7 Reasons Why You’ll Continue To Fail As A Niche Marketer

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The years move fast right?

How long have you been dreaming about starting an online business for now?

The fact you're reading this post likely means you still haven't taken action or built a successful online business, it might sound harsh but it's true.

Like every other year, niche marketing went through a number of developments this past 12 months.

More Google search algorithm changes again with increased focus on high quality content and optimising for keyword intent over just trying to rank for any keyword you can.

These are just some of the things that kept niche marketers busy and guessing throughout the year.

In short, things are moving, changing and evolving at a rapid pace.

One thing that will remain constant, however, is YOUR fate as a niche marketer.

Yes, you’ll continue to fail over the next 12 months as well.

How do I know?

Here are some of the reasons....


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1. You Still Depend on Google for Traffic

Ever since the first Google Panda update in 2010, Google has been making regular changes to its search engine algorithms. This has made search engines the least reliable source of traffic.

You never know when the next algorithm arrives and ruins all your hard work.

Most of the back links, created with keyword rich anchor texts in the pre-Panda era, backfired and damaged the rankings of millions of websites around the web.

Blogs, full of keyword rich articles written for Google, were the biggest casualty.

In short, almost everything, that was considered good for SEO, turned bad.

You, however, still depend heavily on search engine traffic and have not developed any meaningful alternate traffic sources.

You still invest heavily in SEO and back linking, and almost all of your content is based around keywords only.

You still take advice from SEO gurus who claim to have located loopholes in Google algorithms to open floodgates of traffic to their websites.

It doesn’t work anymore, but you won’t listen.

Here's what your Google Analytics traffic source should look like...


A varied range of traffic sources


It should have a wide range of traffic sources so that if your Google traffic dries up due to an algorithm update or loss of rankings, you're still in business.

But none of that matters anyway because you're not even close to getting point 2 right...


2. You Have No Connection With Your Readers

Perhaps the most important thing in the new era of niche marketing, is building a community of loyal readers and followers who trust your advice and consider you an expert.

The online sales cycle has evolved.

You can no longer just publish random affiliate links and expect complete strangers to buy from you.

You need to build trust and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

This requires regular engagement with your community through high quality and actionable blog posts that address different key issues of your niche in extreme detail.

It also means you need to stick to a fixed blogging schedule and publish regularly.

Otherwise you won’t be able to build the momentum required for creating a community.

We've slowly built up the NicheHacks Facebook Group to 26,000 members over the past couple of years and it now sends about 10% of our traffic.


Over 26,000 members in our Facebook Group


Building a community takes time, effort and planning.

And it’s the only way you can make sales now.

But wait, you’re still busy tweeting product links, right?

Good luck

And I bet you're STILL not doing point 3, even though every serious marketer on the face of the planet has told you you should be...


3. You Continue To Ignore Your Mailing List

You might have already published countless new blog posts that generated thousands of visitors to your niche website.

But only a handful subscribed to your mailing list.


Because you have made no additional effort to make your opt-in box more prominent to the visitors.

You believe that placing it in the sidebar, with the title “Get Free Email Updates”, is enough to seduce your readers and get their email address.

Money is in the list, you’ve already heard this a million times.

It’s time now to take action.

Create a list magnet, place your opt-in box in the header and at the end of every blog post or create a pop up. Do everything to get more subscribers.

Here's how you do a lead magnet properly...


A lead magnet done properly


As you'll see it offers an instant solution to a key problem the NicheHacks audience has...they can't find a niche.

They get 1781 niches delivered to them on a plate and it's downloadable instantly.

The headline is benefit driven and clearly explains what they'll get in return for submitting their email.

You can see why this is much more powerful than asking someone to "subscribe for blog updates", right?

Ignoring your list is one of the prime reasons behind your continued failure as a niche marketer and this is why 2015 will be no different for you.

Which ties is nicely with point 4...


4. You Prefer Short Term Gains Over Long Term Business Goals

There are two types of niche marketers.

Those who treat niche marketing as a business.

And those who consider it a way to make quick bucks using a short term approach.

You’re the second type.

You’ve never considered niche marketing a business.

That’s why you’ve never created a long term plan.

You’ve just been publishing random affiliate reviews and promoting any products that offer lucrative commissions.

And probably throwing any old backlinks at your site just to rank quickly without considering the long term implications.

Instead of adopting a holistic approach to niche marketing, you’ve reduced it to a few landing pages and promotional posts to make a quick buck.

You don’t have any business values and that is why your readers don’t trust you.

You might have made a few quick bucks by promoting products that you’ve not even used.

But you’ve lost your credibility and brand image, the two most important requirements for successful niche marketing in the modern marketing world.

If you'd done things properly you could be seeing traffic stats like this one...


Over 1 million visitors to NH


And income stats like the following...



But that will never happen as your site will be penalized by Google LONG before you get close.

Or your rankings will drop due to a Google algorithm update.

Or worse still..

Your audience will have wised up to the fact you promote affiliate products you've never even seen let alone used.

And that ties in nicely with point 5...


5. You Don’t Think Like a Marketer

You call yourself a marketer.

Please start acting like one as well.

Marketers connect with their target market, listen to their problems, understand their needs and then offer solutions that can help their customers.

Their whole strategy is based on problem resolution and building trust.

What you’re doing right now is not marketing.

It’s just an opportunistic strategy built with the sole purpose of making money at any cost.

And as I said in the last point, you have no long term strategy because of which you jump into any niche and start promoting any products that offer lucrative returns.

For you, it’s all about making money, not resolving customer issues - a strategy that is bound to fail.

Which is why point #6 is something you need to address ASAP...


6. You Believe Passive Income Doesn’t Require Hard Work

Many of the early adopters of niche marketing believed it was an easy way of making lots of money without putting in the hard yards.

Much of that theory has changed now since most of the successful niche marketers have demonstrated how success is practically impossible without consistent hard work.

But you’re still living the old myth.

You believe hard work is not essential for success and there’s some secret shortcut that’ll make you successful one day.

That’s not going to happen.

The only secret to success is hard work.

Passive income only comes AFTER lots of hard work upfront.

Ask any successful niche marketer.

Ask Stuart!

The screenshot below shows over $40K of largely passive income from selling digital products.


Passive Income from Digital Product Sales


The sales mostly come from automated sales funnel that run passively.

But you have to put the work in upfront creating the products and sales funnels upfront or that just never happens.

And you need to be building sustainable traffic sources away from just Google.

It would be impossible to make that income passively without the work done upfront, first.

And I bet you haven't even thought about point #7 yet...


7. You Don’t Believe in Branding

The basic concept behind branding is to create a business that offers products or services with consistent quality, value, customer service and user experience.

And it has never been more important for niche marketers.

There are literally thousands of people trying their luck at niche marketing.

But just take a look at some of the most successful niche marketers and you’ll know that a major reason behind their continued success is their brand image.

They’re considered experts in their niche and people trust them as thought leaders.

Which is why they can get endorsements from big authority sites in their niche as seen in the screenshot below...


NicheHacks branding and trust signals


But since you’ve adopted the short term approach, you have done nothing to strengthen your brand image.

The big authorities in your niche don't even know you exist and even if they did they certainly wouldn't link to you.

You have a sub-standard blog, your Twitter account is hardly active, your Facebook page has no apparent connection with your main website and you still don’t have a LinkedIn page.

In short, your brand image is anything but credible.

Your site looks like a low quality, spammy, affiliate site that even your own mother wouldn't trust.

Which is why I've drawn the following conclusions you need to take into consideration...


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Niche marketing has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.

It still offers unbelievably lucrative opportunities to make a fortune.

But only to those marketers who’re willing to give it the respect it deserves.

If you’ve ignored it till now,then today is the time to really start focusing on creating a strong brand image in your niche through high quality content marketing

And by building a community of loyal readers who can become your most effective word of mouth marketers.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes you made this year, and the years before.

Otherwise this year, next year, and the following decade will be another year of failure and disappointment for you.

Tell me below which of these rung the most true with you...

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  1. NicheHacks says:

    Awesome post Jawad.

    So who reading this is making some of these fatal mistakes still?

    Be honest. 😀

    • Dennis says:

      Me! Me! Me! 😀

      I continue to depend on Google for my personal niche sites because I dont have time to actually tend to them! *GUILTY*


      Thanks for reminding this stubborn old man Jawad and Stuart.

  2. Phil says:

    Nice reminder!

    I just drafted a post about short URLs for branding on my blog to go live tommorow.

    By the way I got nearly 4000 visitors within the first two weeks of my blog without Google or guest posting.

    Keep those great posts coming!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Phil, thanks for commenting. How did you get those 4,000 visitors?

      • Phil says:

        Many from reddit posts, but also several other social media sources. I guess you could call it a content marketing strategy.

        To explain it all would be a guest post of it's own I think. Hit me up on email if you're interested 🙂

  3. Dave Nicosia says:

    Great article! It pretty much sums up my whole attitude and approach I adopted in 2014. Looks like I'm on the right path!

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hi Dave, good to see you around. Glad you like it. We need to cast off the Google shackles and stop building pointless websites that are short term and instead work on long term projects - BUSINESSES. Just because we are niche marketers doesn't mean we can only create product review sites that rely on Google traffic and have a lifespan of less than 12 months.

    • Jawad Khan says:

      Hey Dave,

      Great to know about your approach.

      It does take time, but it gives you much more control on your online business.

  4. Awesome content. Stuart and Jawad. I am guilty of every single one of the seven especially on list building.Being trying to build a list with fiverr traffic, it is not working. Next want to try Facebook ad.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Thanks for commenting.

      C'mon you know yourself that there's no way to get targeted traffic for $5. It will be bot or junk traffic. Unlikely to be real people and little chance of them being interested in your website. Of course it's not working.

      Facebook Ads are a much better option.

    • Jawad Khan says:

      Hmm, Fiverr traffic is certainly not the right approach 🙂

      I've had success with Facebook Ads, but I think combining it with list building would really do the trick for you.

      Best of luck!

  5. Wendy Owen says:

    I really get what you're saying, but not all niches lend themselves to audience engagement. How can you have a mailing list when you sell vacuum cleaners?

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Wendy, thanks for commenting and good question.

      I think most niches can have niche engagement.

      For a site about vacuum cleaners you could offer a buyers guide to get sign ups, work out what the #1 issue / question people have before buying a vaccuum is and solve it through your incentive or look into the type of person that usually buys a vacuum (what demographic is the main buyer) and offer something that appeals to them.

    • Jawad Khan says:

      Hey Wendy,

      The key to building a mailing list lies in creating high quality actionable content. I'm sure there blogs out there that are doing it, you just need to find them.

      Identify real life problems of vacuum cleaner users and address them in your blog content. Create a resource and use it to build the list.

      It'll take time, but it can be done.

  6. Sunday says:

    Hi Jawad,
    We have been reminded of the "Needful" in 2015. The niche marketer who ignores these principles are going to fail!

    What constantly will work for the niche marketer include ensuring that every action and steps taken to serve the customer comes with "Real Value".

    The customer rewards true value and this mindset should be the fulcrum of successful online business strategy!

    This comment left in kingged.com also.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Yeah Sunday I agree if you ignore your audience you are doomed to fail. They are real people with real needs not just numbers in your analytics account,

      What's your plan for 2015?

  7. Hey Jawad,

    Reality Check like a muth$#@... excuse the language but this is reality. We must change with the times if we want to become successful in years to come.

    SEO has change for the better I believe, but we must also build those relationships with our subscribers, commenters and other bloggers! A lot of people aren't treating their business as a real business and we're not acting like true marketers. I know I'm guilty of all of this, but as I progress I incorporate all of this. And you know what? I seen a lot better results with what some deem as tedious work!

    You said it takes hard work, but I believe in working smart about it. You definitely don't want to be like a hamster running hard in the same place not going anywhere. It takes some thought and studying in order for all of us to make that move!

    Thanks for the share and the reality check! Have a great weekend!

    I found your post on kingged.com under the category of internet marketing

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Sherman, thanks for the comment. Working smart is indeed great when combined with working hard.

      Which of these 7 fails were you most guilty of?

  8. Tim says:

    Whoa this one hit home. I'm guilty of all of these.

  9. Rapthar says:

    Thank you Stuart for the great info it will help me as a begginer in making my blog a success. by the way l used your beekeeping report and built my first site just hit 1304 visitors in 8days and currently working on my mailing list but with just the sidebar optin l have 15 sunscribers already.

    • NicheHacks says:

      Hey Rapthar, awesome!

      Just checked the site out...


      Looks good and 1304 visitors in just over a week is great, what are you doing to get traffic?

      Your headlines are a bit weak. Download "Headline Hacks" by Jon Morrow at BoostBlogTraffic it will help.

      Content needs work too. There's bad grammar and poor English. Full stops where there shouldn't be. The formatting needs work. Too many big blocks of text it should be split up into short and punchy paragraphs.

      You need much more than a sidebar optin, look at how many optin methods I have on NicheHacks.

      Keep on going!

      • Rapthar says:

        Thank you so much Stuart for the great feedback will work on the grammar and text formats from now on, problem is l never got to proof read most posts. Reddit has been my biggest traffic source still working on social traffic.

  10. Amar kumar says:

    Hey Jawad,

    Only creating a good or effective content is not enough in new era but we need to promote by several platform to expect good result. Panda updates is one of the best tool to fix such problem. We should always try to develop our website such that it increase the user experience because without a great user experience we cannot achieve our goal.

    When it comes to branding, there’s no easy recipe for success. Branding is an imperfect science that boils down to constant change which is completely based on where we are, where we want to be and, most importantly, what the market is doing.
    Personal branding is one of the most vital aspects of marketing in today’s times.

    A strong personal brand will ensure that our career and business both get a boost. It allows us to stand out from our competition, win new clients, and groom you into a successful entrepreneur. Eventually, thanks for sharing your experience in deep.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  11. Shoaib AHmad says:

    Hy experts
    I have a lot of failure experience and I think I am the one who spent 2 years in affiliate marketing but make no sales yet but I hope oneday I will be a best affiliate marketer.
    Pray for me

  12. Shoaib AHmad says:

    My main weakness is to get backlinks and social signals

  13. The message in this post is quite true, especially the wrong habit of depending on Google for all of your traffic

  14. Kani Poly says:

    Great article. I learn a lot from you. But still to lazy to start doing something

    • NicheHacks says:

      The reason I got into internet marketing is because I'm lazy. Too lazy to drag myself out of bed at 7am every morning in the dark and cold to go somewhere I didn't want to be surrounded by people I didn't want to be with doing a job I didn't want to do.

      Internet marketing is the ultimate lazy persons dream.

  15. Asif Iqbal says:

    First of all thanks for this informative post. I am a beginner in Digital Marketing and It your post is totaly fresh for me. This post helped me a lot to understand about relevancy (Niche) of a business. Now I can explore It in coming days.

  16. I always explain to people the difference between a martial artist and a regular person is not that they don't both get knocked down. The difference is the martial artist gets back up. It's the same with a business-person. You don't fail until you stay down.

  17. Michaela says:

    Thank you very much! I´ve just started and I see I have a lot work to do - even more I expected. Well, I remember one man wisdom - no pain - no gain.
    So let´s work.

  18. Hi Nichehacks
    Delighted to have found you all. I'm a retired business manager but very new to internet marketing and am enjoying absorbing all the advice and information offered!
    I am in the process of joining affiliate networks but as a novice shied away from the detail required to join Amazon Affiliates. Any advice you can give on how to approach them to achieve acceptance?

    Currently looking to choose my first niche.
    Your help and advice so far has been very welcome.
    Head down and on my way

    • Hi Caroline,

      Gaining acceptance is easy but a lot of people get denied because they appear to be spammy and/or do not have any business/websites to prove they are legit.

      I would start with a quick google search on how to get accepted into any affiliate program.

      Hope that helps!