Can You Really Make Life Changing Income From Blogging? Well Just Ask These 13 Bloggers Making $100K+ Per Year

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profitable blogsThis is a guest submission by Andrew Wise...

Just a few years ago, blogging was seen as little more than a hobby that people enjoyed after they came home from their daily jobs.

As a matter of fact, only 8% of bloggers earned enough money to be able to support a family as recently as 2012.

Fortunately, a lot has changed in the last four years.

First of all the cost of entry has dropped significantly for launching a blog, with upfront costs hovering around the cost of a latte.

Successful bloggers can not only make enough money to support their families, but they can actually make double what the average american earns in a year.

Just ask these 21 bloggers who make over $100,000 a year!

They are living proof that, with a successful plan, blogging can be a lucrative business venture.

If you want to start monetizing your own site, we put together a list of the top affiliate programs $100k bloggers are using.

So let's get down to showing who's making over $100K and how they do it...


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1. John Lee Dumas




Site Name:

Site Niche: Business podcast website.

Yearly Earnings: $2,950,579 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: A little over a year.

John started his site in 2012, and earned only $26,143 in his first year. By December of 2013, John caught on to a business plan that worked and was able to earn his first $100,000 in that month alone.

How He Earns Money: Primarily from podcast related products. John sells courses, webinars, and audio/ebooks. He also earns several thousand dollars a month thanks to his affiliate income with companies like BlueHost and Podmastery.



2. Pat Flynn




Site Name:

Site Niche: Internet marketing.

Yearly Earnings: $1,584,854.12 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Pat’s blog has been going strong since 2008, he's been posting income reports to his site since 2008.

That being said, he has consistently earned between $50k and $100k per MONTH since January of 2013.

How He Earns Money: The bulk of Pat's monthly earnings come from affiliates.

He earned over $53,000 in March 2016 alone just from BlueHost. He also makes a great deal of money from other affiliates, like LeadPages.


3. Lindsay Ostrom




Site Name:

Site Niche: Food and travel.

Yearly Earnings: Unknown, but she made a nearly $64,000 in February of 2016 alone.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Approximately 2 years.

The first year of PinchofYum showed minimal profit for Lindsay, but she was able to successfully increase her profits with each and every month until her website became fully sustainable on its own.

How She Earns Money: Most of Lindsay's monthly profit comes from AdThrive.

Her second most profitable venture is sponsored posts and speaking, which earned her $12,000 in February 2016.

She is also involved with Gourmet Ads, BlueHost, and a food photography program to earn extra cash.


4. Matthew Woodward




Site Name:

Site Niche: Internet marketing.

Yearly Earnings: $275,616.73 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: 15 months.

How He Earns Money: As of March 2016, the nearly all of Matthew's income came from affiliate earnings.

He is currently involved in over 50 affiliate programs.

You can see a full list of his affiliates detailed in his income report here.


5. Deby




Site Name:

Site Niche: Saving money.

Yearly Earnings: $130,606.74 in 2014.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Almost 2 years.

How She Earns Money: As of March 2016, most of Deby's income is thanks to ShareASale.

She is also a part of Amazon and Adsense, which provide a small portion of her profits.


6. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner




Site Name:

Site Niche: Lifestyle and savings.

Yearly Earnings: $320,888 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Unknown, because she has only been posting income reports for the last few years.

However, she made a combined total of well over $100,000 in the months of February and March this year.

How She Earns Money: Most of Michelle's income is from her affiliation with BlueHost.

In March 2016, it accounted for nearly $43,000 out of her $72,195.95 monthly income.

Her next most successful venture is with sponsorship's, which earned her $12,815 in just one month.


7. Daniel Johannes




Site Name:

Site Niche: Selling on Amazon.

Yearly Earnings: $58,009.42 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Unknown.

How He Earns Money: Unlike the others on this list, Daniel sells physical items on Amazon and Ebay to make his profit.

The entirety of his blog focuses on this, and how you can make a profit doing so as well.


8. Abby




Site Name:

Site Niche: DIY.

Yearly Earnings: $204,436 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Unknown because her blog started in 2013 and she only started posting income reports in 2014.

However, she earned $100,000 between February of 2014 and May of 2015.

How She Earns Money: Most of Abby’s income is thanks to affiliate programs like BlueHost.

She also runs her own online course and ebook using Framework and Simplify respectively.


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9. Justin Weinger




Site Name:

Site Niche: Internet marketing.

Yearly Earnings: Not all income reports are available, but Justin earned approximately $60,000 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Unfortunately, Justin only has income reports for the last year or so available on his site.

However, to clearly illustrate the growth of his site, we will look at his monthly earnings from March 2015 against his earnings for March 2016.

In March 2015, Justin made $3,462 before taking out his expenses.

In March 2016, he made $22,791 before taking out expenses.

How He Earns Money: Nearly all of Justin’s monthly income is derived from display ad sales, and is able to do so because of the high traffic his site accumulates on a daily basis.


10. Gina Horkey




Site Name:

Site Niche: Freelance writing.

Yearly Earnings: $113,146 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Unknown exactly, but somewhere between 1 and 2 years.

How She Earns Money: Most of Gina's income now comes from the courses she sells online.

She also does work as a virtual assistant, and still makes money from freelance writing, which is the purpose of her entire website.

As she breaks it down in her March 2016 income report, 45% of her income is thanks to course sales, 26% is virtual assistant work, 12% is writing, 10% is affiliates, and 7% is coaching.


11. Dom Wells




Site Name:

Site Niche: Web design.

Yearly Earnings: $115,908 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Almost 3 years.

How He Earns Money: The majority of Dom’s income is thanks to the web design he sells on his site.

He offers both custom designed websites and ‘done for you’ templates.

Additionally, a portion of his earnings come from articles he writes.


12. Matthew




Site Name:

Site Niche: Video game design.

Yearly Earnings: $61,229 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Unknown, but Matthew has earned $279,668 since 2012.

How He Earns Money: Matthew makes most of his money selling his HTML5 eBooks online.

He also sells his video games, and is part of several HTML5 sponsorships.


13. Nathan




Site Name:

Site Niche: Internet marketing.

Yearly Earnings: $37,537 in 2015.

How Long It Took To Earn $100K: Nathan’s site has only been up for about a little over a year and has already made approximately $50,000 total.

If numbers stay this way, it is projected they will hit the $100,000 mark in the next year.

How He Earns Money: Nathan makes most of his money from webinars and online classes where he teaches people how to start a web agency.


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Final Words...

Are you pumped to start implementing these strategies straight away?

Hopefully it's given you some encouragement and belief that blogging CAN be a full time income.

And THEN some.

Which method listed above are you going to try?

Tell us in the comments below.

Oh and btw:

Wise Startup Blog created a free guide that covers 50+ bloggers who make $100k+ per year and the top affiliate networks they’re all using, here’s the link.


About Andrew

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur whose sites generate $1+ million in revenue and receive 2.6+ million uniques per year. On his Wise Startup blog, he shares actionable advice on how you can build massive, passive income streams, designed for the complete newbie. Follow him on Twitter @WiseStartupBlog and check out his free guide for how 100k bloggers make their money.




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  1. Sean says:

    I've been putting it off for too long. Next comment I post is going to have a URL to go with my name and email for comment purposes.
    I was introduced to Pat Flynn and Matthew Woodward's podcast/blog via NicheHacks. I have been totally blown away by the depth of content that these three sources have provided.
    TBH, it's a bit intimidating to think of solid your content is and how wimpy my first attempts were.
    But, it's time to quit being scared.
    I'm gonna go through NH and find me a niche, then belly up and get to work. I'm totally inspired by Mr. X and his $40K case study from another post here on the site.
    Thanks Stuart and Company for all your killer content and ideas.

    • Thanks Sean

      The biggest thing you can do is just get started.

      You'll notice all big blogs, even the most successful ones started with crappy content (in most cases).

      You'll learn more about your site as you grow it. No one expects a baby to walk from the first day right 🙂

      But if you keep learning, adjusting, persisting and most importantly improving, you'll be on the right path.

      Keep us updated!

  2. Haarwuchs says:

    Hi Nader,
    please note that Pat Flynn posts income reports since October 2008.

  3. All are great Inspiring Bloggers who started early and now they are Best in internet marketing

  4. Esteban says:

    All of these blogs are blogs I follow regularly and they've inspired me to create my own. I hope to join the 100k list soon!

    I've been at it for about a year next week and although I had no prior knowledge or skills within this business I made a little over 3k in a year.

    I hope to drastically increase it by next year and maybe even replace my job with it:)

    Loved this post! very inspiring!

  5. AM says:

    I started a blog a few years ago, opted for Google Adwords wrote, and wrote and wrote and made 1 cent so far. I know I don't post regularly enough but my content is usually good - overall I've had 18,393 page views but have absolutely no idea why I'm not able to monetize. I've read the passive income blogs, read the blogging for money pages, read just about everything, guess there are just some of us too dumb to make it work.

  6. charan says:

    Luckily visited your blog specially this post. came through quora! well am a new blogger some of the blogs you've mentioned i often follow, but those guys are really serious bloggers want to become like them, but according to my know that much big dollars they cant earn with one source of income, at least 3 to 4 online business you need to maintain. Of course need a lot of valuable organic traffic then only you can hit that figure.

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