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App Marketing: Your Comprehensive Guide for Startups and Small Businesses in 2024

Whether you’re still in the developmental stages or have recently launched your new app, you may not know where to begin with app marketing. Don’t panic. Fortunately, there are a few strategic steps you can take to ensure your app finds success.

Target Your Keywords for ASO

If you’re familiar with SEO, you know keywords are a critical component to the success of a website. Keywords are also essential for apps within the app stores through App Store Optimization or ASO.

By using targeted keywords within your app’s name, title, and description, you can successfully engage high-value users—those clients who will not only download your app but elect for the extra in-app purchases.

A/B Test Your Way to Success

In order to determine not only which keywords are successful but also which app name and app icon engage your audience, it’s important to perform A/B testing.

Can you start A/B testing right after your app launch? Of course, you can, but it’s generally advised to wait until you have a substantial number of users. This way, your decisions are not based on a small handful of people.

Develop What Your Users Want (Not What You Want)

It can be easy to allow your own intentions and desires to cloud your vision of your app. But ultimately, this app is for your user—not for you. Be sure to develop something your ideal audience needs, and don’t hesitate to make modifications along the way that will allow you to do that.

Our app was designed for teenagers to help them successfully pass their driver’s license tests, but was designed by a team of adults. However, we moved through the development of our app with our ideal audience in mind and adjusted based on feedback from teenagers themselves. Unless you are your own ideal user, create for your user, not yourself.

Prepare For Growth

You want your app to grow, so be sure to prepare for that growth. Look ahead at the future of your app and ensure it can handle a large number of users. Also, consider new features or services you can add to your app to keep users engaging years down the road.

Provide Value through App Marketing

Users can be tempted to deactivate and delete your app if they don’t find real value in the content you provide. How? Ensure your app solves a genuine problem and continues to do so. Keep your engaged with authentic, helpful content to bring them value.

Keep Updating to Provide Continued Value

You’ll likely change and modify your app many times along the process. Be sure to keep updating your app to provide continued value for your user.

Take our app for example. Our app provides DMV practice tests for teenagers and young adults. After they complete their exam, are they done with the app? No, because our app also offers refresher courses to keep their driving skills sharp in addition to an engaging, competitive game users can play with their friends. This update provides constant value for users, motivating them to keep the app beyond receipt of their driver’s license.

Incentivize to Bring Users Back and Encourage Sharing

If you do happen to lose users, incentives can help bring them back. Offer discounts, freebies, or other benefits if your user returns to the app.

Incentivizing can also help promote growth by motivating current users to share your app with others. Encourage users to refer friends for a freebie, chance to enter a giveaway, etc. Ensure you’re always keeping your ideal user’s overall goal in mind when selecting incentives.

Have Fun Along the Way

And most importantly, enjoy the ride! Developing, launching, and growing your successful app is likely something you’ve dreamed about for months or even years.

Set Your App Up for Success

Don’t forget to enlist help where needed to ensure you have experienced professionals handling each element of the process. And be patient—building a powerful app takes time. The effort and time will be well worth it in the end.