25 Best Landing Page Builders to Save Time & Increase Conversion


25 Best Landing Page Builders to Save Time & Increase Conversion

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Jul 15 2020

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26 min read

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We've compiled a comprehensive breakdown of the 25 leading landing page builders affiliate marketers should be considering. From pricing details to platform features, use cases, and more.

With a conversion rate of 23%, vs. just 3% for pop-ups and 2% for regular signup forms, landing pages are a tool no marketer can ignore for lead generation.

Luckily, with modern software, every marketer, affiliate, and business owner can create a high-converting landing page. Even if you don't know what HTML and CSS stand for.

But there is an overwhelming number of landing page tools on the market.

So how do you know which one to choose?

We’ve created this extensive resource to help you find the very best landing page builder for your business and needs.

In this article, we’ll give a comprehensive breakdown of 25 leading landing page builders. We'll cover pricing, platform pros and cons, use cases, and more.

We'll also give you our recommendations for which landing page software is right for your business type, and answer some frequently-asked landing page questions.

01 - Unbounce

Unbounce is an industry-leading landing page platform, used by over 15,000 companies.

Unbounce Overview

The drag and drop builder is full-featured, with over 100 templates, the ability to create your own, cloning and copy and pasting between pages, and more.

But the builder itself isn’t where Unbounce shines.

It’s intuitive and easy to use, sure, but so are 90% of the options on this list.

Instead, it’s the state-of-the-art marketing and optimization features that are the selling point.

With A/B testing, dynamic text replacement (for SEO & SEM traffic), and AI-powered visitor-to-landing-page matching, it’s the perfect platform for a data-driven marketer.

Unbounce Pricing

As the essential plan starts at $99 per month (billed annually), Unbounce isn’t the cheapest tool on this list.

It includes all the essential features except CRM (Salesforce, Marketo) integration, launch schedule, and AMP pages. You’re also limited to 75 landing pages, but that’s more than enough for most marketers.

The $499/month enterprise plan includes hands-on guidance from a “dedicated launch specialist” and priority support.

Unbounce Use Cases

Even at its cheapest price point, Unbounce will set you back a hundred dollars a month.

That means it’s best for experienced affiliate marketers or online business owners that are already spending a significant amount of money on other channels and seeing a positive return.

Advanced features like AI-powered page-to-visitor matching will help you maximize the number of leads you can generate from your existing and upcoming campaigns.

  • Advanced optimization features
  • AI-powered landing page to visitor matching
  • Unlimited users
  • WordPress integration
  • Price (Starts at $99/month)
  • Traffic limit (500,000 visits per month for all plans)
  • Limited customization options
  • Slow support for cheaper plans

02 - Instapage

Marketing itself as “the most advanced landing page platform” on the internet, Instapage is another landing page software tool that goes beyond just the drag and drop builder.

Instapage Overview

Instapage’s builder is intuitive and gives your team pixel-perfect control over the design without code.

You can also save and update design elements globally across all landing pages, saving huge amounts of time, with their global blocks feature.

But the builder isn’t the whole story.

Instapage offers advanced analytics, heatmaps, A/B testing, and native integration with Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRMs.

It also has visual ad mapping for landing pages, helping you make sure the campaign leads to the right page, converting as many visitors as possible.

For custom enterprise plans, it includes complex personalization tools, and real-time collaboration tools that are useful for large teams.

It also uses the Tor Render Engine to ensure lightning-fast loading speeds for all landing pages.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage is another solution solely focused on businesses serious about digital marketing. Its cheapest plan starts at $149/month (if billed annually). Billed monthly, it comes in at $199 per month.

The basic business plan includes most of Instapage’s essential features, including analytics, except personalization, accurate attribution, and enterprise collaboration tools.

You’ll need to sign-up for the enterprise plan if you want access to its AI-powered personalization feature that shows the right lead magnet to the right person.

Instapage Use Cases

With its advanced conversion analytics and tools like dynamic text replacement and ad mapping, Instapage is perfect for seasoned marketers.

It directly integrates with your CRM, so it can help you track sales back to the lead source, and improve your general marketing ROI.

Global blocks also make it a good choice for teams that need to create a large amount of fairly similar landing pages.

  • Advanced optimization features
  • Lightning-fast loading times
  • Advanced conversion analytics
  • Native Salesforce & other CRM integrations
  • Price (Starts at $149/month)
  • Traffic limit (30,000 visits per month for business plans)
  • Limited to 30 landing pages on business plan
  • Slow support for cheaper plans

03 - Leadpages

Leadpages is one of the most popular landing page builders available on the market.

It’s focused on small businesses and solopreneurs, as well as larger businesses and enterprises with advanced features.

Leadpages Overview

Leadpages has expanded beyond just landing pages and also offers regular site-building and hosting as well as eCommerce capabilities.

But landing pages are still its bread and butter.

With AI-powered predictive analysis of landing page effectiveness, you can create better landing pages.

It also offers 100% unlimited landing page traffic, lead collection, and page publishing, as well as industry-leading loading speeds.

Real-time analytics and integrated A/B testing will help you find the absolute best landing page for any campaign.

Leadpages Pricing

Pricing-wise, Leadpages is one of the more affordable options, starting at $25 per month billed annually.

The standard plan includes essential landing page features for a single site. (One site means one connected domain, not a single landing page.)

The $48 per month pro plan includes eCommerce functionality, A/B testing tools, and SMS campaigns.

The $199 advanced plan includes advanced integrations, a startup call, and priority phone support.

Leadpages Use Cases

As you can see from the pricing, as well as the features, Leadpages is mostly targeting small businesses.

With unlimited pages and traffic for $25 a month, it’s easy to cover in any marketing budget.

The regular plan also focuses on their easy-to-use landing page builder, rather than advanced and confusing features.

  • Price (Starts at $25/month)
  • Unlimited traffic and landing pages
  • eCommerce and regular website hosting capabilities
  • Industry-leading page loading speeds
  • Limited to 1 domain (standard) or 3 domains (pro)
  • No A/B testing tools in standard plan
  • Only email-based support for standard plans
  • Limited personalization tools

04 - HubSpot

HubSpot is not just a CRM solution tailor-made for digital marketers. The platform also includes a landing page builder, perfect for collecting leads and converting more prospects.

HubSpot Overview

The HubSpot landing page builder is included in all the marketing hub plans, including many sleek templates.

You can use the CRM information to personalize your landing pages, including location, lifecycle stage, previous purchases, and more.

But the builder isn’t the only thing you get in the Marketing Hub. You get a lot more.

Even the most basic plan plugs straight into the HubSpot CRM, and includes email marketing automation and live chat capability.

This means you don’t need a separate autoresponder or CRM to manage your campaigns.

HubSpot Pricing

The landing page builder is part of HubSpot Marketing Hub, which starts at $40 per month (billed annually).

Since it includes email marketing, CRM, and live chat features, the $40 a month seems like an unparalleled bargain.

But, like most email marketing tools, the price increases with the number of contacts. Once you succeed with your campaigns, your monthly price tag will drastically increase.

At just 4,000 contacts, the plan would set you back $156 per month, a much higher cost per lead than most email marketing tools.

HubSpot Use Cases

HubSpot Marketing Hub is perfect for small businesses that aren’t yet using a modern CRM solution for their leads.

Not only will you get a landing page builder, but you will also get a full-fledged CRM and marketing suite for the same price.

  • Price and value (Starts at $40/month for much more than a builder)
  • Live chat platform
  • Built-in CRM for free
  • Email marketing tools
  • Contact-based pricing beyond 1,000 leads
  • No A/B testing tools in starter plan
  • Pro plan (with more features) costs $800/mo
  • No conversion tracking or analytics in basic plan

05 - GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that also includes a full-fledged landing page builder.

GetResponse Overview

GetResponse’s landing page tool features are basic, but they get the job done. Where it stands out, is that it includes 180+ different landing page templates you can use in any plan.

But it also offers advanced tools beyond the builder.

With A/B testing, pop-ups, and countdown timers, you can easily create an effective lead campaign.

It also includes eCommerce capabilities for your landing pages.

One unique feature it offers is a visual marketing automation builder you can use to create advanced workflows.

For example, you can use it to automatically segment your audiences based on how they interact with your site.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse is another affordable option, starting at just $15 per month, including the landing page builder and email marketing.

The plus plan, starting at $49 per month, includes the visual automation builder, webinars, and contact scoring.

Like HubSpot, GetResponse also relies on contact-based pricing because of its built-in autoresponder.

But it’s much more affordable.

At 10,000 leads, GetResponse’s basic plan still only costs $65 per month.

GetResponse Use Cases

GetResponse is the perfect landing page builder for beginner marketers that haven’t started to build their list yet.

With an autoresponder and marketing workflow automation tools built-in, it’s an affordable solution that will help you get started the right way.

  • Price (Starts at $15/month)
  • Unlimited landing pages and visitors
  • Unlimited A/B testing for all plans
  • Webinar and eCommerce features
  • Contact-based pricing beyond 1,000 leads
  • Not the most powerful landing page builder
  • Many of the templates are dated
  • If using an autoresponder, need to import leads

06 - Mailchimp

Mailchimp is another full-fledged email marketing platform that also includes a landing page builder.

Mailchimp’s unique selling point is that it uses a freemium approach, with a powerful free plan available for up to 2,000 contacts. (It includes landing pages and full email marketing capabilities.)

Mailchimp Overview

The landing page builder itself offers a run-of-the-mill drag-and-drop experience, with some templates that are slightly dated.

But the strength of Mailchimp lies in the complete platform.

It includes a robust email marketing and autoresponder tool complete with detailed tracking and analytics, automation, and much more.

You can even send snail mail campaigns to VIP leads and existing customers.

Mailchimp Pricing

Its pricing is perhaps Mailchimp’s biggest competitive advantage.

Their cheapest plan is completely free until 2,000 contacts and includes a landing page builder, marketing CRM, autoresponder, webinars, and more.

After you pass 2,000 contacts, you will need to upgrade to the essentials plan, which will cost $25.99 (for that many contacts).

The main limitation of the free and essentials plan is limited access to analytics and no A/B or multivariate testing.

Because Mailchimp includes tools for sending emails, not just collecting them, it also uses contact-based pricing.

At 10,000 contacts, the essentials plans will only set you back $74.99 per month (billed annually).

Mailchimp Use Cases

Mailchimp has evolved beyond a simple autoresponder and become a full-fledged marketing platform, including a CRM.

Not to mention, you can get started for free.

So you might think it’s the ideal option for everyone, but not so fast.

It doesn’t offer best-in-class landing page builder features, so it’s only a viable option if you need extra features like a CRM and autoresponder.

With advanced ecommerce automations and segmentations, like targeting customers based on previous purchases, it’s a good option for eCommerce.

You can also create individual sales landing pages for products, which makes it a viable option for affiliate marketers that rely heavily on email marketing.

  • Free (up to 2,000 contacts)
  • Unlimited landing pages and visitors
  • Marketing CRM and email marketing tools
  • Website builder and hosting
  • Contact-based pricing beyond 2,000 leads
  • Not the most powerful landing page builder
  • A/B testing only included in standard plans and above
  • Only three user accounts for essentials plan

07 - Wishpond

Wishpond is a marketing suite that includes the unique feature of social media contests as well as a robust general landing page builder.

Wishpond Overview

Wishpond started out as a tool for running social media contests, which means its related landing page templates and features are stronger than most competitors.

You can even run an Instagram hashtag campaign and show entrants in a gallery as social proof.

But it’s not just focused on social media lead campaigns.

Over the past few years, Wishpond has evolved into a complete marketing platform.

With lead management, call tracking, and advanced marketing automation workflows, it’s a powerful ally for any marketer.

Wishpond Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Wishpond’s starting out plan starts at $49 a month and doesn’t include A/B testing.

The cheaper plans also have caps on the maximum number of leads, with 1,000 for starting out, and 2,500 for everything you need.

At $199 per month for 10,000 leads, the rapid growth plan is decidedly more expensive than alternatives like Mailchimp and GetResponse.

Wishpond Use Cases

As another marketing platform, and at a higher price point than both Mailchimp and HubSpot, it’s best suited for beginners who want an all-in-one solution that is easy to use, that relies heavily on an organic social media presence.

Wishpond will let them leverage their social media push to promote social media contests to attract potential customers and turn them into leads.

  • Social media contests to drive organic interest and leads
  • Great-looking landing page templates
  • Lead management and marketing automation tools included
  • Phone support for all plans
  • Contact-based pricing beyond 2,500 leads
  • No landing page personalization features
  • A/B testing only included in ‘everything you need’ plan and above
  • Only three user accounts for essentials plan

08 - Landingi

Landingi is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop landing page builder designed for non-technical business owners and creatives.

Landingi Overview

Landingi is first and foremost a landing page builder, which you can clearly see from how it structures its features page.

With over 200 templates, one-click duplication, an internal image library, and multi-device preview, it will help you create a great-looking landing page.

It also includes basic A/B testing, but outsources most of the heavy analytics through Google Analytics and tracking pixel integrations.

Landingi Pricing

Landingi is one of the more affordable landing page builders, with their core plan starting at $29 per month (billed annually).

Even the cheapest plan includes multi-user features, 150+ templates, 100,000 visitors, and up to five sub-accounts.

The create plan, at $45 per month, includes an internal image and icon library as well as integrations.

Finally, the automate plan at $59 per month includes advanced integrations, internal autoresponder, A/B testing, and funnels.

Landingi Use Cases

As a more affordable, simpler alternative, Landingi is more suitable for small businesses and less experienced solo marketers.

The great-looking landing page templates can help even a non-creative business owner start collecting leads ASAP.

  • Great-looking landing page templates
  • All plans support multi-user accounts
  • Dynamic text replacement in all plans
  • Chat & callback integrations
  • Traffic limitation (Core = 100,000 visitors/month)
  • Limited tracking and analytics
  • A/B testing only included in the automate plan
  • Most integrations only available in the automate plan

09 - Ucraft

Ucraft is a bare-bones site and landing page builder that doesn’t include any extra or excess functionality.

Ucraft Overview

Ucraft’s site builder includes 29 dedicated landing page templates, mostly focused on simplistic flat design.

As you can see from the landing page features, Ucraft focuses on the basics.

You get free hosting and a drag-and-drop landing page builder, with a few great-looking templates ready to use.

It does offer complete eCommerce features for its Shop Pro plan, which includes inventory tracking, coupons, and more.

Ucraft Pricing

Nothing beats free when it comes to a SaaS tool you need for your business, but in this case, you get what you pay for.

The free website plan includes the page builder and up to 15 pages, with unlimited bandwidth, but includes the Ucraft branding on all your pages.

The pro website plan at $10 per month (billed annually) unlocks more advanced builder features and gives you unlimited pages.

Ucraft Use Cases

Ucraft would be the best choice for marketers or agencies that want a cheap and easy-to-use landing page builder, but already have a marketing platform in place.

  • Great-looking landing page templates
  • Free plan available
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Limited tracking and analytics
  • No A/B testing tools
  • Under 50 dedicated LP templates
  • Limited integrations

10 - Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder, which of course, includes a drag-and-drop landing page builder as a core component.

Clickfunnels Overview

Rather than a straightforward landing page, Clickfunnels is focused on building up multi-step sales funnels using marketing automation.

A funnel includes multiple landing pages tailored for users at different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Clickfunnels includes all the necessary features to set up an intuitive sales funnel, from tracking and analytics to segmentation and autoresponders.

You can use the advanced features to set up your very first sales funnel, without needing to use any other tools to manage leads or track results.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels no longer has public pricing and plans tables available on its site, but we’ve gone through their trial process and explored all pricing options:

After a 14-day trial, the standard plan starts at $97 per month (billed annually). For unlimited funnels and pages, you need to upgrade to the platinum plan, which costs $297 a month.

Compared to complete email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or GetResponse, this is quite expensive.

Clickfunnels Use Cases

Clickfunnels is perfect for affiliate marketing pros and business owners that want a single tool to manage every stage of their sales funnel.

  • Great-looking landing page templates
  • Easy to create sales funnels
  • Advanced automation workflows
  • Integrated tracking and analytics
  • Price (Starts at $97/month)
  • Standard plan is limited to 20,000 visits per month.
  • Can be complicated to get started with
  • Limited integrations

11 - ShortStack

ShortStack is a customizable contesting platform that includes a drag-and-drop landing page builder with hundreds of templates.

ShortStack Overview

Beyond the tailor-made templates, ShortStack’s other features are also custom-built to be relevant to the social media angle.

You can gamify your landing pages by creating fun quizzes to incentivize sharing your content.

If you look at the landing page analytics features, you’ll see the pattern continue:

Not only does it track view, sources, and entries, but ShortStack also tracks the number of shares on each platform.

This data can help you adjust your giveaway or other organic lead campaigns in real-time, to focus on the highest ROI platforms.

ShortStack Pricing

Starting at $99/month, ShortStack is right up there with the other professional landing page builders aimed at larger companies.

Unfortunately, hashtag and retweet contests, a must for any social media contest, are only supported in the agency plan and up.

ShortStack Use Cases

ShortStack is only a real option if your lead generation strategy is almost entirely centered around free product giveaways.

ShortStack is the ideal platform for running and scaling these campaigns across multiple social media channels.

  • Advanced contesting features
  • Great contest templates
  • Advanced automation workflows
  • Integrated tracking and analytics
  • Price (Starts at $97/month)
  • Limited regular landing page templates
  • Only 50,000 monthly views included in the business plan
  • Hashtag contests only included in the agency plan and above

12 - ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a complete email marketing platform designed specifically for solopreneurs, creatives, and creators.

ConvertKit Overview

The landing page builder is sleek and includes an Unsplash integration, giving you instant access to 100,000+ HD images for free.

And as an advanced email marketing platform, Convertkit obviously goes beyond just the building.

It also has advanced marketing automation tools, including a visual builder that helps complete amateurs create useful workflows.

Because of its target market, ConvertKit is focused on ease of use, rather than adding features for features’ sake.

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit includes a free plan with unlimited traffic and landing pages for up to 1,000 subscribers.

It includes most of the basic features, including unlimited landing pages, but no automated campaigns or smart workflows.

The complete plan includes all ConvertKit features and starts at an affordable price of $24 per month (billed annually).

Like the other email marketing platforms, the pricing is based on your number of subscribers.

If you grow your list to (or already have) 10,000 subscribers, ConvertKit costs $99 per month.

ConvertKit Use Cases

With premium support and free migration, ConvertKit is a great choice for marketers that already use an email marketing tool, but need more features — like a landing page builder or marketing automation.

  • Free plan available
  • Unlimited traffic and visitors
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Visual workflow automation tools
  • Few viable landing page templates
  • Contact-based pricing
  • Limited integrations
  • Need to migrate from existing tools

13 - Aweber

Aweber is an autoresponder and email marketing suite with a full-featured landing page builder to boot.

Aweber Overview

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and AI-powered smart tips and guidance, the page and email builders are the foundation of Aweber’s value proposition.

Of course, the features also include marketing automation workflows, automated campaigns, segmentation, and email personalization.

Aweber Pricing

Rather than multiple different price points with access to different features, Aweber keeps it simple. A single-paid plan starts at $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.

You can have up to 10,000 subscribers for $69 per month, which is comparable to GetResponse’s cheapest plan.

The difference is that with Aweber, you get access to the full suite of features from the get-go.

Aweber Use Cases

If you don’t already have a list or email marketing tool, Aweber can be a good place to start because of the low cost and simple UI.

  • Powerful all-in-one platform
  • Unlimited traffic and visitors
  • Great integrations
  • Visual workflow automation tools
  • Slightly dated landing page builder UI
  • Contact-based pricing
  • Few landing page templates
  • Need to migrate from existing tools

14 - Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a french email marketing platform that includes a landing page and sales funnel builder.

Systeme.io Overview

Rather than just a straightforward landing page builder, Systeme.io is focused on creating funnels that guide your leads further through their purchasing journey.

There are templates for every page necessary for a funnel, the landing or squeeze page, thank you page, and upsell pages.

For each step of the funnel, you can add advanced marketing automation flows like matching email messages with users based on their site interactions.

That makes it a good choice, not just for affiliate marketers and digital educators, but also for small businesses that want to up their game.

Systeme.io Pricing

Systeme.io is much more reasonably priced than its main competitor, Clickfunnels. Its basic plan at €27 per month includes all core features except coupon codes, A/B tests, and Webinars.

It also includes up to 5,000 contacts. The €47 webinar plan includes webinars and A/B testing, while the enterprise plan also has a 1-hour coaching session.

Systeme.io Use Cases

It’s a great choice for affiliate email marketers and solopreneurs on a budget that want a complete sales funnel solution.

  • Complete sales funnel solution
  • Cheaper than alternatives (sales funnel builders)
  • Unlimited traffic, pages, and users
  • Run your own affiliate program
  • Can be complex to get started
  • Contact-based pricing
  • Few landing page templates
  • Some awkward language in tutorials because of French origin

15 - Elementor

Elementor is a page builder plugin for WordPress, with some unique features for seamlessly creating great landing pages on your existing WP site.

Elementor Overview

Elementor offers both a landing page and pop-up builder, using content blocks to make it easy to create a great-looking design from scratch.

Elementor goes beyond just landing page templates, with advanced widgets and content specifically for marketing.

For example, you can quickly show off social proof with the testimonial carousel, or force action with a countdown timer.

You can easily add these elements to any of your landing pages with a drag and a drop.

Elementor Pricing

The free Elementor plugin is available through the WordPress plugin directory and can be installed with a single click.

The free plugin will give you all the features you need to create a great-looking landing page, but to get pop-ups and essential lead generation widgets and features, you need Elementor Pro.

The personal plan starts at $49 per year for a single site.

The plus plan covers up to three sites, and the $199 a year expert plan supports up to 1,000 sites.

Note: You need your own hosting plan to host Elementor on a WP site, so the hosting expenses come in addition.

Elementor Use Cases

Elementor is perfect for marketers and business owners that already own and operate a WordPress site.

Even the free plugin will help you or your creative team create well-designed landing pages faster.

  • Free plugin available
  • Native WordPress integration
  • Cheap, yearly plans (starting at $49 per year)
  • Advanced pop-up builder
  • Requires hosting
  • Limited marketing and analytics features
  • No native A/B testing
  • Can create clunky code

16 - Divi

Divi is another WordPress page builder, but rather than a plugin, it’s a theme and controls every aspect of your site’s design.

Divi Overview

The Divi builder is truly next-level. You can even transform and edit the angles and shadows of images that you add to the page.

Divi offers a lot of the same widgets and building blocks that Elementor does, but it also offers important features for marketing built into WordPress.

For example, you have conversion tracking, A/B tests, and other essential tools for lead generation.

Divi Pricing

Again, like other WordPress tools, it’s a lot more affordable than the standalone landing page builders.

Divi costs $89 per year for unlimited websites and users, or a $249 one time fee for the same access, for life.

At under $8 a month for all your websites, it’s hard to argue against Divi from a financial standpoint.

Especially since this license includes unlimited websites, users, and access to the marketing plugins Bloom and Monarch.

Divi Use Cases

Divi is perfect for WordPress site owners that want a tool to not just help with landing pages, but their overall site design.

Divi offers full creative control over every inch of your website without needing any development or coding skills.

  • Native WordPress integration
  • Cheap, yearly plans (starting at $89 per year)
  • Advanced pop-up builder
  • Requires hosting
  • Can create clunky code
  • Difficult to migrate to or from

17 - OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a WordPress landing page builder plugin specifically designed to optimize WP sites for lead generation.

OptimizePress Overview

With over 40 tailored landing page templates, email marketing tool integration, GDPR features, and 2-step opt-in, OptimizePress stands out.

It’s perhaps the only free native WordPress solution that could be considered a purpose-built landing page builder.

It also supports marketing funnels, with the choice to choose from premade templates, including multiple landing pages.

OptimizePress Pricing

Like the other WordPress solutions, OptimizePress uses a yearly subscription. It starts at $99 per year for a single site license.

To access the funnel building feature, you need the suite plan, which starts at $199 per year for up to 20 sites.

OptimizePress Use Cases

OptimizePress is perfect for marketers with WP sites that want to create multi-step sales funnels without breaking the bank.

  • Native WordPress integration
  • Cheap, yearly plans (starting at $99 per year)
  • Advanced pop-up builder
  • Funnel support
  • Requires hosting
  • Can create clunky code
  • No internal analytics or tracking
  • Can slow down page loading speed

18 - KickoffLabs

KickoffLabs is another landing page builder focused on viral contests and referral leads. This makes it a great option for B2C lead generation.

KickoffLabs Overview

Rather than a typical social media giveaway, KickoffLabs focuses on referral-driven viral campaigns.

Instead of rewarding people for hashtags, retweets, and likes, they only unlock rewards by actually getting friends to sign up too.

You can also set up basic SMS-based campaigns that follow a more typical giveaway format.

KickoffLabs Pricing

KickoffLabs starts at $19 per month (billed annually), but that plan only includes a meager 2,000 unique visitors and one campaign.

If you have a sizable social following already, you will likely need to opt for the business plan, which costs $99 a month.

KickoffLabs Use Cases

KickoffLabs is mostly useful for marketers promoting consumer products who want to gather a large number of leads quickly.

  • Advanced viral contesting features
  • Unlimited entries and emails
  • Create contest campaigns quickly using existing templates
  • Perfect way to take advantage of an existing social following
  • Limited traffic (2,000 unique visitors for the hobby plan)
  • Cheapest plan includes KickoffLabs branding
  • Limited features for cheaper plans
  • Limited integrations and support for regular campaigns

19 - Sendinblue

Sendinblue is another marketing suite that goes way beyond a landing page builder, and also includes a sales CRM, chat, and SMS marketing tool.

Sendinblue Overview

Sendinblue offers a drag-and-drop landing page builder with follow-up pages, goals, and other important features.

There’s also a streamlined process for retargeting and converting website visitors over time using multiple landing pages, signup forms, and retargeting campaigns.

Of course, that’s only the landing page side of the equation.

Sendinblue also offers a robust sales CRM, automated SMS campaigns, transactional emails, A/B testing, and advanced eCommerce analytics.

Sendinblue Pricing

Sendinblue offers a limited free plan with up to 300 daily emails and an unlimited number of contacts.

The lite plan at $25 per month allows up to 40,000 emails. But the landing page builder isn’t included until the premium plan, which costs $66 per month, with up to 120,000 emails sent per month.

Sendinblue Use Cases

Sendinblue is a great option for marketers that want to utilize other channels than just email, including live chat and SMS.

  • Multiple channels in one place (Email, Chat, SMS)
  • No contact limits
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Native sales CRM
  • Landing page builder only included in premium plans and above
  • Cheapest plan includes company branding
  • Limited features for cheaper plans
  • Cheaper plans include Sendinblue logo

20 - Lander

Lander is a simple landing page builder targeting a non-technical audience.

Lander Overview

Lander’s drag and drop builder’s interface is a little bit dated, but still easy to use, and includes 100+ sleek templates to work with.

Beyond this, it also supports some core marketing features like A/B testing and dynamic text replacement.

With built-in A/B testing, you can easily test landing pages through every stage of a campaign, from ideation till the end.

You can also use dynamic text replacement to make sure the landing page’s text matches what the user searched for before arriving at your page.

Message match is a powerful marketing tool and can increase conversion rates by up to 212.74%.

Lander Pricing

Lander’s basic plan, when paid annually, is a lot cheaper than the major landing page builders on our list.

Starting at $16 per month, and including most important features, on the surface, it seems like a great deal.

The problem is that the plan only includes a measly 5,000 unique visitors per month.

If you have any successful social or paid campaigns, you are probably already driving more traffic to your landing pages.

Lander Use Cases

Lander is a suitable budget option for marketers and small agencies that want to improve their landing page workflows. It makes it easy to design and improve landing pages and follow-up pages.

  • A/B testing
  • Facebook landing pages with auto FB forms
  • Native email marketing tool integration
  • Follow-up pages
  • Limited traffic (5,000 unique visitors for Basic)
  • Only email and chat support
  • CRM integration limited to professional plan
  • Limited integrations

21 - Wix

Wix is a website builder and hosting platform designed to make it easier for business owners to handle their own website directly.

Wix Overview

Though officially a regular website builder, Wix has 33+ dedicated landing page templates.

The only downside is that some of them are simple and very narrow, like the coming soon landing pages.

If you already have a website set up, these won’t be very useful.

But Wix has a lot of redeeming features that still make it a worthwhile option. Wix ADI’s AI-powered assistant will help you design your page as long as you answer a few simple questions.

It also includes full support for eCommerce and an email marketing suite, depending on which plan you choose.

Wix Pricing

To implement Google analytics and get unlimited bandwidth, you need to opt for the business plans, which start at $17 per month.

Through Wix Email Marketing (previously Wix ShoutOut), Wix customers can also get up to 3 campaigns and 5,000 monthly emails for free.

Wix Use Cases

With a limited selection of landing page templates and few native marketing features, Wix is best for small businesses that also want to create their own website or eCommerce store.

  • Unlimited visitors
  • Price ($17 per month)
  • Native email marketing tool
  • Easy-to-use page builder
  • Limited native tracking and analytics
  • Limited email marketing and CRM integrations
  • No native A/B testing
  • Limited selection of landing page templates

22 - Weebly

Weebly is a great website builder, but does it hold up when it comes to landing pages? Let’s take a closer look.

Weebly Overview

Weebly has a few ready-made landing page templates, and it also has a native email marketing platform called Weebly Promote

It includes segmentation and marketing automation features, powered by a direct connection to your Weebly site or store.

You can, for example, create automated abandoned cart emails, notifying potential customers of unfinished carts they left without purchasing.

Weebly Pricing

Weebly also offers a free plan, but it doesn’t include its business-focused features like advanced integrations and email marketing.

Business Plus is the only plan that includes Weebly Promote, by default, at $38 per month (billed annually).

Weebly Use Cases

Like Wix, Weebly is more aligned with the creation of an eCommerce store and has very few satisfactory templates for a landing page in particular.

So it’s a better tool for designers that want a painless way to create and host their landing pages, than a business owner who needs a half-finished template to work with.

  • Unlimited visitors
  • Native email marketing tool
  • Integrated analytics
  • Easy-to-use page builder
  • Very limited selection of landing page templates
  • Limited email marketing and CRM integrations
  • No native A/B testing
  • No discount feature available for lead generation

23 - Squarespace

Squarespace is a leading website builder tool that has branched out into eCommerce over the past few years.

Squarespace Overview

The so-called launch pages are the only relevant templates for landing pages, but some of them are simple coming soon pages.

Regardless, with Squarespace’s powerful site builder, it would be easy for anyone to edit the design of a page and add a form to turn it into one from scratch. Squarespace also has a powerful built-in analytics suite that can help you see where your traffic is coming from, and which campaigns and efforts are generating the most money.

Not to mention, Squarespace has its own email marketing product, Squarespace Email Campaigns, that integrates with the eCommerce platform.

Squarespace Pricing

The cheapest plan starts at $12 per month (paid annually), but doesn’t include advanced analytics or other necessary marketing tools.

To get access to pop-ups and other marketing tools, you need to at least spring for the business plan at $18.

And if you need professional eCommerce features, you need to choose at least the basic commerce plan.

Squarespace Email Campaigns plans are sold separately from the hosting and page builder.

The cheapest plan costs $5 (billed annually) with the most basic features, but a limit of 500 emails per month. The core plan is identical except the limit is raised to 5,000

Most professional marketers and business owners will need to opt for at least the pro plan, which includes 50,000 monthly emails and more features.

Squarespace Use Cases

Again, Squarespace would be the best tool in the hands of business owners that are eager to create their first website or eCommerce store.

It doesn’t have enough features or integrations for a seasoned marketer (affiliate or otherwise).

  • Unlimited visitors
  • Native email marketing tool
  • Integrated analytics and mobile app
  • Intuitive page builder
  • Very limited selection of landing page templates
  • Limited integrations
  • No native A/B testing
  • Email marketing costs extra

24 - Carrd

Carrd is a simplistic, straightforward one-page website builder for busy business owners. If you want to quickly create a simple landing page, it’s a great, cheap alternative.

Carrd Overview

The free version of the Carrd page builder is mostly for prototyping and personal sites. Without the ability to use a custom domain or remove the branding, it’s not suitable for business sites.

Not to mention, you can’t even add any opt-in forms on the free plan, so you can’t create a landing page.

The pro version allows you to integrate with email marketing solutions and insert forms into your sites.

You can also insert Google Analytics into your page, so you can examine the results of your campaigns and drive better ROI.

But that’s about the gist of the features. There are no advanced analytics, testing, or optimization tools. If you want to do CRO for your landing pages, you will need to implement a third-party solution.

Carrd Pricing

Carrd’s plans are yearly and start as low as $9 annually for the Pro Lite plan. But to use signup forms and Google Analytics, you need to choose the $19 Pro Standard plan at least.

At under $2 per month, it’s still the cheapest landing page builder option, by far, on this list, and on the internet.

With Pro Standard, you can use the builder for up to 10 different sites with custom URLs. With email marketing tool integration, you can just drag and drop forms to create CTAs throughout your content.

You also get access to over 15 sleek landing pages templates that you can easily personalize. Carrd Use Cases

Carrd is perfect for business owners who want to dip their toes in the water, and test demand with a cheap solution.

It’s intuitive and easy to use and creates lightweight landing pages you can use to promote products or special offers.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Price ($19 a year)
  • 15+ sleek landing page templates
  • Very limited selection of landing page templates
  • Very limited integrations
  • No native A/B testing
  • No marketing automation support

25 - Webflow

Webflow is a true “what you see is what you get” page builder, with a loyal user base of designers and marketers alike.

Webflow Overview

The powerful desktop app gives you full control over every design element, making it easy to create the landing page you imagined.

Webflow also outputs cleaner HTML and CSS than a lot of the other alternatives, leading to lighter websites.

With native eCommerce and email marketing integrations, it’s easy to create and launch landing pages with Webflow, as long as you have design chops.

If you’re not a design virtuoso, you could also buy a landing page template in the Webflow template store, for anywhere between $19 and $149.

Webflow Pricing

To get access to Mailchimp and other essential integrations for landing pages, you need to opt for the eCommerce plans.

Standard at $29 per month (billed annually) will support up to 500 items in your store, as well as all the general features from the basic CMS plan.

Webflow Use Cases

If you’re a talented designer, or have one on your team, leveraging the creative freedom of Webflow is a great idea.

If you would rather rely on templates and smart, AI-guided page-building tools, this isn’t the option for you.

What Is the Best Landing Page Builder For Your Business?

So far, you’ve read about 25 different page builders.

But you might still not be any closer to making a decision. So which page builder is really the best choice for you?

Best Landing Page Builder For Affiliate Marketers

Because an affiliate marketer relies 100% on income generated through existing sites, a marketing solution that offers more power than just landing pages, like Mailchimp or GetResponse would be a good match.

If you just want to maximize the impact of your landing pages, Leadpages gives you next-level analytics and conversion optimization tools, and AI-powered design tips, at a lower cost than other competitors.

Best Landing Page Builder For SMBs and Startups

For a startup that just wants to throw together a prototype site and test demand ASAP, Carrd might help them get there fastest, for the least amount of money.

If your business is growing, and you need a single tool to handle marketing communications and leads, Sendinblue or HubSpot offers everything from a CRM, to live chat, way beyond email autoresponders.

Best Landing Page Builder for eCommerce Businesses

If you’re looking to create a sales funnel for high-value products, Clickfunnnels or Systeme.io are your best bets.

If you want an eCommerce solution that also supports advanced eCommerce integrations like customer interaction-based segmentation, MailChimp, Sendinblue, and GetResponse are great options.

Best Landing Page Builder for Enterprises

For enterprises looking to leverage millions of monthly visits and turn them into as much revenue as possible, the powerhouses Unbounce and InstaPage are the best choices.

If you also want to leverage existing leads better with best-in-class marketing automation and personalized offers, MailChimp, GetResponse, and Sendinblue are all up to the task.

  • Full creative control over design
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Transactional emails and interaction tracking
  • Clean code and fast page loading
  • Landing page templates cost money
  • Hard to get started with no design skills
  • No native A/B testing
  • No marketing automation support


Creating a landing page might seem like an expensive or complicated process.

But if you choose the right tool from this list, you can create a great-looking squeeze page without hiring a designer.

Landing page builders speed up the process and allow you to create dedicated landing pages that address different target markets or topics.

With a tailored landing page for each campaign or content category, you can improve the ROI of all your marketing efforts.

If you want access to advanced strategies and step-by-step guidance to help you take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level, start your 3-day free trial of NicheHacks Academy today

Landing Page Builder FAQ

Below, we answer some of the most asked questions about landing page builders.

What is a landing page builder?

A landing page builder is a software tool that allows non-technical people to easily create a landing page from scratch. These tools rely on templates, pre-designed elements, as well as AI-guided suggestions to help beginners get the best results.

How much does it cost to build a landing page?

Hiring a professional designer and copywriter to create a landing page will cost thousands of dollars. If you use the cheapest tools on this list, you can create a landing page for free or a few dollars a month, including hosting.

What is the best free landing page builder?

The best free dedicated landing page builders are Carrd, Lander, and Wix, with easy to use interfaces and a fair amount of free templates.

MailChimp offers a decent page builder and next-level CRM, personalization, and email marketing tools for free for up to 2,000 subscribers.

Can I have a landing page without a website?

LeadPages, Instapage, Unbounce, and all major landing page builders offer hosted pages, so you don’t technically need a website or host.

Many email marketing tools also offer landing page builders as a part of their toolbox. With MailChimp, GetResponse, Convertkit, and Sendinblue, you can also create hosted landing pages with no website.

But only with Mailchimp and Convertkit is this possible with a free plan.



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