Learn How You Can Be The One Pulling The $508 Million Dollar Strings In This Niche

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Ready to play a few strings?

Maybe not...

But you may want to take a piece of this $508 million dollar piece that has everyone playing tunes for.

People are literally spending millions every year to learn how to play the guitar.

The Learn Guitar niche is huge and it's only growing so why not get involved here?

We'll be dissecting this multi-million dollar niche apart and show you where and how the money can be made, what solutions are readily available and where you can find your audience.

You'll discover what the most popular content is, who the most influential people are, the most popular social media hubs, blogs and forums.

All of the reports that we create are thoroughly researched and designed to give you a head start in making a profit from the niche.

We try and choose niches that have a wide range of different business models available but the vast majority would make perfect blog / authority sites monetized by affiliate marketing.

And remember, there are many ways to tackle this niche so you don't need to worry about it being "too crowded".

Remember you need to dig into a unique angle and/or sub-niche.

Luckily for you, in this report we're going to jump into the Learn Guitar niche and show you where and how the money can be made.


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Market Size & Worth

  • Market Size is $508 million
  • Total number of Companies in US share market - 152
  • Employment – 2,776
  • Annual Growth 0.3%



  • Core consumers aged 20 – 24 about 16.5% followed by age group of 25 – 29 about 8.6%
  • 55.9% Male and 52.7% Female users are married
  • 27.6% people have no educational qualification
  • 20% people are in Service and Sales Occupation
  • 24% are in Wholesale and retail trade Industry

Source: Shownearby



Niche Demand 


Keyword Avg Monthly Searches
guitar lessons for beginners 27,100
guitar lessons74,000
how to play guitar 74,000
learn to play guitar27,100
learn guitar 33,100
how to learn guitar12,100
learn guitar online6,600
guitar tutorial14,800


The table above shows the monthly searches on Google for this niche.

Combined they add up to an over 268,800 searches a month and that's not including the thousands of long tail keywords that we haven't covered.

This is a huge niche with a lot of demand.


Common Searches




learning to play guitar chords
learning to play guitar for dummies
learning to play acoustic guitar
learning to play guitar tips
learning to play guitar basics




Learn guitar dvd
Learn guitar books
Learn guitar for kids
Learn guitar software
Learn guitar chords




Learn guitar
Learn guitar chords
Learn guitar online
Learn guitar scales




Learn guitar online free
Learn guitar chords
Learn guitar software
Learn guitar easy
Learn guitar tabs
Learn guitar songs




Learn guitar
Learn guitar chords beginner
Learn guitar songs
Learn guitar scales
Learn guitar with David Brent




How did jimmypage learn his guitar?
When did Elvis learn how to play the guitar?
Should you learn the bass or the guitar?
How can you learn guitar fast?
Are Austin guitars good to learn on?


As you can see people are searching for everything from the Learn Guitar journey in the niche.

This shows just how passionate these audiences are about the niche.



Niche Growth & Monthly Searches




Look at the trend in interest in the Learn Guitar niche.

It is still relatively popular and is predicted to remain so for years to come.

This Niche was very popular a couple of years ago and has remained relevant for more than a decade.

This is because music industry became blend of various instruments and lots of blended musical gadgets take place over classical instruments.


Sub-Niches To Explore

  • Electrical guitar
  • Learning guitar chords
  • Online guitar learning
  • Learning guitar for play music
  • Books for learning guitar
  • Learn acoustic guitar
  • Learn blue guitar
  • Learn rock guitar
  • Learn bass guitar
  • Learn electric acoustic guitar
  • Learn electric guitar
  • Learn double-neck guitar
  • Learn Resonator guitar
  • Learn steel guitar
  • Learn archtop guitar
  • Learn twelve-string guitar


May Also Be Interested:

  • Learning saxophone
  • Learning flute
  • Keyboard
  • Piano learning
  • Learning music for reality shows


Most Popular Content

Use the ideas here to create similar content for your site.


Most Popular ContentShares
Ridiculous Contraption Takes All the Learning Out of Learning the Guitar1,300
Meet Chordelia, a New Way to Avoid Learning to Play Guitar946
Guitar Essentials: Learn 12 Types of Power Chords410
Ingenious Wooden Contraption Lets You Play Guitar Without Learning254
Ridiculous Contraption Takes All The Effort Out Of Learning The Guitar110


As you can see people excited and motivated to share content such as learning guitar and guitar essentials in this niche.


Domain Name Ideas


Domain Name


Influential People In The Niche


NameTwitter HandleFollowers
Guitar Player@guitarplayernow144,613
Premier Guitar@premierguitar104,965
The Guitar Wall@theguitarwall19,170
Guitar World@guitarworld311,524


These are the 5 most influential people in the market niche on learn guitar.

Network with them. Highlight or feature them in your content. Interview them. Use them to do research.

These people are NOT your enemy, but instead potential partners who can send you traffic and work with you.


Affiliate Products:

The types of items you can market to learn guitar Niche is apparent when you look at the offerings online. People are looking for guitar books, online learn guitar, learn guitar chords etc.


Products on Amazon:


Amazon has over 8,841 products listed, ranging from just zero to Hundred dollars.



Best Selling Products On Amazon:


Teach Yourself to Play Guitar: A Quick and Easy Introduction for Beginners$6.076954.2
Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Complete Edition: Books & CD's 1, 2 and $14.125334.6
Guitar Aerobics: A 52-Week, One- lick-per-day Workout Program for Developing, Improving and Maintaining Guitar Technique 3$14.254244.3
Guitar For Absolute Beginners$14.261804.6
How To Play Guitar: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners - Level 1$10.80254.5
Guitar Adventures: Fun, Informative, and Step-By-Step Lesson Guide, Beginner & Intermediate Levels (Book & Streaming Videos)$11.993354.7


There will always be newer and better products which means buying the latest and items that will generate sales as well as repeat sales for you.



There are over 68 products related to the topic on CB. Incorporate these items from Clickbank to maximize profits.


Any Body Can Learn Guitar - It's As Easy As Abc!$8.7250.0%0.33
Game-changing Guitar Learning Methods$4.1175.0%1.76
Learn Guitar In 30 Days - Amazing Guitar Lessons For You$17.2075.0%0.49
Learning To Play The Guitar - An Absolute Beginner's Guide Ebook$11.0475.0%0.14
Tearing It Up - Learn Heavy Metal Guitar$11.0475.0%0.34
Adult Guitar Lessons$29.6170.0%1.55


Most Clickbank products offer 75% commission meaning generous payouts.


Retailers on ShareASale.com


MerchantCommissionCookie Length
LearnAndMaster20.00%Never Expires
Legacy Learning Systems20.00%Never Expires
ArtistWorks, Inc20.00%90 days
eMedia Music10.00%30 Days


Retailers on CJ.com

There are many retailer on CJ.com with affiliate programs related to learn guitar.


RetailerCommission3 Month EPC
Guitar Center3.00% - 6.00%$53.13


Other Affiliate Programs & Office

These are independently run affiliate programs.


JamPlay$40.00120 Days
Guitar Tricks$30.005 Years
Guitar Jamz40.00%Unknown
Musician's Friend6.00%Unknown
Guitar Center6.00%40 Days


CPA & Other Offers


OfferCommission or PayoutCookieTypeNetwork
Learn Guitar - WorldWide75%N/ARevshareClickBank
Game-changing Guitar Learning Methods75%N/ARevshareClickBank
Learn Guitar In 30 Days Online$11.00N/ACPAAffiliate Gateway
Learn To Rock Guitar-rock Star Training Course75%N/ARevshareClickBank
Video Surgeon: The Hottest Guitar Learning Tool On The Market Today!41%N/ARevshareClickBank
Learning To Play The Guitar - An Absolute Beginner's Guide Ebook50%N/ARevshareClickBank
Learn Guitar In 30 Days - Amazing Guitar Lessons For You To Promote!75%N/ARevshareClickBank




TitleAuthorPriceStar RatingReviews
Teach Yourself to Play Guitar: A Quick and Easy Introduction for BeginnersDavid M. Brewster$4.304.2695
Hal Leonard Guitar Method, - Complete Edition: Books 1, 2 and 3Will Schmid and Greg Koch$7.624.6533
Guitar: How to Memorize the Fretboard: Quickly and Easily Learn the Notes on the Guitar NeckJoseph Alexander$4.234.535
Guitar:Guitar Music Book For Beginners, Guide How To Play Guitar Within 24 HoursTom Mahalo$0.974.531
Guitar Mastery Simplified: How Anyone Can Quickly Become a Strumming, Chords, and Lead Guitar NinjaErich Andreas$4.744.6659


Google Play Books


Title Author Price
Learn to Play Guitar: A Comprehensive Guitar Guide for Beginners to IntermediateGareth Evans$2.23
Essentials of Rhythm GuitarGreg StudleyFree
Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar, Edition 4Gary Turner$7.99
Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play GuitarPeter Gelling$9.99
Lead Guitar Lessons - Guitar Scales and Modes: Teach Yourself How to Play GuitarPeter Gelling$9.99
Learn Guitar: From Beginner to Your 1st BandJohn A. MacLachlan$7.99
Classical Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play GuitarBrett Duncan$9.99
Guitar Lessons for Kids - Book 1: How to Play Guitar for KidsGary Turner Andrew Scott$6.15


Google Play Apps


Learn Guitar ChordsFree
Guitar Lessons for beginnerFree
Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords$3.50
Basic Guitar Lessons
Learn guitar
Learn Guitar NotesFree
Learn Guitar Lessons FreeFree
Learn Guitar with SimulatorFree
Learn how to play Guitar Free
Lessons Beginners LITEFree
Guitar Play & LearnFree


Udemy Courses


Course# of LecturesRating# of ReviewsPrice
Learn Guitar in 21 Days824.1118$15
The Professional Guitar Masterclass1354.5466$42
Guitar Chord Riot! Learn to Play Guitar Like a Guitar Jedi435.05$36
Guitar: Learn To Play 10 Guitar Songs Using Just 3 Chords245.012$15
Learn Guitar to Worship: Learn 4 Songs and unlock a 1,000!524.917$21
Guitar - Learn 10 Legendary Chord Progressions for Guitar284.018$15
How to Play the Guitar: Your 30-Day Guide to Learn Guitar324.56$15


iTunes Apple


CourseCategoryStar RatingReviews
Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar - Learn and play acoustic guitar, bass and ukuleleMusic4.530,493
Learn GuitarMusic4.0322
CoachGuitar - Guitar Lessons for Beginners with videos, tabs and tutorials to learn songsMusic4.02032
Real Guitar FreeMusic4.510,780
Guitar Jam Tracks: Acoustic BluesMusic4.5239
Guitar Chords - 6 string guitar with fretboard and chord learning toolMusic4.5213
Guitar Elite - free chords play center of ultimate acoustic & electric guitarsMusic4.0535


Blogs, Forums And Social Media:

Use these forums, blogs and social media groups to get content ideas, network, drive traffic and inspiration.

Google blog search shows almost 2,030,000 pages, so there's no shortage of content ideas and bloggers to network with.

Top Learn Guitar Blogs:


BlogSocial MediaEmail List
G4 Guitar BlogYesYes
Guitar WorldYesYes
The LNG BlogYesNo
Guitar Tricks BlogYesYes
Guitar IdolNoNo
LI-080 Guitar BlogYesNo
Learning The Basics of GuitarNoNo


Use these blogs for content ideas, networking opportunities, guest posting, traffic and more.


Learn Guitar Forums:


Guitar for beginners and beyond121,665243,114
Guitar Noise ForumUnknownUnknown
Guitar Tricks ForumUnknownUnknown


These are some of the top forums catering to Learn Guitar.

The membership numbers clearly show how simple it can be for you to discover and help solve issues for your audience and traffic to your site can start pouring in.


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Social Media


Facebook has tens of 1000’s of people interested in learn guitar. It's a great place to network, advertise, get traffic, meet others in the niche and more.


Facebook Popular Pages


Page# of Likes
Learn To Play Guitar At Home7,930
Learn to Play Guitar2,284
Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar6,732
Learn Guitar Fast and Easy by Jerry Wyatt11,472
Learn Guitar1,638
Learn Acoustic Guitar5,478
Learn to Play Flamenco Guitar3,323
Learn to Play Guitar2,728


Facebook Most Popular Groups


learn guitar125
Learn Guitar From Psymoon Khan4,905
Learn Guitar36
Guitar Learning609


Most Popular YouTube Channels


ChannelVideo #Subscribers
Rocksmith 2014 - The Fastest Way to Learn Guitar31146,278
Learning Guitar Now18338,901
Guitar Lessons BobbyCrispy655231,504
Learn to Play it Right - Guitar Lessons11116,265


Popular Reddit Groups


I Want To Learn: Connecting people who want to learn with people that can teach173,102
Guitar Licks2,693
Learn to play the guitar!2,466


Scoop It Groups


Learn To Play Guitar Hints and Tips41
Apprendre guitare acoustique35
Learn How to Play Classical Guitar in Australia30


Pinterest Pinners


Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar335
Jerry Wyatt / Learn Guitar Fast And Easy122
Learn Guitar58
Learn Guitars

Learn Guitar23


Websites Sold On Flippa.com

Seeing websites that have already sold in the niche show a profitable and in demand niche.

It's also a great idea to get a look at what successful site owners have done and emulate them.


SiteSold For


Why Are People In This Niche

  • Learning guitar is often cited as a form of relaxation for many people because of the therapeutic nature of the instrument.
  • Learning guitar can have a profound impact on peoples’ confidence, which can make big changes in personal life.
  • People want fame and rich; learning guitar is the most popular way to achieve all those rewards.
  • Playing guitar sharpens brain cell and able to give more concentration.
  • To become a professional performer.
  • It will help to play any kind of music genres: jazz, blues, classical, rock, metal, pop, etc.
  • It teaches self-discipline and perseverance.
  • Learning guitar is an alternative to the sporting life.
  • Learn to play guitar give serious pleasure and act as a trigger to release of dopamine in the brain. It helps to relief stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Learning guitar makes people intelligent, creative, confident, attractive, and sensual.
  • Learning guitar helps to understands what really makes the music.
  • Learning guitar can help to create new band group, popular music, and songs which will give celebrity image.


Most Common Topics and Questions

These questions / topics are problems that need solving. Solve them in your content and through your product recommendations and you'll have a happy audience ready to spend money.

Amazon, Clickbank and other networks have products which cater to these problems.

  • How to start learning guitar?
  • What are the common books for learning guitar? How to start online guitar learning?
  • Basics of learning guitar
  • How to play acoustic guitar?
  • What are the basics to learn guitar?


Who's Advertising In The Niche

Advertising is a strong sign of a profitable niche. People don't spend money on ads if they can't profit from it.

These are the 5 major advertisers on Google.com:


Learn The Guitar (free) - This Simple Trick Makes It EasyPlay Your First Song in 15 Minutes.
Learn To Play The Guitar - All Levels & StylesGreat Rates Award-Winning Teachers.Start today! Registration Now Open · Register Online Today · In Home & Studio Lessons
Learn To Play GuitarLearn to Play Guitar Right Away. Quality Lessons - by Gibson Guitar!
Free Guitar Chord ChartDownload a free guitar chord chart. to learn how to play guitar chords
Beginner Guitar Lessons - Great online videos to learn guitarTop-Class Expert Instructors.


Blog Topic Ideas

These are some proven blog topic ideas that would work well in this niche:

  1. Do Guitarists Need to Learn Music Theory?
  2. 10 Tips for Learning Scales on Guitar
  3. Learn To Play Like A Pro With Guitar Classes Online
  4. Learn Guitar Online: 3 Deadly Sins Guitarists Commit Trying to Learn Guitar
  5. Jamstik MIDI Guitar: Play, Learn And Mix With An iOS Device
  6. The Digital Chord Chart Is A DIY Way To Learn The Guitar
  7. Learn to Play Jazz Swing on the Bass Guitar
  8. Learning Lead Guitar
  9. Learn the Malaguena for Classical Guitar
  10. 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Learn Guitar

For more ideas check out the following resources:

  • http://ideas.contentforest.com/
  • http://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator


Reasons To Get Involved In The Niche

  • Learn Guitar is steady market and is highly profitable.
  • It's worth $508 million so now is the perfect time to get involved.
  • Over 268,800 people are searching for just the most obvious keywords every month – showing huge online demand.
  • The target audience is both male and female aged 20 to 24 tend to have disposable income to spend – you can benefit from that spending.
  • Between the social media hubs and forums there's around 3,020 members meaning a huge pool of engaged traffic to tap into.
  • There's an endless array of content ideas in the niche including popular ones like “learning acoustic guitar” and “learn guitar to play music” – create similar content but better and it's almost guaranteed to go viral.
  • People are passionate about this topic and ready to spend money, you can see they already buy Guitar Learning Materials and Lean guitar books it may as well be spent with you.
  • There's endless problems from how to play lead guitar to different chords of guitar and every problem as a product available which solves it – sell these as an affiliate.
  • There's plenty of good domain names available including getguitar.net and childrenlearnguitar.com – pick one and get started.


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How To 'Hack' Your Way Into The Niche

You can have an up-to-date and relevant authority site on Learn Guitar.

This niche has got it all – an obsessive audience with money to spend lots of products on sale, tons of social media sites, loads of blogs and forums with an easy to reach target audience.

You drive traffic from blog commenting, guest posting, forum marketing, interacting on social media with influencers.

You get your content ideas from seeing what's popular on other Learn Guitar blogs and related blogs and simply write something bigger and better, bolder and stronger. Make the other ones pale in comparison.

Your profits can grow in no time thanks to the passionate audience in this exciting niche market.

By networking with others in the niche, sharing their content and linking to them, your website will grow. Just watch as they return the favor.

And don't forget to build your email list so you can continue to build your relationship with your audience, drive traffic back to your newest content, and promote to your audience



What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.


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      It's all about leveraging other peoples audience to drive their traffic to your site.

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      When you find a traffic source that works and converts then scale it up where possible.

      Networking is a big one for me. By interacting with other bloggers, linking to them, sharing their content, featuring them in expert round ups and so on they often return the favor. 

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  3. Yes, I have been a player for many years and have always wanted to set up an 'authority site' or online magazine style site - I made the start round Christmas time but need to add more content and my own types of lessons - good call!

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