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Why join a web host affiliate program that pays a recurring commission?

After a couple of years in the industry, I have realized one thing. Customers are extremely loyal to their web host. The only reason for them to leave are:

  1. Their host has serious issues with downtime, slow page speed, or customer service
  2. Their company has gone bankrupt, they retire, etc.
  3. They have outgrown their web host and need something more premium

Otherwise, they will stay for life. That’s it. So if you’re looking for a passive income, this is it!

When it comes to web hosting the competition is tough and you often get $100-$200 per customer you refer, which is a pretty nice deal. Most companies do not pay recurring commission though and will only pay you once per customer.

Yes, I might be biased here, since I do work for Templ, but during my 3.5 years here, I’ve never seen any affiliate program that has been as attractive as ours. At Templ you get $100 for every customer you refer plus 10 % in recurring commission on their payments.

The reason why it’s so lucrative is that we really do care about our customers and will do anything to make them satisfied with our service. That way the only reason for them leaving right now is #2. They shut down their company, they retire or maybe they change from WordPress to Shopify (We only host WP sites). To maximize our conversion rate we offer a free trial plus free migration and hands-on speed optimization, which is very unique in the business.

Conclusion. If you refer a customer to Templ you will earn a commission for a very long time.

Feel free to read more and contact us if you’re interested in trying us out.