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Do I Have To Be An Expert To Enter A Profitable Niche? (Part 4 of The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche)

“Do I have to be an Expert to Enter a Niche” is part 4 of The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Profitable Niche.

You might have had this dilemma yourself…

You believe that you’re not expert enough on anything to market about it.

So why would anyone listen to you, right?

Wouldn’t you be a fraud?

Well, I’ve got good news for you.

Probably not.

Here’s why…

Firstly you can actually become an ‘expert’, or to be precise expert enough, surprisingly quickly as I’ll reveal below.

And secondly, you don’t actually need to be the worlds leading expert on the topic.

You just need to understand your own level of experience and the level of the people you are marketing to.

I’ll share how to do that below too.

And thirdly, there’s always the option of ‘hacking’ into other people’s expertise and using it to your own advantage.

Again I will show you how to do that below too.

So let’s look at the 3 ways to “hack” your way to being an expert…

1. How To Become An Expert on Profitable Niches In 1 Month

Josh Kaufman, author of the best-selling book ‘The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business’ states on… 

“It takes 10,000 hours to become an “expert in an ultra-competitive field” but to go from “knowing nothing to be pretty good”, actually takes 20 hours. The equivalent of 45 minutes a day for a month.”

 So if you can spare an hour a day for 1 month you already will be knowledgeable enough to compete in a niche even if not an ‘expert’ just yet.

Josh breaks down the process of becoming an ‘expert’ in 4 simple steps:

Josh explains each of these points further in his TED Talk…

So you could achieve each point by doing the following…

And in 1 month, or less if you put more hours into it daily, you’d already be “pretty good” as Josh puts it.

And certainly knowledgeable and skilled enough to market to newcomers to your niche.

This takes us nicely onto point 2…

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

2. How To Be An ‘Expert’ By Being Honest That You Are NOT An Expert

Think about it…

Do you need to be an expert to know about something?

Can you only give advice on subjects you are the world-leading expert on?

No of course not.

I’m sure you have discussions with friends and family on topics you are interested in but might not be an expert on all the time, right?

Really all you need to do is be knowledgeable enough on the subject to give information to the masses who know very little about the topic.

If you have an active interest or passion in something then I guarantee you already know more than someone who’s just discovered it for the first time.

You don’t need to be the world’s expert.

Here’s the thing:

It’s simply about understanding your own level of knowledge then marketing to the correct level of people.

So if you have intermediate knowledge on a subject you wouldn’t market to the experts.

You’d market to beginners or those slightly below your inexperience.

You know more than these people and to them, you will be considered a relative expert.

Know your own level of expertise and never try and over-exaggerate it.

Because you know what…

There’s nothing wrong with being an intermediate level of skill or knowledge on a topic.

The worst thing you can do is pretending to be an expert and trying to market to other experts.

They’ll see through you immediately and then you really will be a fraud.

Just stick with what you know, understand your own level of expertise, and target the correct audience.

But what if you want to enter a niche that you don’t know anything about and don’t want to learn about?

I cover how to do that in point 3…

3. How To ‘Hack’ Other Peoples Expertise For Your Own Benefit

The beauty of the internet is that it’s filled with people who know about everything and anything.

No matter how weird or obscure.

I mean there is a website dedicated to The Female Traffic Police of North Korea for example.

Does it get more random than that?

But anyway, random beautiful North Korean traffic police aside, my point is…

You can find endless people who know about your niche of choice.

And then partner with them.

Or outsource content creation to them.

Whilst you concentrate on the marketing and overall big picture of the project.

Or even ‘hack’ your own level authority using the 5 point authority content checklist here.

Here’s the thing:

This works especially well in hobby and activity niches.

Two hobby niches, Survivalism, and Card Tricks would work with

They are filled with people who are passionate about the topic and really knowledgeable too.

Many of them run their own hobby blogs for fun.

Or spend hours writing about their passion on forums and social media.

And they aren’t getting paid to do it.

Imagine if someone offered to pay them for something they enjoy doing anyway?

They would jump at the chance, right?

Imagine someone offered you money to write about the things you love, that you were writing about already anyway?

And here’s how you can do this…

You can find these people through their blogs, in popular forums and social media groups on Facebook for example, and in blog comment sections of popular blogs in your niche.

And for all the major markets like online marketing and wealth, health and fitness, dating, and self-improvement there are a lot of freelance writers available for hire.

You can find them on freelance hiring sites like UpWork or ProBlogger Job Board.

Or by browsing popular blogs in your niche that accept guest posts, a Google search for “NICHE best blogs” will bring up a list of the most popular ones.

Do I have to be an expert to enter a profitable niche?

A list of “magic” niche blogs we found on Google 

Or by searching on places like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with terms like “NICHE + freelance writer”.

Simply contact them and propose a partnership or offer them paid work as a content creator.

So this is yet another way to profit from a niche without being an ‘expert’.

Let’s quickly wrap this section up… 

Wrapping This Section Up

Before reading this section of the guide you likely thought you had to be an expert to market in a niche, right?

Hopefully, this guide has shown you that it’s not the case?

Because remember:

So there’s absolutely no need to be an expert in a niche to market in it.

Simply knuckle down and study for the next 30 days until you become a relative ‘expert’ compared to a newcomer to the niche.

Or understand your own level of experience and skill and market to those a level below you instead of positioning yourself as an expert.

Or outsource to others who know more than you.

And there you have it, you’re an authority in your niche without being a fraud.

Now let’s quickly move onto the next chapter where you’ll learn how to find a profitable niche market.