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How To Find Your Profitable Amazon Niche In The Next 30 Minutes

Find niche with amazon

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar:

You know you want to launch a new niche site to boost your income and explore its potential, but you’ve got no clue where to start.

You know it needs to be in a niche that’s profitable, but you can’t really put your finger on how any of your personal interests could earn you loads of money.

Because even if you know there’s a lot of money to be made in say 'natural diet supplements', for example, you’ve actually never taken any of them in your life and wouldn’t know what the heck to talk about… so you stay frozen.

You know your new niche needs to be interesting and exciting enough for you to write and talk about all the time, but don’t really know how the things that are exciting and interesting to you could be grounds for a profitable niche.

Enter your Amazon account.

Even if you don’t purchase from Amazon all that much, I’m willing to bet you have an account there and do some searches every now and then.

And since Amazon is so focused on product sales and monetization, this is the perfect place to explore your interests to see how profitable they’ll be.

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I’ll walk you through my own Amazon account, screenshot by screenshot, to show you ways to get niche ideas from products you’re genuinely interested in, and how to validate that the niche concept could be profitable.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where to start digging for a niche based on your personal interests
  • What numbers to look at to see if a niche is profitable & where to find them
  • How to take a broad category and narrow it down to something more specific and niched

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01Identify Your Interests: Login to Amazon & Scroll Down the Home Page

You’ll notice that Amazon is giving you tons of recommendations based on the things you’ve purchased, the items you’ve looked at, your wish list, and even what you’ve bought specifically for Kindle. (Take these for example as they are selling like crazy: 50 red hot Amazon products)

Scroll through and pick the list that jumps out at you.

Don’t over-analyze: you can always go back and pick a different list later.

Based on what I see, I think I’ll go with my Kindle recommendations:

kindle amazon niche research

Looks like we’re talking about products in meditation today, folks.[/caption]

Alternative: if you don’t have a history built up with Amazon, they’ll still do a great job of showing you items that are profit-turning and selling well on their site, so you can explore one of those areas instead.

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02Get Started: Click on One Product & Check Out Its Categories

Choose a product or book from the list that you feel embodies your personal interest in the niche.

For example, since I feel like meditation makes me a happier person, I chose Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation by Sharon Salzburg.

amazon niche research

My starting point in finding a profitable niche based on my interests: choose one suggested product and move forward from there.[/caption]

Then scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see “Similar Items by Category.” This is where the fun investigation starts.

amazon niche research

Looking at the sub-categories to the far right is where you'll find the specific niches you'll want to dig in to.[/caption]

Since “Kindle Store” and “Kindle eBooks” aren’t exactly the niches I’m concerned about right now, the ones I’m most interested in are:

  • Meditation
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Happiness
  • Stress Management
  • New Age

03Check Your First Product’s Amazon Ranking for Profitability

Before we go crazy and start clicking off of the page on those categories (read: niche suggestions), scroll back up the page to the product details.

amazon niche research

While all the info about file size and publisher is nice, what we're really concerned about is the rank, which is the very last item in this list.[/caption]

While it’s certainly noteworthy that this book is #70 in stress management, what you want to pay the most attention to is the overall number.

I can see that this book is #58,967 in the paid Kindle Store.

Which, admittedly, isn't all that great.

But since this is only the Kindle store we’re talking about (I did come in on my Kindle recommendations list, after all), this isn’t telling the full story.

We need site-wide numbers. Or at least to check out book-specific numbers.

To get those, I scroll back up and select the paperback version of the book instead of the Kindle one.

amazon niche research

In the product details of the paperback version of the book, we see different ranking numbers since it's considered a different product.[/caption]

NOW we’re talking.

I can see that overall, in the entirety of books on Amazon, this ranks #1,764—meaning it is very popular.

Only 1,763 books sell more copies than it does.

And when you think about the broad scope of books on Amazon, that's nothing.

Different niche marketers all give different advice on the ranking number cutoffs, but they do all agree that paying attention to overall ranking is important.

Rachel Rolfe suggests if you check out a category (niche) on Amazon, you want to have at least three books in the top 50,000 to know that you’re in a profitable niche.

Andrew Makar suggests that there should be three books in the category’s top 10 with a rank of 15,000 or lower.

And if you’re looking for physical products to feature and sell, Josh Shogren says they should have a rank of 5,000 or lower, be between $10 and $50, and under 2-3 pounds.

We’re not going to get as picky as Josh for today (we’re only trying to pick a niche, not products yet), but according to Rachel’s and Andrew’s standards, this book makes the cut.

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04Check the Sub-Category's Profitability

Since this particular book also ranks really well in stress management (#14), I’ll click on that category from the product details.

amazon niche research

Annndddd... suddenly we're all about adult coloring books.[/caption]

For those of you who may not know, giving adult coloring books for Holiday gifts was a huge trend in the US for the 2015 holiday season, so that explains why I’m seeing all these "best-sellers."

Since this is a trend and I don’t think anyone will be buying new coloring books in bulk anytime soon (we gave away enough to each other to keep our coloring needs content for at least a year), I don’t want to base my research on seasonal trends.

All I have to do to avoid this is to not investigate anything that’s a coloring book and pay attention to the actual books that have had real staying power in this category.

Fortunately, I don’t have to scroll very far.

amazon niche research

Turns out the holiday season's trend only affected the top six results. Not bad.[/caption]

Of the products 7-16 on this list, I open them all into new tabs. (You know, going after the top 10 without paying so much attention to that coloring book trend.)

amazon niche research

Yea, that's a lot of tabs.[/caption]

In each of these tabs, I’m going to scroll directly down to the product information to check out their overall ranking.

#7 = 23,245 #8 = 1,704 #9 = 922 #10 = 2,336 #11 = 1,180 #12 = 1,319 #13 = 1,563 #14 = 1,764 #15 = 1,917 #16 = 1,943

Looks like we’re onto something here, no?

These number rankings are incredibly low. (Well, except for #7.) And the low numbers in product rankings means that these are products people are buying regularly.

Which for me, means that I could write about something I’m interested in (meditation for stress relief) and have the potential for a very popular niche site in doing so.

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05Repeat Steps 1-4 to Find Your Profitable Niche

I got lucky and uncovered a profitable niche with my first try, but maybe your Amazon results weren’t so lucky.

No worries… this process doesn’t take that long—even if you do have to repeat it a few times, and it’s very easy to go back to your home page and start again with a new product or book suggestion based on your own personal interests.

All you need to do is go back to the products Amazon was suggesting to you, click on another one, and begin the research process and rank-checking from there.

Now after you've found those niches...

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Take Action And Pick A Business Model

There are tons of ways to go about profiting from the niche you picked.

We'll discuss those ways in the action plan below...

  • Take advantage of the many internet marketing guides for all-around advice here.

Start Exploring the Products to Sell Within Your Profitable Niche

Following this process was super simple, and doing it quickly took me from the idea that I might want to start a niche site that has something to do with meditation to the knowledge that I can start a profitable niche site about meditation for stress relief.

Checking rank on Amazon is by far one of the best ways to make sure your new niche idea has buyers out there, and that there's a steady audience of people interested in that topic that you can serve.

Of course, this niche research knowledge is only surface-level and might not tell you the exact products you should sell.

If you want to dive more into profitability based on actual products you could review and sell on your site, enter your niche into the search bar and select "All Departments" and check the product rankings of those items.

find amazon niche, amazon affiliate products

Some profitable, non-book products I could sell on my niche site about meditation for stress relief.

What do Amazon rankings say about the niche site you've been working on lately?

Or if you've yet to start a niche site, what kind of topic results did you get from following the above steps?

Check out our new article - How to Find a Profitable Amazon Niche in 6 Easy Ways in 2021

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