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AdOutreach Review: Is This YouTube Ads Masterclass Worth It?

Are you considering YouTube video ads to promote your business, but lack the experience to launch a comprehensive campaign? AdOutreach promises to teach you everything you need to know about YouTube ads and how it helps a legitimate online business owner market a business on this video platform. In this AdOutreach review, we’ll introduce you to the company’s services, cost, and success stories to help you decide if it’s the right YouTube ads masterclass for you. Read on for an in-depth AdOutreach review, including customer reviews, costs, and more.

One of the harsh truths about running a business is that it won’t go anywhere without proper marketing. But what kind of advertising should you use to promote your products and services?

Traditional marketing channels are becoming less and less effective. And ad platforms like social media and Google Ads are now saturated with competitors. What options are you left with?

Well, what about YouTube video ads?

YouTube advertising is one platform that marketers have yet to explore. This is a shame because it’s a powerful revenue generator especially for those that run their own business. A popular YouTube channel can get thousands of views. Having that many viewers discover your brand can earn you a few thousand dollars.

Sounds interesting, right? But what if you lack the experience to pull off a comprehensive YouTube ads campaign?

Don’t worry.

In this review, we’ll introduce you to AdOutreach. It’s a company that promises to teach you everything you need to know about YouTube ads and how it helps a legit online business owner market a business on this video platform.

Is this the right YouTube ads masterclass for you? Let’s find out.

What Is AdOutreach?


AdOutreach is a video marketing company specializing in YouTube advertising that helps businesses acquire new leads and generate more sales.

Helping you on your journey is Aleric Heck. He’s the founder of AdOutreach and a remarkable YouTube creator himself. His channel, AppFind, has over 530,000 subscribers as of this writing. He ran several high-profile YouTube ad campaigns for thousands of companies since.

So you could say that this is more than just an AdOutreach review — it’s an Aleric Heck review as well.

Is Aleric Heck a capable instructor? And is AdOutreach a good YouTube ads workshop?

AdOutreach Success Stories

If the success stories are to be believed, then yes, AdOutreach is making good on its word. 

Several clients have sworn that they were able to capitalize on the lessons they learned from AdOutreach’s own YouTube ads workshop. They were able to make thousands of dollars a few months after working with the AdOutreach team.

Their clients are from different industries too. There are users from the real estate space. Some specialize in e-commerce. You also have your course creators and business coaches. It appears that AdOutreach has something to offer no matter what niche you’re in.

If you need to create targeted video content, this YouTube video ads training can work for you.

TrustPilot gives AdOutreach—and by extension, Aleric Heck – a trust rating of 4.6 out of 5.

AdOutreach clients mentioned how much they like the responsive nature of the team. Also, they appreciate how Aleric Heck was able to simplify the whole process, making it really easy to follow and understand.

What Does AdOutreach Do?

First, let’s start with what AdOutreach doesn’t do for you: It won’t create videos for you.

That’s something it wants to make perfectly clear. Some may remember a time when it did create videos for clients. But that’s no longer the case. The process just became too time-consuming since it has clients from all over the world.

But what AdOutreach came to learn over time is that it’s good at one thing. And that’s teaching people how they can create video ad formats that generate traffic and sales. 

When you sign up for AdOutreach, you’ll learn how to plan your videos, create an outline, and write a script. The team behind it claims that its system even works for people who have never picked up a camera in their life.

You don’t need to have a sales funnel or a complicated website either. All you need is a product that sells. They’ll help you from there.

On top of all that, AdOutreach will enable you to manage your YouTube ads spending. 

To be more specific:

The AdOutreach program lasts for 10 weeks where the team helps their clients use YouTube ads to grow their businesses. It uses a combination of hands-on help and training videos. 

After signing up, you’ll schedule a call with their scriptwriters and develop an ad script that works for you. Then you’ll use the training videos to learn how you can turn your script into a YouTube ad.

Once you have a video, you’ll once again talk to the team where you’ll receive personalized service. They’ll work with you to identify who you should target and when. This will help you reach the right audience at the most opportune time. 

Book a call with AdOutreach.

AdOutreach Free Training

What’s great about AdOutreach is that it offers free training materials that you can access even before you sign up for the program.

There are a couple of free webinars on AdOutreach’s website: The OmniPresent Retargeting Machine and How We Use YouTube Video Ads to Skyrocket Leads and Sales. Both are hosted by Aleric Heck.

You can also watch a free video: Learn How to Build a 6- to 7-Figure Business by Attracting High-Paying Clients Using Video.

Aleric Heck released an updated version of How to Scale to 7-8+ Figures with YouTube Ads on his personal YouTube channel.

Why YouTube Ads?

Whether you want to use AdOutreach for your own business or you want to be an AdOutreach affiliate partner, it’s important to know why it’s super focused on YouTube as an ad platform.

Why does AdOutreach see so much potential in this streaming service?

Aleric Heck states three reasons.

Cheaper Costs

The difference between YouTube ads and those from a social media platform like Facebook is great. This is because of the way ad views are measured. On Facebook, you’ll get charged whenever an ad plays regardless of whether a user is really watching or not. 

It’s different on YouTube. There, you only pay if a user watches at least 30 seconds of your ad. If someone skips the ad before that point, you don’t have to pay.

So not only is YouTube cheaper in the long run, but you’ll also be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Learner’s Mindset

This is a term that Aleric coined for himself. The idea is that people on social platforms don’t necessarily have any intention to buy products. They’re mostly there to keep up with friends and family. So placing ads on these platforms won’t be as effective.

But over on YouTube, people are there to learn. They want to learn solutions to their problems — and some of them will be willing to pay for it. That’s why ads are more welcome on YouTube than they are on social media.

Blue Ocean

By this, Alric means that YouTube is still a vast playing field. Paid ads on this platform can go far and wide. You’ll be able to target people you never thought you’d reach.

This is the reason why AdOutreach works. The people who have tried using it have found success on YouTube. 

YouTube ads give everyone a great opportunity to make money. And the AdOutreach program will show you how you can get there. For affiliates, you too can make money by promoting the AdOutreach Masterclass Program to your audience.

Learn more about the AdOutreach Masterclass Partner Program.

The AdOutreach Affiliate Program

AdOutreach also welcomes affiliates to help promote its product. And the great thing about it is that you can earn as high as 50% of every YouTube Advertising Masterclass sale.

The company says that you could earn as much as $588.50 per masterclass sold. With a potential revenue of that magnitude, being an AdOutreach affiliate will be a great side hustle. Or it can even be your main source of income if you become very good at it.

The AdOutreach Sales Page

As an affiliate, your main goal will be to send traffic to the AdOutreach sales page. The team behind that landing page continues to run tests so that it always converts. And so far, the team has done a great job.

The sales page currently has a 20% conversion rate — which is not only great for the company but its affiliates as well.

The AdOutreach team has done most of the lifting. All you have to do is to point your audience to the sales page and it pretty much does the rest.

We should point out that sales pages are different from a landing pages. The latter is a standalone web page with a single call to action. The former, however, is a series of landing pages designed to increase conversions.

That means when you use AdOutreach’s sales pages, you’re not only getting users to sign up for the masterclass. Every step in the process will introduce upsells to users that will help them reach their YouTube ads goals.

By availing of all of these products, people will have no trouble launching video ads. They will be able to leverage YouTube to meet their goals by finding the perfect target market and delivering the best-paid ads. And as an affiliate, you’ll help them get there.

AdOutreach Referral Program Earnings Potential

AdOutreach does a good job of explaining the revenue potential for referrals. 

There are five ways you can earn money through AdOutreach. And if you manage to close a sale, you’ll get a 50% commission fee.

The main draw will be the YouTube Ads Masterclass itself which is worth $47. So for every sale, you’ll receive $23.50.

If your client orders more training material from AdOutreach, they’ll pay $39 — meaning you’ll take home another $19.50.

The next three revenue sources are the most lucrative opportunities for you. The Ready Offer Training costs $297. You’ll get $148.50 from that. Ads Scripting is a whopping $497 which gets you a $248.50 commission. That’s huge.

And finally, there’s the AdOutreach Virtual Event at $297. 50% of that would be  $1458.50.

That’s not bad at all.

Who Is the AdOutreach Referral Program For?

A lot of people can benefit from becoming an AdOutreach partner. 

Affiliate marketers would be the obvious choice. After all, they’re always looking for new opportunities to earn. However, business consultants can also use this referral program if they have clients who wish to learn ways to get more eyes on their products.

Niche-specific agents can also benefit from the program. Real estate marketers, for example, are always looking for ways to reach a wider audience through ad outreach. The same goes for insurance agents.

But honestly, it can be for anyone who has an audience that likes learning new marketing strategies. Even bloggers with a good following can help expose their followers to discover new ways to make their businesses grow.

AdOutreach Affiliates Dashboard

After signing up for the affiliate program, you’ll get access to your AdOutreach dashboard. It’s got a simple interface that gives you relevant information about your earnings.

The top-most section breaks down your overall earnings. Of course, it will say $0 the first time you go here but as you make money, all of it will be shown in detail.

Not only will you get to see your daily earnings, but you’ll also know how much you earned over the last seven and thirty days. There’s even a breakdown of daily earnings for the whole week.

It’s a convenient way to see how well your affiliate campaign is progressing.

Just below that is a breakdown of your earnings by the funnel. You can download the report for your convenience.

Is AdOutreach Legit?

Who wants to invest in a company that isn’t generating sales, right?

The good news is that AdOutreach is profitable. In April 2021, it managed to generate $1 million — and not for the first time, mind you. 

AdOutreach isn’t shy about its monthly revenues. It gladly shares with users how much it earned along with the key lessons it learned along the way.

It’s also a good sign that the company employs a lot of people. The company isn’t run by Aleric Heck alone. He works with a head of operations, a sales director, a marketing director, ads and copywriting coaches, and more.

It’s also enjoying a ton of positive reviews from some of the industry’s best.

Aleric Heck has been featured in a lot of marketing-themed podcasts too. So you know that he’s totally legit.

So not only is AdOutreach a credible and profitable company, but it also looks like this company and its products are here to stay.

Watch testimonials from AdOutreach clients

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