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Here's How This Product Can Help You

Just like you when I first started out I struggled and struggled and struggled to make money from affiliate marketing, in my first 3 years trying I only sold around 5 products and made about $10 commission.

I spent months plastering affiliate links all over the net and throwing together product "reviews" of products which I'd never even seen let alone used.

I remember how frustrating that was when it seems like everyone else is making money yet you can't even get started.

But eventually after a lot of trial, error, hard work and expense I finally figured affiliate marketing out and now I make a full time living from it.

If you're struggling then don't worry...

Your recent purchase of 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks will put a stop to that struggle and show you how to make affiliate sales and rack up the commission payouts on a regular basis.

You'll learn from my mistakes so you don't have to make them for yourself and take a shortcut to success by copying the things I did which work.

And you can rest assured that if you need help from me about your product or anything else you'll get it.

The average refund rate for products in the online marketing niche is between 5-10% yet my products have just 2% on average (serial refunders and blackhatters) which I think shows just how valuable it is. 


Customer Testimonials

"NicheHacks helped me make $32k in 12 months with niche sites" - Mike Bradford (nichesiteazon.com)

"All in all, i made about $40k with your niche recommendations" - Mr X (wants to remain anonymous)

"For me and after 6 months searching for a niche I choose one after reading this book. Thank you Stuart" - Hamza Harb

"I bought the new version and the upsell, it's fantastic and has given me the direction I'm looking for. Thanks for the equipment and your effort" - Michael B

“Stuart, your website is awesome I have never stopped introducing my friends to your website and membership site and I won't stop directing them any time soon.” - Victor O

“It's fantastic. It puts me in the right direction and I feel like it's going to help make make better decisions about my site” - Nadar D

“What I like is the in-depth niches that are available. - Tiego T

“Its amazing information, and for a newbie like me, who is trying to make his first dollar on the net, this is priceless”. - Jose R

“I have bought this and it’s absolutely fantastic. I never expected so much information. Great value for the price!” - Wendy O

“OMG! its like you just gave me a kick in the rear that turned-up the light switch upstairs for me. Thanks a lot! You know you've got a loyal subscriber for many years to come” - Vic

"Got 2 clients of $5,000 and $2,000 so far. Stuart's Niche Hacks closed group has been a major support. Many of my doubts and anxieties in the first few days of launch were answered" - Russel Lobo


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I download and open the product?

A: Simply download from the download page you received via the email you purchased with (Paypal email) by right clicking and then "save as".It will download as a zip file. You'll then need to unzip it using a program such as WinZip or 7Zip.

Full instructions on how to do that on a PC and Mac are here. 

Full instructions on how to do that on an Android tablet or smart phone here.

Full instructions on how to do it on an ipad are here.

What do I need to view the product(s)?

A: The products come as PDF files so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them


Is there support available if I need it?

A: Of course. You can email me at any time using the "contact" page on this site or even better ask in the Facebook Private Mastermind Group where you'll get a more instant answer from our over 2,000 smart tribe members.

Join for free here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nichehacksprivate/


Do I need to purchase any tools or additional products to make this work?

A: Nope. It's a standalone products with everything you need to successfully find your perfect, profitable, niche.


Is there a refund policy if I need it?

A: Sure is. You can refund within 30 days of purchase for ANY reason...even if you don't like the colour of the font I used with absolutely no questions asked.

I'm confident you won't need it but I've no problem with refunding if you ask for one.

Just shoot me an email via the "contact" page on the site.


Help & Support

If you'd like a refund then please email contact [at] nichehacks [dot] com

If you have a question or need some other help then again email me at contact [at] nichehacks [dot] com or by using the 'contact' page or replying to any of my emails.

But the quickest way to get a response by far (and get more opinions) is to ask in the FB Private Mastermind group where we have over 2,000 smart marketers from varying levels of brand new to expert marketers.

Join for free here...

>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/nichehacksprivate/