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101 Resources To Discover Trending New Niche Ideas in 2024

Are you ready to find your very own hot and profitable niche?

Or, are you just confused about what a “niche” really is?

I understand it can be tricky at times because you’re just not sure where to look or what you should be looking for.

Seriously, I used to think I had to try and find out about some secret topics no one else knew about.

That’s not true, a niche is simply a topic that a specific group of people spends money on. And you yourself are a person who spends money on things.

This means if you pay attention to what’s going on around you on a daily basis and check some established sites to see what people are already interested in and spend money…

…then never again will you struggle to discover niche ideas.

And with these 101 resources in this niche market ideas list, you’re going to be off to a flying start…

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to [Recommended]asily find profitable niche ideas online and offline, all day every day.
  • Easy ways to make money from your interests and passions.
  • Why your problems can make for the best niches.
  • Over 100 different sources for finding profitable niche ideas that you use every day.
  • You’ll find your profitable niche by going through this exercise.

1. A Day In The Life Of You – With a Notepad And a Pen.

Carry a notepad around for a day and take note of everything that happens, things you hear, read, and talk about and any issues you have in the day.

Guaranteed you’ll have a nice long niche market ideas list.

Remember, a niche is simply a “topic” or “interest” that a certain group of people spends money on.

So basically anything that people are willing to talk about, discuss, read, or do is a potentially profitable niche you can make money from.

You just have to start paying attention to all the opportunities around you every day and start to think about whether they are something people spend money on and you could profit from.

These are often the best niches to enter in IF they are able to be monetized as you already know a lot about it and are passionate about.

If your hobby is rock collecting then perhaps not but if you’re into a popular sport or activities which you spend lots of money on then it’s likely there’s a lot of other people out there who do the same.

And taking it a step further, you could go to either Amazon or eBay and check out what they recommend to you (based on your browsing/shopping history with them).

These are usually best sellers and stuff that really sells well.

3. Look at Your Problems And Challenges (Health, Life, Dating, Money, etc)

What problems do you face on a day-to-day basis?

What health issues do you have?

Any other issues like relationships or money?

Other people do too and your advice could be valuable to them.

Problem niches are the most profitable.

4. Watch the news, TV & Documentaries

The news is an excellent source for finding out about obscure niches you’d never hear of otherwise.

I’ve discovered untapped sleep disorder niches from watching the news in recent months.

I don’t specifically watch the news to find niches but I pay attention whenever it’s on.

Also, documentaries and TV shows offer insights into popular topics.

If someone is willing to spend millions on a TV show it has to be a popular and profitable niche.

And you don’t need much time to become an expert in any niche.

In fact, you only need 4 weeks as Chelsea proves here on how you can become an expert in any niche within 4 weeks.

My very own list of 1,700+ profitable niches.

I have personally compiled a list of niches that are profitable so you can literally pick one and get started without worrying whether it’s lucrative or not.

You can see the list of 1,700+ profitable niches here.

Being the largest online retailer in the world you can find just about anything and everything on sale on Amazon.

By browsing the various categories of products available you can find niche ideas.

Each category is a potential niche.

And each category has sub-niches.

Many of these obscure sub-niches have thousands of products on sale and that sell well.

Check their ‘best selling’ feature for what’s currently hot OR automate the process of finding high-volume products with high price tags by using AmaSuites. is the digital online retailer equivalent of Amazon.

They sell digital products and if you browse through the categories just like on Amazon you’ll be able to drill down into sub-categories, these are all potential niches and you’ll find stuff you never realized existed.


8. Jvzoo is another digital marketplace much like Clickbank.

Again browsing through the categories and drilling down into sub-categories gives you potential ideas.


9. ShareASale

This affiliate network has thousands of online retailers from big-name brands and businesses to boutique online stores.

Browsing through the various categories and retailers will give you lots of ideas.


10. Commission Junction

Much like ShareASale, Commission Junction has thousands of online retailers both global and boutique brands.

Browsing through the categories and sub-categories will give you website ideas.

Stumbleupon allows you to find web pages you like based on your interests. You can browse through the categories or ‘stumble’ your way through websites to see what niches you can find.


Yahoo Trending shows what’s trending in the news that day and can be a great place to find hot new niches ready to be exploited.

Yahoo only adds the most popular forums to their site and 2 of the most popular happen to be a Skyscraper and a Tractor forum, both markets I would never have thought of.

You can also use the ‘random’ tool to find random forums.


Twitter shows that it is currently ‘trending’ (popular) on Twitter, i.e. what people are talking about.

Great for finding hot new niches.


Google Trends gives up-to-date information on what people are searching for. You can look at general searches or browse by category. Click on a category and it allows you to drill down further and see more information.

Google Trends is a website for selling profitable websites. You can see which websites have sold and got an idea of which are money makers.

Flippa lists real-life Magazines that are on sale in all categories. You know if there’s a magazine on the subject it’s a profitable niche as publishing companies won’t publish magazines they can’t make money from.

Browse through the categories for ideas.

18. Technorati is a blog aggregator.

You can search for the top 100 blogs, browse by category, or enter keywords and see what blogs are available.

If there are already blogs on the subject that’s definitely a good thing.


eBay Popular shows what is currently selling well.

Both by random items and by category.

A good way to find popular products and markets.

eBay Popular

Google News is a good way to find upcoming markets and products that you could jump into before they’ve become oversaturated.

Go to Google News and type in “announced” and you’ll find pages of results talking about announced events, products, movies, and more.

You’ll have your own niche market ideas list in no time.

Google News


ComScore provides insights into markets and industries.


22. Google Suggest

Google Suggest works simply by going to and entering a letter or word then looking at the suggestions Google gives you.

If you have some general niche ideas you can enter it in and see what else Google suggests to you.

Google Wildcard Search is an underused Google search feature.

Go to and type in any keyword followed by *. (i.e. “niche research *”) and it will bring up random keyword phrases that start with “niche research” then a random keyword.

24. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner can be used to find keywords.

You can either give it a general keyword and ask it to bring back similar keywords (you can find sub-niches) or enter a website URL and see what keywords it is ranking for.

LongTailPro is an advanced keyword tool that helps you find money-making keywords.

You can give it your niche ideas and it will quickly find you low competition and highly profitable keywords that will convert into sales.

26. Ubersuggest will bring back A to Z search results from Google if you give it a base keyword.

So you can give it your keyword ideas and see what results in it comes back with.

All of these can become your own niche market ideas list.


27. Lycos

Lycos shows a selection of recently trending topics and searches which are all potentially profitable markets.



Shows popular shopping pages. If people are buying you know it’s a profitable niche.

A feature by AOL that shows recent ‘hot’ or popular searches.

AOL Hot Search

Popular stories from around the net featuring on

Delicious Popular

31. Habitica

Habitica is a habit-building and productivity app that treats your goals like a game, and it’s free.


32. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed writes about popular things that are currently ‘buzzing’ – tons of profitable ideas.


Top 10 lists of different things, lots of potential niche ideas here.

List Verse

34. TopTenz

More top 10 lists.


35. Top10Buzz

Even more top 10 lists on hot topics.


36. Digg

Things on the internet that people ‘Digg’ – if it’s popular it’s likely a hot market.

Digg calls itself the first page of the internet and has thousands of subreddits (or niches) you can browse through to get ideas.

You can also look at what the most popular current topics are.


38. Craigslist

Browsing through its categories and sub-categories and looking at topics bring up thousands of ideas.


39. Boredpanda

The blog about current hot topics and bizarre things. You’ll learn about stuff you’d never heard of here before.


40. Wikipedia

Literally has information on everything on Wiki. Go search and browse.



Browsing through YT’s video categories brings up thousands of sub-niches.

If there’s a lot of videos you’ve found a popular topic.


42. Facebook

Look at what the hot topics are on FB, see what your friends are sharing and liking and look at the adverts.

43. Listal

Lists about everything and anything, see the potential here?


44. HowStuffWorks

A great site to find out about subjects you likely never knew about. If there’s a topic on here it means there’s a demand for it and where there is a demand there is a niche.


45. Learn Stuff

If people are wanting to learn about it then it’s a potential niche waiting to be explored.

learn stuff

46. Watching Shopping Channels Like QVC

QVC and other shopping channels are still big business and you’ll often hear about products on here before anywhere else.


47. Watching Late Night Infomercials

Yes, they still exist and again you can hear about products and markets you would never know existed.

If someone is spending a sizeable amount of money to create a late-night infomercial around a product you can be sure there must be a good reason for it – it’s most likely a profitable product.

48. WordStream

Give it your niche ideas and it will give you keyword ideas that could be potential niche ideas.


49. What Is Your Job Or Subject Of Study?

If you have a job or are studying there’s a good chance you have skills or knowledge others do not and would be interested to find out.

50. WikiHow

WikiHow explains how to do almost everything and anything.

Go browse around the various topics and see what people are explaining how to do.



Now one of the most popular sites and marketplaces on the internet.

Simply looking at what people are selling and browsing through categories gives hundreds of services that can be offered.


52. About literally tells you about everything.

A few minutes of browsing through the topics reveals lots of potential niches.


53. Yahoo Answers

If someone is asking a question it’s likely they are not the only one who wants to know the answer.

Where there are questions there are problems and potential solutions…

54. Quora

Another Q&A site tends to have a more intelligent question.


55. Rebel Mouse

Rebel Mouse allows users to syndicate content from websites and social media from around the web. There are tons of useful hubs of information here.

It’s a perfect place to generate your own niche market ideas list.

Rebel Mouse

56. Udemy is a digital marketplace for business courses.

Look at which courses are selling well and you’ve got an in-demand niche.


57. Lynda is another online business marketplace, simply checking what courses are selling well and highly rated gives insights into profitable products.


58. For Dummies Books

If there’s a For Dummies book on a subject then you can guarantee it’s a profitable venture.

59. eHow

eHow provides information on a wide variety of topics.

Useful for finding potential markets.


60. Kindle Marketplace

Check to see which ebooks are selling well for good markets to enter.

61. Alexa

Alexa gives insights into the most popular websites.

A popular website likely means profitable.


62. LinkedIn Groups

Check what groups people are active in on LinkedIn for ideas.



Ask it anything and see what others have been asking for potential ideas.

64. Pinterest

Browsing through what people are pinning on Pinterest gives me a lot of good ideas.


65. Tumblr

Browsing through Tumblrs categories brings up lots of potential ideas.

They have 90,000,000 blogs online.


66. Alibaba

A huge online retailer is similar to Amazon where buyers can also buy in bulk from wholesalers. If you can’t find some profitable markets where you’ll never find them.



Reporting on issues from around the world and have a lot of features on technology, world issues, travel, and more.


A search engine that will give you some ideas.

69. Flickr

What are people taking photos of?

There are some ideas there.


70. CNN

CNN talks about a wide range of issues not just politics and world events.


71. Instagram

Filled with selfies but also a lot of interesting photos and products featured here.

72. 360Buy

Online eCommerce site – check it out for product ideas.


73. Dailymotion

Similar to but more obscure. Check out the video for ideas.


74. IMDB

Perfect for finding out about film genres that could be exploited – DVDs, memorabilia, etc.


75. Tripod

A search engine that gives you suggestions – it might just suggest a profitable market to explore.


Look at the most popular slides on display and see what people are interested in.


77. Photobucket

What are people uploading photos of? What gets the most ratings?


78. Piratebay

Check what people are downloading. The more popular downloads are obviously in demand.


79. Huffington Post

They write about all sorts of topics and you’ll find something you are interested in here.

Huffington Post


Check out the blogs on offer and see if you can’t get a few niche ideas here.

81. BuySellads

A banner ad network, check out the various blogs and what’s being advertised.


82. Bing

Search engine. Good to get some different results from Google.


83. LiveJournal

One of the biggest blog platforms on the net. Check out the most popular blogs.


84. Walmart

The huge real world and online retailers, look at the various categories and products they have on sale.


85. Boardreader

It allows you to find message boards and forums. You can ask it to show you the most popular or random searches.


Google blog search allows you to search for popular blogs based on keywords.

Google then chooses ‘blogs’ from search options.

87. Etsy

Marketplace for handmade and craft goods – lots of different stuff on sale.


Curates bizarre and pointless products from around the net with a ton of sub-categories. You’ll get a lot of ideas here.


89. DeviantArt

Art and graphics sharing site – look at the various categories.


90. Outbrain

An advertising platform that lets you advertise on popular websites. Check out what sort of sites are featured.


91. Yelp lets you check out local businesses and reviews. What is popular?


92. Share page [No Longer Available] allows people to share pages they like from around the net. See what people are sharing.

93. Bestbuy

Another huge online retailer – see what’s selling well.



Check out their sub-categories for niche ideas.



Lots of products on sale at this huge online retailer.


It allows users to add things they like to the site. When someone likes something they’ll usually spend money on.


97. Google Plus

Check out the Google + circles for hot topics. lists real-life local meetups on a variety of subjects.

If people are willing to meet up in real life for something they are passionate about it.

Passion = a profitable niche.



Various ‘tribes’ from around the net.


Fansites on various subjects, check out the most popular ones.

101. Last FM is an online radio platform that allows anyone to host their own radio shows.

Great for finding obscure yet popular music niches and talk show subjects.

Last FM

Your Quick Action Plan

So now you know how to find and discover hot niches, you have to pick one and get involved.

Without taking action, all of these are just plain useless to you.

The first thing you’d want to do is list the niches you’d want to get involved with.

From there, check what you can do and what website models interest you.

See which one you’d like to use and what niches you see yourself doing it with.

To get a quick start you can simply find the best selling stuff in your chosen niche and start writing review posts on them.

For an all-around strategy, check out our start here page.

What Other Resources Do You Use to Generate Your Niche, Market Ideas List?

Did you like this list?

You can take it a step further and use our report on finding your perfect niche in 7 easy steps.