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15 Sixty Minute (Or Less) Site Upgrades to Increase Your Passive Income Overnight

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A tweak to your website here.

A tweak to your website there.

And boom...

...your income has just increased (in some cases by 1,800% as you'll see below) overnight.

I mean, after all, you work hard enough on your niche sites.

I think it's only fair that you're able to optimize them for what income you can get out of them.

So here it is...

Below are 15 site upgrades or tweaks you can make in 60 minutes or less that have the power to increase sales and your income.

Let's not mess around and just get on with this...

What You’ll Learn

  • The $59 investment Dom made to earn $950 extra each month.
  • Where to place on-site ads for the greatest click through rates.
  • Two display hacks for your website that'll have people contact you, asking if they can pay you money.
  • One display hack that sells more products without needing any more customers to sell them to.

1. Add a Call-Out Box to Show Readers What They Need to Buy (Result: 1,800% Increase In Income)

This is a trick Dom Wells from HumanProofDesigns shared... The idea was to simply find his 10 blog posts that got the most traffic.

Then add one large call-out box to each page that featured just one of the products he was talking about during the post.

By making the call to action so obvious and easy to follow, he got more clicks, and therefore made way more sales on Amazon. His income increased from $50 to over $1,000 per month, a 1,800% increase.

This call to action appears near the top of the post, just a few paragraphs in.

This call to action appears near the top of one of Dom's posts, just a few paragraphs in.

The tool he used, which made adding these call-out boxes so easy and quick was Thrive Content Builder. To use on a single site for one year, the cost is $59.

For multiple sites, $87. (prices at the time of publication) Considering the kind of potential there is to increase your earnings like Dom did (1,800%!!!), even the $87 license seems like a no-brainer investment.

What’s more, the interface of Thrive Content Builder is pretty self-explanatory, and it’s a drag-and-drop feature.

So any time you want to change something, you can click directly on that thing for options.

Without having to do annoying backend HTML while holding your breath and praying that it works. So, even the most artistically challenged among us (me, 100%) can manage to make something that looks good in little time.

Beyond the product call-out CTAs, Thrive Content Builder also has other easy-to-add features that can help you optimize the profitability of your traffic.

Like social proof, pop-ins, and countdowns. (And all will take you less than an hour to add to your page.)

Show your followers how they can monetize their most popular blog posts, too.

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2. Adjust AdSense Placements For More Views (& More Clicks)

According to Google’s guidelines, you can have up to EIGHT AdSense sections on a single page.

Not that I’d suggest getting spammy and adding all eight. But the point is, they give you lots to work with, so optimizing your passive AdSense earnings is possible, even if those earnings aren’t your main money-maker.

Darren Rowse (the guy behind ProBlogger, a super popular niche site) got a hunch back in 2008 that he’d be able to increase his AdSense earnings if he just played around with the placement of his ads.


“I began to think about where on my page my readers would give their full attention and decided that at the top left hand side of the content area would probably be the most logical position for people to look at a web page (as that’s where they start reading),” said Darren.

This was before AdSense revealed their heat map.

But once they did put it out, it confirmed his hypothesis that the upper left corner is in fact where most site visitors place most of their attention.

He decided to test out the new placement of his ads for a few days, since a few days’ worth of earnings lost wouldn’t be that big of a deal to him.

When he logged in to check his results, he saw that he had a 40% increase in AdSense-based earnings.

Just because he took the small amount of time required to move his ads around to ‘hotter’ areas on his site.

When I ran AdSense ads on my niche site, I put them in the bottom right side bar… clearly one of the worst places for them. Red areas are the best, followed by orange, followed by yellow, followed by white.[/caption]

To change your AdSense placements, all you need to do is log into your AdSense account.

Then grab the HTML code for the type of ad you want to insert.

Paste it into the text editor of the place where you want it to go.

(And if you’re deleting some old ads, then delete that HTML too, of course.) It does take a little back end knowledge, but nothing even a newbie niche site owner can’t handle. Bonus?

If you don’t use AdSense, you can use this placement trick for Amazon affiliate ads or other types of ads, too.

3. Add an ‘Ad Space’ Advertisement in Your Sidebar for People to Purchase

Especially if you’ve got a fair amount of regular traffic on your site.

Letting a sponsor buy out a section of your side bar for a month at a time is an easy way increase your site’s income by at least a few hundred dollars per month.

With less than an hour of work from you. All you need to do? Add a widget in your advertised space.

If you want, you can include relevant traffic numbers about views and average click through rates, put the dimensions.

And tell your visitors that they can buy the space from you. Especially if it’s a good deal, it would make a great investment for someone in a relevant niche.

mums in jersey

Before they found a business to pay for advertising space in their header, Mums in Jersey put a clickable link there for interested business to click on.

4. Pepper Affiliate Links Throughout to Boost Income on Recommendations You're Already Making

If you’ve got an email autoresponder series, you know that those things are no joke and that they take some serious time to plan out and set up.

It probably is getting some kind of ROI for you, but why not up its potential?

Take a look at the text of each of your emails that goes out, and figure out the highest-emotion parts of the message, and add one to two affiliate links to each message.

All you need is a hyperlink at the right places and interested readers will click through to see what it is you’re talking about. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even choose a couple emails out of the series to add product-call outs.

This is particularly helpful if the emails are instructional in nature and you’re suggesting resources that will help make the readers’ jobs easier.

The important thing is to add value here, not just random links to products. The more value you provide, the more successful you’ll be in selling.

Share this email-based passive income tip a lot of affiliate marketers miss out on.

5. Add a Consulting Tab For Easy Cash When Your Readers Want Direct Access to Your Expertise

This is a particular gold mine for those of you with business-related niches. (Or health-related niches, or personal development.)

The point is, if you serve a niche community that has a problem that they want solved now, you can start charging for your advice and people will pay you for it.

You might not get a million bites per day (or any in the first month).

But if you’ve got a site that’s growing, having that consulting option is a great way for your readers who want to go deeper with you to do just that.

And when you do get a bite?

You can get paid $100/hour or more just to talk and give advice on the phone.

Or... you can get more specialized (and therefore increase your chances of sales) by offering services that are easy for you to create.

Yet easily customizable for the person on the other end. Maybe you offer a one-month weight loss diet plan.

Or a muscle-building workout plan to get your readers beach-ready and specialized towards their body type.

Or a combination of both. It doesn’t take much time to write out the copy for a simple landing page you can put in your navigation.

And if things go well, that hour spent could pay off into the thousands on a monthly basis.

This health coach added a 1:1 Consulting tab for her readers who wanted more direct access to her expertise.

This health coach added a 1:1 Consulting tab for her readers who wanted more direct access to her expertise.

6. Install & Activate an Up-Sell Plugin to Make More Affiliate Income Without Upping Traffic

I recently bought a set of dishes online as a wedding gift, and that site’s up-sell plugin offered to add a set of silverware for 25% off if I bought it with the dishes.

And I thought it was such a good idea that I bought in. And I felt great about it, not cheated in the slightest.

And when you're an affiliate marketer, particularly with Amazon, you can do the same thing.

As Dom mentioned in his case study, he noticed that a lot of the sales he was making on Amazon weren't even items he was advertising on his site...

and it was because Amazon does a wonderful job of up-selling and cross-selling people via offering discounted product bundles or suggesting similar products on their site.

Here, Amazon suggests titles similar to the book "Book Yourself Solid" in case that isn't exactly the title you're looking for.

Here, Amazon suggests titles similar to the book "Book Yourself Solid" in case that isn't exactly the title you're looking for.

In another strategy, if a shopper is looking at one item, Amazon will suggest an item that goes nicely along with it, hoping to boost sales.

But rather than depending on Amazon to do all the work for you, you can install a plugin like Amazon Related Products to do the up-selling and cross-selling directly from within your landing pages or blog posts.

It lets you insert a product you're already featuring so it can display similar products for readers who might be interested in what you're saying.

But might not want the exact product you've decided to feature... helping you salvage the sale and the affiliate income.

Though the concept of Amazon Related products is super cool, it seems the developers haven't touched it in two years... so if you do opt into it, just know there might be some bugs.

Other options that might work well - would you try them and let us know? - are UpsellAzon (paid, but with a 30-day money back guarantee) and Azon Upsell Ninja (same deal).

7. Turn Already-Written Blog Posts Into a Profitable Ebook

If you've been blogging for a while, especially if you've been heavily focused on the quality of your content, chances are you've got series and series of posts that if strung together, would constitute a full-fledged ebook.

And even though all the information is already free on your site, new fans that haven't read it all before are usually willing to pay a small convenience charge to have you present everything that's relevant on a topic to them in an easy-to-read, downloadable format. It's so handy and such an easy and quick money maker, even Stuart does it with NicheHacks content.

Stuart Walker Referee
"Some of my products are just various posts meshed together with a bit of additional content and a fancy design," said Stuart. "Easy to do and people still love to buy them."

Admittedly, depending on how organized your content is already, this may take a little over an hour. But if you're just copying and pasting your posts into a pre-made ebook template with some buffer transition material in between.

There shouldn't be any reason it would take you more than half a day to put it together and add it to your set of info products for sale.

For example, one of my favorite niche sites, Her Packing List, took a 30-day blog post series on learning how to pack lighter and smaller and made it into an ebook. (I actually remember reading these blog posts as they came out.)

To boost value even more, they've added bonus tips and checklists (which could have very well come from other blog posts outside of this 30-day series). And offer access to special discounts on travel products.

hpl ebook

They charge just under $25 for the ebook, and it's something travelers frustrated with packing are more than willing to buy.

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8. Learn 1 New Copywriting Trick And Stop Losing Money Every Month

I'm going to be really blunt here: If you don't learn to write good copy, you may as well end your niche site now.

Because if you can't write copy that converts, you're costing yourself hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

Now, you don't need to be a great writer. In that, your skills don't have to be honed to absolute perfection.

Instead you just need to learn some simple tricks of the trade that make readers want to devour your content, and convert from your sales pages.

Just picking up a simple tip like asking a question, and putting the answer below, like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 16.43.31

It can make a world of difference to how long people stay on your page.

And the longer they're reading for, the more likely they are to buy from you.

I've written about creating high converting sales pages here, and Brian Dean has an excellent copywriting hacks blog post for you here.

For this mission all you need to do is learn one new technique.

Do this once a week for a year and you'll be a pro copywriter in no time.


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9. Become A Product Selling Ninja By Adding Links In Old Content

Your old content - blog posts, on site pages, etc. - is where a large chunk of your traffic is going to come from.

In fact, over at HubSpot, they managed to boost their search traffic over 106% by optimising their old posts.

But you don't just have to optimise them for search results. You can optimise them to increase your income too.


By adding links to new products you recommend in to your old posts.

Let me show you what I mean: Back in October 2014 I wrote this post on how to build a Niche Site for under $110.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 16.50.38

And I listed lots of cheap and cheerful ways you can start an effective niche site.

But, back then, I didn't understand the power of visual content in niche marketing.

And, I had no idea that "Share As Image" existed as a tool.

Now, as an affiliate for them, I could go back to the section of the post where I recommended products and free traffic building ideas, right here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.23.29

And then go back and add in an extra section where I seamlessly add my Share As Image link to the mix:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.27.16

Then share it and make it live without anybody knowing.

Now, when people land here through search, I've added an extra little money maker.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 15.29.32

You can do this with your own new products, amazon affiliates, JVZoo or any other money making method you have.

10. Flash Sell A Product Bundle For Fast Cash Now

Flash sales are amazing for niche marketers. They add a level of urgency and exclusivity to your products.

Especially if you're selling your own products.

For example, I spent $100 on the P&Co fashion website last week because they were giving away a free coffee cup with every $100 worth of purchases.

And, I wanted that damn coffee mug.


Now, the sale can last as long as you want it to. But it should only take you 15 minutes to set up.

  • Create a sexy bundle
  • Tell everyone about it
  • Wait for the sales to roll in

And, while this may not work every time, you can trial and error and see what products you can create great sales with. And, if it puts an extra $20 in your back pocket, it's 15 minutes well spent, eh?

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11: Use Personalised CTA’s For 42% More Conversions

As long as there have been customers, there has been the need for personalisation.

Whether it’s for online sneakers where NikeID make $100,000,000 a year, or in-store at your local Target.

People want to feel part of the process. In fact, they psychologically crave it.

And when it comes to trying to get potential customers to take action, it’s one of the most impactful tools in your arsenal.

Personalised CTA’s - that’s Call To Actions for anyone not familiar with TLA’s (three letter abbreviations) - have been found to covert 42% more people than standard ones, according to research from HubSpot:

CTA data

Now a Smart CTA doesn’t mean you need a button that says, “Hey James, click here, you lovable, charismatic, handsome devil you”. But what it does mean is that you need a button that fits why they’re on your site.

You know, something like this:

smart cta

Creating these is a little beyond the scope of this article (sorry), but there are two great guides on doing so here and here.

12: Segment Your Email List For Up To 76% More Click-Throughs

The people on your email list are all different. And, no matter how niche your site is, they’re all on your list for different reasons.

Some want advice, some want product information, some want your insights, and Dan from Vermont just wanted your free download and forgot to unsubscribe (screw you, Dan).

That’s the way it goes.

But while you know that’s the case, you aren’t taking advantage of it.

Because while email segmentation is effective, it’s one of the most overlooked tools in email marketing. MailChimp did some research into email segmentation and found that it brings around some incredible results for the smart marketers that do use it:

mailchimp data

Looking at that data there really is no reason to not segment your campaigns.

But, that brings us to the next question, how do you segment your lists? Well, HubSpot has a list of 27 ways you can segment your list.

But, combining that with more MailChimp Data and research I did for SERPed, these appear to be the most effective:

  • Merge Field: This is the data that separates people in your database, like; Zip Code, Job Type, Customer Type, Subscription Type.
  • Gender and Age: These have a distinct impact on how you write copy for people. What works for a 30-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman are going to be really different. Take advantage and create copy that fits.
  • Geography: Local offers, deals and even (for some niches) customs can play a big part in your emails getting opened.
  • Interest Groups: This is by far the most effective way to segment your list. But, it requires a fair bit of data on your customers.
  • People want to read content that interests them; so find out what interests them about your niche and give it to them. Just look at the results it could bring you…
mailchimp interest data

"Some say that the secret sauce is list segmentation—the practice of dividing your email list into groups based on characteristics like interests and demographics." - Zapier 

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13: Write This Word To Massively Improve Your Sales

People want to read what you have to write.

Because, even if you don’t know it, you’re an authority.

I feel like the days of caring about a specific author have passed. Because people care more about whether the content will help them, not just the person who wrote it.

I read Neil Patel articles all the time, but if I’m honest, I don’t care about him as a person.

Because his content is a means to an end for me.

In the same way you don’t really care about what I do outside of this article (drink whiskey and moan about the weather).

Okay, so I’m overusing the word because on purpose.

And with good reason: It can help you create more compelling sales copy.

Without going to in-depth here, there was a psychological study done in 1978 that showed people responded well to any request or command that had justification:

  • Can I use your pencil? Because I just need to write this letter.
  • Can I take your sister on a date? Because I can’t go to this wedding on my own.
  • Can I jump in front of you in this line? Because I really don’t want to wait behind you.

As odd as it sounds, these justifications work in real life. And since that study was done, they’ve become a great tool in copywriting, because they work so well.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.43.34

Now the original study was done with the word because.

But, as it turns out, any word that can justify what you’re saying will work. For example:

  • The reason my writing is so compelling is from the years of practice I’ve put in
  • You need to use Twitter as a marketer for the simplicity of connecting with people
  • Stuart is a horrible person simply by being born in Scotland (He’s not. He’s nice. For a Scotsman).

You can even use this technique in your articles to justify why people need to carry on reading, or why the subject of your content is worth their time and effort.

14: Double Your Conversions By Letting People Say No

People are weird. Okay, it’s a fact, let’s just deal with it.

Because what is logical and should work, never really does.

Instead, it’s the oddball, weird things that work.

Science, right? Now while it may seem logical in sales to push people towards saying yes, and giving them no option but to buy from you, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What’s more powerful is reminding them that the are free to say no.

By using the phrase, “But you are free…” (BYAF). An analysis from Western Illinois University looked at 45 studies using this wording, that covered over 22,000 people.

They found that when BYAF was used conversions doubled. Here’s a few examples to show you what I mean:

  • We’d love you to sign up to our mailing list, but you are free to use the site without doing it too
  • This book is only available for $10 for the next 12 hours, but you are free to wait and pay full price tomorrow
  • Having our membership card will give you 10% off all products, but you are free to shop without it

Try incorporating this phrase into a page with Smart CTA’s and watch your conversion rates soar.


"Remind your readers that they have the freedom to make a choice—no one is forcing them to act. This simple reminder goes a long, long way." - Kaleigh Moore 

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15: Use Animated Emoticons For 20% More Email Opens

Matthew Woodward recently started using animated emoticons in his emails to his list.

And, he let me write all about it, because I’m good at words and stuff.

What he found when he started using them was that his unique open rates boosted by 20%, almost overnight.

And he’s not the only person to see results that incredible, either.

Part of this is to do with mobilegeddon and people opening emails on their phones more.

But, it’s also down to the fact that images are processed 60,000x faster than words.

Making it quicker for someone to make a decision on opening your email.

This works for normal emoji’s, too. In fact consultancy found that using standard emoji’s still improved their average email open rate by over 65%. Include them in your subject lines to get more opens and attract much more attention.

Make Quick Profits Thanks To The Science Of Niche Marketing...

There you have it.

Fifteen scientific ways to improve your niche site in less than 60 minutes and see overnight boosts in income. Here they are again in short, to save you reading the article all over again:

  1. Add a "call out" box to show your readers what they need to buy.
  2. Adjust ad-placements to click heavy areas for increasing revenue.
  3. Sell Ad-space in your sidebar for passive income.
  4. Sprinkle in affiliate links to your content and emails.
  5. Add a consulting or call option so people can pay directly to speak to you.
  6. Add product upsells to make more from existing sales.
  7. Turn blog posts into ebooks and info-products.
  8. Learn 1 new copywriting trick every month and stop leaving money on the table.
  9. Become a product selling ninja by adding in affiliate links to your content.
  10. Flash sells a product bundle for fast cash.
  11. Use personalised CTA for 42% more conversions.
  12. Segment your email list for up to 76% more conversions.
  13. Write this ONE word to massively improve your sales.
  14. Double your conversions by letting people say "NO".
  15. Use animated emoticons for 20% more opens on your emails.

Okay, over to you! Which one are you going to use first? Let me know in the comments below.

Chelsea Baldwin