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[Case Study] How I Made $9,954.79 In 5 Days, From An Affiliate Product, Using Fill In The Blank Email Templates

Struggling with affiliate marketing?

Can’t make many, if any, commissions?

I know how that feels as it was exactly the problem I faced for years.

But now I have affiliate marketing mastered.

And I just made $9,954.79 in 5 days from a single affiliate product (a digital one at that).

All by using fill in the blank email templates that YOU can download and use for yourself.

Yep, these work for ANYONE in ANY niche.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well don’t worry I will prove it to you.

You just need to keep reading this post from start to finish to find out how…

What You’ll Learn:

  • The strategy needed to create a profitable affiliate campaign like this one.
  • Why DIGITAL affiliate products make for the most profitable ones to promote.
  • The fill in the blank templates I use in all of my affiliate promotions and how they work for anyone in ANY niche promoting ANY product.
  • The emails you need to send BEFORE the promotion starts that no one else is sending.
  • The ‘secret’ trick to build up curiosity and get people interested in the product.

The Product In Question

Now if you’re on the email list or in the Facebook group (and if not, why not? You’re missing out) you’ll have seen the buzz for this product.

It was Michael Cheney’s ‘Commission Black Ops’.

A ‘top secret’ military style themed product launch about affiliate marketing.

Love or hate the military theme or Michael’s style (he’s a controversial figure) this launch was a popular one selling over 4,000 copies in the 5 day launch period.

One of Michael’s earlier training’s The Commission Machine is partly responsible for my current affiliate marketing success.

Before I went through that training I was doing just OK with affiliate marketing and able to make a few hundred dollars per promotion and occasionally land in the bottom 5 of an affiliate contest leader board.

But it was all very hit and miss and I couldn’t replicate it every time.

My affiliate marketing promotions had no strategy or structure.

And my promotion emails were very repetitive.

I’d just write whatever came into my head and often end up talking about the same thing over and over again in my emails.

Then I completed The Commission Machine training and things changed.

I learned from Michael how to structure an affiliate promotion to be the most effective.

And how to write emails basically using formulas and styles that worked EVERY time.

He also showed me some new email types I’d never used before like the FAQ, story and checklist email

Immediately after implementing the training I went from making a few hundred dollars per promo and occasional spots at the bottom of the leader board….

…to making THOUSANDS of dollars per promo and WINNING affiliate contests.

So when I heard about Commission Black Ops I knew I had to get advanced access to it and check it out.

So that’s what I did.

Michael hooked me up with an advanced copy and it blew my mind.

He is talking about things no one else is talking about.

Affiliate marketing strategies and techniques that other people aren’t teaching or doing.

Yet they work like crazy.

I know because I used some of them during my promo for Commission Black Ops to make that $9,954.79 in 5 days I mentioned earlier. 😉

I’d just like to say quickly…

Thanks very much for trusting me enough to invest in this course through my link, I really appreciate that.

I know that you likely are on multiple marketers lists and heard about this from other people too.

I’m glad I was able to give you enough value to make a decision on this and help you make a purchase.

So now you know what the product in question was.

And WHY I choose to recommend it to you.

Let’s take a look at the results…

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

Conversions, Sales and Cash

So in total during the 5 day launch period I sold 380 copies of Commission Black Ops plus a further 91 of the upgrades. (Thanks for investing through my link, appreciated and wise move!)

This is the most front end sales I’ve ever made of a single affiliate product on JVZOO and by a considerable amount (Over 80 ahead of my second biggest seller “The Launch Bible 2.0 by Alex Jeffreys) though not the most in terms of income.

The front end offer was converting steadily at around 9% for me throughout most of the launch (which is a bit higher than my usual 7% average conversion)

But rose up to 11.65% in the final 48hrs when I introduced my bonus offer and the scarcity of the launch coming to and end came into play.

The first upgrade (done for you emails) converted at a steady 12.98% thanks to how awesome this offer was.

Michael was paying 100% commission right across the funnel to affiliates so I made a cool $7,954.79 in commissions for selling 380 front end and 91 one time offer products.

I also made an extra $2,000 in bonus cash for being the third top affiliate seller in the competition (I was gunning for at least 2nd in this one so sadly I fell short but the competition was fierce so I can’t complain).

You’ll likely recognize some of those names in the screenshot above.

Some seriously big hitter affiliates and tough competition.

So I appreciate everyone who invested through my link as I know you are likely on multiple lists and I wasn’t the only one mailing you about this one.

A quick look through my stats show that I had about 4% of people who bought via my link refund, not too abnormal but higher than I’d like to see especially on such an incredible product.


If you’re wondering how he makes any money when he’s giving away 100% commission then here’s how it works…

These affiliate launches are merely a way to generate leads (customers) at break even (or perhaps even a loss to begin with).

And then once the customer is into the sales funnel you can make money off them on the ‘back end’ by promoting your own or affiliate products further down the line.

It’s a classic marketing technique and works well but you need to know your numbers first.

Before you can pull off a launch like this you have to know EXACTLY what a customer is worth to you over their lifetime value so you know how much you can spend (on the launch) to acquire new ones.

It’s no use giving away 100% commissions and lots of bonus cash to affiliates if you can’t make money back off your new customers on the back end…you’ll go broke quick.

The Winning Affiliate Strategy You Need To Deploy To Make More Affiliate Commissions

Usually when promoting an affiliate launch I would just steam straight in on day 1 when the product launched and send the first email out at launch time.

But I took a slightly different approach this time….

I’d been going through a product called Commission Accelerator by Jason Parker and Richard Legg previous to writing my Commission Black Ops promo emails.

And they shared a strategy they’d been using with great effect to build up anticipation for product launches and increase sales.

I decided to take this strategy and alter it slightly to suit affiliate promotions.

So a full week BEFORE Commission Black Ops launched I went to work.

Warm Up & Pre-Sell Emails To Grab Peoples Attention

I started off gently warming the email list up to the topic by sending them to the Niche Reaper Case Study post which shared some of my previous affiliate marketing results from last month.

Then to an older post on the blog that shares some lessons I learned from being a top affiliate on JVZOO.

This was just to set the scene and get on topic.

Then followed were 2 straight up content emails designed to get peoples attention and focusing on the topic of affiliate marketing done in the way super affiliates (like Michael Cheney) does it.

As I know many of the NicheHacks tribe are focusing on being an Amazon affiliate, which is fine but in my experience a very limiting business model, I had to warm them up to the idea of promoting digital products and doing affiliate promotions via email.

So I sent out a controversial email titled “The Case AGAINST Niche Marketing” and in it I talked about how most niche marketers are doing affiliate marketing ‘wrong’ as it’s not the way most super affiliates are doing it (and who doesn’t want to be a super affiliate, right?).

But without going into any details of how the super affiliates ARE doing it and promising to reveal that in the next email.

Then the next day an email was sent called “The Case FOR Niche Marketing (When Done Correctly)” and in this email I shared what most of the super affiliates ARE doing i.e. promoting digital products, building email lists, not relying on 4% Amazon commissions or SEO traffic.

This set the scene and got everyone thinking about the same thing and geared towards learning how a super affiliate operates.

In “The Case FOR Niche Marketing” email I dropped in a little nugget about how I knew of an eccentric British guy making $39,041.46 every month from affiliate marketing and how I’d share some of what I’d learned from him in the following days email.

This is where things got interesting…

More Guides On Pre-Sell Emails

These are the emails you should be starting your launch.

You should use these as they’ll help your subscribers understand that you are out to help them.

These emails will help you decide what to say to your subscribers before even mentioning anything about a launch.

You’ll be able to survey your subscribers to decide if the launch is worth pursuing.

With these 23 ways, you’ll not only be able to build up interest around your launch but also get people and potentially other influencers on board so you maximize exposure and sales around the product you’re about to promote.

Using Mystery & Curiosity To Keep People Interested

From here in I spent the next 3 days BEFORE the launch started talking about the “eccentric British guy who made $39K per month from affiliate marketing” and how he was “recruiting special affiliate operatives if they could meet 4 requirements”.

But without saying exactly who he was or revealing too much.

This all tied in nicely with the ‘top secret military’ theme of the product and launch.

This is actually something I learned from my advanced copy of Commission Black Ops.

Michael talks about using mystery and intrigue to get people hooked rather than straight out telling them exactly the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY.

I usually am quite to the point in my promo emails and would usually just tell you “Michael Cheney, the legend that he is who makes $39K per month, has a new product called Commission Black Ops out next week and here’s why I’m going to recommend it” so this was a whole new strategy for me.

In these 3 pre-launch emails I had my affiliate link in the emails to click even though the launch hadn’t started.

When clicked you were taken to an email opt in page and told you could register interest in becoming an “affiliate special operative” and await further instructions.

This built up a real hype and intrigue for everyone involved and kept them guessing and interested.

And because they had clicked my affiliate link they were instantly ‘cookied’ with my affiliate ID meaning I’d got the jump on most other affiliates who wouldn’t be promoting until launch day.

You’ll learn later in the post just how effective this strategy was ;-).

The Launch Finally Arrived

Then finally a week AFTER I started warming up the email list to Commission Black Ops the launch arrived.

By this time everyone on the list was warmed up to the subject and intrigued about what was going to be revealed thanks to the warm up and pre-launch emails.

Their curiosity had been peaked and they wanted to know more about this eccentric British super affiliate making $39K per month.

Now as I’ve mentioned I use fill in the blank templates on ALL my promotions (and if you bought Commission Black Ops from my link you have those as a bonus, check inside JVZOO)

If you didn’t buy Commission Black Ops from me you can still get these.

They are an optional upgrade after you purchase 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks.

I will talk more below about the individual email types and the results they had.

In this section I just want to share the strategy you need to follow if you want to sell a LOT of affiliate products during a launch.

You must mail DAILY and this keeps the product fresh in your audiences mind.

And each email must be different from the last.

You cannot just say the same thing over and over every email (I used to do this before going through The Commission Machine training and people got so bored and stop reading).

Many people need to be exposed to a product multiple times before they buy.

And you have to mail especially hard on the launch and final days as this is when most people take action (early adopters and fence sitters)

I always mail 3 times on the launch day:

  • Email 1 @ launch time
  • Email 2 @ 3PM EST
  • Email 3 @ 9PM EST

(You’ll be astonished when you see later in the post how many of my overall sales came on the first day of the launch)

Usually just once each other day of the launch.

Then 3 times on the final day again:

8AM, 3PM, 9PM usually.

Final day sales accounted for another huge amount of all my sales (again this is revealed later in the post)

I share more of my strategies in 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks.

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

Re-Sending Emails To People Who Didn’t Click

On the days I was only sending 1 email I would re-send it to anyone who did not CLICK the link 12 hours after I’d originally sent it.

(This is easy in Aweber just go to the ‘stats’ section of a sent email click the ‘CLICKS’ tab then you can save a segment of people who did NOT click and send only to them)

This was resulting in a doubling of opens, clicks and conversions from those emails in some cases.

Re-sending emails resulted in an extra 50 sales which is a huge 12.72% of total front end sales.

It would be a huge mistake NOT to do this.

People miss emails, they end up in spam folders, they are busy and distracted, or they operate on different time zones.

Give them the best chance to see it.

Do You Need To Offer Bonuses?

Now this is an interesting thing…

If you read my last case study on the NicheReaper launch I talk about, not for the first time, how bonuses aren’t essential for a launch and how I often don’t use them (usually leave my promos to the last minute and don’t have time!).

That if your audience trusts you enough and you give them value they’ll buy regardless.

Well that is true to an extent…I won the NicheReaper contest after all without them.

However there’s no doubt a well thought out bonus that compliments the main product can tip a lot of people on the fence over to become buyers.

I decided I would create a bonus for this one and had a good idea.

There were 3 things I thought Commission Black Ops could use to make it a super product.

    1. A guide on how to build an email list (as I know many of my tribe don’t have one yet).
    1. The fill in the blank email templates I use on every affiliate promo so they could use them straight away
  1. An analysis of a top affiliates emails so they learn WHY they work and copy them for their own promos.

So I gave away as a bonus:

  • A checklist and report on how to build an email list
  • The fill in the blank email templates
  • An analysis of my #1 contest win for NicheReaper plus analysis of a series of other emails from some of my best selling affiliate promos.

As a whole the tribe loved them.

And the 2 bonus emails I sent out resulted in a huge chunk of ALL my sales which is huge (I’ll reveal how much later in the post).

I made sure not to announce the bonuses until day 3 of the launch.

This was to push anyone on the fence over and it worked well.

The list of bonuses (not including the surprise bonuses 😉 )[/caption]

To Promote To Your Social Media Groups or Not?

Usually I don’t really promote much to the social media group preferring to leave it as a truly social place.

And I assume anyone who’s really interested in NicheHacks is on the email list.

That might have been a big mistake….

In the first 2 days of the launch we had endless posts in the Facebook Mastermind Group from different posters asking about the launch or saying they’d bought.

So with all the buzz surrounding it I decided I would post some promos to the group and posted one per day for the rest of the launch.

And I’m VERY glad I did as when you see the results the Facebook promos bought below you’ll be shocked.

Lessons to Learn About Affiliate Promotion Strategy:

  • Warm your audience up to a launch before it goes live. If you get them thinking about the topic / product before it’s even on sale there’s a much better chance they’ll be receptive to buying it when it’s released.
  • The mystery and intrigue angle works well. If you tell people EXACTLY what something is and spill out all the details why would they even bother clicking your link most of the time?
  • Also if you tell someone TOO much it’s easy for them just to decide “this isn’t for me” and not give it a chance and shut off instantly.
  • Most affiliates will not promote until launch day so get the jump on them and send your audience down your affiliate link in advance to get them cookied.
  • Mail EVERY day and give people multiple chances to buy. People need to be exposed to a product multiple times before they will buy.
  • Mail HARD on the first and final days as these are always when the bulk of sales come in.
  • Re-send to anyone who doesn’t CLICK 12hrs after the original email goes out. Just because they didn’t click first time doesn’t mean they won’t the second.
  • Bonuses whilst not essential certainly help when well thought out. People LOVED them and resulted in a massive amount of all sales which you’ll find more about below.
  • Don’t forget about your social media groups – not ALL are on your email list and it DOES convert.

The Fill In The Blank Email Templates I Used To Make $9,954.79 In 5 Days

So you know by now I use fill in the blank email templates on every promo.

They are a mix of classic copywriting techniques adapted to email.

Sales email templates I found online from the likes of Digital Marketer here.

Some email formulas I learned from Michael Cheney.

And templates I created based on my own best performing affiliate emails.

I won’t talk too much about them as if you invested in Commission Black Ops through my link you already have these.

If you didn’t you can get them when you purchase 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks + the first upgrade order.

Below I will share exactly how many sales each email type made and examine the best performers.

Emails Used & Percentage of Total Sales:

  • Presell: 6.8% (Send before launch for 3 days) *
  • LIVE: 10.8% (Day 1 @ Launch time) *
  • Results: 12.72% (Day 1 @ 3PM)
  • Gain: 4.83% (Day 1 @ 9PM)
  • 60 Seconds: 8.91% (Day 2 @ 8AM + Resend 12hrs later to no clicks)
  • Logic: 3.31% (Day 2 @ 8AM + Resend 12hrs later)
  • Bonus: 12.47% (Day 3 @8AM + Resend 12hrs later)
  • Final Bonus: 5.60% (Day 4 @ 8AM + Resend 12hrs later)
  • PAS: 2.04% (Day 4 @ 9PM)
  • Fear: 9.16% (Final Day @ 8AM)
  • FAQ: 4.83% (Final Day @ 3PM)
  • Final Warning: 2.54% (Final Day @ 9PM)
  • Facebook Posts: 16% (4 posts over 3 days. From here on I’ll do every day)

*There’s 2 templates up there you won’t have

And that’s because they don’t exist yet they were created for this promo for the first time.

They are:

  • Presell
  • LIVE

As I mentioned this was the first launch I decided to do a pre-sell warm up for.

Those are the emails I talked about at the start of the post building up interest and curiosity.

And the LIVE email was simply an email to announce the launch had gone live.

It was simple and to the point announcing the product had launched, nothing fancy, no template needed.

Because I’d warmed everyone up to the launch I felt there was no need in the first email to say too much.

People were expecting something and had been given enough details to know there was a launch on so I simply said it was live rather than the usual email trying to tell WHY you needed to get this training.

Analysis of the Best Performers & Important Emails:

Here’s I will analyse both the most important and best performing emails of the campaign so you get an idea of WHY they work.

The Presell Emails Accounted For 6.8% of ALL My Sales

The pre-sell emails accounted for 6.8% of all sales.

Not as much as I’d hoped but considering this was the first time I used them impressive all the same.

“Cookie-ing” people earlier with your affiliate ID and getting the jump on other affiliates works and I will do this on EVERY launch now.

Warm your audience up BEFORE the launch even if it’s only for a day or two.

Use mystery and intrigue to get people curious without giving too much away. It builds excitement and anticipation.

The LIVE Email Gets 10.08% of All Sales

If you’ve warmed up your audience before the launch in the way I laid out above this is the simplest email in the world to do.

A short, to the point, email telling them it’s launched.

Nothing fancy needed.

And it worked as 10.08% of all my sales came from this email.

The Results Email Really Does Get Results

As always this email, which is one of my own original template creations, gets results every time.

Most affiliates are promoting things they’ve never used.

If you can show actual results from the product you’re promoting, or even from previous products from the vendor or from doing something similar, people will pay attention.

If you don’t have any of that (and that might be reason to question why you’re promoting the product in the first place) then find results OTHER people have had using the product,

The vendor, his students, testimonials, people in social media groups or forums. If you look you will find.

Very few are doing this result sharing type emails.

In this promo I shared my results from my last affiliate promotion of NicheReaper where I won the affiliate contest.

I talked, truly, about how strategies I used on that launch were some of the stuff Michael had taught me in the past.

This email resulted in 12.72% of all my sales.

Use this email template!

The Bonus Email Brought In A Nice Bonus

As you can see above the bonus emails (there were 2 one announcing the bonus and another giving a final warning that they would be removed) brought in 18.07% of all sales.

The trick is not to announce these bonuses until at least half way into the launch and use it as a means to get anyone on the fence to take action.

And to make it clear why your bonuses will make the main product better.

Show how it addresses any issues the product has like if it has something not included which you feel should be.

Or how it will speed up the end result the main product offers.

That’s exactly what I did with this offer.

I said Commission Black Ops was great but there was 3 things not included that I thought would make it even better and those were my bonuses.

They don’t need to be difficult or expensive. Often simple reports and checklists work really well.

F – E – A – R

The ‘FEAR’ email is one of my favorite emails and always very effective.

It’s a Digital Marketer email template and you simply use fear of missing out to get people to take action.

You always use this one on the final day to hammer home the point this product is about to go offline or up in price and that they’ll lost out.

And also talk up the wider issues that will result from NOT taking action.

For example…

In the online marketing niche people are involved because they are struggling for money and need more.

So you show them how not buying this product NOW not only means missing out / paying more

But will mean nothing changes in their lives, same financial situation, still working 50+ hours a week, same stresses and worries.

That their money worries will likely get worse (it’s true).

And that the chance of a better life, the one they came looking for when they joined your email list, has been lost.

(This works best when you know your audience inside out. If you don’t already create a customer avatar and get to know them)

This might sound over the top or fearmongering.

But it’s NOT.

The fact is people came to you because they have a BIG problem in their lives (e.g. whether that’s lack of money & freedom, being overweight and unhealthy or unable to find a girl…whatever).

And they believe you have the solution to it.

It’s your DUTY to get the products which solve their problems into their hands and do the job you’re supposed to do as a marketer.

So if you don’t remind them WHY they came to you and what the consequences are if they DO NOT take action you’re not doing your job properly.

People forget and become complacent. I know I do all the time.

Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to get us back on track.

Don’t make sh*t up just to scare them, be realistic, but be sure to lay it all out and be brutally honest about it.

If you don’t they might never take action and their problems will never get solved. Help them!

FEAR + Zig Ziglar Technique….

In this email I also used a neat sales techniques I recently learned from reading “Secrets of Closing The Sale” by Zig Ziglar.

The book was written before I was born and meant for person to person sales people (Zig himself sold Cookware door to door for years).

But the lesson in it is still valuable…

Zig shows that how if after all your best pitches you still haven’t closed the sale (which is exactly the case by the final day of a launch when the FEAR email goes out)…

…then you have to address the fact that you yourself have failed as the prospects (your audience members) mentor to show them fully the benefits of this product and why they need it and you’re sorry for that.

This shuts down their defenses (that in many cases have wrongly been built up or over something they misunderstood) and allows you to give one final pitch.

In your final pitch you must be sure to empathize with their situation, remind them WHY they came to you for help and that you have the solution and clearly show how investing in this product will give them the desired end solution they are looking for.

And of course explaining how it must be done NOW as it’s about to go offline.

The FEAR email always performs well but this one did extra well at over 9% because it used Zig’s technique.

60 Seconds To What Now?

You might have seen the ’60 seconds’ template mentioned above and be wondering what it is.

It’s the easiest way to tell a story and make a sale I know.

It’s a copywriting formula by Kevin Rogers called The 60 Seconds Sales Hook

You can download it for free here: 60 Second Sales Hook

Which allows you to write simple, but powerful, stories that hook your reader in and make them buy.

I use it on EVERY promo and it’s consistently a top performer.

It accounted for 8.91% of ALL sales on this promo.

You simply tell your audience about a problem you used to have (that they relate to).

Highlight how bad things got because of this problem (again empathizing with their situation)

Talk about a discovery which turned things around for you (the thing which solved your problem)

And then talk up up much things have changed for the better now (showing the benefit they are looking for in their lives)

And then share the discovery with them so they can try it for themselves.

BOOM, sale is made!

Works every time.

People Buy Stuff From Facebook Posts?

As I’ve mentioned a couple times now…

I don’t usually do promos in the Facebook Group.

But the buzz in there about the product was high with lots of questions and topics on it.

Some were questioning how legit it was and whether Michael was the real deal.

Others were talking about how awesome Michael and the product was.

And some had no idea what we were talking about as they aren’t on the email list.

But people were excited.

So I decided that because of that, and the fact there’s 15,000 members in there, I had to do some sort of promo.

So I took some of the best performing emails.

Pasted them into a real basic WordPress page (sales page style with no distractions or ways to click off)

And then I shared part of the email in the Facebook page and urged people to read the full post on the page

And of course at the bottom was my affiliate link leading to the sales page.

I’m glad I did because the 4 posts I did to the Facebook group accounted for 16% of my overall sales on this promotion.

I will do promo posts to the Facebook group from here on in using this style of sending them from Facebook to a page then onto the sales page.

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

Lessons to Be Learned From The Email Templates:

  • If you’re not using fill in the blank email templates yet then you’re wasting time and losing out on affiliate commissions – use them! (They are available as an upgrade AFTER you buy 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks here)
  • You absolutely have to warm your audience up before hand and use pre-sell emails to get them curious about the launch before it’s even happened, this will increase your sales.
  • Share results (your own or others if you don’t have them) in promos and you will be rewarded with big conversions and affiliate commissions, people love to see results.
  • Whilst bonuses are not 100% essential to do well in a promo (my NicherReaper contest win being proof of that) in big launches with a ton of competition they can certainly do serious damage and bring in lots of sales, so consider a good valuable bonus that complements or enhances the main product
  • Don’t be scared to scare your audience into taking action, that’s why they joined your audience, the FEAR email template works.
  • Learn basic copywriting formulas like the 60 Seconds Sales Hook. They are easy to implement and they work every time bringing in tons of sales (8.91% in this case)
  • The FEAR template especially works when you hook it up with the Zig Ziglar secret I shared – try it!
  • Don’t forget about your social media audiences, in this promo they accounted for 16% of my overall sales and usually I don’t even promote to them!

Wrapping Things Up

In this post I shared how I made $9,954.79 in 5 days, from an single digital affiliate product, using fill in the blank email templates.

But I also went beyond that in sharing my strategy and some insights in to WHY this stuff works.

So that you get a better understanding of it and can adapt it to your own affiliate promos.

Knowing the strategy AND having the email templates is how you’ll succeed with this information. (See how to write emails that win affiliate competitions)

I hope you enjoyed getting inside my mind and seeing how a successful affiliate promo is run.

And that you’ll start using these techniques and strategies on your own affiliate promos…

…as they work for ANY person, promoting ANY product, in ANY niche.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re promoting digital or physical products, this works!

But ONLY if you put it into action and you will won’t you?

For now though….

I want you to do just ONE quick thing for me, OK?

Tell me in the comments section below your biggest takeaway from this post…

I will reply to all comments.