8 Powerful Hacks To Find Profitable Sub-Niches In Any Market


8 Powerful Hacks To Find Profitable Sub-Niches In Any Market

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Jun 04 2020

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6 min read

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Are you struggling to find profitable sub-niches? Here are eight powerful hacks that can make all the difference!

Finding profitable niches is hard, right?

All the good ones are already saturated and have too much competition. So there's no way you could possibly compete or ever make any money online, right?

Well I'm here today to tell you that you are wrong. Yep, sorry about that. As here's the thing...

It's true that most of the profitable niches already have a lot of people and businesses marketing in them. However...

Seeing sign of competition online is NOT a bad thing as it shows it's a healthy market, with lots of demand, products you can sell (usually with affiliate programs), endless traffic sources and lots of customers spending money.

It simply means there's money to be made online and usually enough money for everyone to get a piece of the pie, including you.

So seriously, if you want to compete too you simply have to find your own smaller sub-niche.

Where there's still LOTS of demand but much less competition. As even smaller sub-niches within larger markets have a lot of demand.

And finding sub-niches is easy. as you'll learn with these 8 profitable niche research hacks...

Firstly, What Exactly Is a Sub-Niche?

Before we dive right in let me briefly explain what a sub-niche is so we're both on the same page.

A sub-niche is simply a smaller segment of the market.

So for example weight loss is a big, general, market rather than a niche.

Weight loss for women is more niche but still quite broad.

Weight loss for women who've recently given birth is a sub-niche.

It's specific and focused and caters to a very particular sub-section of the wider weight loss market.

More examples:

  •  Dating > Dating For Men > Dating For Men Over 50 > Dating For Men Over 50 Who Want To Date Younger Women

  •  Pet Care > Dog Care > French BullDog Care > Breeding French Bulldogs

  •  Urban Farming > Growing Your Own Food > Beekeeping > Beekeeping In The City

  •  Making Money > Online Marketing > Traffic > SEO > SEO for eCommerce sites

You'll always have much more chance of success if you drill down into a sub-niche of a popular wider market.

If you just try to appeal to everyone and anyone in the wider market where there's already a LOT of competition, usually from established brands too, you'll struggle to get success.

So always strive to go more niche using these 8 easy tricks...

Here are 8 Hacks To Find Profitable Sub-Niches:

Let's get straight down to the 8 hacks...

01 - Simple Google Searches Reveal Gold You Might Have Missed

Let's continue using the “weight loss for women” example.

Go to Google.com

Enter your “weight loss for women” and Google suggest instantly suggests some sub-niches for you.

google suggest

  • Weight loss for women over 50

  • Weight loss for women over 40

Then hit enter and go to your search results.

Scroll right to the bottom of the page and you'll see “searches related to..” section...

google related suggestions

7 potential sub-niches using a basic Google search.

  • weight loss for women in their 20's

  • weight loss supplements for women

  • weight loss pills for women

  • fast weight loss for women

  • meal plans for weight loss for women

You can take it one step further and use UberSuggest which scrapes the Google Suggest feature based on your keyword and gives you EVERYTHING people have searched for.

Potentially hundreds of sub-niches will be revealed.

See how easy it is?

If you need a further demonstration on finding keywords, you can use what James has revealed here in this post of finding 100 keywords in 26 minutes.

Let's move on to the next point...

Nader's thoughts: Change up your wording and get creative with what you say. Sometimes people aren't searching exactly for weight loss for women, but instead are looking for healthy foods to lose weight. Also, Google isn't the only search engine, you can apply this method to Bing.com as well. 

02 - Wikipedia Is A Treasure Trove Of Niche Ideas You're Missing

Wikipedia is a great resource to discover profitable smaller niches within big markets.

Go to Wikipedia.org

Enter your niche into the search bar and hit enter.

Wiki will return what it thinks are relevant results.

wiki search

I used this trick to find out more about beekeeping for my Niche Hack report.

Look at the different niches Wiki reveals to us on the search result page.

  • Urban beekeeping

  • Heath beekeeping

  • Feeder beekeeping

  • Checkerboarding (beekeeping technique)

  • Beekeeping in Ireland

  • Beekeeping in the US

  • Beekeeping in the UK

  • Honey beekeeping


Wiki's table of contents for beekeeping reveals more niches

Again you can take it one step further by clicking on some of these results for more information.

Click on the main 'beekeeping' result and the first sentence tells us...

“Beekeeping or apiculture

So now we know beekeeping is also known as apiculture giving is a whole new term to search with.

Look at the table of contents and there are more niches revealed...

  • Wild honey harvesting

  • History of beekeeping

  • Fixed Comb Hives

  • Movable frame hives

  • Top-bar hives

  • Protective clothing

  • Bee smokers

  • Natural beekeeping

That's at least 17 from one search on Wikipedia.

Think about all the others that will pop up from checking out the pages on all the various sub-niches we've just found.

Point 3 reveals a gold mine of buyer niches...

03 - Use Amazon To Mine Buyer Niches That You're Overlooking

Amazon is another easy place to find them.

Enter your niche or product of choice into the Amazon search bar.

Much like Google does Amazon suggests products to you.


Using Amazon's search feature can bring up sub-niches

Using “lawnmowers” as an example, look at what they suggest to us...

  • Qualcast lawnmowers

  • Electric lawnmowers

  • Petrol lawnmowers

  • Self-propelled lawnmowers

  • Lawnmowers with roller

  • Lawnmowers battery

Then hit enter and they'll tell you even more...

Look at the 'show results' section on the left-hand side of the page.

amazon result

The show results feature lists sub-features

It lists sub-categories:

  • Rotary Lawn Mowers

  • Walk-behind Lawn Mowers

  • Lawn Mowers & Tractors

  • Hover Lawn Mowers

  • Robotic Lawn Mowers

Click on any of these sub-categories and more are revealed.

Look what else you can do with Amazon...

4. Get A Sneak Peak Using Amazon Book Look Inside Feature

Head over to the books section of Amazon.

Enter your niche into the search box.

A range of books on the topic will be revealed

Click on the book cover to 'look inside' the book.

look inside amazon associates

Go to the contents page of the book.

Check out the different chapters in the book – all sub-niches.

I searched for internet marketing and the first result was a book called 'Digital Minds'

The contents chapter revealed the following...

  • Content marketing

  • PPC

  • Landing page optimization

  • Display advertising

  • SEO

  • Social Media

  • Video Marketing

And various more.

All great topics to be explored.

05 - Use Crappy PLR To Find High-Quality Niches

PLR content (public label rights) has a bad reputation for being junk and rightly so.

Most of it is badly written and not fit for sale.

However, it's not all bad and even bad PLR has it's used for finding sub-topics.

Go to any PLR store, I use PLRStore.com as an example.

Down the right-hand side of the page, they have scores of different categories.


A lot of these are fairly targeted niches themselves but you can find even deeper sub-niches by clicking on them.

The first on the list is 'Acne'.

Click on it.

Articles pop up on a variety of different acne subjects. Many of these are sub-niches.

  • Adult acne

  • Acne prevention

  • Dealing with acne scars

  • Acne skincare tips

  • Natural acne remedies

Rinse and repeat (excuse the pun) with the other categories.

Then go do point 6 here...

06 - Explore Your Favourite Blogs & Then Steal Their Ideas

This is a great way to find sub-topics using blogs.

Go to any blog in your niche.

You can find them using Google by simply searching "YOUR NICHE + blog" if you don't know any in the niche you're interested in.


Find blogs on niches you're interested in on Google

Or even search "Top NICHE blogs" and you'll find lists of the best blogs on the topic, usually, as you can see below...

list of blogs

There are lots of blog lists on the internet

Then look at which categories the blog is split up into.

Many will have them either along the top or down the side of the page for you to click on.

These different categories are often sub-niches.

07 - Profit From Forum Sub-sections You Visit

Nearly all niches have forums and they can be an easy way to find smaller niches within a niche.

Go to any major forum on the topic you're interested in and simply look at the different sections the forum has.

I typed in 'guitar forum' into google and found Ultimate Guiter.

Forum Subs

Look at all the different sub-sections the forum has...

  • Songwriting & lyrics

  • Recordings

  • Tabs

  • Guitar techniques

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Electric guitar

  • Bass guitar

  • Guitar accessories and gear

  • Customizing and building

All potential smaller niches you can explore.

And point #8 is one of my favorite ways to find profitable niches that pay up to 75% commission...

08 - Find Profitable Digital Product Niches On Clickbank Easily

The Clickbank marketplace is packed full of digital products on almost every niche imaginable.

It's another great resource for finding sub-topics.

Go to Clickbank.com

Then click "affiliate marketplace

Pick the one that most appeals to you or where your niche belongs.

Click Bank Categories

Clickbanks wide-ranging categories

And then click on the white arrow to reveal more sub-categories.

Then choose the most relevant category.

I choose health and fitness > women's health.

Click Bank Sub-Categories

Digging into Clickbanks niches

Now scrolling through looking at the products I can see:

  • Cellulite

  • Yeast infections

  • Natural breast enlargement

  • Fibroids

  • Ovarian cysts

And that's just on page 1.

womens niches

Women's sub-niches

If you keep going through the 8 pages of results you'll find dozens more.

Lots of profitable sub-niches in the women's health market as you can see.

And let's quickly wrap things up...


Using these 8 ways by themselves or in a combination with each other can easily reveal hundreds of profitable sub-niches to you.

Most of them you'd have otherwise never have known about especially if you aren't knowledgeable in the niche you've chosen.

Or simply pick one of the sub-niches revealed in this post and take action on it.

By carving out your own sub-niche you can differentiate yourself from the masses who choose to create online projects around vague, broad, and obvious markets that are already tough to compete in.

Drilling down and being as specific as possible allows you to become the authority in your field and the go-to site on your subject over the sites filled with vague information aimed at everyone and anyone.

So use these 8 hacks to good effect and watch as you dominate your competitors.

Take it a step further and try our report on finding your perfect niche in 7 easy steps.

Tell me which of these 8 hacks you enjoyed the most below in the comments...



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