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Dear Loyal Subscribers,

When I first launched my Exclusive Members Only site a couple of years ago, I wasn’t sure how folks would respond.

The fact is, the response was so crazy I had to close the doors on it sooner than I expected to.

I wanted to give everyone a chance to use the content to accelerate their niche marketing success.

And boy did they ever!

Many of them used the Exclusive Niche Reports I created to launch their own profitable websites.

Now, for a limited time only, we’re throwing open the doors, to give more folks the same opportunity.

And I have even more Niche Reports PLUS a pile of bonus content.

All designed to help you start your own profitable niche marketing business!

If you’re a free subscriber you’ll find everything you need to run your own successful niche marketing business right here in my regular content.

Every week I bring you the best.

It’s the exact information I used to create my own success, so when I add something you know I stand behind it 100%.

So what’s the advantage to signing up as a paid subscriber?

In talking with many of you, I discovered that there are 2 things that keep many folks stuck on the ‘make money online merry-go-round’.

1). Information Overload!

When you start learning niche marketing, the blizzard of information can leave you bogged you down and frustrated.

It’s so confusing in fact, many never get started at all.

2). Time.

Who has the bloody time for all of it?!

The daily grind is enough to suck the life out of most of us!.

It takes more time than most of us have yet there seems to be no way around it all.

Until now at least . . .

A Niche Reports Exclusive Content Membership makes this so simple for folks that they’re able to get unstuck immediately and breeze right on by these obstacles!

And judging by the comments I’ve received it’s been a huge success for many.


Here's What Happy Tribe Members Have To Say About NicheHacks . . .


Stuart's NicheHacks closed group has been a major support...

Russell Lobo

“Got 2 clients of $5,000 and $2,000 so far. Stuart's Niche Hacks closed group has been a major support.

Many of my doubts and anxieties in the first few days of launch were  answered.”

Helped me achieving my 6 figure income...

Howie Jastrow

Howie Jastrow

“NicheHacks was one of the very few resources I followed for information outside a fairly straight and narrow path to build a website and market it properly following the basics first and foremost. It has helped me on achieving my 6 figure income from a small niche site. “

Got the motivation when I read the reports...

pete may

Pete May

“I found it inspirational. Got some good ideas to revive old sites i had given up on. Got the motivation when I read the reports” 

NicheHacks is one of the best....

Norman Tarala

Norman Tarala

“I am getting the most out of your free articles and I am planning to create a mini review site and make it profitable soon. 

Thanks again Stuart! I want to take this opportunity to say that NicheHacks is one of the best IM blogs I ever encountered. More power to you!”

They're brilliant to read...


Oisín Hayes

“Currently a member of your members group I have been for over 6 months now!

I'm currently working on my own niche site so I haven't taken action on any of these reports directly but I want you to know I've read so many of them they're brilliant to read through and great content for anyone who does happen to use them!

While I haven't used any of them directly they have thought me an awful lot!

I just feel like it's necessary to say thank you!”

Your posts and your products...

Peter Beckenham

Peter Beckenham

“As a 70 year-old Aussie online marketer who lives in a remote Thai village your posts and your products (yes I'm a very happy customer of yours) have taught me so much already about how to survive and prosper online – thank you.” 

Keep it up...

Dennis Dunbar

“Congrats to the Team at NicheHacks. You Guys are making People's dreams come true. Keep it up...”

$32k in 12 months...

quetion mark

Mike Bradford (

“NicheHacks helped me make $32k in 12 months with niche sites”


Here's What Some Top Marketers Say About NicheHacks...


Everyone should pay attention to NicheHacks...

dom wells

Dom Wells

“Stuart taught me a lot about running a successful website, particularly how to network with others and build a brand.

Following some of the things he did helped me to grow my own business significantly.

Everyone should pay attention to NicheHacks and what Stuart is doing, because they’ll learn a lot.”

Dom Wells, Expert Affiliate Marketer,

Really great content...

“Just stumbled across your blog from Spencers – really great content!Dave S

I'm excited to see where this goes. I can tell you're really working hard on it.

There's a lot of advanced stuff on it.”

Dave Schneider, Location Independent Marketer,


Your blog is totally awesome...

“Your blog is totally awesome StuartTung

I really like it!”

Tung Tran, Amazon Niche Expert,


Best email I have ever received...

Matt W

“Stuart you are my hero.

A very strong contender for the best email I have ever received in my life.

If I was wearing socks, Stuart would have knocked them off.

I’m guessing I will be buying Stuart more than a few steak dinners in the near future.”

Matthew Woodward, Award Winning Blogger,

You have a great site and content...

Zac J

Zac Johnson

“Hey Stuart,

I wanted to send you over a quick email and say you have a great site and content

….hard to find these days!”

Zac Johnson, Super Affiliate,

Thanks for pulling together so many resources...

Ana Hoffman

“Wow, Stuart,

This took a lot of time and effort to say the least.

Just wanted to say thanks for pulling together so many resources.”

Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Expert,

You are actually doing a great job...

Neil Patel, Top 100 Entrepreneur, / /

Neil Patel

“I rarely say this but you are actually doing a great job on your blog…

I wouldn't change anything…

…if I was you I'd just try to crank out more content.”

Neil Patel, Top 100 Entrepreneur, / /

Thank you...

“Great Domain!Glen

Thank You!”

Glen Allsop, SEO Superstar,



Here's What You Get Inside The Members Area...

The Niche Reports Exclusive Content membership site is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Here’s a ‘snapshot’ of what you’ll receive as a paid member.

6 Niche Reports every month - each packed with actionable content you can use to accelerate your niche marketing business, delivered each week!

Each niche report includes . . .

Niche Overview - A ‘snapshot’ of each niche: the size of the market, popularity, competition, net worth of the industry, and other demographics, all from reliable sources!

Niche Demand - An information-packed report based on monthly search engine keyword search volumes so you know the very best keywords to use to attract new visitors and customers.

And an easy-to-understand strategy you can use to attract hordes of traffic to your website.

Niche Growth & Popularity - Discover the forecasted growth of the industry of the niche so you can decide whether or not to invest your time and money in it.

We’ve taken the guess-work out of this for you so you don’t waste your time!

Sub-Niches - If the main niche looks like it has more competitors than you want to see, maybe a sub-niche would work better for you?

Or maybe you want to take on a sub-niche on as well!

We break the main niche down here and give you ideas for sub-niches

Related Niches - Many times there’s a closely related niche you can profit from too.

Use it to draw your main audience off into, to profit from even more!

Most Popular Content - Learn which links related to your niche are being shared most often through social media circles.

You can easily profit from these many times. We show you how!

Websites Sold In The Niche - A great way to learn more about the profit potential of a niche is to learn how many websites in the niche are being sold and how much they’re being sold for online.

Why People are In The Niche - Discover what ‘drives’ the niche. Why are people interested in it?

Most Common Questions & Problems - It’s critical that you learn what problems people are having with respect to the niche.

Find a way to solve their problem and you’ll have them eating out of your hand!

This is normally a very time-consuming part of the research but we’ve already done it for you.

Who’s Advertising In The Niche? - Think competition is bad? Wrong! It’s actually a healthy sign that the niche is profitable.

Learn who is advertising in the niche and see what they’re selling.

Blog Topic Ideas - We all know in order to be successful online you have to provide relevant, high-quality content and deliver it fresh regularly.

This report gives you an idea of what the most popular blog topics in your niche are.

Use it to get your own ideas for topics to write about, to draw more traffic to your website!

Influential People in The Niche - Discover who the most popular people are in the niche.

Network with them, highlight or feature them in your content.

These are people who could possibly send you traffic!

Affiliate Products - Learn about the hottest products being sold in the niche.

Discover which ones are the best for you to offer on your website.

You get details on Avg/Price, Reviews, Ratings and more from the top affiliate sites in the niche.

Blogs, Forums & Social Media - Discover where your niche is being discussed online.

Use these sites for content ideas, networking opportunities and guest-posting to grow your own popularity.

Summary - It’s just that. A summary of all the reasons you should get involved in the niche based on extensive research we do for you.

It’s designed to help you digest all the data so you can make a well-informed decision without having to do all the work!

Niche Reports eliminates 95% of the hurdles most people fail to jump over.

It’s designed to help you launch a successful niche marketing business in a fraction of the time you’d otherwise have to spend.

But I’m not stopping there!

How to Hack Into The Niche Report - This is where we reveal a winning strategy you can use to maximize the profitability of each niche.

Follow this strategy and you’ll build a business that makes you money!

200 + Niche Reports Instantly Available - there's already over 200 reports available inside the members area for you to download.

These reports covers topics ranging from make money, dating and relationships, health and fitness, pet care, hobbies and more.

Here's a small selection of the 200+ niche reports currently available that I will show you how to profit from:


Niche Reports makes ‘owning’ the niche so easy, a complete newbie can take the information in the report and build a successful niche marketing business online.

I designed it to do just that!

When I first mulled this over a few people said I was completely crazy to price membership so low.

But I know how hard it is to put a dollar into anything these days.

And believe it or not, I really get a kick out of seeing regular people just struggling to survive, take the information I give them and use it to change their lives completely.

I make a decent living - decent enough so I can live address-independent and enjoy my life.

But really, it’s not about the money. It’s about having a decent quality of life.

Unfortunately, in our society money seems to be the only way to get it.

So, I’ve decided to open this exclusive, limited-time-only access to Niche Reports for a low monthly price.

I want to offer all this at a price everyone can afford. But the value of it is huge!

And you can get started right away.

There’s already 200+ Niche Reports waiting for inside the Exclusive Members Only website!

If you really want to succeed at niche marketing this is your chance.

It changed my life and it can do the same for you. I believe that.

But hang on because I’ve got even more here for you . . .


In the paid members area I’ve also included a pile of cheat sheets and checklists designed to help you run your niche marketing business smoothly, worth over $2,000.

Here’s a list of some of them:

You get my very best E-Reports PLUS more than a dozen printable check lists and cheat sheets!

Now, I can’t promise to hold the price of this for long and I can’t leave the doors to the paid membership area open forever.

It wouldn’t be fair to everyone would it?

I want to offer you a chance to take advantage of the great value paid membership offers, but you need to join now.

Once I have 100 more members I’m closing the doors - maybe for good.

If you’re happy plugging along and you have the time to learn niche marketing from content I post in my free area, that’s great.

But, if you really want to fly right on by a good part of the learning curve and jumpstart your niche marketing business THIS is your chance!

Now, I should mention there is work involved.

Don’t think for a second that absolutely everything is done for you with a paid membership.

Hard work IS involved. There is no success without it.

But wouldn’t you like to reach your goals faster?

Imagine what it would be like to dump your day job and live address-independent.

Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to get out from underneath the bills and enjoy life a little more?

Imagine what that would be like.

If you’re ready to leap ahead, you need to sign up now . . . before this is gone. Once I close the doors that’s it!


**30-Day Money-Back Guarantee**



Try it for 30 days. If it’s not for you, or for any reason you change your mind, I’ll refund your money 100% guaranteed.

No hassle - no questions asked. It’s simple.

Just click the Paypal button below and let me show you how to accelerate your niche marketing business today...


$29.99 per month for unlimited access (you can cancel at any time) just click the orange Paypal button below to join...




Don’t hesitate! Once I close the doors it may be forever.

Don’t you deserve to have the lifestyle you really want?

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