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31 Lessons Learned: Making $90k as a JVZOO Affiliate (Video Update)

If you’re interested in JVZOO affiliate marketing, then you’ll want to check out this article. In it, you’ll learn from a successful JVZOO affiliate marketer who has earned over $90,000 in commission to date. He shares 31 valuable lessons that he’s learned along the way, including tips for maximizing sales, picking the right products, and more. Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or looking to improve your earnings, this guide has something for you.

If you could miss out on all the learning and mistake making parts and skip straight to the money-making parts you would, right?

Me too. Well here’s the deal:

I can’t fast forward you to super affiliate status just yet


I can show you what I’ve learned as a JVZOO affiliate from earning $90,680.75 in commission to date just on

Here’s the proof in the image below…

31 Lessons Learned: Making $90k as a JVZOO Affiliate (Video Update)

And that does not include bonus prize money from winning affiliate contests (I estimate that’s worth another $25K at least but I’ve never recorded it).

And it doesn’t include commissions from the other affiliate networks I use to like Amazon, Clickbank, W+, Commission Junction, ShareASale, and more. We’re talking strictly JVZOO commissions here.

But anyway that’s not the point…

Whilst I’ve made a lot of commissions on JVZOO I’ve also made a lot of mistakes too that have cost me further commissions.

So by reading this quick and easy affiliate lesson guide, you can not only learn what worked and copy the successful parts.

But also learn ALL of the mistakes I’ve made and avoided those for yourself.

And don’t worry if you’re not promoting products on JVZOO.

As the simple affiliate lessons here apply to whatever affiliate network you use, especially if you promote digital products.

So here are those 31 affiliate lessons that will increase your affiliate profits… on both JVZOO and elsewhere!

01 – This Is Where The BIG Money Is…

Your customers love product launches.

This is where the BIG money is.

That’s probably no surprise to you, right?

But here’s why that is and how you can take advantage of it (in an ethical way) and make more money…

There’s the excitement of a new product and system.

The hype.

The buzz.

Your customers hope that they are going to discover some brand, new, system, no one else knows about that will solve all their problems.

And they WILL if you promote the right ones.

There’s also the scarcity and fear of missing out when the launch is over and the price rises or the product goes offline.

Launches flat out work and you’ll make far more money in the few short days when a launch is on than you will from months of promoting an evergreen product, not in the launch phase.

And you will be amazed at how little sales you need to make to hit the top 10 leader board and get some bonus cash (more on that below).

First here’s a screenshot showing some nice earning product launches I’ve taken part in to hopefully inspire you…

Some of the launches on JVZOO

So get involved with product launches as an affiliate, as not only does the buzz of the launch encourage more sales.

But on a mid-level or smaller launch, even a handful of sales can land you in the top 10 on the affiliate contest.

And what does that mean?

It means bonus cash prizes!

I’ve come in the top 5 sellers when I first started as an affiliate in the online marketing niche with just 20 sales.

And I netted a few hundred dollars in bonus cash because of it.

You could too with surprisingly few sales.

Usually, only the top 3 sellers are the ones sending the HUGE volumes so don’t be put off by thinking everyone else will outperform you.

Oh and one thing:

Just make sure you are not 100% reliant on launches and especially not bonus income for all your income.

As if the launch doesn’t go to plan and you don’t make much or any money…you’re in trouble.

This has happened to me in the past.

More revealed on this later, but for now, check out this sale maximizing tip…

02 – Maximize Sales By Emailing Like This…

If you only mail once or twice you won’t make nearly as many sales as if you promote daily through a product launch period.

I typically mail 3 times on launch day, twice a day throughout the launch, then 3 times again on the final day.

If you just send 1 or 2 emails it doesn’t seem like you fully believe in the product.

I talked about using The Crush Campaign on a recent promo which involves heavy, daily mailing, which you can use as a guide.

Omar Martins Crush Campaign works well…

To further back up this point…

There’s an age-old marketing adage called “The Rule of 7”. developed by the movie industry in 1930 to increase movie sales.

They figured out the average person needed to see their movie trailer or ads 7 times before they went to see the film.

In marketing terms, it means a prospect needs to be exposed to your advertising at least 7 times to compel them to take action.

Now not everyone needs 7 exposure to buy, some will on the first exposure.

But the point stands that not everyone will purchase the first time you recommend a product.

The more you show them your marketing message the more chance they will buy.

Typically the bulk of all sales come from day 1 and the final day but the days in between add up to a substantial amount too so mail daily.

Next, we will quickly talk about how to pick “win-win” products…

03 – How To Pick A Product That Benefits Your Audience AND Makes You Money

Picking products isn’t difficult when you know the problem your audience has and what the solution is.

This is the first step.

You don’t go hunting for ‘good affiliate products’ or ‘high converting products’ you go figure out what your audience’s problems are and how to solve them (you should already know this).

Then you find products which solve these problems.

I mean we’d all be tempted with a product with stats like in the screenshot below…

Super high converion and sales rate

But make sure it IS something your audience actually needs and solves a problem.

Just because it’s a high selling product and well doesn’t mean your audience actually needs it.

There is an endless choice of good products that they do need in the most profitable niches.

So simply match their need with a high converting and profitable product that you’ll make money from.

It’s a win-win…

They get their problem solved and you make some commission for your time and work.

You may find the perfect product but it doesn’t convert well…should you promote it anyway?

Tricky one but probably not.

Because if it doesn’t convert (because of the bad sales page or other reason) then few people will buy it and then fewer people get their problem solved which doesn’t help either.

The more people getting their problem solved the better.

So find a balance of problem-solving products that also convert or you’re wasting everyone’s time.

And now let’s briefly talk about how not to be boring…

04 – Don’t Bore Your List To Death

If you’re anything like me when I first started doing affiliate promos I’d pick one angle and run with it through the whole campaign.

Every email would basically say the same thing over and over again in a slightly different way or share the same results but with a different headline.

It’s boring and ineffective.

No one wants to read the same thing time and time again.

You’ll see in the screenshot below the different headline angles I’ve taken for one promo…

A range of different email headlines with different angles

Take a different approach in every email.

Go with results, testimonials, stories, tell them what they’ll gain by purchasing, tell them what they’ll lose by not purchasing.

Mix it up.

And make sure you know the best days to mail which I’m about to reveal below…

05 – Mail Hard On These Two Days…

I mentioned this already but you should mail hard on the first and last days.

It’s where the bulk of your sales will come from.

Typically 20-25% of all sales I make will be on day 1.

And on occasions, up to 50% have occurred on the final day (particularly with a mid-range product of around $199-$500 but also with low end $7 where 20.98% of all sales on average come on the final day.

People either want to be the first to buy into a new product as they get caught up in the excitement.

Or they hold off until they are forced to make a decision through fear of missing out, price rises, or products going offline.

Did you know you can use Fill In The Blank Email Templates…

06 – Save Time With Fill In The Blank Templates On Every Launch

Until recently I had no process or direction for writing promo emails.

I just opened up Word and started typing whatever came into my head,

It was totally hit and miss what would come up. Emails with no structure that could either be a hit or a flop.

Then after buying The Commission Machine by Michael Chenney (this product is one of the best I’ve ever bought) I learned about email types I never used.

And it also occurred to me that you could actually template-ize your emails in many instances.

So I set about finding or creating email templates.

Some I found online from Digital Marketer…

Like their Gain, Logic, Fear series (these work like crazy!) below…

Gain, Fear, Logic

Get them here: Gain Logic Fear Templates

Others were templates using proven copywriting techniques like the 60 Seconds Sales Hook and PAS Formula.

Get the 60 Seconds Sales Hook here: 60 Second Sales Hook

And the PAS formula: Pas Formula

And others I made myself based on my most successful emails…

The “results” and “bonus” emails were born among others.

Here’s a screenshot showing my simple “LIVE” template in action…

My ‘LIVE’ promo email

These are talked about more inside my product here: 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks

Download these templates and use them.

If you’re already having some success with affiliate promos check your own emails to see if there are any common email types you send that can be made into templates.

Do you know these basic techniques…

07 – Learn These Basic Techniques And You Will Sell More Instantly

I touched on this above but really even studying some really basic copywriting techniques will instantly make you sell more.

When I started implementing the 60 Seconds Sales Hook and PAS formulas into every email promo I did my sales increased massively.

The 60 Seconds Sales Hook emails. as shown below, now account for 9.66% of all sales on average on a promo.

The Powerful 60 Seconds Sales Hook

And the PAS Formula 9.70% on average.

They work time and time again.

Do you know the Early Bird technique to beat other affiliates to the punch?

Let me quickly explain…

08 – Beat Everyone Else To The Punch With The ‘Early Bird’ Trick

Usually, you can get your affiliate link in advance before a product launch has even started.

When someone clicks it will either go to a blank page, a “coming soon” or an optin page rather than the sales page.

So they can’t buy but they are already “cookied” with your affiliate ID.

That means you’ve got the jump on most other affiliates who won’t email until launch time.

You’ll see an example of it here in the screenshot…

An example of a pre-sell email headline I used recently

Early bird emails mean a much higher chance of you being credited for the sale when they do buy.

Pre-sale / early bird emails account for 14.54% of all my total sales on average on promos – can you ignore that?

Send out warm-up emails, which build up the curiosity of the launch, for 2 to 3 days in advance, and include your affiliate link that leads to the opt-in or coming soon page.

Then when the launch finally kicks off you’re already ahead of 99% of other affiliates as you’ve already got your cookie settings.

I don’t think anyone does this next point but it works SO well…

09 – Survey Your Audience Then Use It To Your Advantage

The more you know about your audience, about their motivations, problems, and what makes them tick the more you can relate your promos to them.

Just think, would you respond more to a generic email that says nothing to you personally or one that really resonates with you and your situation?

And I don’t just mean using “personalization” like their names in an email.

But knowing things like their frustrations, what they struggle with, why they want to succeed, how they feel.

Look at this question I ask them…

An example of one of my survey questions

Do you see how powerful that is?

For example, if you’re in the IM niche and you know that your audience…

  • Work 50 hours a week.
  • Hate their job and feel underpaid
  • And want to be a successful blogger
  • But can’t make more than $100 online.
  • Don’t know how to get traffic…

…then you can use this information in your emails and show them how these problems can be solved via what you are promoting.

You can also relate to them by showing how you have been in a similar situation in the past (assuming you have been).

The more you know about them the more effective your promos will be.

Here’s a good list of things to find out…

  • Their demographics (gender, age, country, race, income)
  • Struggles in life in general and in relation to your niche
  • How they currently feel about their life
  • How long they have been struggling with their problem (within your niche, i.e. o make money online, to lose weight, to meet a girl etc)
  • WHY they want a solution and what it means to them
  • WHY they haven’t achieved that solution yet
  • WHAT drives them to do what they do
  • Their biggest regrets in life so far
  • What they’d do once they had success
  • Where they currently are in their journey

Survey them using free Surveys on and ask your email list and social media followers.

There’s a single email type I use that accounts for 18.78$ of my sales on average.

I’ve shared it with you below…

10 – These Type Of Emails Account For 18.78% Of All My Sales, Use Them

There are nothing people like more than PROOF.

Show them what you are recommending/teaching them works.

Screenshots (great in the IM niche) like the one above…

A screenshot showing sales of my digital products in WSO+ which I’ve used as proof in the past

Before and after pictures (great weight loss/bodybuilding)

Videos of what you’re teaching in action.

Testimonials from success stories.

I always show my own results or results from my tribe in my promo emails, they account for 18.78% of all sales on average.

And I would never have believed this worked until I tested it…

11 – Even $1 Discounts Work Well So Get Them Where Possible

A while back an affiliate manager asked me if I wanted a discount code to give to my audience.

I said sure why not.

The discount was for a whopping $1!

The product only cost $7 so I didn’t think this $1 discount was going to generate many sales.

I had a surprise in store.

I sent out an email offering the $1 discount….and in the end, it resulted in 20 sales or 12.90% of all sales in that promotion.

If you can get a discount from the vendor then use it.

Here’s another email type that brings in 15.61% of all my sales on average…

12 – This Email Makes Up 15.61% Of All Sales

A simple way of selling anything is by telling people what they have to gain by purchasing.

Seems pretty obvious now, doesn’t it?

61% of all sales on average come from my simple and short email about what they have to gain.

I use the DigitalMarketers template from the gain, logic, fear series.

Get it here: Gain Logic Fear Templates

Ryan Diess knows what he’s talking about

(RELATED: Learn how to profit from affiliate marketing with step by step blueprints and execution plans in NicheHacks Academy)

13 – Here’s Why Affiliate Launches Are Great And Also Evil

If your whole income and business is reliant on affiliate commission and even worse on doing well in affiliate contests to win bonus cash prizes you’re in trouble.

Or it will be soon.

I was in this situation for a while and I’m not completely out the water yet.

For a long time, I had to do well in affiliate promos and win some bonus cash to have a profitable month.

If I didn’t get involved with an affiliate promotion I hardly made any money as that was my sole income stream.

But what happens on the months when there’s no good or suitable products being released?

Or you don’t have time to write an email promotion?

Maybe you’re sick, traveling or taking a break from work.

How about if you promote and launch bombs.

Or it doesn’t convert well for you because so many other super affiliates are on board?

You’re going to be broke that month so have back up income from your own products.

Like my membership site for example which brings in passive income..

798 paying members of my membership site to diversify income

It’s happened to me before…

I’ve promoted a “guaranteed” big launch and it’s flopped.

No one made any money.

I’ve been out-gunned by other super affiliates and barely made any commission and no cash bonuses.

So the solution?

Have evergreen sales funnels in place with evergreen affiliate products or your own digital products that run on auto-pilot when someone opts in to your website / opt-in page.

It’s a whole other topic for a whole other time but we’ve covered it to some extent here…

34 Lessons Learned From Running NicheHacks For 18 months

Oh and you’re not boring your list to death by doing what I share below, are you…

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

14 – Don’t Bore Your List To Death By Doing This…

Each email I send out is a different type.

And yours should be too or you’ll bore your audience to death.

I’ve touched on it above with the email templates but here’s some more info.

There are many different types of emails you can send:

  • A product review
  • An FAQ email
  • Results based email
  • Story
  • An overview of what you get with the product
  • An overview of your bonuses
  • An email telling your audience what they have to gain
  • Another telling them what they have to lose
  • Using proven copywriting techniques like 60 Seconds Sales Hook and PAS Formula
  • Final Warning & Scarcity based emails on the final day
  • Checklist emails.

I touch on much of this in my product 101 Digital Affiliate Hacks as you can see below…

101 Digital Affiliate Hacks

15 – Don’t Be Like The Thousands Of Other “Me Too” Affiliates

Most affiliates just try and hype everything to death.

You know the type of emails…

“My buddy Mr Guru just released a brand new, revolutionary, never seen before product that will make you $XXXXX whilst you sleep, you better get it now before it’s too late because in 30 seconds the price will quadruple and then 5 minutes later he’ll delete the product from the internet”

Works to an extent for a limited period of time but everyone is doing it and it just becomes frustrating after a while.

Try to keep things hype-free and if there’s no scarcity then don’t create fake scarcity

I.e. if the product is NOT going offline don’t say it is.

Keep it realistic and don’t make exaggerated claims.

Because when you tell people the price is rising or that a product is going offline…many people check after to see if it’s true.

And when they find out it’s not they stop trusting you.

Sometimes it’s hard as an affiliate as vendors isn’t honest with us either.

They say it’s rising in price or going offline then it doesn’t.

So be cautious and check what the vendor has done on previous launches.

This is a novel approach…

16 – Promote Products You’ve Actually Used And Can Seriously Vouch For

The difference between a promo where the affiliate has used and can vouch for the product is a world apart from one where they have no idea what they are promoting.

You can see the difference a mile away.

A typical promo when a product hasn’t been used is filled with generic emails that don’t really tell you anything, you know the type..

“My good friend Mr Slimy Saleman just released THE BEST PRODUCT EVER

It’s amazing, it gets you lots of money”

You should buy it now before it’s too late..


Whereas one where the affiliate has used the product will go into specific details and really dig deep into what benefits it has.

Promote what you’ve used and had results with….haven’t had any results from any products?

Then you’re probably in the wrong niche. 😉

At the very least go through the product before you promote to get a good feel for what it is, how it will benefit your audience, and what it does.

If you find out that it isn’t really that good….don’t promote it regardless of how much you’ll make.

Think of the long term, you make money today, but next week no one wants to check out anything you recommend as you gave them junk last time.

I like to share my results with screenshots to show what I’m saying is true, see that here in the image…

A snippet from one of my results based emails

17 – Give Away Unique Bonuses Like This So You Stand Out

Bonuses are a strange one.

Most affiliates say they are essential and many tell you to focus on your bonuses over everything else as this will be what differentiate yourself from every other affiliate.

However, I don’t quite agree…

I often forget or don’t have time to create bonuses for affiliate promos so simply don’t.

I’ve won affiliate contests without them.

But it makes sense to include them.

The best bonuses are ones which complement the main product and even better if they can speed up and make easier the main product.

As it’s one more way to stand out from everyone else especially when you are offering high quality and unique bonuses and not PLR junk (so many affiliates put no thought into them)

I keep it simple most of the time – I create bonuses from my blog content, lead magnets, or membership site.

All the bonuses listed in the screenshot below were already created:

Here’s the type of bonuses I usually include (this one was used for Commission Black Ops)…

Or create something original if I feel it will be a real benefit and can be done quickly.

I will also re-use bonuses and re-purpose them from previous launches if they are relevant.

But for me, bonuses aren’t as important as many affiliates say they are and definitely not the focus of my campaign.

However, I still recommend you do use them wherever possible.

This next point is so obvious but so overlooked in the affiliate industry…

18 – Be Honest About The Product So Your Audience Trust You

There’s no need to lie about a product or make it out to be perfect.

I doubt any product is, all have downsides.

So highlight the problems and downsides of the product and people will see you’re not just trying to sugar coat things and make it all out to be good.

When you figure out the cons of a product you can create bonuses that fill in the gaps.

You’ll see that I did that here for Commission Cartel in the screenshot…

Highlighting some of the issues with the product

This makes both the product and your bonuses more valuable and you instantly more trustworthy.

You’re giving the good and the bad and it shows you’ve actually checked the product yourself instead of promoting blind.

19 – Go Through The Funnel So You Know What’s On Offer

Nothing worse than sending your audience through a sales funnel with 17 OTOs or that simply doesn’t work and leaves you stuck in an endless loop of sales pages and not able to access your product.

They’ll just get frustrated with you and the product vendor.

Go through the funnel in advance, take note of what’s on offer, see if anything annoys you or doesn’t work right and note it in your promo or let the vendor know so they can fix before you promote.

Your audience will love your honesty.

20 – People Want To Know This But No One Tells Them

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my audience is “What are the OTOs / upsells.”

People want to know before even considering purchasing the main product.

But so few marketers mention them, probably because they haven’t checked or went through the funnel to see.

An email discussing the upsells

Your audience like to know what they might be expected to spend before making that initial purchase and what’s on offer and how necessary it is.

So find out and tell them.

And please don’t make this next mistake…

21 – Don’t Just Focus On Conversion Rate And EPCs Or You’ll Get Tripped Up

I’ve made this mistake before…

You see what looks like an epic launch.

Incredible looking sales page, high converting sales copy, strong EPCs, high commissions, lots of top name marketers involved, tons of buzz around it.

You think it must surely be an incredible product so you jump on board without checking it out properly or testing it fully.

For example, if it’s software you just have a quick look through it and decide it looks good and should probably work.

Then a few days into the launch it becomes clear there’s a massive bug, it doesn’t work as advertised or it’s got a security hack for example.

You are screwed.

You just promoted a junk product to your list and lost your credibility

They will never trust you again.

And there’s about to be a huge influx of refunds meaning you lose a lot of commission just like in the image below…

You don’t want refund rates like this

Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are promoting at all times.

Stick with tried and tested vendors with a solid reputation, low refund rates, and who offer good support.

And if you want to REALLY sell affiliate products you’ll need to look at the next point…

22 – Without This Asset You’re Going To Struggle To Sell Much

Without an email list, you are going to struggle to sell many affiliate products.

Product reviews on your website or blog, social media promotions or traffic direct to offers can result in some sales but nowhere close to an affiliate promotion via email.

All my promos are done via my email list and it consistently gives me the best ROI.

There’s a reason why every super affiliate has an email list….it works.

Is #23 a good description of you…

23 – Are You An Opportunity Seeker?

You might have read some big marketers telling you that you should be selling in every email.

It’s debatable whether that’s the best long term strategy.

It works for some because of the way they have their business set up and the way they approach their promotions (and they are clever marketers and skilled copywriters)

For example one of the biggest and best email marketers is Ben Settle.

He promotes in every email but he does it in a non-hype-y, no sale-y type away.

He educates, entertains and amuses, and sells that way.

He also tends to mostly promote his own monthly email newsletter subscription.

A Ben Settle email promoting as always

Then you’ve got another email marketing giant… Andre Chaperon.

He hardly ever promotes but when he does you trust him because of it.

So whilst it works for some it doesn’t work for everyone…

It totally depends on your business model and what you’re selling.

If you’re promoting a different affiliate product every day you’re just going to look like a chancer looking to make a quick buck.

An opportunity seeker

Very quickly people will lose trust in you.

There cannot possibly be so many valuable products that you’ve used and believed in coming out each and every day

And believe it or not, there’s a way to sell less but make MORE…

24 – How To Sell Less But Make More

Higher priced products tend to sell in less volume than $7 products obviously…

But with their higher commission payouts, you can easily make much more money.

Just look at what I recently made on the Inbox Blueprint launch which was a $1,999 product…

Commissions From Inbox Blueprint

And the good thing about promoting products like this:

Higher-end products tend to be more complete systems than the cheap $7 ones giving more value to your audience.

Don’t write off promoting higher-end courses and products, many of your audience WANT this stuff and have the ability to buy it.

There are a few things you 100% need to check in advance or risk losing the trust of your audience…

25 – Check This Stuff In Advance Or Risk Losing Trust

There are some things you must check before you promote a vendor regardless of how good the product is…

  • Their reputation
  • Average refund rate
  • If they are a serial product launcher with a new product every week
  • Their customer support service
  • What they do after the launch with your audience (spamming them every day?)

As it can come back to bite you.

Validate them before as you’ll ruin your relationship with your audience if vendors you vouch for aren’t quite as ethical as you.

The offer in the screenshot might look tempting with over 11% conversion rate but look more closely and it has a 90% refund rate too…

90% refund rate

So pay close attention to all the stats.

And check past history with the vendor to see what stats on his previous launch look like.

This next, and very simple, the point will make your life easier…

26 – Know What You Are Promoting And When

I plan my promo calendar out at the end of the previous month where possible.

And you should too…

That way you can plan out your promo dates, think about what you’ll write about, do your research on the product and vendor if you need to.

Then you can gather testimonials from your audience and work out their problems in relation to this product.

Then create your bonuses and structure your content around your promos.

Which results in a better and more profitable affiliate promo than a last-minute rushed affair.

This next point quickly shares how you can promote a lot if you also do one other thing…

27 – Most People Don’t Mind You Promoting If You Also Do This

If you’re just promoting for the sake of making yourself money you’re screwed.

And YES, both you and I do this for the money.

It would be a lie to say otherwise.

This isn’t charity or some hippy-dippy bullsh*t about making the world a better place.

But here’s the thing…

It can’t just be about YOU and the fact you want to increase your bank balance.

You have to help other people get what they want for them to give you what you want, i.e. the money.

And most of your audience will not have a problem with you recommending stuff to them if they know you have their best interests at heart.

The ones that have a problem are the ones you don’t want in your audience anyway, they probably just want everything for free and don’t plan to buy anything.

However if you are promoting simple because YOU want to benefit and make money from them they are going to get annoyed quickly.

So promote but promote wisely.

Pick products which will best serve your audience and solve their problems.

And be sure to be honest and deliver value in every promo email you send out, that way your audience won’t mind being promoted to.

But never, EVER, be afraid to do this next thing…

28 – You Should Not Be Afraid To SELL

A lot of us, at some point or other, have a real issue with selling to our audiences.

It doesn’t come naturally and feels slimy.

Like we’re a used car salesman trying to trick them into parting with their money.

It’s a pretty natural but dangerous way of thinking.

You should not be afraid to recommend HIGH QUALITY and PROBLEM-SOLVING products to your audience.

I overcame this fear by reading the book pictured below…

One of the best books on the mindset needed for selling

Remember why your audience came to you?

For help.

They have a problem and they need a solution.

They asked you for help.

If you don’t recommend to them the products which can solve their problems they might never get that help.

And some other dishonest marketers might falsely recommend something else that won’t really help to make them worse off.

Your job as a marketer is to guide them on the right path and help them solve their problems like they’ve asked you to.

If you don’t then you’ve failed them and failed in your job.

So get out this disastrous mindset that “selling is bad” and into the mindset that “selling is good…

…when you are giving them products which solve their problems”.

It’s only bad when you’re selling them something they don’t need that won’t help them.

Selling Ice to people who live in Igloos isn’t cool, yo!

Remember they came to you for help so you owe it to yourself and them to get these problem-solving products into their hands.

And please don’t be afraid to do this next point…

29 – Don’t Be Afraid To Promote These Types Of Offers, They Pay Well

I used to think that no one would buy high-end products if I recommended them as most of the stuff I promote was at the lower end of the spectrum.

But I’ve sold courses that cost up to $2,000 before and everything else in between.

See the screenshot showing sales of Niche Profit Full Control in 2016…

Over $13K in past few months from promoting NP FC at $1,999

Many people in your audience have the ability to buy higher-end courses and products.

And are actively looking for them too as they are a more complete solution over a $7 product which teaches part of the puzzle.

Try it.

Your audience will often thank you for it.

Some of my happiest audience members are the guys who have bought more expensive products on my recommendation.

This next point is overlooked but golden for making more commissions…

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30 – Ask Your Tribe For Feedback On Vendors And Products

A little “hack” I do before any promotion is to get feedback and insights from my audience on the product and vendors I plan to promote.

This works great on relaunches of products and courses where members of your audience have bought before.

You can get their feedback on it, good and bad, and use this in your promo.

It allows you to get testimonials from them.

And also to address any issues they have with the product or vendor in your promo emails.

And to fill in any gaps or missing info they feel there are.

If none of them have used the product before or it’s new you can get their feedback on the marketer.

You can also ask them their biggest struggle or problem with whatever the topic of the product is.

For example, if you know you’re going to be promoting a product about Amazon FBA.

You can ask them what they struggle with, why they haven’t got started with it, what their objections are, and then address it all in your email promos.

It helps you write emails that relate to your audience and makes you more money.

Don’t have your own audience yet?

No problem (though you should be building one ASAP) just go to forums or social media groups in your niche.

Or even the one related to the marketers who’s a product you’re selling and ask the questions there.

Just by scrolling through the FB groups of online marketers, you can get huge insights into their customers.

This next little hack will save you time…

31 – Batch Write Your Emails In Advance & Save Time

Some email marketers recommend writing promo emails as they come as things change throughout a launch but TBH I don’t feel they do much.

I write them days in advance and have them scheduled up.

The only problem that could arise would be the launch being canceled but if you’re promoting tried and tested marketers with lots of launches under their belt this shouldn’t be an issue.

And should you be short on time the days during the promo your emails are already written and lined up?

I see no great advantage to writing on the fly.

Batch write all your emails when you’re in the zone.

They will flow better and you’ll get them done quicker.

Before you go let’s look at the key takeaways for you from this post…

Key Takeaways:

  • Launches make the most money BUT they aren’t a long-term sustainable business model so be sure to mix them in with evergreen promotions and sales funnels with your own digital products.
  • You must email multiple times to get the maximum amount of sales as your audience needs to be exposed to the product more than once or twice.
  • Look for products that solve your audience’s problems first then make you money second.
  • Create email templates and fill in the blanks on every promotion – it works and will speed up your time spent on writing promo emails.
  • The first and last days are the absolute best days to make sales and will be where the bulk of your sales come from.
  • Learn to Copywrite and practice it often – you will become a better writer and sell more affiliate products.
  • Share real-life results and examples – people want proof.
  • Bonuses are good but they are not essential. Use them where possible and make them unique and compliment the main product or make up for any shortfalls it has.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote high-quality, problem, solving products, as your audience come to you for help so it’s your duty to get these products into their hands.
  • Some people in your audience WILL buy high-end courses so don’t only promote low-end stuff.
  • Be honest about the product’s pros and cons and give it a fair appraisal. People appreciate honesty.
  • You can promote every day if your business is set up properly but if every day is a pitch for a new affiliate product and you’re hyping it as the best ever – you’re doomed.
  • Use your audience feedback, dreams, pain points, desires, and points of view in your emails – it will make your emails relate to them more and make you sell more.

Wrapping Things Up

In this post, I’ve covered my 31 biggest affiliate lessons from making $90,680.75 in affiliate commission to date, just on JVZOO alone.

I hope it’s been valuable for you and given you some insights into what it takes to be a successful affiliate who can send traffic and win affiliate contests.

As well as steering you away from the common pitfalls and mistakes most us make at some point.

Now the only thing left to do is for you to put them into action for yourself.

Tell me in the comments which lesson taught you the most…

Which of the 31 lessons can you make money from today?