5 Ways To Create A Profitable Affiliate Site With Over 50 Successful Examples You Can Copy

5 ways to create a profitable affiliate site

One of the most common questions I get asked by my ever growing, tribe members is “How do I get started with internet marketing?”

I always tell you “pick a proven business model, select a niche you've evaluated for profitability, and monetize through affiliate marketing because you don't have your own products yet”

That's it in the simplest of terms but it's slightly more complex than that.

In this post I'll go one step further and show you 5 different ways to create a profitable affiliate site and include several examples of sites using this model so that you can learn from them and copy their success.

I've split the post into easy to digest chapters to make it quicker and easier for you to read.

So read on if you'd like to find out how to get started with affiliate marketing...


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5 Main Site Types Suitable For Affiliate Marketing

This isn't a definitive list there are other ways to be successful with affiliate marketing but these 5 main site types are the most common and successful, in my experience.

Each of these is it's own chapter so you can skip to one that appeals to you most but I'd recommend working your way through from chapter 1 to 5 in order...


Chapter 1: How To Create Your Own Product Review Sites

Product review sites are as they sound - simply sites that feature product reviews.

They can work in any niche that has physical products but less so in digital product niches.

There are plenty of examples of sites following this model that are hugely successful and very lucrative as we found out examining these 20 super affiliate sites. 

It should be noted that nearly all the successful review sites we found were actually buying the products and testing them before writing a review.

So the issue with sites like these is, that unless you buy the products it's hard to write a legitimate review your reader will trust. And that is the key to success with this model.

Otherwise, it is slightly unethical as you're recommending someone buy a product you've never used yourself which may or may not actually be any good.

On top of that, Google is getting much stricter with these types of sites choosing not to rank sites that only focus on reviewing products, especially if they feel you aren't actually buying the products.

And not to mention; Amazon are clamping down on accepting "low quality" review sites for their affiliate program as they don't tend to give much value to the end user, most of the information you'll tell the end user is already available at Amazon.

So whilst this model can be lucrative it will be much harder to be successful going forward unless you plan to buy and properly test the products you review.

With that in mind, if you do decide to try this model you can read more about how to do it in chapter 1 here:

Read chapter 1 here. 



Chapter 2: How To Create Your Own Affiliate Blog  (aka an "Authority Site") [RECOMMENDED]

Most successful blogs / authority sites utilise affiliate marketing in one form or another and it's the model I've personally had the most success with.

Generating affiliate sales through blogs are a very common way for blogs to make money.

There are two ways to make money here and it's either through affiliate marketing directly on the blog by reviewing and / or linking to products, tools, software and services you use and mention.

Or through using the blog to build your email list and then recommending products and running promotions to your email subscribers, this is the more effective and profitable method of the two.

So the blog technically isn't a full blown "affiliate site" as such but is used to host your content which draws in visitors then to funnel your visitors onto your email list where the recommendation of affiliate products starts.

The best thing about this model over the others listed on this page?

It's this...you can use ALL the monetization methods listed here on this page ranging from product reviews, price comparisons to discount coupons.

And the great thing is, you can also monetize via other methods that don't involve affiliate marketing like offering services, selling your own digital products, Adsense or other ad networks and recurring monthly income from membership sites, tools or newsletters.

So as you can see, this "authority site" model is not limited to one income source / monetization method like the others listed on this page are meaning  you have endless options to earn income.

Seriously, this is by far my favourite model of all the 5 listed here and the one I'd recommend to you if you're serious about a long term, evergreen, and profitable business model and not just short term cash.

Read chapter 2 here. 



Chapter 3: How To Create Your Own  Price Comparison Sites

You've likely run into this type of site at one point if you're a big shopper.

Comparing prices of products across different retailers are the purpose of price comparison sites and they aim to help find the best price for a service or a product.

Every visitor is most likely a buying customer as their intentions are clear when they are on this website.

Price comparison sites are very popular but yet have plenty of room for more sites as there are many niches to apply this business model with.

Read chapter 3 here.


To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now...


Chapter 4: How To Create Your Own Coupon & Discount Sites

Like comparison sites, coupon and discount sites are made for one purpose and that's for helping visitors find the best deals and savings.

Visitors here are likely to have buying intentions as this business model is to help find coupons and discounts directly before they purchase.

This business model has potential as people are always looking for discounts and coupons, and there are always niches to apply this model with.

Read chapter 4 here.


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Chapter 5: How To Create Your Own Unusual Product Site

New and fresh products are being released on a regular basis, and some of these products can be weird and unusual.

Take the affiliate site that makes an estimated 20k per month, Thisiswhyimbroke, they feature all kinds of weird and unusual products and are consistently popular because of this.

A site like this is hugely viral on social media as people just love to share the weird products they've discovered with their friends.

And whenever anyone clicks to view one of these weird products they are taken down your affiliate link to the end retailer meaning lots of traffic is ending at the retailer with your affiliate cookie set.

Read chapter 5 here.




These are the 5 main profitable affiliate site types in my experience.

There are definitely other models out there that work too but these are the most common.

There's one thing that ALL these different affiliate models and all the example sites featured do well.

They deliver VALUE to their visitor in order to help them make a purchasing decision and that's how you'll see success with affiliate marketing.

Whether it's through discounted prices, helpful reviews, price comparisons to get them the cheapest deal or through educating or entertaining with their content.

Every model gives the end user something extra they couldn't find by simply going to the retailer direct.

It's NOT just about pushing your traffic down affiliate links of whoever pays the most commission but going above and beyond for your visitor so they trust you enough to follow your recommendation.

If you master providing over the top value to your visitors you'll see success with affiliate marketing and potentially make a lot of money.

Ignore it and your success will be limited if you have any at all.

If you have doubts about your niche, you can use our 7 steps to finding your profitable niche.

If I had to recommend any one of these 5 methods it would be the "affiliate blog" option here.

To start reading the 5 ways to create a profitable affiliate site guide click below....

>> Start reading the guide here <<

Final Words

As always I'd love to know your thoughts and feedback on this guide so please let me know below....

Which of these models are you currently involved with?

If you're not yet involved in any of them which appeals to your most?

Know any other interesting sites that fit into these categories?

Please share...


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  1. Marc says:

    Thanks for putting this together. It is a great resource that will help readers and serve as pillar content for your site for a long time to come.

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    Your Blog is very usefull,Great Job and thank you for this HIGH Quality Report

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    Right now,i plan to create a review blog ( http://nichehacks.com/create-affiliate-review-sites/ ) like apennyshaved.com,it's an amazon kicken sub niche,I already doing the keword research,( 3,900 local US visit and KC= 31 according Longtailpro of Spencer ).I already outsouced the first bacth of contents.I already have my link building strategies
    Hope my website will be a success in a few months,i'm so patient.

    • NicheHacks says:

      OK good luck. Just be sure to not make your site so small and limited that it can't be expanded if it's a success.

  7. wismopow says:

    nice write up. why do you have all the combined as pdf file so one can read it as a book and offline

  8. Sunday says:

    Hi Staurt,
    This was awesome. Newbies and those seeking to improve their online money making strategy should readily take advantage of the details shared. I don't know about others but your post have given me new inspiration for improved marketing!

    Its good knowing of the 5 main site types for affiliate marketing. I guess it would be suitable to start from each! However, this extract from this post resounds in my head and I think it should be considered by would-be affiliate marketers

    "It's NOT just about pushing your traffic down affiliate links of whoever pays the most commission but going above and beyond for your visitor so they trust you enough to follow your recommendation."

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Sunday, good to see you around again. Glad you like the post. Yes something so many newbies and failed affiliate marketers do not realize is thart affiliate marketing is ALL about value. Provide over the top value when solving problems people in the niche have and you will see success.

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      Thanks Sherman. Glad you see the value on offer. And how do you monetize your blog? Not by affiliate marketing?

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    I've found this article helpful for many marketers to get started in their affiliate marketing. The details, tips and lessons given in the article above, as well as in the articles linked, are all well-explained.

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    Thanks for sharing .

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    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks for your comment. Writing reviews and discounts are good but I find tutorials showing the product in action and case studies showing the results work great.

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    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Emmanuel, thanks for commenting. Stuart is my name. You can refer to me as Mr NicheHacks if you like though. It sounds good. 😀

  14. Michelle Kowalski says:

    Thanks so much, Stuart! I read the article you sent a link to today: "How To Start Your Own $20K p/m Affiliate Site". I got very intrigued, and then found my way to this tutorial where, serendipitously 🙂 you showcase WhyImSoBroke as your ultimate example in the chapter: "How To Create Your Own Unusual Product Site". Very jazzed about the potential in building a niche weird product site! Thanks again. Wow, what amazing content you post!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Michelle, thanks for letting me know. So what are your plans for an usual product site?

      • Michelle Kowalski says:

        Not so sure on that, yet, Stuart! I need to do the research first to make sure there are enough products to be showcasing in any niche I'm considering.Thinking about maybe IQ/Brain testing, teasing and training games, devices, gadgets, tricks. Tons of freebies to share in this area, all sorts of questionnaires, interesting visual oddities and quirks, optical illusions, etc. What there'd also need to be are really enticing products to click the merchant site links on. Or sex accessories, just the really bizarre ones. In either case (or any other), I'm thinking (building on what you said about how people don't buy, but they share, and the idea is to get them onto the merchant site - e.g. Amazon) that if people click through to product sites, well, I myself have experienced being drawn to something strange (and expensive), shying away from purchasing it, but having some of that purchaser glow translate into my buying something cheaper and more basic from the site.

        • Michelle Kowalski says:

          One other thing, Stuart. You recommend building a blog alongside the site. I assume you mean as part of the site, yes? As otherwise I can't see how search engine and referral traffic would translate from my blog to my home product page.

        • NicheHacks says:

          Seems like you have some solid ideas then Michelle. With the sex accessories I think most people would be too embarrassed to share them though, no?

          • Michelle Kowalski says:

            Didn't think of that! Huh. The ones who privately check them out could click through. So that part of the plan is solid, I think. But I think you're right about unwillingness to share. Goofy gag gadgets is another niche that comes to mind. Kitchen gadgets sounds fun too. And there are a LOT of completely surprising kitchen accessories that I've come across. Okay, very good point, Stuart, thanks.

          • NicheHacks says:

            Kitchen gadgets and unusual pet items are good niches for that type of site IMO.

  15. Michelle Kowalski says:

    You don't have to hit me over the head more than twice or three or four, Stuart! Thanks. I will start looking into both of these.

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    There are definitely some interesting points here (especially in the unusual product post) - the fact that you don't actually require the 'clicker' to buy the product is a really unique twist - because of course, anything they buy under that cookie is accredited to that affiliate.

    Thinking outside the box indeed.

    I have bookmarked your excellent site for future reference.

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    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Richard welcome to NicheHacks hope you stick around. Glad you're enjoying the content there's plenty more where that came from.

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  19. SEO Arbiter says:

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    This is cool. I really like the depth you guys go to with your reports/posts.

    For me personally, I have always found product review style sites to be the most effective.

    They might be not be the most effective in terms of building up a following or anything like that, but if your goal is "attract visitor -> visitor clicks aff. link -> buys product" then I think they are definitely the most efficient style of sites.


    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks Brian. Glad you like it.

      Yeah product review sites work but they are too limiting IMO now. Hard to expand or grow and too reliant on Google.

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    awesome amount of info.
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  21. Richies says:

    Hi Stuart,
    I Love Nichehacks!

    Below are my questions:
    1. After Affiliate Blog, which other affiliate marketing model works best for Personal development Niche or Self-help Niche ?

    2. What's the Total startup cost?
    I have red your previous post on the stuffs you recommend; e.g WPEngine, PLR content, Aweber, Namechip etc..
    I still need the total cost for startups with 3month upfront expenses.

    3. If your goal is to earn $1m within 6months, what will be your plan.

    4. How much are you currently earning as an IM?

    5. Are you the only one creating the content asides from outsourcing some to Elanse? Do you have a staff or partner?

    I'm very sorry for all this questions, just needs some answer. Hoping You can help in answering them.
    I have never ask or comment on any blog post before and I think it's high time I start asking and comment on post.

    I really appreciate the great works here.
    Wish to here from you soon.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Richies,

      1. There's no "best" it's what works best for you...depends what you are suited to. A blog is a pretty good way for even the least technical, non marketer, type of person to make money.

      2. There's different levels of start up. If you were on a super tight budget most things can be done for free if you are willing to compromise on quality but if you want a good level of service and quality then much more - for example NicheHacks costs around $600-$800 a month to run. It can be done for less than $20 though I'm sure if you use cheap shared hosting, get a discount coupon for a domain, use a free autoresponder etc.

      3. Well I would never have such an unrealistic goal as it will not happen in 6 months. Be realistic. If you work hard and smart and have a bit of luck you might make $10k within 6 months but I wouldn't count on that either. It takes time.

      4. I don't reveal earnings or make income claims on the blog. Let's just say that I've been running this blog for 8 months now, often working 12hrs per day on it, and if you look at how much income the blog has generated I'd be working at below minimum wage. But that's fine as this is a long term project and it's what I expected, I'm not here for quick cash.

      5. I work pretty much solo but outsource some niche research, design work, and other things I can't or don't want to do.

      Glad you asked. Don't be sorry to ask. That's what the blog is here for.

      Stick around and ask some more questions.

      Again, glad you like the site.

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    Have you noticed you haven't said a word about this? Where do we find the best coupons deals? by googling?

    • NicheHacks says:

      The retailers you work with will supply you with them in most cases if you're an affiliate. Otherwise Google is your friend. Check existing coupon sites.

  27. Michelle says:

    What do you think about high paying affiliates like Xarelto or Mesothelioma lawsuits cases?