you can learn.

The first module with the rest of the course makes it an all round solid product that anyone can follow and use.

It's not some push button riches nonsense.

It will take a little bit of work on your part.

You might not make the $100K mentioned on the sales page

But this does work. It's proven time and time again.

This course gives you everything you need to succeed with this business model AND more.

This concludes The Rainmaker review, now there's just one thing left for you to do....

Get your copy of this wonderful little product on the link below now...




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