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Dealing in Dealerships: Boosting Inventory with Epicar in 2024

The modern automotive market is competitive and counts only on efficiency. Dealerships are constantly looking at ways that will streamline their operations and boost their sales process, to get the best from it and keep being relevant in an industry that is not constant.

There’s one solution that has been setting foot among the dealerships: the use of, a groundbreaking platform designed to reinvent the way cars are bought and sold.

What does EpiCar mean?

EpiCar is a platform that connects dealerships with private car sellers and offers them a smooth way of selling a car. Launched in 2023, EpiCar has rapidly started to change the game in the automotive industry, since it presents dealerships with vast access to the network of car sellers and streamlines the process up to the sale.

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Benefits for Dealerships:

Best stock every day: Find top-quality vehicles posted for online bidding and straight-up purchase by the private owner.

Accuracy of insights is provided through artificial intelligence using sophisticated predictive analytics and condition reports assessed by AI for vehicle condition. They provide information on the precise evaluation of the profitability, sale time-span, and inventory gaps for making a better decision.

Direct deals, best prices: Make transparent transactions connecting directly with private sellers, with no markups by a third party.

Streamlined online acquisition: Bid and buy from whatever device in a modern revamp to the standard auction.

EpiCar is having its first auction on June 17. Dealers will be able to purchase their first vehicle with no commission. 

EpiCar is the perfect platform of choice for dealers who seek to remain relevant in the market. The innovative approach to technology with unbeatable ease is the need of the hour for dealers who seek dependable and profitable inventory solutions. EpiCar helps the dealerships run smoother, turn more profits, and stay ahead in the dynamic automotive industry of today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is is a cutting-edge platform that facilitates the buying and selling of cars between dealerships and private sellers. Launched in 2023, it revolutionizes the automotive industry by providing dealerships with access to a vast network of car sellers and streamlining the entire sales process.

When is EpiCar’s first auction?

EpiCar’s first auction is scheduled for June 17. Dealerships have the opportunity to purchase their initial vehicle with no commission during this event.

Why should dealerships choose EpiCar?

EpiCar is the ideal platform for dealerships aiming to stay competitive in the market. Its innovative technology and user-friendly interface provide dependable and profitable inventory solutions, helping dealerships run smoother, increase profits, and stay ahead in the dynamic automotive industry.

How does EpiCar benefit dealerships?

EpiCar offers several benefits to dealerships, including:
– Access to a diverse range of top-quality vehicles for online bidding and direct purchase from private owners.
– Accurate insights through AI-driven predictive analytics and condition reports, aiding in better decision-making regarding profitability, sale time, and inventory management.
– Transparent transactions with private sellers, eliminating markups by third parties and ensuring the best prices.
– Streamlined online acquisition, allowing dealers to bid and buy from any device, enhancing the traditional auction process.