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How To Find A Profitable Niche Market In 3 Easy Steps

You might be making this big, common, mistake when searching for the “best” niche too…

Often when choosing a niche market or looking for their first niche they incorrectly believe they have to find something that no one else knows about.

Or even that the best niches are ones other marketers aren’t already competing in and this really isn’t the case at all as there are no unknown niches, they are just new to you.

Someone else has always chosen these niches first as think about it…

Even if you find a niche that’s not being actively marketed in (unlikely) there’s always a good reason for there being no competition and usually, it’s because there’s no demand for it or no money to be made.

And if you genuinely find a brand new niche there will be little demand, few products to promote, and nowhere to find your target audience.

That’s hard for an experienced marketer let alone a novice.

So the best profitable niches you can choose are evergreen niches that already have:

  • High demand.
  • Lots of easy to find customers online.
  • Endless products on sale.
  • Lots of websites, social media groups, and forums.
  • Competition.

These make much more sense as you know there is definitely money to be made and can choose a niche that’s actually profitable.

Oh and just so you know…

Before we dive into this section grab a notebook and pen or open a Word document as the best thing to do is to follow along as you read it and record what you find.

This will save you time as you won’t have to go back and do it later.

Go do that now.


3 Steps how to find a profitable niche market:

  • Look At Your Interests and Problems
  • Spend A Day With Your Marketing Hat On
  • Examine Trends & Markets On These Affiliate Marketplaces

01 – Look At Your Interests and Problems (Your “Best” Niche Is Probably Hiding In Here)

By doing this, you’ll easily choose a niche that’s profitable.

As I talked about earlier in the guide you might want to pick something you are interested in or knowledgeable about.

So grab your notepad and a pen (or open your Word document) and record all your hobbies and interests, to begin within one list.

Niche Market

Writing things down on paper REALLY helps me – try it.

In another list write down any problems you have in life, health, financial, love life, and other day-to-day challenges you face.

In a third list jot down anything else you’re interested in learning more about or think would be fun.

Spending even just 5 minutes doing this can give you a huge list of great niche ideas.

You should have 3 lists of ideas now.

Any good ideas popping out at you?

You don’t have to evaluate these ideas for demand or profitability yet you’re just brainstorming.

Next, do point 2…

02 – Spend A Day With Your Marketing Hat On

You’d be amazed at how many niche ideas you can come up within a single day just by looking at everything from a marketing point of view.

Here’s what to do for the rest of the day (or tomorrow if it’s already late)…

Carry around a notepad and a pen (or you can use your phone) and take notes of everything you in the day…

Think about all these things one by one.

Then ask yourself the following questions about each one:

Write them down so you don’t forget them.

If any, all, or some of those answers are yes, then you have potential niche ideas.

By the end of the day, you’ll have a whole list of potential niche ideas.

You should also do point 3 right now…

This section will help you find some popular trends and profitable markets.

Here are some online resources that literally give away profitable niche ideas on a plate.

Go through them one by one and take notes of EVERYTHING you find.

I’m going to show you how to evaluate each idea for profitability later.

The world’s biggest online retailer sells pretty much everything and is a great place to find red hot niches and products that are selling.

And that you can promote as an affiliate.

You can find sub-niches of topics you have an interest in.

Or niches you never knew about.

Let’s look at how to do that below…

Here’s the step by step process:

You’re literally “niching down” further and further into super-specific niches.

By doing this, you’ll find a niche and get an idea about the products that sell in it.

The image below shows lots and lots of sub-niches by doing this.

Lots of Amazon sub-niches

And even better is you’re seeing actual products which sell.

You can ‘sort’ by ‘new and popular’ to find new ‘hot’ products or sort by ‘customer review’ to see what people in the niche think of the products.

How To Find Amazon Best Selling Products

Even better is you can choose ‘best sellers’ from the navigation bar at the top of the page just under the search box and see what’s currently selling best.

The Amazon bestseller list can be a good niche finder

This is updated hourly.

There’s no way you wouldn’t be able to find a niche through Amazon. There’s plenty.

And you can use the world’s largest digital product marketplace too…

Clickbank is the #1 digital market place online.

The Amazon of digital goods.

Their market place listings much like Amazon show a list of niches and sub-niches with a list of products available.

Go to and click ‘market place’.

On the left-hand side, you’ll see the categories section.

Clickbank is telling you all about their niches

The top-level categories are broad markets or niches, click the little arrow and it’ll bring up a list of more focused sub-categories or sub-niches.

Clickbank can be used to find products in your niche

Click on the sub-categories and you’ll see a list of products, these will give you even more ideas.

If there’s a lot of products available on certain topics it’s a good sign that this is a profitable niche.

People don’t tend to make products that no one is interested in.

Write these ideas you stumble upon down.

Talking about stumbling upon ideas…


Stumbleupon allows people to find websites based on their interests.

Here’s the process for finding niche ideas.

The most popular feature on Stumbleupon has some good niche ideas

Or alternatively use their curated list option:

Each topic represents a possible niche, just think about whether it’s something people spend money on.

Yahoo Trending

Yahoo shows popular topics that are ‘trending’ in the news.

This can be a good way to find hot upcoming niches that you’d otherwise never know about

Yahoo Trending can show hot new trends

It shows trending news and products.

Think about whether it’s something people spend money on.

Remember and write anything interesting down to save repeating this task later.

This next resource is a little known goldmine for niche finding…

To discover 200+ profitable niche markets click the image below now…

Find A Forum adds only the most active and largest forums to its databases.

That means if there’s a huge and popular forum on the subject there’s a big demand for it.

Some of the most popular forums are a skyscraper and a tractor forum, who would have known?

Here are some of the other popular niche forum topics from their list:

If there are huge discussion communities around a niche then chances are it’s very profitable.

Write down any that interest you for later.

And remember right now you’re just brainstorming ideas.

I will show you how to check if each idea really is profitable later.

Twitter is also a really good place to find trending topics…

Twitter Trending

Logging into Twitter and checking what’s ‘trending on the left-hand side of the page (you know the #hashtag stuff you see) can bring up some hot, new, trends.

Twitter Trends can be hot niches

Sometimes you’ll find nothing but random nonsense of the day.

Other times you’ll find hot new markets and products.

It’s worth a look.

Note anything that interests you and/or people who spend money on for later.

This free tool by Google is a great resource…

Google Trends shows hot searches of the day/month/year meaning you can find out about some currently popular search trends and niches.

A list of tech trends people are searching for

Note down any ideas you get from it.

Anything that interests you or that people spend money on is worth taking note on.

This next one is an absolute goldmine for finding profitable niche ideas…


Flippa is a market place to sell profitable websites.

This means we can check what sort of websites are selling to know what niches and profitable.

Flippa is a marketplace for selling websites and a great niche research tool

The trick is to look for websites that successfully sold for large amounts of money on Flippa.

Because if someone else can make money from that niche then sell it for a large sum to another, we know there’s obviously huge potential to profit from it.

Here’s the step by step process to find profitable niches using Flippa:

Finding profitable niches in Flippa

My search brought up websites in the following niches:

This is a great way to find profitable niche ideas for your own website.

And here’s another great way… lists magazines and publications on sale.

Real-world magazines that people buy and subscribe to.

If a topic has magazines available for sale then you know it’s going to be profitable.

Big publications don’t print magazines in unprofitable niches.

Here’s how to use it to find niche ideas:

Endless niche ideas lay hidden in these categories

Here are just a selection of niches I found:

The lists go on and on.

Each one represents a profitable niche.

If people spend money on monthly magazine subscriptions then they’ll spend money online too.

Jot down any ideas that you are interested in.

Then try this next step…

eBay Popular shows popular products available in their different categories

This lets you see what products are selling and also gives you ideas for wider niches.

eBay Popular is great to see what products are selling on eBay

Here’s how to use this:

Think about what niche each product is part of rather than focusing on the product its self.

So branded air jacket envelopes, as seen in the screenshot above are most likely to be something businesses buy, right?

So it’s part of the business supply niche.

Another thing I found was a professional baby heart monitor which would be something health and medical professionals might use.

This next trick isn’t well known but can be a great way to find out about upcoming products…

Google News

Google News can be a great place to find upcoming product launch information which you can either build sites around or get niche ideas.

A trick to find upcoming products on Google News

This can uncover some juicy niche and product ideas.

It works especially well in the tech and gadget niche.

Remember to note down anything you find for later.

Then try this…

Google Suggest

If you have a basic niche idea, say you know you want to enter into the weight loss market for men for example.

But don’t know how to niche down further you can use Googles suggest a feature.

Simply go to and type in “weight loss for men” without hitting enter.

And see what suggestion Google gives you.

Even if you have the most basic idea of a market or topic you’re interested in type it in and see what you get.

Not every idea it sends back is perfect.

But anything that seems interesting to you note down now.

Here’s a little-known Google Search hack that can bring some interesting results…

Google Wildcard Search

Few regular search engine users know about the Google wildcard feature.

Go to Google and type in your niche idea, i.e. “weight loss for men” and then ‘*’ (i.e. “weight loss for men *”)

Google Wildcard can bring up niche ideas you would never think of

And Google will bring up a random selection of results starting with “weight loss for men” and then adding a keyword in the place of the *.

This can bring up results you would never think of and you could easily find a niche with this method.

These are potential sub-niches.

What did you find?

Note them down before you forget them.

And here’s another free Google tool that’s useful…

Google Keyword Planner

Using the Google Keyword Planner tool you can get niche ideas.

You simply have to enter a broad keyword/topic, to begin with.

The Google Keyword Tool

Here’s how to do it:

Some of these in the image below have potential…

A potential list of sub-niches in the Survivalist niche

For example, there is potential in:

And many more Google Keyword Tool showed me.

What did you find in your search?

Remember to write them down now.

And here’s a tool that is like Google Keyword Tool on steroids…


Uber Suggest is a free tool that allows you to get 1000’s of keyword ideas.

You give it a broad term like “weight loss” for example and it will give you an A to Z list of keywords people are actually searching for on Google.

Enter your search term then choose your settings

Here’s how to use it:

Ubersuggest can find you hundreds of potential niches

Some of the potential niche ideas I found were:

Did you find anything interesting?

Please write them down now for later.

And this is a very cool website that I really like for niche research…

43Things lists things people plan to do or want to change.

You can find lists of problems and issues people face.

Things they want to change or improve in their life.

Stuff they’d like to get better at.

These are all potential markets.

43Things Is a Great Resource For Finding Niches

Here are the steps:

Here’s some I found:

You could spend hours on the site getting ideas.

But for now, just have a quick scroll through.

What did you find?

Write down any ideas into your notepad or Word document that jump out at you

Let’s wrap this chapter up…

Found Profitable Niche Ideas? Now It’s Time To Choose Your Niche…

And a good grasp of the different tools and methods to find the best niches on the internet (and the best niches for you personally so you always choose a niche you are suited to).

The trick now is to work out which ones will be profitable and perfect for you.

Don’t worry all revealed in the next chapter…