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Discover How I Made $15,026.10 In Commissions Using Copy & Paste Emails

Hard to believe right?

But it is true…

I made $15,026.10 just by sending some copy and paste emails for a new product launch.

A total of $13,026.10 in affiliate commissions.

And another $2,000 in bonus cash.

Literally copy, paste, profit.

The total sales volume for the launch was over $2 million!

All driven by affiliates like me and you.

And I want to show you how you can make easy commissions for yourself on launches like this.

No matter how small your audience is.

As well as keeping your audience happy as you’re providing them with a great product.

Because launches like this different from the usual launches we see.

And are really special for all involved as they make a positive impact on everyone’s lives.

Including the customer, the vendor, and you as an affiliate.

And I will reveal why later.

So if that all sounds good, let me show you how I made the $15,026.10 using copy and paste emails.

And how you can make easy commissions from launches like these too…

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use pre-written email swipes to save time and yet still make tons of sales.
  • Why you need to seek out “event based” launches like this one.
  • How I made over $15K easily and how you can easily make commissions too with my strategy.
  • The 7 most important lessons for you as an affiliate from this launch.

Overview Of The Launch

The product in question was Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal.

Anik was paying 50% commissions to affiliates on a $1,499 course.

So you get $748.50 per sale which is amazing.

And below is a screenshot showing my sales so you can see the proof.

Note: you’ll see that some show less than the $748.50 per sale.

That’s simply because some customers took a payment plan option and have not paid in full yet.

But here’s what this article is really about:

There IS a LOT to learn about from this launch from an affiliate point of view.

And I thought you’d like to see my results, strategy, and lessons learned from this launch.

So you can go out and do it for yourself on the next launch that comes along.

Look sure:

You won’t make $15K especially if you’re a new or inexperienced marketer.

But these launches are EASY to make money from if you have any sort of audience.

If you can send traffic you can make money.

You don’t need to be good at copywriting, sales, affiliate promotions or writing emails.

You’ll find out more on why below…

Side Note:

Many of the NicheHacks tribe took the opportunity to pick up an AMAZING training that you’ll benefit from greatly.

So if you invested through my link, thanks a lot.

I know that a LOT of top marketers were promoting it.

And you could have chosen to buy from them instead.

If you invested, you get a great course that has life-changing potential so everyone gets a real win-win here.

And I get rewarded not only with the satisfaction of knowing I’ve put you on the right track.

But also with some VERY generous commission payouts as you’ll see below.

I strongly believe we both came out winners here so thanks again.

Sales Totals: $2 Million In Overall Revenue and $30k Generated On My Behalf

And here’s the crazy thing:

Anik and (his company) report that the launch generated over $2 million in sales revenue overall.

All driven by affiliates like me…

…and potentially you in the future if not right now.

Yes, you could make money on a launch like this.

And the great thing:

Without any need for hard selling or promotion.

As this is a value-based launch.

And is quite likely to have been one of the biggest product launches of the year in the IM space.

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Here Are Some Interesting Numbers For You:

  • I personally was responsible for over $30K in sales which I’ll share more on below.
  • 8 of the top-performing affiliates each sent over $100K in sales individually.
  • And the top 3 sending over half a million dollars in sales between them.

Just look at the screenshot below for proof of that…

Discover How I Made $15,026.10 In Commissions Using Copy & Paste Emails

So as you can see this is a HUGELY profitable launch.

And of a solid product too.

This means it’s a WIN-WIN for everyone whether you’re the vendor, the affiliate or the customer.

Let’s look at how this launch is different from most…

Here’s How This Launch Worked:

Inbox Blueprint is NOT a cheap product.

It’s a complete A to Z training course with everything you need from training to tools to support included.

It cost $1,499 or more if you took the payment plan option.

And for products like this, a different launch approach is needed from the usual $9 info-product.

There has to be MORE value, MORE warm-up, and LESS hard selling.

So they went with the ‘event style’ launch which is becoming increasingly popular with high-end products these days.

Basically, it works like this:

  • They put out a series of free reports, training videos and actionable webinars
  • And all you as an affiliate has to do is send your email list to register for them.
  • You never have to promote or do a sales email because after going through the free warm-up content your audience is simply offered the chance to invest.

And I’m happy with that as these launch types are a win-win for everyone.

They are much easier to promote as an affiliate as it’s all value-driven with no hard sales needed.

And the customer gets a less sales-ey experience and more value out of it.

And here’s another reason why this launch and ones like it are good for affiliates like me and you…

There were some BIG incentives for affiliates to promote too.

Whoever could send the most LEADS.

And that’s LEADS (email sign-ups) not sales won a Ford Mustang or $20K in cash!

Just for sending leads.

And here’s why that’s really crazy…

Usually, leads don’t count for anything in a launch as only SALES matters.

Personally, I landed #6 on the LEADS leader board.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the free reports and videos as you helped me win!

And won $2,000 in bonus cash, ON TOP of my commissions, as you can see below…

And the prizes were even crazier.

First place could either choose an Audi A5 or BMW Convertible or take the cash equivalent of $40,000.

As you can see below…

And that’s just the top prizes.

Anyone in the top 10 for leads or sales was rewarded with bonus cash prizes.

Well, over $200K in prizes would have been paid out to affiliates on top of their commissions.

So that should give you an idea about the scale of the launch and the money available.

And I will talk about my personal results further in the email.

But first…

Let’s talk about my strategy now which you can emulate…

My Strategy: Pre-Written Emails and No Bonuses

Usually, on launch, I would never ever use vendor-provided email swipes.

These are basically pre-written email promos affiliates can use.

And most of the time they are poorly written and hyped up garbage IME.

Vendors throw them together quickly just so they can have something there for lazy affiliates.

And most serious affiliates would never use them.

However on an EVENT style launch like this one.

Where it’s based around getting people to sign up for free reports and to watch training videos.

Or to register for webinars.

It’s a different story.

As you’re not trying to sell…

…simply trying to provide value and get them to register.

So using the swipes is OK in a situation like this.

As they tend to be straight to the point telling people about the free report and videos.

So I basically took the swipes for inspiration, re-wrote them slightly in my own style, and sent them.

It took me just a few hours to have all my emails for the launch written saving a ton of time.

And here’s the unusual thing:

Usually, on a big launch like this, it would be the norm to run a huge bonus offer.

As so many marketers are going to be mailing hard for the product.

And all offering huge bonuses worth thousands of dollars.

But for a launch like this, the product speaks for itself.

So I didn’t feel the need to create an epic bonus.

And actually was short on time as I was on vacation.

So I did NOT create a bonus offer.

And as you’ll see from my results later it certainly didn’t hinder me.

Sure maybe next time I would include one as it can’t do any harm.

But the point is it’s not essential.

There’s also no need for you to try and get creative with your emails.

Or do any promotion or hard selling.

Just get your leads to the free report, video training and webinar sign up pages.

And let them do the rest.

Anik and his team already had a well-tested funnel in place that converts.

You do not need to do anything but send the leads.

And now for the exciting part, the results…

My Results: $13k In Commissions and $2k Bonus Cash

Yes, that screenshot above is showing I have made $13,026.10 in commissions so far.

I made in total 27 sales according to the stats.

That does NOT include the extra $2K in bonus cash I receive for being #6 in the LEADS contest.

And it’s not even the final payout amount.

As many people chose to take a payment plan option than pay upfront.

So so far I’ve only been paid commissions on their first installments.

And will get 50% of each payment they make.

I estimate that I will receive a further $7,200 in commissions or more when they finish their payments.

Minus any refunds of course.

Sadly I didn’t land in the top 10 of the SALES leader board.

I was #14.

Which means I don’t get any bonus cash from that.

But when you’re battling against huge names like Adam Short, Mark Ling and Mark Roth (OfferVault) that have lists of 100,000s…

…you really need to do well to land in the top 10.

And I actually came ahead of Mark Roth and other big names, so go me! 😀

So can you see the huge potential to make money on launches like these?

You just send people to free reports and training videos where. They opt-in and get loads of value and actionable content.

Then slowly but surely they are warmed up to the product vendor and the product.

And see the benefit of investing without any need for a hard sell.

They get the life-changing training, support, and knowledge they need.

And you get generous commissions as an affiliate.

Everyone wins.

You should look to promote big event style, value-driven, launches like these as an affiliate.

But aside from these results, I’d also like to share what I think are the most important lessons from the launch….

Lessons Learned

Here are the 7 biggest lessons from an affiliate view and that you can learn from…

1. Promote A to Z Courses As They Are a Win-Win

A to Z courses like Inbox Blueprint is a great solution for your audience.

They give them all the content and training they need.

Plus the guidance, support, and community.

And you usually get access to the product owners too.

And the tools and software you need to make it happen.

Basically, all the pieces of the puzzle and a roadmap to make it happen.

This is a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Your customer gets a great product that will change their lives if they take action on it.

And you get generous commission payouts as they are high end and pay well.

2. Promote Event Style Launches

These event style launches where it’s about free reports, videos, and webinars…

…are great to report.

You don’t need to sell or promote.

Just send clicks to the opt-in pages.

Then the vendor and his sales funnels do the rest.

They warm your audience up, give them value, build trust, and make you money.

Seek them out.

3. It’s OK To Use Modified Swipe Emails On Launches Like These

Usually, you shouldn’t use vendor swipes.

They are for the most part poorly written and rushed and they are untested.

Plus hundreds of other affiliates are sending them too.

So you just look lazy and bad like another “me too” affiliate.

And that’s never good.

But on launches like these where it’s NOT a hard sell launch.

And you’re just sending people to opt-in pages for free reports and videos.

Use them but modify them to be in your own words.

Take the ideas in them and re-write them.

It saves you a lot of time and they work.

4. There’s No Need To Hard Sell Or Promote Just Send Leads

Your job on a launch like this is NOT to sell or promote.

It’s just to send clicks to the opt-in page.

Don’t try and sell the product.

Just get people interested in reading the free reports and watching the videos.

The vendor and the sales funnels do the rest.

5. Take Advantage Of The Pre-Sell Period As The Leads Accumulate

This is a HUGE one.

These launches have pre-sell / warm-up periods.

Where you send leads to free content long before the product is even on sale.

This is one of the most important parts of the launch.

Get your subscribers to this free content as early as possible.

It gets them engaged and warmed up to the marketer and their ideas.

And all those leads are cookies with your affiliate ID.

So when it comes to the LEADS contest…you’ve already got a ton of leads in the system.

Then when it comes to the SALES part…

…again you’ve already beaten other affiliates to the punch and got your affiliate ID cookie.

6. Mail Hard And Mail Often

Do NOT be scared to mail hard especially with launches like these.

You’re not hard selling or getting hyped up.

Simply sending them to different content.

So it’s all action-packed value-based and they want to consume it.

They won’t feel annoyed by it at all.

7. Bonuses Are a Good Idea But Not Essential.

As I mentioned earlier I did NOT include a bonus package with this.

Simply due to lack of time.

And it didn’t work out too shabby for me as the $13K+ in commissions shows.

But most other affiliates likely did include HUGE bonus packages.

And it may have cost me a handful of sales to other marketers who did.

Many of your customers WILL go bonus shopping.

So whilst not essential they ARE a good idea.

So I would recommend putting together something.

It provides value to your customer and makes you stand out.

The best bonuses are ones that address a weakness or issue of the main product.

Or compliment it and add something extra to it.

No product is perfect so look for something missing and create a bonus that fills in the gap.

Those are my 7 most important lessons from promoting this launch as an affiliate.

And I believe they will be important for you too.

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Final Words

So to wrap things up:

Thanks again if you invested in Inbox Blueprint through my link.

I appreciate that I provided enough value to you that you were willing to invest.

And I really appreciate the income it earned me.

Plus the fact you’ve got a great course and a mentor to learn from in Anik.

And to re-iterate:

Event style launches like these and A to Z courses are a great choice for you as an affiliate and your subscribers.

Not only do they benefit from the potentially life-changing course.

But you get paid well without having to promote hard or do any hard selling.

You just send leads to value-based content and they do the rest.

And even if you’re a new marketer and have a small audience you can make money from launches like these.

Just re-write the swipes in your own voice and send it.

And don’t forget the PRE-SELL and warm-up process as it’s an easy way to get a jump on other affiliates.

I hope this was useful for you as I enjoyed writing it…

Do you have experience with launches? Are you just starting out?

What would be your strategy after reading all of this?