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Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation Features & Growth-Hacks

Growth hackers and businesses are always looking for new hacks and innovative ways to grow business.

One such tactic is using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This LinkedIn automation tool is the most effective for prospective yet underrated growth hacks. Many B2B marketers and businesses want to know if Sales Navigator is worth it in 2021.

The answer is YES, but it all depends on your approach and growth hack to make the most out of LinkedIn.

What is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn automation tool introduced by LinkedIn itself. It is the premium version of LinkedIn that costs around $99.99. It’s a powerful tool for prospecting and helps find the most relevant and authentic leads quickly.

Many people think that this LinkedIn tool is only for prospecting; however, it comes with some fantastic features that you can use to grow your business.

With this LinkedIn automation tool, you can:

  • Filter your target audience precisely
  • Track updates, recommend leads and connect with the most relevant prospects
  • Use advanced filters not available in any other LinkedIn automation tool

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features for Growth Hacking

In this guide, we’ll share some helpful search and lead generation hacks that you can use to grow your business.

1. Use Advanced Features to Amplify Your Organic Reach

This is, by far, the most helpful feature of Sales Navigator.

An essential practice in the world of growth hacking is finding the ideal prospects. This advanced LinkedIn automation tool has 20+ advanced filters that you can apply with different combinations of keywords and Boolean operators to find the most relevant leads for your business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to search people by their industry type, job title, location, experience, company size, and many other keywords.

You can narrow down or broaden your searches as you’d like.

2. Use ‘Job Change Alerts’ to Find New Opportunities

This is another growth hack that you can use to your benefit. Many people change their job positions, but many people don’t seem to pay attention to it.

When people change their job positions, they need some new products or services that you might offer. So you can use this opportunity to start a conversation.

You can start by congratulating them, and it can lead to an opportunity later on.

Many advanced LinkedIn automation tools offer this “Job Change Alert” feature that you can use to filter out people.

3. Use Filters To Take Advantage Of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are great places to find the most relevant prospects that can be your potential clients in the future.

You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced filters to find the most specific groups. Once you are on, you can use Sales Navigator to filter out particular people from a group.

Once done, you can use this list of prospects to run a highly personalized campaign by using the best LinkedIn automation tools.

You can also assign the group members to an already running campaign.

For this, you can use a LinkedIn automation tool that offers Sales Navigator support. In addition, you can find prospects using Sales Navigator and run a highly personalized campaign using an advanced LinkedIn automation tool.

4. You Can Find Prospects Similar to Existing Clients

Sales navigator has another fantastic feature: it helps you find more prospects similar to those you already have.

For example, you found some prospects who turned out to be potential leads. Now you want to see more people similar to them, and Sales Navigator will do it for you.

How does it work?

  • Go to your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results.
  • Choose one client and press ‘Show similar.’
  • Once done, this tool will show you hundreds of similar profiles. You can approach these prospects using the same techniques, and the chances are that you will generate new leads out of them.

5. Use Boolean Searches to Get More Specific Results

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and many other LinkedIn automation tools 2021 also come with Boolean operators that provide more specific results.

You can use operators ‘AND’ ‘OR’ ‘NOT’ ‘Commas’ to find people most relevant to your brand.

You can even save your searches for later use. This way, you don’t need to search people repeatedly, but you can use the save lists and run campaigns for them.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a brilliant tool that narrows down your searches and helps you find the most relevant leads for your business. You can fully leverage the potential of its features by using the hacks as mentioned earlier.

It’s recommended to use it with an advanced LinkedIn automation tool that provides Sales Navigator Support.