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5 Article Writing Tips to Create Great Content

Nowadays, with freelancing becoming popular, more and more people are venturing into this field. While anyone can sit on a computer screen and write content, it is hard to write content that appeals to a target audience and makes an immediate impact. Notwithstanding how hard it can be, it is good to know that you can create great content. You have everything you need to create that engaging email, article, or landing page.

Writing great content is more than sitting in front of your computer and typing a few paragraphs. If you want to create good, well-researched, and engaging content that sways your audience, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn 5 article writing tips to create really great content.

Create The Central Idea

It doesn’t matter your level of professionalism in content writing; you need an idea or objective to work on. Without a goal, you are bound to fail because there is nothing to gauge your success. What is the content about? Without having an idea about the content, you would be running to and fro. Instead of taking your audience on a journey, you will be leading them on an endless adventure.

Know Your Audience and Research

In addition, you need to use keywords to determine what your audience likes to search about. You would need the right tool to find the exact keywords your audience uses. In this situation, you can take advantage of the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant that analyzes your content.

The tool looks at the originality, readability, target keyword, and SEO of your content.

Imagine you are the mayor of a city. You walked through the crowd without getting cheered. It’s awkward because, to them, you don’t exist. It applies to writing great content. You must get your audience’s attention and speak directly to them. You don’t have to talk to everyone in the audience; you need to target your audience.

There is an adage that you will please no one if you try to please everyone. Therefore, you need to research your audience – find out what appeals to them? What are their obstacles and goals? What online channel do they use often? What content channel or format do they prefer? These can help you streamline your content to a specific audience.

Keep It Simple

We live in a jet world where everything is fast-paced. You have a short time to grab your reader’s attention. Therefore, you want to keep everything concise and direct. Ensure you have a maximum word to use and provide a summary to attract your audience. Try as much as possible to eliminate fluff and focus on the essential points. Another way of keeping it simple is writing in bulleted points, making it easier for your audience to read.

Proffer a Solution

Your content must provide a solution to the central idea. When an audience clicks your content, they are looking for a solution. Your role is to present this solution appealingly. Your story will grab their attention if it offers practical observation or ideas to help with the current issue.

Edit and Proofread Your Content

Most writers tend to avoid this last point. Well, you have to resist the urge to post your content without editing. Avoid writing and editing simultaneously as it slows down your ability to generate excellent content. Only edit once you have finished writing, as it offers you time to look at each paragraph carefully.


Creating great content isn’t rocket science. You don’t have to spend years in the content writing industry to write great content; all you need is dedication and willingness to do what we have mentioned in this article. Put these to work and see how great your content becomes.