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How To Write And Promote Expert Roundups Even If You Don't Know Any Experts

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You've seen them before...

"42 experts share their favorite productivity tips"

They probably seem like a simple collection of opinions and thoughts but what you don't see is the hours and possibly days put behind these roundups.

Everything from outreaching, planning to promotion and execution.

It's literally worth every sweat and tear because of one thing...


Roundups done correctly can generate a lot oftraffic because the featured experts are sharing and showing off the posts to their audiences.

Just look at Brian Dean (from Backlinko) as he's retweeting an article he was featured in...


Not enough?

Here'sTor Refsland bragging about how many blogs he's been featured in...


And don't think because you're a new marketer you couldn't possibly get experts to take part in your round up.

You can if you follow this simple guide step by step.

But here's the thing:

When done incorrectly round ups can get next to no traffic.

Because execution on round up posts is key.

You can't focus on your own personal gain or you may forget the most important part of roundups, which is increased relationships and connections with the experts featured.

If you reach out to the experts in the wrong way instead of agreeing to take part they get annoyed at you for wasting their time.

And your relationship is over with them before it even started.

But this is all easily avoidable if you follow what I've written below.

So read on to get a step by step guide on howyou can pull off a hugely successful expert round up post...

What You'll Learn In This Post

  • How expert roundups work and why
  • Top 3 methods to find Experts to interview for FREE
  • How to get them to AGREE, fast
  • How to make your roundup remarkable
  • How to promote it
  • How expert roundups work and why

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How Does It Work?

You interview by e-mail a panel of 10..20.. or even 100 specialists in a particular niche or industry.

You address the same question to all of them.

Each one of them will provide a unique and interesting answer based on their experience and expertise in the field.

What kind of questions,you ask?

The more specific the question is, the better the result.

If you ask an SEO expert "What can people do to increase their SEO rankings?"...

You'd probably either be ignored or you'll be told that they don't have time for your nonsense (in a polite way).

That kind of a question cannot be answered briefly and would really take a complete article to answer with.

You should first figure out the goal of your round up...

Is it to let people know what the best SEO free / paid tool is?

If it is, then the right question would be something like this...

"What is your favorite (or top 3) free SEO tools?"

You're not limited by the number of questions either but you want something brief as the people you are emailing have lives and they truly do appreciate straight to the point questions and emails.

Here are some guides you can follow for more examples for questions:

That's what makes expert roundups so special.

So that's why expert round ups are so special, you're getting multiple answers on the same topic/question from a distinct standpoint.

HereI have more than 40 unique expert roundups showcased.

It is my portfolio, where you can check exactly how each expert roundup is laid out, right in front of your eyes.

How do they work? It is simple:

  1. It provides site visitors with expert content from multiple distinct angles.
  2. It brings the site owner more traffic, social shares and back-links
  3. It helps the author to further brand his expertise and become known

Top 3 methods to find Experts to interview for FREE

Ask Around

Experts know other experts.

Create a list with 5 people who are specialists in their field.

You'll recognize them by a few qualities:

  • They use a professional website design, logo and photos.
  • They've written articles, blog posts, books and/or have participated in interviews, podcasts or TV (YouTube) shows.
  • They comment on other people's blogs and like sharing advice
  • They have traffic to their website and have built a following via social media channels and via a mailing list

A quick step by step process you can use to find these experts is simply by doing this...

Let's go back to SEO as that was our first example...

Type in Google "blog SEO"

You'll see in the search results that there are many blogs that are committed to SEO.



In fact, all of them are pretty much the experts on SEO as they are ranking on the first page for a very competitive keyword.

Now click on the first article (HubSpot)...


Well isn't that pretty?

790 shares on LinkedIn and her contact information is there for you to save for later use...

In this case, you could just save her on a Twitter list and call it "Influencers for a round up - SEO" etc.


You could also see she's very active on Twitter with a big following base of 5k.

Not bad right?

Repeat that for the other blogs ranking on the first page and try playing around with the keywords based on what you're looking for (i.e. keyword research blog, keyword research recommended tools....)


This is my preferred method to find the expert because it's right in front of your eyes.

Check the profile of 5 of your chosen experts and then see who else they're following.

Let's get back to the example of Lindsay above...

Click on her "following" tab and you'll see who she's following.

In this case she's following around 600 people (and has 5k followers) so it should be safe to assume she's picky who she has in her circle.

This probably means she's got friends in the SEO business and surely they'll be on that list...


After clicking on "following", you'll want to press "CTRL + F" so you can search for "SEO"...

Let's see what we come up with...


There we go.

A couple followers in and we've found ourselves a superstar with over 16,000 followers and a specialty in SEO.


Repeat the same process for Aaron and see who he's following.

You'll notice most experts are following each other.

So inspect these leads and save in an Excel file the details of those you feel are an expert.

You'll save their Twitter URL, name, website and retrieve later their e-mail contacts for later connection.

You really need an e-mail for contact.

Twitter works slower and is not good for this type of outreach.

Other Expert Roundups

Depending on your industry there are already expert roundups on the Internet which you can start from.

Those connections are already there for you.

You can use Google to find these and write: “niche” + “expert roundup”.

For example: parenting + expert roundup.

Or... social media + expert roundup.

Or.. relationships + expert roundup.

OK. You get the idea.

Once you're done with the Excel list and have all contacts' emails, then you contact them with a short email where you explain the scope of it and include the question to be answered.

Ensure your leads are relevant and top quality.

The success of your roundup depends on your candidates.

How known or great they're and how easy they respond to emails.

Here's an example of an email you can tweak and use for your own project:

Subject line: X, expert roundup 

 Hi. I am doing an expert roundup post on ____ topic and it'll be published within X days/weeks on ____ site. Would love to have you join us. 

 Here's the question if you'd like to participate: _____ 

Thank you Your name.

How To Get Them To Agree Fast

Not everybody you contact will respond, particularly if they never heard from you before.

Thus, it is recommended you find ways to initiate contact with the expert before you send the pitch.

This way they'll know you, and your email won't sound like a cold call approach.

Ways To Initiate Contact With The Expert:

  • Join their mailing list and send them a praise about their newsletter/content.
  • Comment on their blog (if they allow it) and they'll surely notice your name particularly if you comment multiple times and if your comment is insightful and meaty.
  • Contact them directly and ask a question (not relevant to your project). Ask something about blogging or something you've noticed about them. You can check their “about me” page and get some info / inspiration from there.

How To Make Your Roundup Remarkable

Not all expert roundups are created equally.

You need to make yours unique.

For example, have a unique title.

If you study more expert roundups you'll notice that some use the same title where “experts” and “secrets”, “tools” or tips show up very often.

Be clever and use something else.

The same goes with your introduction.

Your intro should be written for both, the site visitors and the search engine (Google).

Ensure you place your chosen keyword, the one you want to optimize your blog post for.

Yes, I'm referring to SEO.

Now for the introduction, you want to refer to the top performing content in the niche you're looking to get involved with.

You wouldn't want to get inspired by low performing content right?

Look at Robbie Richards and his round up onthe best SEO tools...


What do you notice right off the bat?

He starts with a question: "What are the best SEO tools?".

Then he goes on with the struggle / problem "Quick search on Google and you'll find a number of posts...".

He then comes up with a solution "I took a different approach... Instead of creating another monster list..."

Ending the introduction with the question he asked the experts ensures that his readers understand exactly what they are going to find out.

So your introduction template should look like this...

  • Start with the question that your audience is asking (or ask a question related to their problem).
  • Explain what problem they are facing when looking for SEO tools (too many options, monster lists).
  • Elaborate on your solution to their problem (I asked experts a simple question...".
  • Use the keyword naturally as Robbie did (in a question, in the solution etc.).

Simple right?

Epic content is meant to be inspired by.

By doing this, you'll create something that you know will work with your readers.

Now onto the headlines...

How To Create Shareable Headlines That Will Go Viral

For headline creation, we'll go back to the SEO example we used for finding the experts above...

So we'll use BuzzSumo this time (it's free for the first couple of results).

Type in "SEO experts" (or something similar) and you'll find the top performing SEO expert round ups.


Right off the bat, I found these headlines:

  • The Best SEO Tools: As Voted By 97 Leading Search Experts
  • 12 Best SEO Tips From 12 Top SEO Experts
  • Switching around the keywords to "SEO tips experts" I found these headlines:
  • 70 best SEO experts you need to follow for latest SEO tips
  • 7 Expert Tips: How to Get YouTube to Recommend Your Video
  • Local SEO Tips: 30+ Experts Share Their (Actionable) Strategies
  • Local SEO Roundup - Experts Share Their Favourite Local SEO Tips - Pickaweb

These headlines are the top performers and are highly shareable (skyscraping anyone?).

They are proven to work, simple and plain.

So how do you create headlines based off of these findings?

Let's say you're looking to round up the favorite tools of experts, try the first headline listed above:

  • The Best SEO Tools: As Voted By 97 Leading Search Experts

You have a couple options here...

  • Aim for 120-200 expert round up on the best SEO tools (also known as skyscraping).
  • Do a round up on the worst SEO tools (so the headline might be "The Worst SEO Tools: ## Experts Pitch In Their Least Favorite Resources")

Or you could focus on experiences and create something like "# SEO Experts Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes Made Ranking Sites." as there doesn't even seem to be such a round up yet when searching for this on Google!

Expert roundups are known to bring free residual traffic, so pay close attention to the keywords you're researching and how you're making use of them on the site.

Your panel of experts also has to be another point of distinction.

If you want your expert roundup to take off, it has to be remarkable.

Interview the experts which aren't used to be interviewed.

Find those leads which others haven't noticed or focused on.

Be Unique

The way your expert roundup is laid out it is also an essential factor in your expert roundup success.

Ensure you have your experts' headshot featured along with their social media profile and author bio.

Once again, see how others are doing their roundups.

You'll have plenty of ideas of what to do and what not to do, in order to stand out.

How To Promote It

Once you edit and publish your expert roundup, it goes live; now it is the best time to focus on the initial promo strategy.

Then, the content will bring traffic like a snowball (if it's that good).

Firstly, focus on the experts which have participated in your project.

Send them a short email where you share with them the link and ask if they'd be willing to share it with their audience.

Here's an example:

Subject line:

We're LIVE (X expert roundup)

e-mail body:


You've been featured here...



Feel free to interact with all the other experts.. and help each others!

Happy to receive your.. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Thank you once again for your contribution and help.

Your shares are much appreciated.


Some people don't bluntly ask for such, yet, they generate significant shares and traffic.

You decide which strategy to adopt.

Secondly, go back to people who couldn't participate and share with them the link.

You may also get some shares and backlinks from them.

Thirdly, contact the top bloggers in the field, others than your panel of experts, and ask for feedback on the post.

Some will like it and send you trafficand social mention.

Bonus promo tip:

Twitter Strategy.

Quote each expert via a Twitter share. Include the Twitter handle of the expert along with the link of the live post, at the end. Use hashtags where appropriated.


@FollowJames #Ranking guarantees are not only unethical but they are also dangerous..

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Wrapping It Up

Now you have a formula for creating your own expert roundups.

You can make them for your site as well as for your clients' sites (if you're in the client business).

You can add a new profit center to your business, or simply sit back and watch traffic come in and relationships flourish.

Once you're done with the promo, you can always go back to your connections and propose to them all kinds of deals like guest posts, email pre-sell exchanges, joint ventures, product co-launches.

Sky's the limit.

Do you have any questions on today's article?

I'm here to hear from you.

Thank you.

P.S. If you find this post useful, share it with your audience.

They'll thank you for it!

Codrut Turcanu