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ClickBank 2020: How To Make Money With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank affiliate marketing

Let's explore the Self-Help industry.

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Here's what you'll see inside.

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Here's the list of products in this category sorted by product popularity.

Here are a few things you need to do.

01Check The Product's Gravity Score and Ave $/sale

Sort the product list by Gravity score to see the products that are

  • Selling well which means they have a landing page with a high conversion rate
  • Being promoted by many other affiliates in your niche and making them good money
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What gravity score should you target?

There are varying opinions on this. But in general, a gravity score of above 50 is a good starting point (the higher, the better).

But that's not the only thing to consider.

Also, keep a close eye on the Avg $/sale because that's the average amount of commissions you can make by promoting a product.

Try finding a product with a reasonably high Avg $/sale number and a 50+ gravity score.

You can also add another filter to find only recurring commission programs if you want.

Once you're done with this, move to the next point.

02Analyze The Product's Landing Page

This is a crucial step.

The quality of a product's landing page tells you a lot about its real value, the problems it solves, and if its a product worth promoting.

There are a couple of important landing pages for every affiliate product - one is the sales landing page for the customers, and the other is the affiliate landing page where the marketers are recruited.

You'll sign up as an affiliate from the product's Joint Venture (JV) or affiliate page.

In most cases, you'll be routing traffic from your site and email list to the product's landing page.

Are you comfortable doing it? Or do you think the landing page has a scammy look to it?

Is it making promises that are too good to be true?

On the contrary, a high-quality landing page is a strong indicator of a solid product.

The other thing you need to see is the promotional material that the product vendor is offering.

For example, here's the affiliate page of a popular ClickBank product. Look at the ready to use promotional material they're offering to their affiliates.

clickbank product4

Apart from offering complete email swipe files for your affiliate email campaign, this affiliate even offers images for your Facebook Ad campaigns and the sales copy to use with it.

The affiliates just need to copy/paste and start promoting the product.

This shows that the vendor is well-prepared and serious about product marketing.

It's also a solid indicator of product quality.

03Research the Product's Sales Funnel

Most ClickBank offers are made up of several product tiers.

The initial front-end offer is usually a low priced product that is used to suck customers into the sales funnel. Once inside, a customer is redirected from one upsell offer to another to sell higher-priced products.

This is done via website redirections and email follow-ups.

For example, here's the sales sequence of the same product I shared in the previous point.

clickbank affiliate product sales funnel1

As you can see, initially, the traffic is directed to a Video Sales Letter (VSL) landing page or a simple text landing page that pitches the front-end offer at a low price.

Once the customers purchase the front-end offer, they're taken to an upsell offer. If the customer declines it, they're taken to a down-sell offer.

Next, they're taken to another offer. In case they decline, they'll get follow up emails with more offers.

That's how most ClickBank products make money - by milking the customers until they buy the main product.

Before promoting a product as an affiliate, study its sales sequence and the number of upsells in it because it will have an impact on your earnings as well as the conversion rate of the offer.

04Research The Product Creator

If the product's landing page and affiliate pages look good, make a quick Google search about the product creator as well.

Find the products they've launched in the past, and see the general sentiment about them online.

This often gives you a good idea of whether products by a particular vendor are reliable or not.

05Check Online Reviews And Customer Feedback

Product reviews come next.

Search the product online and see what the reviews are saying.

But you have to be careful about this because most of the reviews are either going to be full of praise for the product (by the affiliates) or full of hatred (by the competitors).

Look for genuine reviews and feedback to get an idea of the product's performance.

Plus, pay special attention to forum discussions and Reddit threads because that's where most of the dissatisfied customers vent out their frustration.

06Buy The Product You Want To Promote

If the product does well on all the points I've mentioned above, it's time to buy it yourself.

Yes, you heard that right.

Most front-end products aren't very expensive, and buying them will tell you exactly how useful they are.

If you're in the affiliate marketing business for the long-term, always promote the products that you're confident about.

You can even try asking the product vendor for free access before promoting the product. Some will agree, some won't.

This is an additional step but one that'll not only help you find reliable products but also promote them with much better and high-quality content.

If you think the product is worth promoting, sign-up on its affiliate page, grab your affiliate link, and start promoting.

Following the steps I've listed will help you filter through all the over-hyped products and find the real gems that are worth promoting.

But how do you promote a ClickBank product as an affiliate marketer?

I'll explain this in the next section.

Make Money With ClickBank - The Right Way To Promote An Affiliate Product

What's the right way to promote an affiliate product?

Create a product-focused niche site that sings endless praises of the product and does everything to sell it?

Not really.

Whether you're selling a product yourself or promoting one as an affiliate (from any platform), you need to build trust with your target audience before you can persuade them to take action.

Here's how you should go about it.

01Build A Long-Term Site Based on Well-Defined Needs

The first step of promoting an affiliate product has nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

It's about building a platform, a blog, a website, a social media profile, or a YouTube channel that targets a set of problems, not a set of products.

Let me explain.

Most affiliates just grab affiliate links, publish product reviews on their sites and YouTube channels, and wait for the customers to come.

They never arrive.

Some of them directly promote affiliate links via Google or Facebook Ads.

Again, it rarely works.

Serious affiliates take the longer route.

They build a blog or a YouTube channel where they provide genuinely useful content to their audience. People start trusting them and take their recommendations seriously.

Their content is not always about products or sales. Most of it targets different customer needs and answer the most common questions of the target audience.

This is the authority site model that we always advocate here on NicheHacks.

Once you build such a site, you're not limited to one or two products.

For example, here's a screenshot from MatthewWoodward's blog. Look at the number of products he's promoting on his blog (and making a lot of money from them) WITHOUT publishing any hard sales content.

clickbank affilaite products5

Once you've built authority, you can pick any relevant product from ClickBank, start promoting it to your audience, and people will buy it because they trust you.

Creating such a platform takes time, but the ROI is MUCH higher than a short-term one-page product-focused site that's created only to sell a certain product.

02Choose Products That Solve The Right Problems

How do you sell an affiliate product in you're new to a niche?

Again, you need to think long-term understand the needs of your audience and list down the problems you want to solve to become an expert.

After that, you go to the ClickBank affiliate marketplace and find 3-4 products that are genuinely useful and connect directly with the needs of your audience.

This is important.

You can't start promoting every product that's offering a good commission rate.

The products must be relevant.

Once you find such products, sign up as an affiliate, grab your links and move to the next step.

03Create A Lead Magnet To Attract Relevant Subscribers

Newbie affiliates directly start posting their affiliate links everywhere.

Most of them never make any sales.

And even if they do, it's mostly one-time sales with no prospects.

But the real money is in repeat sales.

Research shows that the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% as compared to a new customer who is just 5-20%


This is why experienced affiliate marketers first drive traffic to a lead magnet landing page to turn strangers into email subscribers.

I've explained the whole process in detail in another article.

This approach has several benefits.

  • It turns cold traffic into email subscribers (a huge business asset)
  • Offering a free high-value lead magnet builds trust and authority with your subscribers.
  • An email list allows you to repeatedly reach out with new offers without having to invest in any new traffic sources.

But here's a crucial point to keep in mind.

Your lead magnet has to be directly aligned with the products you plan to promote.

For example, if you plan to promote a weight loss program from ClickBank, you can offer a free eBook of high-nutrition but low-fat recipes that encourage healthy living and helps people lose weight.

That's just one example.

The focus of your lead magnet should be on the core problem of your target audience because this prepares them for future sales pitches.

You can find many more lead magnet examples in this article.

04Create An Engaging Email Auto-Responder Series

Once you have the subscribers on your list, it's time to start building ground for the products you want to promote.

Remember, getting people on your email list is the easy part.

Retaining them is hard.

If you don't want them to unsubscribe from your list, make sure you don't bombard them with one product offer after the other.

What's the right approach?

Create an autoresponder series that consists of 6-7 emails spread across 10-12 days.

The initial emails should give be all about free value.

Share knowledge, tips, and different techniques that they can immediately start applying.

After the first 2-3 emails, start introducing the products you want t to promote.

Position them as solutions to the main problems of your subscribers.

Once you send the initial pitch, share success stories, incentives, extra bonuses, etc. to make the sale more attractive.

Increase the momentum until you reach the final email of the sequence that closes the series with a final pitch.

This is just a sample autoresponder in which you can promote multiple products that are relevant to your subscribers.

Every new subscriber will receive these emails.

If you get it right, this can turn into an automated revenue cycle that keeps driving sales even when you're sleeping.

You can learn more about using automated email sequences for affiliate launches in this detailed article.

05Drive Traffic To Your Lead Magnet With Facebook Ads

Your lead magnet and autoresponder sequence are ready.

But how do you get subscribers fast?

By promoting your lead magnet with Facebook Ads.

How do you create effective Facebook Ads? I've described the whole process in this article.

06Publish High-Quality Content, Product Reviews, and YouTube Videos

There's no better way to build authority and sell products without coming across as a desperate salesman than creating useful, high-quality and evergreen content.

The most successful affiliate marketers sell products within their regular informational content without ever appearing desperate.

This not only drives sales but also helps them rank for high traffic long-tail keywords in search results because their content always targets genuine customer problems, needs, and questions.

How do you build a content marketing strategy that drives sales? I've described the whole process in detail here.

Plus, don't forget to add YouTube videos to your content mix.

youtube video content1

Video content is booming right now, and customers prefer watching videos over other content types.

Plus, YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine after Google Search where millions of people look for product reviews and helpful content.

Overall, your success or failure as a ClickBank affiliate will be determined by how quickly you can build an audience that trusts you because of high-quality content.

Once that happens, selling any product becomes much easier.