Learn How Raphael Picked A "Weird" Niche From NicheHacks And Turned It Into A Profitable Kindle Book

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niche hack success storyIt is true that making online online is hard...

If it was easy then it wouldn't really be worth the reward as I'm sure you would agree.

There's always the competition...

It's hard finding the "right" niche, let alone pulling through until the very end.

When you have no support from your friends or family, it's even worse.

In this post, we're going to get well explained answers from a fellow tribe member of NicheHacks who has had success thanks to one of the niche reports.

He's just of many to be featured in our "Niche Hacks Success Stories" and these posts are designed to spur you on to your own success and show that it's possible.

You're going to find out why there's no excuse for not being able to find a niche and why you just have to pick one and get on with it.

We're going to meet and gain the step-by-step process from someone who's made around a couple hundred bucks from a simple kindle book (while he works during the day) inspired by a niche report he studied on NicheHacks (read on as it is revealed below...)

All you have to do is keep reading and you can copy the same process that he has gone through for success...


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Introduction To Your Success Story 

Hello, my name is Raphael Ricardo. I work as an officer in operation department in one of my local banks.

I’m a blogger by night. I’m very passionate about internet marketing.

I’m a contributor at Payoneer blog and love to share my knowledge with others.

Currently I own Ecover Splash; a smart eCover maker to create beautiful eCover design for eBooks and kindle books.

You can find more about me on my blog.


1. How did you get started with online marketing and how far have you come since then?

Since I started in 2010, I learned lot of information on Internet Marketing but the difference between a successful blogger and a blogger; is Action.

I failed many times but I learned from my failures and today I’m very proud to have Stuart Walker as my mentor.

From my experience I can say if someone never take action and continue to buy every single product on the market, you’ll never make money online, you’ll never have an online business.

Think a blog like a tool for your business, think like a businessman.


2. You mentioned on the FB Group before that you had started publishing on Kindle and one of the books you created was based on the beekeeping niche that you found on NicheHacks.

Can you tell us how you went from discovering the beekeeping niche to creating a book around it? How much have you made from that book?

I wanted to test the Kindle market, I start reading a report about beekeeping on NicheHacks, and I see how I can give this niche a try on kindle. After reading I buy a kindle software called Akbooster to perform with the keyword research.




I already earned $282.13 but on the US Market and some dollar from the other regions in the Amazon Kindle Marketplace, the net income is 176.02 USD.

This is a small amount of money but I’m here with the case study to tell you how the process can be copied easily and everyone can start making money.


global payment (2)

global payment (3)




3. If someone wanted to copy your kindle success in another niche, what would be the process they go through?

1) Pick a niche report case study on Niche Hacks

2) Research the good keywords on this niche with AK Booster

3) Hire a talented writer to outline and write your Kindle eBook (5000-7500 Words is great to start) on Freelancer, or Upwork.

4) Hire a talented designer to design your Book Cover or use my brand new software Ecover Splash (Great Ecover convert like crazy)

5) Hire a Book description Writer on Fiverr

6) Hire someone to format your book

6) Publish your book on Amazon Kindle and enroll to KDP Select to get 5 days free Downloads, This process can help you get more visibility when your book is priced

7) Buy some book promotion on Fiverr

8) Rinse and repeat the process.



4. Often friends and family don't "get" this whole online marketing thing. How do yours feel about it and how did they react when you first told them your plans?

I currently live in Haiti, when you talk with someone about the possibility to make money online, they laugh you, but I never got discouraged.

When they started to see some of my results, like when I withdraw money from the bank, they try to contact me about learning from my strategies.

I'm proud to say I'm currently I help 3 of them start their own online business.


5. What was your first ever website or niche?

Like most newbies, I start a website with zero plan about internet marketing and start repeat the same things like others blogs.

It’s a French website called Duel Marketing. I had many friends who support me but I failed miserably cause I really don’t know the ‘’Why‘’ of my blog.


6. If you had to give 1 piece of advice to someone new to the online marketing world what would it be?

Find a Mentor.

With lot of information on the Internet, you need to follow someone who have success online to save more time and more money.


7. When choosing a niche follow passion or money?

Passion because when you don’t get the results that you hope, your passion will turn your energy into a super power to make give you the success you desire.

To get started in the right direction, there are some blogs you must read, here are my favorites.


8. One of the most common questions I'm asked by my audience is "How do I get started?" What would you advise them?

1) Work with a mentor

2) Find your own voice

3) Start to delegate early, don’t be a "One Man Band"

4)  Be patient and word smart because success is not a microwave process.


9. If you lost everything (money, contacts, traffic, websites etc.) and had to start over from scratch knowing what you know now with a $100 budget what would your plan be?

With $ 100, I’ll leverage the power of Amazon kindle. From writing to publishing $100 budget can be a good start up capital to start a $30 per month Kindle publishing Business.

  • Identify an hot niche trend (free with NicheHacks)
  • Hire a good Ghostwriter for $60 to write a simple Kindle Book (5000-6000 words )
  • Write a good description myself based on the niche idea (free)
  • Pay $5 for a Great cover on Kindle
  • Pay $5 to format my kindle Book
  • Publish my Kindle book and enroll to KDP
  • Pay $30 for different Kindle promotion on Fiverr


I’ll repeat the process until I achieve the Freedom that I’m looking for.


10. What would be your best tips for finding a profitable niche, creating the site and content, getting traffic and getting sales?

If you want to success online, you need to know what your passion is, Stay update about the trends and read all nichehacks reports, it’s a goldmine. Study the different angle to tap into the select niche.

While creating content, don’t write for Google or other search engines, write for your readers and the traffic come naturally.

When you write content that people love, you get more social visibility and your blog with growth fast.

To get sales you need to build first your community, your tribe, no one will buy something from unknown seller, Give more free and valuable content as you can and your readers will trust you and give you their credit card.

P.S Recently I find a free tool to generate powerful headlines. Try it for free here: Headline Generator. You can use it to find your next viral post or your book title.



11. What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?

Based on Paleo Niche hacks report, I’m going to launch a brand new kindle series under the name ‘’Think Outside Of the Kitchen’’ and I’ll use my daughter’s name and my wife’s name as a pen name to write for this project.

With these books I’ll build my list to launch the paleo blog.

You can find more about me on my blog Raphael Ricardo and if you want to get update about my paleo ventures join my email list, join my newsletter and download your Kindle report, there are 2 chance to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card  I’ll share all my strategies for free.

I find a new way to produce unlimited cookbook recipes, for my paleo niche I plan to launch over 20 different paleo recipes guides, anyone can create kindle cookbook recipes that sell like crazy with a little effort, and I’ll provide more information about this strategy in my email.

My income goal is $ 5000 per month with this project, I already have a very actionable sheets for each step of the project, from niche selection to the outsourcing process.

I encourage everyone who want to start a passive income to consider Kindle in their project.


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Key Takeaways

Stuart here again. The key takeaways from this post are:

  • Keep believing in your internet market venture even if your friends and family doubt you and they will respect you when you starting producing results. Just like how Raphael has proved to us in this post, you will have to be persistent.
  • Know the why of your business. Raphael here has experienced failure when he started a business without knowing the "why". Understand the purpose of your business so you have more of a chance of succeeding.
  • Start with your passion as you will have more energy to put into your business. You will have like a "Super power" like how Raphael has described here.
  • Don't write for Google. Understand what your readers want to read and write for them. The traffic will come after.
  • TAKE ACTION. You cannot say things like "I can't find a niche" when there are thousands of them listed on the blog and all you have to do is pick one and work on it. Raphael doesn't care about bee keeping but it was a niche he entered because it was profitable and it makes him money.
  • If Raphael can go from failing through his businesses and eventually succeed then you can too. We are no different than him and he admits that failure has been a big part of his online journey.


Wrapping Things Up

I hope this has inspired you to get out there and start taking action yourself.

Even though his friends and family doubted his journey, he followed through and eventually succeeded in what he was after.

If he can do it then why can't you?

So you should evaluate your position in your online plan to start making money and leave us a comment below so you can feel obligated to follow through.

Don't forget to read the other success stories here.

It might look something like this...

"I'm going to get into the kitchen niche. I'll create an Kindle book for Amazon around kitchen knives and I'm going to drive massive traffic from guest posting. Within 6 months I WILL be making money"

Leave your comment below...

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  1. William says:

    Hello Raphael (and Nader),

    In #9 you mention "Hire a good Ghostwriter for $60 to write a simple Kindle Book (5000-6000 words )"

    Where do you shop around for ghostwriters? How do you evaluate quality? $60 seems quite low. What are you looking for when evaluating ghostwriters and what type of materials are you providing them to get started?


    • Raphael says:

      Hello William
      Sorry for the late reply,i come back from my honeymoom,
      Ok $60 is really low but i find talented writer from some countries like Philipines,Kenya,Pakistan etc.
      You can use Freelancer or Odesk

  2. Gregory says:

    This is quite interesting considering that you're new to playing at that level! I hope to hear about how you're crushing it sooner. I am also wondering what good writers charge less for 5000+ words. I need ideas so I can also get mine done.

  3. David Throop says:

    Thanks for sharing with us. I'm exploring the kindle marketplace for some ebooks in various niches and your story does help me gain some momentum in my thinking.

    One question is - do you still believe that KDP Select is a good way to launch a book, and do you only launch one book at a time?

    • Raphael says:

      KDP is a powerfull tool to help you get more exposure,Once you launch your Kindle Books with KDP,you'll get free traffic from Amazon and make more sales.

  4. This is very inspirational Raphael and Nader,
    Building a successful online business is not an easy task but once you have a solid plan, it'll become less difficult especially if your plan has proven to work before for someone.

    Two problem I see that usually hold most of us back (myself included) is the "Not taking action syndrome" in other words.... trying to get everything right before taken action of which you never will.

    And, doing everything yourself. Seriously, no matter how creative, talented and superb you are, you'll hardly do it all alone and that's why its always proper to hire other people that will help you.

    Also, finding a mentor is a must if you truly wish to achieve it soon.

    A question Raphael, how much in all did you spend on the book from starting to publishing and how many pages is it?

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Jeremy Gray says:

    Great post. I have been tossing around the idea of writing some kindle books in the niches I am most confident and skilled in. This has helped push me closer towards seeing it through!